Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage

The notion of an arranged marriage seems so foreign to the Western world that it evokes an image of a time long, long ago - but the tradition is alive and well in certain parts of the world.

In India, arranged marriages take place alongside "love marriages" - and both seem to be acceptable to society there.

Swati Pandey of the LA Times recounts her experience attending one such arranged marriages, of her cousin Garima to a man she had just met:

All of it -- the years spent selecting a suitor, the final minutes of anticipation, the newness of the couple, a man and woman not shaped by former loves and heartbreaks -- was romantic in a way I hadn't expected. Growing up in America for all my 25 years, I'd long ago given up on the tradition, but by midnight, I had started to wonder.

What I never realized, as a googly-eyed adolescent who had imagined eloping with a George Clooney type, was that "love marriage," as many Indians call it, is the aberration.

Arranged marriages are common in countries and cultures that came belatedly to Romanticism and rock 'n' roll and whatever else gave rise to what we call youth. It's difficult to quantify them because the term is such a broad one -- encompassing a childhood betrothal and a parent's mere suggestion of a vetted match.


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well listen to my story...

my parents don't like my lover bcs he is from different our religion is same...when i said my parents abt my lover wat they said me is i must break up with him..and must marry the guy they chose to me....nw i am studyg..and hav 2 depend on my parents for mam even lied 2 me abt my guy tht he is bad... the main reason tht they wnt allow me 2 marry him is bcs they wl lose prestige is more important 2 them than my life.....he is just one caste lower thn mine....and i cnt live wthot him as he is dissolved in my blood.....2 forget him is somethg like i must end my wat u guy's opinion?????? do u wnt me 2 obey my parents or i marry the guy i love?????
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marriage is responsibility ,as well as commitment of 2 individuals. love is a part of marriage and love cannot be compared as such.whether its arranged ore love marriage its altogether is a different issue.
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Hi guys. I have gone through all comments and views.I found, it is very hard to proof Love merriage is better than arranged. This is true, in love merriage, hardly one can get the support of the family. As I have seen some bad experience in our society. I advocate arrange merriage, not because, love merriage is not good but very fiew person utilize their mind and soul in love merriage. It depend on age of the guys and gals. Generally, love begins in the age of 14 to 25. During this age period, I don't hope, one can decide about their life partner with mind and soul. Because, according to Shakepear, this is the age of love in which, very easily, one person can fell in love with each other and decide to marry. They don't use to think about their financial condition, career and future planning. This is the cause, the success rate of love merriage is less than arrange one.
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I go to arranged marriage because mainly as my parents dont like love marriage. u can ask me this s ur life UR PARENTS have no part. but parents are important to me. Also in love there are lot of lies and sorrows we want to act before our partner as if we r good guys we cant be natural .but in arranged marriage we are seeing our partner for the first time also we are sure that definetly we will marry them so we dont want to act before them and we can be natural. Also the life will be peacefull. when u compare the divorce rate between arranged and love marriage u will find love marriage rate will be higher. so arranged marriage is good and our culture s the best one. THANK YOU

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