The Castle in Kentucky

The United States has few castles, so each one stands out as unusual.  Above is a picture of Martin Castle, built in the 1960-1970s by real estate developer Rex Martin.  He built it when his wife became enamored of castles after a trip to Europe.  Construction was never finished because Martin and his wife divorced.  He has since tried to find a buyer that might want to turn it into a museum.

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I am a young 17 year old high school student with hopes and dreams of being a script writer and director. Right now I am pondering whether or not to start a horror based after the rare game "Haunting Ground" created by Capcom, but I am in the need of a set. I've been searching the internet for a little while trying to find near by locations and this castle caught my eye. The movie I will be making is not being sold, just aired on youtube and such, but I need permission to film there. If you know where I could get permission please E-mail me at I know weird e-mail but thats what I get for letting my sister set it up.
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I have pretty much the same experiences as Nearlydawn, driving by every year on the way to and from the Bluegrass Parkway (which also took us to my grandparents in Elizabethtown). When I heard it was burned down, it was a huge shock to me, but I'm really glad that it has been restored to an even better state.
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If you read the entire timeline at the link provided you will see it is a high-end bed and breakfast / event venue now -

I wouldn't have read that whole rambling mess-of-a-timeline myself, except that it facinated me... finally, the rest of the story!

For the whole of my life I have watched that castle from the car window as my family passed it coming and going on every major holiday trip to my Grandparents house. When I was very young I realized that I could KNOW when I saw the castle exactly how many more hours it would be before I could get out of that darned car!

I was so terribly sad when I looked up the hill and saw that it had burned - and even though I was middle-aged and a married lady it was a shock to my childhood fantasies of "happily ever after". I remember wanting to cry.

I am very, very happy to see it brought to life. It has waited a LONG time to be loved.
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It's actually under the ownership of Tom Post now, so Martin *did* sell it. While Post was having it restored and remodeled in '04 or '05 or so there was a fire in the main structure and it burned to the ground. It's since been rebuilt, and there are plans to make it into a Bed and Breakfast.

The End.
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Well seeing the pictures of that "castle", this was one person that only vaguely understood what he liked so much- Just like when you ask a small child to draw or build what it likes most...

Perhaps now they can call it "The ruin"...?
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