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Pepsi Logo: A Response

Here's what designer Lawrence Yang envisions whenever he sees the new Pepsi ads. This could also double as your template for really easy ad remix art if they start putting these up in the subways or bus stops around town. We're hoping they do!

Link - via buzzfeed

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by moneyries.

I will never be able to look at the newe Pepsi log the same way again. I used to just tink "Obama" when I saw it, but now, fat belly guy all the way!
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How appropriate. Drinking a 12-ounce can of Pepsi is the equivalent of eating about 10 teaspoons of raw sugar. Addiction to sugar-based sodas is a major component of the obesity epidemic in this country.
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they should have followed cokes lead and reverted to one of their classic looks. why keep trying to make it new? pepsi is pepsi. go with what people know.

not that i really drink any of this stuff....well, besides with liquor.
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Obesity is not an epidemic; the only thing that is contagious is the quality and way of life. If you want to only focus on the result and not the root of the problem you might as well ignore it completely.
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@ Gaul but by the same token it's as a function of there being too many processed manufactured foods in this country and not enough immediate access to local groceries.

We're like Britain post-Industrial revolution. The old joke goes for British cuisine, cook until grey. The joke's there because post-Industrial revolution Britain lost any sense of what good food really was, and that's really just the same way it is over here.
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When you say "if they start posting it in subways" you do know this is Pepsi right? And NYC? The subways are plastered with it.

SIDE NOTE: Good to see you around Mr Ries, out here on the interwebs.
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The obesity problem can all be traced to High Fructose Corn Syrup, I believe. It's horrible for us and it's in practically everything. Why? Because its very cheap and a lot of different people make money by doing it that way (including the gvt.)
I mean, high-fructose corn syrup is made from corn, obvious. And the gvt. pays farmers to NOT grow corn because is already so abundant in the USA (screwed up, I know - why not just give it to starving countries?).
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@just a guy

Because apparently that will drive food prices down further and farmers are already starving enough... atleast that's the argument I hear. Not sure why it can't be accepted as a cheritable donation though. Ahh well, if nothing has happened about it so far I doubt anything will.
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"This could also double as your template for really easy ad remix art if they start putting these up in the subways or bus stops around town. We’re hoping they do!"
Those that don't like a product don't have to purchase it: those that think "art" is not put up on others property without their permission have to suffer from the degradation of the enviroment. Where do I get to "opt out" of being forced to look at graffiti?
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So often I'll find myself in a public place among my fellow Americans, and notice that I'm the only one in the crowd that's not fat. People here primp up their hair and make up, or spend a lot of time with their clothes, then suck down that high priced sugar water until they barely look human anymore. We spend more money on "health care" than anyone in the world, but are sicker than anyone else in the (developed) world.

We don't want our kids to smoke pot, even though pot doesn't seem to keep someone from winning 8 gold medals in the Olympics. Why don't we put people in jail who push this toxic soda pop on our kids; it sure seems to be ruining a lot more lives than Mother Nature's herbs.
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@The El Bee En

I agree, I don't see a difference between graffiti and marketing other then there being a money transfer involved. The only difference I see between these two forms of 'gang tagging' is the law.
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When I stopped drinking soda (DIET soda, at that) I immediately lost 20 pounds FOREVER.

Quit sugar and meat, lost another 20. Never put it back on.

Just cut out packaged foods entirely, now I weigh 175 without even exercising much. I'm 27, I've weighed this for 5 years now. When I was 18, lived on McDs and Diet Dr. Pepper, I weighed 240.
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Thanks for reaffirming my lack of faith in humanity, guys. It's always nice to be reminded that people are still prepared to judge me as inferior based solely on my appearance.
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Faith is the first step on the road to disapiontment. People will think what they will of you and without knowing you, never depend on it and you save yourself from hurt. Live your life the way you see fit to live it, but keep in mind that there always is a better road. The roads least traveled are the most difficult to walk, but usualy always the most rewarding.
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I think the new logos really suck. Mountain Dew looks too much like camouflage and has too many colors. They need to go to a simple look like the Throwback cans, which are way cool. The simpler the design is the better. Also the billboards suck too and just say Wow and Oh boy, that's not going to make me want to drink a Pepsi product.
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