Diabetes in America

Slate has an interactive map showing when and where cases of diabetes are soaring. At the link, you can adjust the year with a slider and mouseover the counties to find yours. My county had a diabetes rate of 11.4% in 2008. http://labs.slate.com/articles/diabetes-in-america/ -via Gene Expression

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I'll give you that to an extent-but when you see poor families always in new and fashionable clothes, using really nice cellphones and sucking down soda like it's their life's blood? Then you realize that for some there may be no choice-but for many, it's a result of extremely skewed priorities.
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Hedwig.. whether you buy into it or not, it's very real. Eating healthy food is expensive and definitely not as easy to do when you're living in poverty.
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has been an interesting post to follow comments on. I'd just like to say that I don't buy into the social & economic inequality thing- since when does being poor mean you have to eat junk- specifically enough of the stuff to get Type II diabetes? Self control will have a lot to do with it, as will long established eating (and drinking- hello Mountain Dew!) habits. I grew up pretty poor but we didn't gorge ourselves on the stuff that causes obesity and increases your risk for diabetes. That's just a whole lot of 'all-the-bad-stuff-that-happens-to-me-is-not-my-fault-it's-yours'
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Actually, a very revealing map shows the rate of POVERTY in the USA (google "poverty in USA map" images). Such maps are almost identical to this one.

I think the true cause of both diabetes and obesity is that poor people can't afford good food like meat and fresh vegetables, and have to get by on starchy cheap food like spaghetti, potatoes, and bread.

The map, effectively, shows the distribution of social and economic inequality, not disease.

Alejo Hausner
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