If Your City Were Nuked

CarlosLabs, a design firm based in Sydney, created a Google Maps mashup of cities around the world and what they would look like if hit by various nuclear devices.  You can choose your city and then a weapon (Fat Man, Little Boy, Tsar Bomba, Asteroid) and press "Nuke it!" and then see the extent of thermal damage. 

The concentric circles of different colors mean different physical effects.  The center of the circle is conflagration, where most people would die within 24 hours.  The purple circle means 3rd degree burns, requiring medical care.  The pink circle means 2nd degree burns, like burns from boiling water.  And the yellow outermost circle means 1st degree burns, like a sunburn.

The map here shows the extent of damage if a nuclear device was dropped on Los Angeles.

Link - via carloslabs

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

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The real question is; if a nuclear war were to break out how likely is my city to be hit and where is the bomb most likely to fall? Cus, little town KS might not be the best target.
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So the link wasn`t the actual site where you could do this, but turned out to be just preachy about how bad nuclear bombs are.

Bad nuclear bombs! Bad!
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