How To Get Your Kids To Enjoy Meat

Worried your kids are going to be peer pressured to become vegetarians? Then show them just what a magnificent treat meat can be with these adorable and delicious-looking steak pops.


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Nope, not Jill. I've been Persephone on this site for years.

live free and eat pie decided to go into the usual vegetarian semi-rant about the article, which, as Jill pointed out, was written with a humorous bent. LFAEP continued in the same vein. Jill replied in the same manner. LFAEP escalated, Jill did not.

And this is Neatorama, so I don't need comments like LFAEP's.

Personally, I'm not vegetarian, but the idea of meat pops to me is kind of gross, but I'm not going to go into a lecture about it.
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Jill, what is your damage? It seems to me that you are being waaaaaaay too defensive regarding other people's beliefs, as though they somehow infringe on yours. Which they don't.
Get a clue. This is Neatorama, not the Yahoo forums or YouTube. If you can't be civil, go troll elsewhere.
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You know, all your pathetic whining and self-righteousness just reminded me of my grandma's Christmas specialty -a veal roast covered in foie gras and then wrapped in bacon.
God that was great, I think I'm going to go shopping and make that tonight. I know it's not a special occasion or anything, but that recipe really is worth enjoying more than once a year.
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