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Ricky Gervais + Elmo = Hilarity!
It doesn't get much better than this comedy gold Elmo interviews comedian Ricky Gervais (G to E: "do you know what necrophilia is?")

Set your piggies free: Link

Rube Golberg Corkscrew Machine
British designer Rob Higgs was commissioned by Marcus Wilkinson of ONEOFONEHUNDRED to build this fantastic Rube Goldbergian contraption: an amazing mechanical device, made from almost 300 found objects, to uncork a bottle and pour a glass of wine.


Bunny vs. Snake
Which is more vicious a cute little bunny rabbit or a big snake? Find out here - the ending may just surprise you: Link

My Legs Give Me Superpowers
Athlete, actress and fashion model Aimee Mullins gave a talk at TED about a dozen or so of her prosthetic legs, and the superpowers they gave her: speed, beauty ... and an extra 6 inches of height!

Who said what about disability now? Link

How Much is a Billion Dollars?
Most people understand $100 - even say, a million bucks. But what about a billion dollars? Just how big is that?

Here's a video clip that puts it in perspective: Link

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The Corkscrew device is a cool machine, but the video suffers from modern editing techniques: quick cuts that obscure detail.

It's not like your trying to cover up bad special effects here, guys !
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I'm not usually susceptable to public speakers, but that Aimee Mullins bit damn near made me cry.

"Too pretty to be disabled". God, that's a heartbreaker.

Now there's a woman I'd vote in for President!
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"A tightly packed stack of crisp new Cleveland $1,000 bills totaling 1 billion dollars would soar 63 miles high into the earth's atmosphere."

Uh, yeah, if each bill was 4 inches thick. Considering the bills are more like .004 to .005 inches thick the stack would "soar" 330 to 416 feet into the air. Maybe he meant to say "totaling 1 trillion dollars." (I know, I know. I'm nitpicking. I mean really, what's a 999 billion dollar error?)
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That corkscrew machine is amazing!
After seeing this, I think I want to design a cupboarddoor-opener like that- filling half the room with machinery just to open a cupboard door... :-D
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