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Behold, the Atheist's Nightmare: The Babel Fish!
From The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, one of my favorite OMG-awesome-book-turned-into-an-okay-film, here is the atheist's nightmare: the babel fish! Douglas Adams, RIP. Link

Insane Mexican Wrestling
Move over WWE, here comes lucha libre, the Mexican version of pro wrestling! The guy spinning is Mascarita Dorada, and his unfortunate opponent is Damian, in a CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, a pro wrestling outfit in Medico City) match. Link

Volcano Erupts Underneath Ice
This is pretty awesome: a 2004 volcano erupting from under the ice in Iceland (I guess that's why that country got the name). From Earth - The Biography, starring Dr. Iain Stewart.

Link (lightning makes an appearance at 0:19)

Gordon Ramsay's Perfect Scrambled Eggs
So. You think you can make scrambled eggs. Maybe you've been making 'em all your life. Well, here's Gordon Ramsay telling you that you're wrong. This is how you make scrambled eggs! Link

Idiot's Guide to Releasing a Bobcat
Why, oh, why would you even think that shovels are adequate protection against bobcats ... Here's what two doofus did when they tried to free a bobcat from a snare trap.


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Did anyone else watch the Peanut butter: Atheists nightmare video? Do people actually buy that argument?

And yes, Although I like Gordon Ramsey, those Eggs looked way under-cooked.
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Ugh, I agree that the scrambled eggs look awful. It looks like they've already been thrown up. Maybe they're magical self fulfilling prophecy eggs.
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Cooks Illustrated tested eggs scrambled with and without salt added before and tasters found the pre-salted eggs better. It's a myth that eggs shouldn't be salted before. The salt helps prevents proteins from overcoagulating so the curd is softer.
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