A Device to Help Blind People Draw

Still in the concept stage, the Touch Color is a device that would allow visually impaired people to create two-dimensional art:

This innovative device comprises a Rainbow Picker in a form of a scroll wheel, which contains Braille dots that allows blind people to select a color from 24 available. After selecting a color, this device differentiates the colors by generating varied temperatures through LED bulbs. Then the user can paint on a thermal art board by using their fingers and the thermal-color display technology keeps the track of the lines and colors the blind artist is using.

There are more pictures and diagrams of this gadget at the link.

Link via GearFuse

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Getting pretty tired of seeing these bogus concepts.

I wish people on karaoke would write music instead of singing it.

Apparently, the thermal display tells the blind person what they've done. If I were a blind artist, though, I'd probably go for sculpture - you'd have to have some open-minded models, though.
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This seems like snake oil for the sharper image blind crowd. The descriptions in the promo material is laughably ironic, "Red he paints, a heartful color never seen before." I was wondering how the person knows what and how they are painting, but then I saw the panel that said, "Outline the picture with a Braille stylus" & I wonder what that is?
Oh, and...

Mask, anyone?
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