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Trivia: Minimum Age for Marriage in Yemen

In Yemen, the minimum age for marriage is 9.

The Human Rights Watch World Report stated: "In 1999, the minimum marriage age of fifteen for women, rarely enforced, was abolished; the onset of puberty, interpreted by conservatives to be at the age of nine, was set as a requirement for consummation of marriage."

It's ironic that the age limit on marriage rights is lowered in a country where people (especially women) are treated like dirt. What's the point of having the right to get married when all other rights are taken away?
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"The onset of puberty, interpreted by conservatives to be at the age of nine, was set as a requirement for consummation of marriage"

I think it has more to do with the fact that according to the hadith (books about the prophet Mohammed) he married his favorite wife Aisha when she was only 9 and according to those texts she was still playing with dolls. Islamic scholars see the founder of the islam as the perfect human whose actions should be copied, so if 9 years old was old enough for him, it's old enough for every other muslim.

That's the reason why it's so hard to abolish child marriage in orthodox muslm nations. Take this example of a 9 year old girl in Nigeria who ran away from her 60 year old husband. When her parents brought her back to her husband, he cut off both her legs so she wouldn't attempt another flight. Child marriage is also prevalent in Afghanistan:
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"Thank Heaven... for little girls..."

The girls' feelings are not taken into account at all. There's a very good chance she's never even met the boy she'll be married off to. Societies that enforce rules like this treat women as chattel and labor under the delusion that women are naturally wanton, lustful creatures that must be strictly controlled. (To make matters worse, the women largely come to believe that this is true. If one is actually removed from that society, she will usually either continue to inhibit herself as if she needed to be controlled, or she will go berserk and act the way that the men of her culture imagine women would do if left to their own devices, thus "justifying" this attitude.)
The marriage is mainly a business transaction, intended to consolidate wealth among two groups of the same economic caste (Since the children are probably cousins, this ensures the family's money stays in the family). Their children, especially the first-born son, stand to benefit from the wealth. As for love... that is between parents and their children. Men use their wives to make babies, and the matter of love between spouses is simply a non-issue. (If they fall in love with each other, that's nice; but not necessary.) If no children are born, it is thought to be a defect of the woman, and she is to be divorced and her dowry refunded.
If the husband borrows something from his brother-in-law and loses or damages it, the brother-in-law is allowed to take his sister away until reparations are made.
The Qur'an says that a woman may divorce her husband; but most patriarchal "Muslim" societies simply make up their own rules and claim that it's part of Islamic law. ("Go ahead --- challenge it! I dare you," is their attitude. That's why the penalties for disobedience are so harsh; they know the Qur'an does not support their position, so they resort to violence to scare people into doing as they say.)
In that society, marriage is not a woman's right, nor is it her privilege; it is simply her duty.
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I think Miss Cellania misinterpreted my comment, which was my fault. I was being sarcastic in my reference to the "right to get married", because our concept of marriage is entirely different than "marriage" in totalitarian nations. I think Nicholas did a great job of describing what "marriage" really means in Yemen. Needless to say, I absolutely absolutely condemn that kind of slavery and rape, especially when it involves children.
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It's sad. The more I discover the Muslim religion, the more I feel it's a set of modernly unadapted rules coming from a distant tribe, and the more I doubt it is going to bring peace (Islam) in the world...
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"In 1999, the minimum marriage age of fifteen for women, rarely enforced, was abolished; the onset of puberty, interpreted by conservatives to be at the age of nine, was set as a requirement for consummation of marriage."

Well, technically that may be true, but girls also go through puberty at an earlier age these days than in the past. Physical readiness has little to do with emotional readiness for marriage and sex. And even the physical readiness would be debatable.

Not that that would matter to any of the guys who are making the rules.
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Wow, I thought the old red neck sayings were bad..

"Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed"

but leave it up to the Islams to beat that.
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Ignorance and abject poverty. And no protective laws/ That's what drives people to continue with the abhorrent practice of child brides.

It is easy to criticize sitting in the lap of a luxurious life style where all amenities are provided for you and your basic rights are protected.

Try living in their tattered shoes and see how hard it is to implement change.
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it is a perverse jews ideology for feminism cause.this feminist ideology wants to destroy all states of the world from inside on the perverse and barbaric way.iluminati jews did this stupid phenomena named pedofilia or other stupid reasons to stop tradition and birth rate.this jews who govern new world order through ONU,UNICEF,....pretend to do all in the human rights is a big lie.they want to do all women prostitutes.the child marriage is very good and must ne continued.
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first of all in islam, the girl's opinion SHOULD be taken into account. if she doesn't want to get married then its haram (not allowed religiously) for the parents to marry her off... so people who do that aren't following proper Islamic customs. Really, do a little research before jumping to conclusions. Some Muslims don't follow Islamic rules, which means they're doing something not right by Islam... just like in many Christians don't follow their own Christian rules, that doesn't make Christianity the one to blame does it?

and by the way "Jimbo" its Muslims not Islams... get it right.
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and by the way the legal age for women to marry is 17; should a girl wish to get married below that age, a judge has study the situation and he then decides.
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If they do marry before 17 they should not be allowed to marry anyone more than 1 yr older than themselves.

#something is seriously fucked up
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