Introducing Two New NeatoBlogs: NeatoBambino and NeatoGeek

Hello Neatoramanauts! I'm proud to officially introduce two new sub-blogs (I lovingly call 'em Neatoblogs) on Neatorama.

First is NeatoBambino (RSS), a parenting/kids blog led by my beautiful and talented wife Tiffany (raising three kids, working, and now blogging - is there anything she can't do?). You'll find neat posts about toupee for babies, recalled baby products, and an awesome baby stroller/bike video clip there.

Next is NeatoGeek (RSS), an ultra-concetrated blog full of Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction, and other geeky stuff led by John Farrier. This blog is only days old and John has already unearthed gems like a feature-length Mega Man fan-made film, how to make your own Iron Man arc reactor, a weird Iron Man lobster sculpture, and a BioShock mobile fit for future gamers.

NeatoBambino and NeatoGeek join our growing list of sub-blogs, including the indie artist-focused Art Blog and our wide-format Spotlight blog. Why are we spawning these lil' Neatoblogs? Because the Web is full of neat and wonderful stuff and this way, we can focus on niche subject matters without drastically changing the eclectic nature of the main Neatorama you've all come to know (and hopefully love).

You can find the link to the NeatoBlogs on the top navigation bar of Neatorama:

'Nuff talking. Check 'em out: NeatoBambino | NeatoGeek

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@lucky - thanks for the explanation! That makes sense to me.

Unfortunately there's no easy way to integrate the sub-blogs into the main blog. The idea behind the sub-blogs is to "channelize" Neatorama. The biggest strength and weakness of the blog is that it's eclectic, but one person's variety is another's lack of focus. We're trying to solve this problem by having the niche sub-blogs. They will all be "neat" but with particular flavors.

Perhaps there is a way to combine all the RSS feed through Yahoo Pipes.
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@alex: Aside from being a nervous person in general, I also have extremely varied tastes, so I feel like I'm missing something if I don't look at everything...and that stresses me out, so I either don't look, or only look for awhile before I get overwhelmed and leave.

Is there some way of integrating the sub-blogs into the main blog so that I can see things all at once and in order? Before, when there was the old layout, if I had gone on vacation I could just go back to the day I had left and scroll through from there to catch up. Now there seems to be too many things to scroll through.

I'm sorry if I'm the only one who has this problem. I have a tiny screen and only a tiny part of my brain that can handle several tabs and clutter and keeping track of where I've left off.
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@lucky - Thank you for being a long-time reader of the blog. I'm a bit confused about why you feel that it's overwhelming.

I'm guessing that most people will only subscribe or go to the sub-blogs if their interests align (so for instance, parents of small kids probably will hit NeatoBambino regularly, whereas regular Neatoramanauts wouldn't).

So, the sub-blogs are actually designed to allow us to specialize into niche content without having to change the nature of the main blog.

@hearsetrax - looking into it now. Thank you for the heads up!

@otterly - Hm ... has Neatorama become too mainstream? What kind of posts did you miss?
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I hope this brings back the edge to the original Neatorama. There have too many posts about disney, legos, children, etc etc... Used to visit several times a day, now not very often.
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