Lisa Black's Borg Taxidermy Art

New Zealand artist Lisa Black does a little taxidermy work - but she doesn't do just any stuffed (I suppose professional taxidermists prefer the term"mounted") animal ... they're borgs!

See her steampunk baby crocodile, duckling, ferret and of course the fawn above here: Link - via porphyre

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thats horrible, poor animal's mother. see these are reasons why animals are going endangered... for useless decorations!
(i eat meat but this is just messed up.)
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for all who have negativly commented this,
unless you are all vegans you have no right to say what you have said i know for a fact you will all be eating some sort of meat tonight which would have been young most probably and miss treated how ever, this fawn would have had a happy free range life.
evan after this if you still do not agree with this (which i cant see why not) why would you go to all of the effort to put someones work down yes you may have your opinion, but atleast have a small ounce of posotive in your comments.
i am a student and trying to get big in the art world and people like you are what is making it so hard for us to sucseed.
personally i think Lisa shows immense creativity and bravery in her work to make something so bold and beautiful. i will proudly be using her work as a refrence in my work.
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If I die tomorrow I want them to do this to me. Then put me in my living room so my wife and kids can always be near me.

"Kids, hug your dead cyborg daddy goodnight."
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@ Pudifoot

I have to agree. Let the deer population grow without an adequate predator population to control it and you get insane amounts of Bambies stripping down trees and all edible plants in site. But with no real predation around we humans gotta do the dirty work (retribution?). However, using baby animals I can't agree to. Should've used an adult doe or stag gosh darn it! *shakes fist!*
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