Contact Lenses That Change Color To Alert Diabetics of Glucose Levels

Jin Zhang, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, is developing contact lenses that change color with the user's blood sugar level. This could allow diabetics to monitor themselves without frequent blood samples. The technology:

...uses extremely small nanoparticles embedded into the hydrogel lenses. These engineered nanoparticles react with glucose molecules found in tears, causing a chemical reaction that changes their colour. via io9 | Image: NASA

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@cybele - how many diabetics would rather look in the mirror vs poke their finger to check their glucose level all the time??? EXACTLY! I think this is awesome!! With a teenager w/ type 1 diabetes in the house it is literally HELL trying to get her to check her blood!
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I'm sorry, how are they supposed to monitor it themselves? By looking in the mirror all the time? Or are their friends/family supposed to notify them. (Or do they actually tint the vision?)

BTW - that article you linked to was really poorly written. (But scientists just have to do good science, right, not necessarily communicate it.)
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