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Dinosaur in a Museum

Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo.

Forget Ben Stiller's movie "Night at the Museum" with the gigantic CG T-Rex skeleton chasing him around. This time there is a real dinosaur roaming the halls of the LA Museum of Natural History. I believe this is the same method of costume and puppetry used by the folks at the "Walking With Dinosaurs" show with live actors in the dinosaurs giving it a more realistic feeling and puppet artists moving the arms, mouth, and eyes.

I wish more museums would have dinosaurs walking about because I used to love visiting the gigantic skeletons when I was a kid. And whenever my family was traveling I would force them to take me to the city museum so I could see the dinosaur exhibition for myself. And now the chance to see one walking around in real life would certainly make my day as an adult. I love how the kids find it so believable that they are either so fascinated by it or terrified by such a giant creature with rows of sharp teeth in front of them.

Here's hoping for the day when we can clone dinosaurs as pets...until then visit your local museum and demand them to get puppet dinosaurs! Not only will the kids will love them but it will also attract new visitors to see the cool exhibitions and provide much needed funding to museums. [via - Gizmodo, and Random Good Stuff]

New ways to scare children are always great. Even cooler if the baby the lady was carrying had been a puppet, so the dinosaur could have reached over and bit off its head.

Even more realistic if it pooped every now and then, too.
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Am I the only one who thinks this is really stupid?

We have enough problems trying to convince people that humans and dinosaurs didn't coexist, without planting memories in the minds of young children of actually MEETING one
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woah thats way too cool.
and not far from where i live.
and im on summer break.
and, im so totally getting my friends to visit that :P

and yeah, whats up with the fur? or is that a sad excuse for feathers or something? ...
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That is freaking AWESOME!!! MAN how cool is that? They need to get Jim Henson's company up in there though to make more and better costumes! I'm sure they could make them even better, more moveable and more convincing heh.
Anyways.. awesome awesome. I'd love to see that in person.
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You know when I was a kid everytime my parents took me to the local bookstore I always bought a book about dinosaurs. I even bought the awesome series of books called "Dinotopia" which every dinosaur lover must have read or owned at least once. It had some of the most gorgeous art and the story appeals to any kid as it dealt with a world where dinosaurs and humans live side by side. :)
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Gee if the patrons of the museum in that video would stop and think about which Dino they used there.
Notice the Razor sharp teeth. (AKA MEAT EATER) and it was a real dino.
Can you say LUNCH TIME (LOL).
Wonder if any of the little ones had nightmares after meeting it. Definitely not a Barney the purple dino type.
I admit it was a very neat exhibit.
But why a carnivore playing nice with the meat. Why not a herbivore instead?
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Awesome. Definitely beats the 'new' dino exhibit here in Toronto at the ROM, where they replaced jungle and lighting with white walls and a stale office atmosphere.
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Scotchdrnkr: Note that towards the end, as the funosaur is sniffing the kids, someone near the cameraman calls out encouragingly, "Cummon, eat one. Just one!"
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I, for one, would like to see this puppet technology combined with the BigDog robot to make a quadruped dino.
Although I must say that a buzzing two stroke dinosaur would be rather odd.
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