Woman's Voice Most Attractive When She is Most Fertile

We've posted about how a person's beauty "advertises" good genes and fertility. Well, here's new study in the same vein: Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York found that a woman's voice becomes more attractive when she is most fertile:

The pair recorded women counting from 1 to 10 at four occasions during their menstrual cycle. They then replayed the recordings at random to male and female students and asked them to rate the attractiveness of the voices. Both males and females judged the women's voices to be most attractive if they were recorded during the peak fertility period of the menstrual cycle, and less attractive if they were recorded during
non-fertile periods ...

The results are in line with evidence that the female voice box, or larynx, is under the influence of sex hormones, says Gallup. He says the changes in the female voice during peak fertility support the view that women are "different" at that point in the menstrual cycle - in other words, that they experience oestrus.


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"Woman's Voice Most Attractive When She is Most Fertile"

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