Super Squirrel

eBay user ni0vek offers this taxidermic squirrel changing into his superhero outfit. He sells other interesting items in his store, such as three moles playing poker.

Link via Great White Snark

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Love the pic. In response to the first poster...
The most common complaint that I deal with regarding squirrels is that they have invaded an attic or crawlspace. They will often chew a hole to get inside. Mother squirrels bear young twice a year, and they love to use an attic as a nest. Once inside the home, they chew, causing damage to wood, electrical lines, which can create a fire hazard. We always recommend humane trapping and relocation. One way exit traps rarely work for squirrel removal because they can simply chew right back inside.
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OOOOO Do I get to be the one to point it out?

"your stupid and live in a cave."

Really now?

But seriously, I think it's funny. I'm not a fan of stuffing dead animals, but to each their own.
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"Super Squirrel"

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