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Inside The Mind Of The Pyro

(Video Link)

The Team Fortress video game franchise is full of quirky characters trying their darndest to blow each other to bits in ferocious multiplayer combat, and the in-game characters don’t come much quirkier than the Pyro.

This fiery madman always seems to have his head in the clouds while he racks up team kills with his flamethrower and trusty fire axe, but the question remains- what is the Pyro thinking about while he eliminates the competition?

The animated short entitled Crackpot tries to answer that question, while reminding us that if we were able to see everything that goes on inside this guy's head we’d all end up stark raving mad!

Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Enjoy The Convenience Of Christmas Tinner

Preparing a holiday meal is a pain in the neck, and often results in the cook(s) being reduced to a frazzled, grumpy mess. But is it worth all the hassle and bad vibes? Wouldn’t you love to simply crack open a tin full of holiday meal and dig right in? Well, your prayers have been answered, the Christmas Tinner is here!

Packed full of layers of goodness, this colorful ready to eat can of Christmas cheer will make meal preparation a snap, and there’s something for everyone so your friends and family members will have their ferocious holiday hungers sated the easy way.

Via Geekosystem

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Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly Lyrics

(Video Link)

Those darn Brits can make anything sound good, with their sophisticated pronunciations of words and smarmy attitudes as they sit there speaking proper English.

The latest pop culture obsession from across the pond is Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the hit BBC series Sherlock and bad boy Khan in the film Star Trek Into Darkness. Benedict is a big star, and not just because of his cool name. Here he is reading lyrics to the R. Kelly song “Genius” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, try not to swoon and hurt yourself as he reads the incredibly sexy lyrics aloud in that classy British way.

Via Wired

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Beware The Megafoot

When the good ol’ boys from hit “reality” TV shows like Finding Bigfoot go out Squatch huntin’ they'd better watch their backs, 'cause there might be a new breed of Squatch lurking in them thar woods. His name is Megafoot, and he’s hungry for two things- motor oil and human flesh!

The mashup nobody could have ever seen coming is at last a reality- the cyborg bigfoot movie Megafoot is in production! So polish up your MST3K routines, get a group of friends with some booze and a sense of humor together, and bask in the glory of godawfulness known as Megafoot. You won't be disappointed, unless you were hoping to watch a really good movie.

Via Topless Robot

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Two Adorable Cakes Based On The Disney Film Frozen

Disney’s newest animated smash hit Frozen has inspired artists from all over the world to try their hand at making something shaped like one of the stars of the film. The favorite subjects so far are, of course, Olaf the Snowman and Sven the reindeer, mostly because both characters are just so darn cute!

UK cake wizard Laura Miller liked the characters so much that she decided to immortalize them in batter and sweet fondant for the Bake a Christmas Wish fundraiser, and they look good enough not to eat! She even included a process photoset so you can get an idea of what goes into making a cake look this adorable.

Via Cartoon Brew

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The Ugly Christmas Sweater Gets A Digital Upgrade

(Video Link)

Ugly sweaters have become so predictably ugly, so textile and lifeless, that the whole gag concept is in need of an update. The digital age of ugly sweaters is here, and the animated graphics are sure to become the latest trend in the world of ironic seasonal clothing.

From Mark Rober, the guy who brought us the Digital Costume App and the Hole in the chest gag using two iPads, comes the Digital Dudz animated ugly Christmas sweater. There's a Yule log roasting in the fireplace, a disturbing Santa Claus with realistic creepy eye moves, and an oddball kitty with animated mouth and eyes.

Via Complex

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Exploded View Photographs Of Classic Cars

Normally blowing a model car up involves firecrackers and a match, but photographer Fabian Oefner has taken the time to blow up a bunch of classic car models very carefully, so as not to damage the merchandise.

The photographs in his series Disintegration look amazing, and really show you every bit of classic cars like the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé and the Ferrari 250 GTO, but the real craziness can be found in Fabian’s photographic process.

He carefully takes each model car apart by hand, labels the proper position of every piece then suspends them on a string. Once he has painstakingly photographed every suspended bit of the model car he puts all of the pics together in Photoshop, resulting in mind boggling portraits of what really lies under the hood.

Via Design TAXI

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Fantastic 3D Printed High Fashion Headdress

Elegant, intricate, seemingly too delicate to be worn and covered in sharp spiky bits, this is one heck of a work of 3d printed art in the form of a fantasy headdress.

