Shove A Stick Up Your .... Food?!

With all the food monstrosities featured on Neatorama on a regular basis, is it any wonder that we are huge fans of March 28th’s Something On A Stick Day? After all, aside from wrapping something with bacon, how else can you improve any given food so easy? Of course, if you wrap bacon around most of these top ten foods on a stick, you could only make them better.

French Fry Wrapped Bacon On A Stick

On second thought, why wrap everything with bacon when you could just put a thick slice of bacon on a stick? To make things even better, try coating it with French fries glued on with corndog batter and then deep fry it. As the creator says, you could make it a bacon wrapped hot dog on a stick, but why bother with the inferior hot dog meat?


Angel Food, Bacon & Chocolate On A Stick

If you like your bacon to be served on the sweet side though, perhaps you’d prefer this delightfully disgusting treat. Simply take some thick-cut bacon and fold it around a stick, then wrap it in angel food, deep fry it all and then dunk it in chocolate. Got milk?

Chicken Parts On A Stick

Perhaps fatty pig but isn’t your favorite deep-fried animal remnant though. Maybe you like chicken innards or blood. If you think gizzards and fried hearts are gross, you’d better stay away from the street food in the Philippines, where deep fried chicken intestines and gelatinous chicken blood are both served on sticks. At least the chicken blood is kind of good for you.

Link #1, Link #2

Oddities On A Stick

The street food of the Philippines has nothing on the diversity of the food stalls on the streets of Beijing though. Many visitors to the Olympics have written about their surprise about finding scorpions, dung beetles, lizards, starfish, seahorses and more on a stick. According to Sun Hainan, a young food trader in the area, “Seahorses are good for men's kidneys and their virility, Crustaceans are good for girls  -they improve their skin and looks-  and lizards boost virility.”

Link Image via AudreyH [Flickr]

Tempura Octopus On A Stick

There’s something about batter that just makes things on a stick that much more delicious. Compare the image of seahorses on a stick to this delightfully Japanese treat of tempura octopus tentacles on a stick. It’s hard to deny this treat would only look half as tempting without the delightful tempura batter.


Dressing On A Stick

While other countries may think they have the on-a-stick concept down, I’m still convinced it’s something Americans have in their blood. After all, who else but a Southern woman (namely Paula Deen) would think to pair her deep-fried turkey with stuffing on a stick?


Meatball Dinner On A Stick

Americans even improve the foods of other nations. While the picture may look like a simple meatball on a stick, it is much more. There is actually pasta cooked right inside the meatball itself to create a full spaghetti and meatball dinner with just one stickful of goodness.

Link Image via Deacon Steve [Flickr]

Pies On A Stick

Of course, not all foods on a stick need to be deep fried. These minipies on a stick aren’t exactly great for you, but at least they’re baked rather than fried. Think of them as soft, chewy lollipops, or as pies you can munch on the go.


Cinnamon Rolls On A Stick

Speaking of delicious sweet treats on a stick, how about some little cinnamon rolls? The creator, Zoe, apparently makes an array of bread products on sticks, but what could be better than a cinnamon roll pop? Zoe created these treats and others to compete in the prestigious Minnesota State Fair. Just check out some of their amazing stick-foods available.


S'more On A Stick

The Minnesota State Fair’s Oodles of Noodle booth just might have been where This Is Why You’re Fat reader Emily Fredrix discovered this ooey-gooey deep-fried s’more on a stick.

Hot Chocolate On A Stick

If you’re looking for a DIY on-a-stick project that makes a great gift, you might want to consider making some of these delicious and lovely hot chocolates on a stick. Simply use the stick as a stirrer in a cup of warm milk and you’ll have rich, creamy cocoa that’s sure to keep you warm in the winter.


Your turn readers. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a stick? Also which of these would you most likely snack on? I have to admit, I think the s’more on a stick looks like pure heaven.

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That's my octopus tempura on a stick photo. When I got it, I thought it was just some kind of hotdog. Didn't expect it to have tentacles.

I wrote a short blog post about it here:
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