Pepsi Logo: A Response

Here's what designer Lawrence Yang envisions whenever he sees the new Pepsi ads. This could also double as your template for really easy ad remix art if they start putting these up in the subways or bus stops around town. We're hoping they do!

Link - via buzzfeed

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by moneyries.

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I think the new logos really suck. Mountain Dew looks too much like camouflage and has too many colors. They need to go to a simple look like the Throwback cans, which are way cool. The simpler the design is the better. Also the billboards suck too and just say Wow and Oh boy, that's not going to make me want to drink a Pepsi product.
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Faith is the first step on the road to disapiontment. People will think what they will of you and without knowing you, never depend on it and you save yourself from hurt. Live your life the way you see fit to live it, but keep in mind that there always is a better road. The roads least traveled are the most difficult to walk, but usualy always the most rewarding.
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Thanks for reaffirming my lack of faith in humanity, guys. It's always nice to be reminded that people are still prepared to judge me as inferior based solely on my appearance.
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