Rabbit Chases A Snake Up A Tree

This is one tough rabbit, it's not only rough enough to take on a snake, but it actually manages to get the snake to try to climb a tree.

Link Via I Am Bored

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I suspect this is a female rabbit, trying to defend her youngs nearby. It's pretty typical: small animals like this, with no defense, wouldn't chase a dangerous animal, much bigger than them, if there weren't youngsters to protect. It's all about hormones!
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Hehe, does THIS bring back memories!

I had a pet rabbit like this when I was about 14. I got him from someone who raised meat rabbits. He was meaner than catsh!t. He bit everyone except my grandfather, and fortunately my grandfather loved him. He built him a nice big hutch and gave him a small fenced-in yard area to play in. One day when he was out playing in the grass I looked out the window and saw the neighbor's beagle squirming under the fence. Of course I freaked and ran out there to save my poor little bunny.

When I got to the fence I almost was knocked down by the dog frantically trying to escape from my rabbit. He bit a chunk of the dog's skin off of his leg and sent him running, going "YIP! YIP! YIP!" the whole way.

For some reason that dog was scared to come into my grandparent's yard again after that?
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The redneck commentary really adds a lot. I've felt like DVDs should have a redneck commentary option since I saw Shawn of the Dead with a loose lipped redneck behind me.
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