14 Wonderfully Geeky Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you guys, but the extent of my Easter egg decorating ends with being able to use two different dyes on an egg and then slapping on a few stickers. I once tried to paint one with real paint at a party where everyone was doing the same and mine was probably the worst, looking like a six year-old’s rendition of a dying Tony the Tiger. Fortunately, not everyone is as lacking in artistry as I am. In fact, some people have turned the process of coloring Easter eggs into a true art form. And where there’s art, there’s geekery. Here are a few of the most awesomely geeky Easter eggs ever created. If I could give out an award for best over all geek Easter egg creator, it would have to go to Flickr user Rakka. For starters, there’s this fun little Bender design. Just tell me you don’t want to bite his shinny metal yolk. Ever thought your eggs needed to be upgraded? Well, the Cybermen are here ready to go to work on your Easter treats. Soon they will all be compatible. The only problem with these adorable LEGO eggs is that unlike the real thing, they don’t interlock with one another. Even so, they’d be perfect for any youngster who prefers LEGOland over Disneyland. With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the (Easter Egg hunting) fun will never end. Rakka also included everyone’s favorite spoiled royal heir, Lumpy Space Princess.

If you prefer your cartoons to be of the Adult Swim variety, then enjoy this delightfully rounded Master Shake. Rakka said this one tasted like a broodwich. I’m afraid there is no translation given for this binary egg and I can’t read it myself, so if any of you computer lovers could help out here, it would be greatly appreciated by the rest of us. On the other hand, if there was an award for best sci-fi Easter egg maker, Flickr user PugnoM, aka Nancy Sims, would have to take the prize. For starters, just look at this amazingly detailed Stargate Atlantis egg. Aside from the wonderful Pegasus logo, she also included the gate itself on both the top and bottom of the egg. She also created what is easily the most adorable and awesome Dalek egg in the history of mankind. Just look at his precious little deadly attachments. If you really want to see how much work Ms. Sims puts into her egg creations, just look at all the steps it took to make this one egg. Here’s another Stargate egg, this time painted as a Puddle Jumper ship. Again, check out all the detail she put into it. Great work Nancy! For those who just can’t get enough sci-fi Easter eggs, perhaps this set of Battlestar “Galactegga” characters featured on Geeks Are Sexy will satiate you. If Battlestar Galactaca just isn’t your thing but you still love egg portraits, then you’ll love the work of John Lamoroni who is known for his wonderful depictions of people in Easter egg format. Included in this particular gallery are Elton John, Michael Jackson, President Obama, David Beckham and the entire lineup of characters from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (above). Speaking of movies, Pleated Jeans has a great collection of famous movie scenes recreated with Easter Eggs. Among their eggtastic recreations are Jaws (above), Say Anything, Psycho and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you’d prefer to color your Easter eggs in a geeky manner though, then perhaps you’d enjoy the Egg-Bot, a device that enables you to create designs on your computer and then add them to your egg (or other small spherical item) using the specially-designed machine and a set of fine-tipped Sharpies. For a cheaper, but even more scientific, means to egg decoration, you can always try geode eggs. All you need are clean eggshells, soluable solids (table salt, sugar, baking soda, borax, etc.) and some food coloring. This is also a great, and fun, way to teach kids about crystallization while still preparing for Easter. Have any of you ever made geeky Easter eggs? If so tell us about them, and if you have pictures, feel free to share the links in the comments. After all, the more the merrier. Oh, and Happy Easter!

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I made Angry Birds eggs last year. They were spur-of-the-moment when the whole fam was dyeing eggs, so they're not picture-perfect, but they were fun to do! http://www.flickr.com/photos/rianpie/5665600673/in/set-72157624137688141/
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