Can a Venus Flytrap Digest Human Flesh?

At some point in our lives, each of us has wondered if a sufficiently large venus flytrap could eat us. Also, is there one lurking nearby? Can they fly or teleport at will? Barry White, a scientist (specifically, an astronomer), devised an experiment to partially resolve the first issue. Can a venus flytrap digest a portion of human flesh? Due to a case of athlete's foot, he had some to spare and fed it to the plant:

After a week, the traps opened. I had predicted the skin chunks would be relatively inert and unaffected. After all, these were hard, crusty chunks of skin from the sole of my diseased feet. Surely the Venus flytraps would have no effect upon them.

Was I ever wrong! The skin chunks were almost completely digested. Worse, what was left no longer had much cohesion, but was gooey and slimy, like little boogers. Uck! Uck! Uck! And what is with the weird hue shift to bacon color?? Uck! Uck! Uck! Iä! Iä!

You can see pictures of his semi-digested human flesh at the link. Because, you know, you want to. Admit it.

Link -via io9 | Photo: Flickr user sophitikittenlin

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Disgusting food source but neat conclusion. I read the article but it didnt say if the guy had to remove the gooey leftovers or if it was eventually taken care of by the plant itself
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