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Just in case you were overwhelmed by all the great things we linked to this week, here's a reminder of the "Neatorama only" posts that you won't find elsewhere, and we certainly don't want you to overlook!

Last Saturday was a special occasion that Jill Harness commemorated by posting Happy Birthday To Steve Martin. She also gave us some fun facts about Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

In the Movies: Elevator Shafts by Johnny Cat gave us a taste of the many movie scenes that confront our fear of falling.

We looked at the pretty side of geometry and topology in Math Art.

After her youngest turned one, Tiffany looked back at birthday parties for babies in the post Crazy Things I Have Done While Partying With One-Year-Olds at NeatoBambino. She also wrote about Pediatricians And Their Questions.

Monday was the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, so we had an appropriate article from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader called The Resurrection of Elvis.

We learned the stories behind The Best Duck Songs in the History of the Universe, from mental_floss magazine. And saw the videos.

Have you ever felt your small car was inadequate among all those big vehicles? From Steven Johnson's Museum of Possibilities, here are some ideas on Looking Beyond the SUV – Literally.

Over at the Art Blog, our newest gallery is from painter and illustrator Michal Karmazon. Check it out!

Be sure to check out The Question of the Day at NeatoGeek for some lively discussions and thought-provoking comments. You can even suggest a question for future posts!

And David Israel brought us a special treat: an interview with Lev Yilmaz, creator of the video series Tales of Mere Existence, along with plenty of videos.

A Cthulhu-inspired guitar inspired many of you in the NeatoGeek Caption Contest. A t-shirt from the NeatoShop goes to Thom, who came up with a winning caption: The tentacles all go to eleven.

This was the second week for Mal and Chad's Fill in the Bubble Frenzy from comic artist Stephen McRanie. Noah gave us a winning entry: he filled in the bubble with a picture -almost all of you will get the reference!

Congratulations to kantoboy and manders, who both won prizes from the NeatoShop in this week's Decipher the Doodle contest at NeatoBambino! See their entries at the post, as well as the real explanation of the drawing.

In case you haven't noticed, our NeatoBlogs page (the button is at the top of this page) has a new look. It gives an overview of the sites under the Neatorama umbrella and links to the most recent posts as well. Meanwhile, we are working on bringing you even more ideas to try out.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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Controversial ? mine was. Yours is taking the obvious road and ,also the boring unfunny unoriginal and lame road as well. While mine implicates rape it is meant to be satirical. I did not curseor be vulgar. the picture would give my text a light heartednes that would make it acceptable.
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It's been a while since I last read the Official Rules of Comics Speech Bubbles, I apologize for my misuse. It was super lazy of me to make that picture rather than just write "I see dead people", not to mention a less effective way to convey the message. ( *)__( *)

Courtesy of Ben Balistreri's "Seaweed", a study in creative speech bubble use:

Matt (the Good One), dude, your caption filler was a child-rape joke. Nuff said.

In closing, I think it's awesome my winning entry is so controversial! I love NEATORAMA!
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I've seen Sixth Sense, but I still didn't get the photo in the talk bubble until Miss C explained it. I would agree with Matt-the-good-one: it would have been better to quote the phrase, "I see dead people" which is more culturally recognized, than the child actor who said the lines.
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