The Quixotic Divinity headdress was created by Joshua Harker, an artist with a flair for fashion forward designing, and it was worn on the catwalk during a high-tech meets high-fashion show in London.

I’m not sure how people manage to put this thing on without losing an eye but when it’s on it looks really cool, perfect for standing out in a crowd and hiding your true identity at the same time.

Via Gizmodo

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We Attempted A Drone Delivery

As we take several more steps into the future nobody saw coming, we bid adieu to the brave men and women, and horses, that delivered our mail to our boxes and handed over our packages with a smile.

The age of the drone delivery bot is here, and until proper drone hunting licenses are issued we’re going to have to get used to seeing those little buggers flying around our neighborhoods.

But what happens if you’re not home to receive your package when the Amazon bot comes a knockin’? Why, they’ll leave a slip, of course, much like the one pictured here, only without the hint of robotic revolution.

Via Nerd Approved

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The Most Efficient Birthday Card Ever

Writing birthday card messages can be extremely stressful and really hard work, and are hand written greetings really worth the risk of contracting carpal tunnel syndrome?

We need a card that says it all so we don’t have to, a card we can just sign our name to and be done with it. If you’ve ever found yourself having these kinds of thoughts then this kooky card from Bald Guy Greetings is for you. There’s almost no room for you to write your name on it, and the bold text really says it all so you can have more time to live your life.  

Via 22 Words

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Amazing Architectural Sandcastles By Calvin Seibert

Sand sculptures typically range from fantastic to amazingly realistic in style, but they rarely look as habitable as the architectural sandcastles created by Calvin Seibert, aka Box Builder.

Calvin explores many diverse styles in his gritty works, ranging from cubism to mosaic forms to brutalism, and his works are so geometrically sound it’s a shame the incoming tide will reduce these swanky seaside real estate models to a pile of mud.

And while Calvin’s architectural sculptures look like they took a team of tiny engineers a week to construct each one, he creates them all with nothing more than a few simple tools and a lot of patience.

Via Juxtapoz

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Portraits Of Dogs Getting A Bath

Most dogs don’t really appreciate their owner’s obsession with taking baths, and from the looks they give you during the torturous process you’d think they were being washed with acid rather than water.

Their hilarious expressions, and the totally artsy way their fur looks when it’s all wet, are the themes behind photographer Sophie Gamand’s series appropriately entitled Wet Dog. The premise sounds easy enough to capture, but Sophie goes beyond the basic idea and attempts to capture each dog’s individual personality in the photos. Here’s what she has to say about the series:

Wet Dog is a series on dogs being washed during their grooming sessions. The way the water plays with their hair in a very painterly manner, and their facial expressions as the water is poured on them creates striking portraits.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Take To The Mean Streets In Paperboy 3: The Hard Way

(Video Link)

Paperboys are dying all over town at the hands of bad drivers, angry men with jackhammers and vicious attack terriers, and it’s up to a paperman formerly known as paperboy to avenge the deaths of his fellow newspaper flingers.

Envisioned as a grindhouse action flick full of gore and schlocky catchphrases, Paperboy 3: The Hard Way looks like the greatest movie adaptation of a video game that will never come to a theater near you, but maybe if we’re lucky (and they get enough hits on YouTube) the makers of this comedic trailer will treat us to some more sidewalk slayings and bicycle driven destruction in future short films. (Barely NSFW)

Via Kotaku

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Finally, A Video Game That Captures The Fun Of Waiting In Line

Video games have become way too interesting, with compelling storylines and jaw dropping visuals, so it’s about time a game came out which bores players to death and makes them wonder why they’re even playing the game at all.

Enter Waiting In Line 3D- a totally dull game that is lackluster in every way, with blocky visuals and an utter lack of gameplay that will have you screaming for less. It’s either a post-modern comment on the time wasting nature of video games, or a really clever way for game designers Rajeev Basu and Patrick T. Lo to poke fun at the gaming masses.

Via Animal NY

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Custom Painted Mandalorian Armor From The ArTmor Project

The Mandalorians aren’t known for adorning their armor with bright colors and fancy artwork, probably because they prefer to stay out of the spotlight when they’re flying around zapping people with their blaster pistols.

