Trivia: Minimum Age for Marriage in Yemen

In Yemen, the minimum age for marriage is 9.

The Human Rights Watch World Report stated: "In 1999, the minimum marriage age of fifteen for women, rarely enforced, was abolished; the onset of puberty, interpreted by conservatives to be at the age of nine, was set as a requirement for consummation of marriage."

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and by the way the legal age for women to marry is 17; should a girl wish to get married below that age, a judge has study the situation and he then decides.
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first of all in islam, the girl's opinion SHOULD be taken into account. if she doesn't want to get married then its haram (not allowed religiously) for the parents to marry her off... so people who do that aren't following proper Islamic customs. Really, do a little research before jumping to conclusions. Some Muslims don't follow Islamic rules, which means they're doing something not right by Islam... just like in many Christians don't follow their own Christian rules, that doesn't make Christianity the one to blame does it?

and by the way "Jimbo" its Muslims not Islams... get it right.
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it is a perverse jews ideology for feminism cause.this feminist ideology wants to destroy all states of the world from inside on the perverse and barbaric way.iluminati jews did this stupid phenomena named pedofilia or other stupid reasons to stop tradition and birth rate.this jews who govern new world order through ONU,UNICEF,....pretend to do all in the human rights is a big lie.they want to do all women prostitutes.the child marriage is very good and must ne continued.
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