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The Thinking Tree Looks Stumped

In the Southern Italian region of Puglia,...  ...egion of Puglia, there are over millions of olive trees - many of them ancient with knotted and gnarled b...  ...ed barks. This particular one, named the Thinking Tree looks stumped.
Simon's Cat in The Tree

Simon's Cat is stuck way up in a tree and is afraid to come down! So, like any good cat...
The Broccoli Tree: A Parable

The Broccoli Tree on lake Vättern in Sweden was made famous by...  ...vacation spots, artists, democracies, and even a tree that became too famous to live.-via Metafilter
Becoming Complete...

When you are a child, life is like a race to the f...  ...they already are. We could all take a lesson from trees
The Giving Tree Brought to Life

A post shared by Phoebe C. (@feebee510) on Mar...  ...oebe Calef noted that someone recently cut down a tree near her home and turned it into a rustic chair ....  ...Silverstein's classic children's book "The Giving Tree " to life.
Tree Arrested for Blocking Traffic

Police have arrested a man dressed as tree for blocking traffic on Congress God...  ...olice in Portland, Maine, were called to remove a tree from the middle of the street on Monday. It turne...  ...on Monday. It turned out to be a man dressed as a tree . Police i...
The Twisted Trees of Slope Point

This is what happens when you plant trees in a very windy place, where the winds blow 24/7... the winds blow 24/7 all year ‘round. The trees cannot win that war, yet these managed to survive...  ...e. They are so persistent and so violent that the trees are perpetua...
2016 Fall Foliage Map...

One of the great joys of autumn is watching the trees turn brilliant colors. The Great Smokey Mountains...
Men Fells Neighbor's Tree, Ruins Own Home

Raymond Mazzarella of Pittston Township, Pennsylva...  ...Pennsylvania, was upset that his neighbor’s tree was dripping sap on Mazzarella’s car. Satur...  ...afternoon, he took a chainsaw and cut through the tree ’s 36-inch trunk. The tree fell on Mazzarella&rs...
Do Trees Communicate with Each Other?

Trees are connected to other trees around them by a network of fungi underground cal...  ...corrhizal fungal network. Chemicals are sent from tree to tree through the fungus, in a kind of communication th...  ...of the University of Br...

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