But if they decided to decorate their plate armor, perhaps for a snazzy space party, they’d definitely appreciate the awe inspiring designs found in the ArTmor Project.

Created by 60 fans, artists and design Jedis, the works in the ArTmor Project collection range from crossover (Skeletor, The Punisher) to gloriously venerating tributes to the mighty Mandalorians, and they are all being auctioned off for the Character Star Wars Toy Drive benefitting Toys for Tots.

Via Topless Robot

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Mean Elves - The Hobbit Meets Mean Girls

(Video Link)

It’s the mashup nobody saw coming, nobody asked for, and yet somehow feels right at home with the rest of the Lord of the Rings based silliness available for your viewing pleasure on the interwebs.

It’s called Mean Elves- a ridiculous animated Hobbit-Mean Girls mashup by Leigh Lahav that gives fans some insight into the minds of the cool kids of the forests- the elves. As we’ve always suspected the elves are elitists, catty and totally superficial trash talkers, in a sexy-and-they-know-it kind of way.  It will make you appreciate the gruff nature of the dwarves and feel for the poor nerdy little hobbits.

Via Gamma Squad

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A Flowchart To Help You Decide Which Board Game To Play

Tired of using conventional methods to decide which board game to play? Do you have so many board games that deciding which one to play takes twice as long as actually playing the game?

Well then this handy dandy flowchart is just what you need- it helps guide you towards the perfect board game with questions like “do you think everyone should just get along?” and “is chess too cliché?”.

When you’re finished navigating through the maze of thin white lines the choices are laid out before you in easy to read boxes, and if you’re playing a game like Warhammer or Arkham Horror this flowchart will be the easiest guide you read all night!

Via 22Words

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A Calendar Of Sexy Monsters

The art of seduction is generally lost on the classic monsters of filmdom, but when they’re asked to get in touch with their tender side and let it all hang out these sexy beasts don’t disappoint.

Luckily artist Erika Deoude was there to capture these baddies striking a seductive pose, pin-up style, and she put all of her illustrations together in The Calendar of Sexy Monsters- a set if 12 giclee prints featuring Godzilla, Zuul, the Predator, King Kong and more like you’ve never seen them before. They’re perfect for brightening up a dank cave, haunted house or swampside cemetery.

Via JazJaz

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Pug Puppy Version Of Home Alone

(Video Link)

When a poor little pug named Kevin is left home alone while his posh puggy parents take a trip to Paris, he’s forced to deal with some nefarious teddy bear bandits on his own, and an adorable movie reboot is born.

Home Alone (Pug Puppy Version) is just what you’d expect from a short film starring pugs- it’s adorable, with very little actual animal acting but lots of squee worthy moments as little Kevin tries to figure out what the heck is going on. No pugs were harmed during the making of this silly short, but the teddy bears may have ended up a bit frayed in the end.

Via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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A Spray On Fabric In A Can

Imagine you head out into the world only to discover, to your horror and everyone else’s amusement, that you aren’t wearing any clothes. You could turn beet red and hide in a closet somewhere until you can fashion a makeshift wardrobe out of rags and paper clips, or you can bust out a can of Fabrican and spray on some self respect.

Created by Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres, Fabrican is a sprayable wearable fabric inspired by Silly String, but instead of destroying your clothing it creates a layer of fibers that winds up looking like a less racy form of body painting. Here’s how it works:

The science of the process involves the creation of a liquid suspension which is then applied using a spray gun or aerosol canister. The resulting sprayed fabric has natural, synthetic and recycled fiber options, and when applied typically feels like a breathable suede.

The fabric can be embedded with a variety of supplements and additives which make separate colors, patterns and   (which also opens up the possibilities of quick-creating medical applications such as casts, bandages and even antiseptic-wound cleansing).

Via Beautiful/Decay

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11 Independent Artists at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Comic Con International is the biggest pop culture event of the year, with major entertainment companies, artists, designers and rabid fans descending on the San Diego Convention Center by the tens of thousands for a weekend full of premieres, debuts, unveilings, surprise appearances and enough geeky treats to satisfy fanboys and fangirls for another year. But what about those artists who choose to create and produce their own independent vision, the little guys who have yet to be swallowed up by the big fish in the sea of media giants? They’re still making a strong impact on the landscape of the convention floor, proving that the spirit of independence is alive and well at Comic Con.

