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Wedding Ring Exchange FAIL
Or perhaps, better titled "The World's Worst Best Man" - I don't know if he'd ever live this one down.

Wait for it ... wait for it ...


CSI:NY Creates VB GUI to Track IP's
Shows like CSI try hard to bring "real" science into the show, but more often than not, they fail (DNA sequencing in 3 minutes, anyone?) Perhaps the writers really don't understand how science is done, or perhaps they just want to throw in some jargon that sounds good on the dialog.

Here's a perfect example: tracking down IPs using by creating a GUI (Graphical User Interface) using Visual Basic. As the VideoSift caption says, it made as much sense as "Get me some lettuce, and I'll count to potato, then we'll find grandma."


Japanese Games Shows Are So Much Better Than Ours
Here's what contestants have to do in one Japanese game show: swing on a rope to a treadmill, then grab a stepping block and swing to a floating platform ... What are the Japanese thinking?

Actually this explains Super Mario Bros. perfectly! Link

Saturn V Rocket Launch - Ultra Slow Motion
What's better than watching a rocket launch? Watching it in ultra slo-mo!

Here's a fascinating clip of the launch of the Saturn V rocket like you've never seen it before: Link

Here Come the Fat One!
What would happen if a manatee swam into the glass at the aquarium? Oh, the huge manatee!

Check out this "nature's crumple zone" clip here: Link (short and sweet, just 11 sec!)

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The Saturn V footage was stunning at that speed. My mind is boggling thinking of coming up with a material for the rocket nozzles that could transition from near ambient temperature to thousands of degrees in seconds, and remain intact. That's just one aspect of the thing, and it was built back when computing was still mostly a human function.

Oh, and anyone here ever heard the "I'm a Manatee" song by John Lithgow? Classic.
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Another reason why I avoid watching CSI:NY. The original CSI at least had some semblance of real science (speeded through of course). CSI Miami proved that Horatio never had to do any paper work and stand always to one side making quips. And CSI NY...well that's when reality takes a leap out the window.
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