MADtv's Olive Garden Ad Skit

Here's a MADtv's take on the television ad of the popular US restaurant chain The Olive Garden. Now if you've ever eaten in this fine Italian bistro, you'll know that it's funny because it's sooo true!

The Olive Garden. When you're here, you're like a family. A drunk loud family with taste buds dulled by cheap booze. But hey, the breadsticks and salads are pretty good!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Dave Copeland (more fun video picks there)

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I haven't watched SNL for hasn't been funny since the days of Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, etc. MAD TV though was right on with the parody of the insipid Olive Garden commercial.....I work at an Olive Garden and much of the food is pre-packaged and pre-prepared...and watch out for the mice and roaches! If you want authentic Italian food....DO NOT go to Olive Garden and for better meals in general, stay away from all corporate restaurants!
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Yeah, MAD TV tries to force laughs on people. SNL was funny back in the day because they took something that they thought was funny (not that they thought the entire US would like) then made it. And so many awesome sketches came out and were awesome because of the great acting, something MAD TV definitely doesn't have.
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Only idiots who eat shite like McDonalds eat at places like the Olive Garden, is what I hear. Never been. I tend to stay away from places that advertise this much and has chains all across the country - the food supply usually all come from the same wholesale delivery companies.

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Wow. Memories! Who got the video tape of the dinner when I first met my in-laws? Ha ha!

Bobby Lee's Memoirs of a Geisha made me fall over laughing.
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I dunno, I've never had a bad meal there, although I've only been 3 or 4 times. Like any number of national chain restaurants, it may not be authentic or unique but it still tastes pretty good.

Of course, this comes from someone who grew up about as disconnected from real Italian food as possible -- people who grew up in an Italian family or often went out to an Italian family restaurant have a different idea of what Italian food should be, and OG just doesn't match that idea.

Oh, and I stopped watching SNL before MAD tv even existed.
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