Blake Armstrong

Blake Armstrong has an extremely diverse entertainment industry background, but nothing has ever made him feel as passionate as creating his own illustrated fantasy series. The result is The Jester’s Curse, a dark and spaced out saga influenced by the music of In Flames and soon to be co-published by Heavy Metal magazine. Blake spent six months creating his moody series, in hopes that it would lead to being published and available to fans, but when he got the attention of Heavy Metal magazine, his indie success story was complete.

Erik Arreaga

San Diego native Erik Arreaga grew up when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the big, bad heroes of Image Comics ruled the comic store shelves. Back then, he dreamed of one day attending Comic Con as a professional artist. Now in his seventeenth year selling prints and original art at SDCC, it’s safe to say Erik has made his artistic dreams come true on the Con floor. This year his Zombie Last Supper prints turned heads, and lots of his original Ninja Turtles artwork were up for sale too.

Robert A. Kraus

The works of RAK are a familiar sight to Comic Con attendees, and Robert sells mini prints of his works complete with card sleeve for a dollar so his booth is very popular with kids and comic art fans alike. He’s been sharing his heroic visions of pop culture characters with Comic Con attendees for the last eight years, and if his name sounds familiar then you may be remember him as the creator of the character Chakan the Forever Man, who appeared in his own comic book series and video games in the 1990s.


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Dollhouse Made Out Of An Acoustic Guitar

Miniaturist Lorraine Robinson of Fairy Meadow Miniatures decided to turn her daughter's first guitar into a home for her hifi lovin' dolls as a birthday present, and the results are music to the eyes!

There's even a miniature portrait of the whole fam hanging on the wall, along with the typical mess one would expect to find in a teenager's room, only in miniature (and less stinky) form.

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Creepy Harley Quinn Cosplay

Cosplayer Florencia Muir clearly thinks clowns should be creepy rather than cheerful, and she saw a terrifying darkness in Harley Quinn's soul which she evoked in session with photographer Jonathan Duran.

It's Harley in her Suicide Squad years, and she's tired of hiding behind the clown prince's fat head...

Link  --via GeekTyrant

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Send In The Clowns

It's hard to tell if these guys are one of the lesser known gangs from The Warriors or part of a prison clowning class, but they'd better be really tough if they're gonna prowl the streets looking like that!

Introspective colorful clown boys...they're more of a downer than their makeup would lead you to believe, and they're always worried about their makeup...


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A Lazy Snowdragon Resides At 148 Court Avenue

The folks who live at 148 Court Avenue were having a problem with burglars, so they brought in a large but lazy Snowdragon to guard their loot.

Unfortunately he keeps running away the first chance he gets, dragging that tiny little mailbox behind him as he chases cars and dogs down the Avenue!


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Borderlands 2 Group Cosplay

After a long day of conflict in the wastelands of Pandora it's nice to take it easy for a bit and pose for some pics with your frenemies.

From left to right we have Scarlett, Moxxi, a Psycho, Lilith and an extremely diminutive version of the Gunzerker Salvador.

Hey, they're a pretty good looking bunch when they're not trying to blow your face off!


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Monkey Sees Reflection For The First Time

(YouTube Link)

Imagine the horror of discovering that you're not the only monkey in the house, and the doppelganger is trying to play with your toys!

The invasion of the simian bodysnatchers has begun...

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Incredibly Cute Adventure Time Themed Beemo Cake

Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, celebrated his 30th birthday in style...with a Beemo cake that was almost too cute to eat.

When someone did finally work up the nerve to slice into poor little Beemo they discovered a magically delicious surprise inside- rainbow colored cake layers divided by white frosting. Mmmmm...cakey!


We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Jimmy Kimmel's Encounter With A Baby Elephant

(YouTube Link)

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel visited day time talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to tell her about his encounter with a baby elephant while on a trip to Africa, and as luck would have it Jimmy caught the whole thing on video.

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Love In Decay- A Zombie Themed Animated Short

(YouTube Link)

Zombie love is cute, and kinda gross, in an animated short entitled Love In Decay, which was directed by Ryan Cooper of Mukpuddy.

It's good to know that even when your limbs keep falling off and you smell unbearably bad you can find someone just as repulsive as you are to fall in love with.

--via Geek Tyrant

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