Brady Barr bit by giant python - not happy

Had to happen eventually, I suppose. Snakes everywhere are snickering under their breath. National Geographic clip at LiveLeak YouTube.

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You All Looserssssss Talking About Something You Dont Know Of. You Guys Are The One Whos Sitting Behind Their Computer Like Chickenssssss. At Least Braddy Is Out Their Showing Us Snakesss
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Brady Barr might have a PhD, but that doesn't mean he didn't sell his soul when he decided to throw in with all the other SteveIrwinesque animal-abusers-for-profit (dis)gracing the "nature" channels these days. Barr is a first class idiot and yes, a total pansy. No serious researcher grabs wild pythons in caves. The only people who do that are greedy showmen posing for fake TV shows. And if you do that and then squeal like a little girl when you bet bitten, then you're revealing your true color: pink.

I've been bitten by a python twice that size (which is, far from being a badge of honor, really a negative mark on my record as a snake keeper and a reminder that one careless moment of stupidity while feeding a giant snake can be disastrous), but I didn't scream like a baby, as this douchelord Barr did. I sat on the snake so it couldn't constrict me with all of its force, waited patiently for 5 minutes for the snake to figure out I was not worth the effort and let go, then wrapped my hand in a couple of bath towels to soak up the blood and calmly took myself to the hospital. Of course, I wasn't being paid to act like damned fool.

Barr is the douchiest of douches, taking credit he doesn't deserve, bossing the "help" around like slaves, hamming it up for the cameras while needlessly harrassing animals. He belongs in a circus where such buffoon behavior is expected. Steve Irwin finally got what he asked for. I'm looking forward to the day "Dr." Barr gets his just reward. He's stupid AND he treats animals like playthings, so it's only a matter of time.
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So it's not just me. He repeats everything he says like that, must be sort sort of mental disorder. What I hate about this troglodyte is that he doesn't respect the animals or the environments he torments them in. NOT 'science' like he says as far as I'm concerned. Just an ahole with the personality of a 4 yr old.
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Dr.Brady Barr is a very nice guy :D he has nerves of steel!!he was also trying to get that pyhton for his research(to benifit himself and you), he didn't wanna get it just to mess with it! if you dumbheads got bitten by that python you would've started screaming nonstop! you people should judge yourselves before saying stupid stuff about great people!!
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you all are dumb asses he was doing scientific research and he wanted to catch a python and pythons are extremely strong if he wanted to collect any blood samples or anything from it he had to catch it and maybe he was makeing mistakes grabbing it by the tail at first but he was really wanting to catch it and was happy when he found it, everybody makes mistakes. and if you were bitten by a snake that big you probably would have screamed to. yes I admit him repeating I've got a bad bite was pretty anoying but when someones in that much pain they try to find something to keep there mind off of the pain weather its laughing,yelling,cursing,etc. he kept repeating I've got a bad bite to keep his mind off the pain and he probably wasnt concious of what he was saying at the time. its common sense. I'm really getting sick of all these bad comments critizing peoples videos. and people who leave these comments usally think there smart. if these people were truly smart they would find more constructive things to do with there time instead of critizing others. Im just posting this because I write blogs and I make money doing it. This is my job or more of practice for becomeing a better writer or blogger.
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