Tower Made of Living Trees

Architects from the University of Stuttgart in Germany constructed a treehouse with a difference. The nine meter tall structure is made from living trees! Some of the hundreds of White Willow trees are planted in the ground; others are in containers. They are all expected to grow together into one giant plant. The experimental tower will be open to the public beginning September 19th. Link -via Unique Daily

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Just wanted to mention that round these parts (not all that far from Stuttgart) willow constructions are pretty common, if not that tall. I don't know if it's a particularly German thing or found all over the place. It seemed a few years ago that kindergartens, schools and people organizing playgrounds and such were all building willow huts, tunnels, fences, tent-like-things and whatnot. The smaller stuff is really easy, willows (at least some sorts) can take a lot of replanting and bending and still grow. If you've got a garden and kids try a willow play house. And you can still appreciate trees, while also being amazed at how things will grow if given the chance.
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This struck me as sad. As people, we can't appreciate trees for their natural beauty, but have to create something out of them to make them interesting.
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That's an absolutely terrific idea. No kidding. I'm being serious here. But, allow me to point out one negative aspect of this building.

Where things are alive, other things tend to live. I grew up in the woodiest area of Whidbey Island, so I know the host of rather... interesting... things that decide to make their home in trees.

As such, I wouldn't want to hang out for too terribly long surrounded by four walls of pleasantness better known as a home to the following conglomerate of intertwined creatures. Growing up in Greenbank on Whidbey Island (middle of the woods) I know that the following organisms live in trees because I have, in fact, experienced all of these at some point in a tree. Usually about 6 inches from my face. Ant swarms, moth swarms, bumble bees/hornets, spider(s)(of the uncofomrtably large variety), caterpillar nests, grubs of unidentified nature, maggots on dead rodents, squirrels nests, possum nests, raccoon sleeping locations, birds of all variety... and many more.
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