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Artwork Shows What May Lie At The Center Of The Earth

Scientists have known what is contained in the Earth's core for about 75 years now, but that hasn't stopped sci-fi authors and artists from doing some wild speculation of their own.

These images by Japanese sci-fi illustrators are really far out, and I'm sure you'll agree that the Earth's core would make the awesomest setting ever for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or a great video game premise-Astronauts Vs. The Earths Core.

Just don't go looking for science, because these sci-fi illustrations are mostly fiction.


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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Kermit And Miss Piggy Speak Out Against FOX News Report

(YouTube Link)

When you actually believe that The Muppets movie might be pushing some sort of communist, anti-oil agenda on our kids, you've got problems, but when you are called out by Kermit and Miss Piggy, two fleece-skinned superstars that aren't afraid to tell it like it is, your claims start to look like utter hogwash. Watch as my favorite frog (sorry Frogger!) and pig (sorry Babe!) put the commie claims to bed via press conference.

--via Comedy Central

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Oh My Gandhi! Multiple Mahatmas!

What you're seeing is not a casting call for Gandhi: The Musical, nor is it a collection of Mahatma Gandhi clones popping out of some strange moustachioed alternate dimension, but rather the making of a world record!

To mark the 64th anniversary of Gandhi's passing, 485 kids gathered together to celebrate their fallen leader by dressing up like him, complete with glasses, moustache and bald cap, and in doing so set a world record.

I wonder if any of the students who took place in the world record costume party went on to become Groucho Marx impersonators?


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Ozzy The Amazingly Acrobatic Dog

(YouTube Link)

Ozzy the acrobatic dog must be in training to become a superhero's sidekick, because this dog is performing well beyond the abilities of his canine cousins.

He balances on all sorts of stuff, from chain link to fences, he jumps rope like a champ, and likes to flip off the side of a tree in a kung fu style that would make Jackie Chan proud.

Hit the link to see some amazing stills of Ozzy in action, and be sure to check out his YouTube channel to watch him hone his awesome acrobatic skills.

--via Best Week Ever

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Does Your Motorcycle Look Too Cool? Then Get The Boxx Bike!

It may not be a guaranteed in for the biker gang of your choice, but at least you don't have to put gas in it! The BOXX electric bike is the new square way to get around town without negatively impacting the environment, although people may complain that it's a bit of an eyesore.

It goes up to 35 mph, so you won't really be hitting the highway on this bad boy, but maybe the light (120 lbs.) and short (36 inches long) body style is what you're looking for, like when you need to pick it up and run away from that biker gang you tried to join.


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The Phantom Menace-Sweded Edition

(YouTube Link)

In celebration of reference to the Phantom Menace in 3D release, a band of student filmmakers got together and decided to put out the sweded version of the film.

It's short, super silly and cheesy, and all you really need to get you through this dark time in the Star Wars universe, at least until the next parody video appears on the interwebs.

--via Geekologie

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Adventure Time For The Avengers

(YouTube Link)

I recently posted an article about the upcoming action figure series featuring Alfred E. Neuman as various DC superheroes, and there was a comment posted which stated something to the effect that MAD Magazine is dead, outdated and nobody cares.

I guess whoever wrote that hasn't watched Cartoon Network at all since September 2010, when the hilarious, and extremely popular, animated sketch comedy show MAD premiered.

MAD often features superhero themed sketches, including this segment which aired July 2011 and features an adorable Adventure Time and Avengers mashup, with the least muscle tone ever displayed on a superheroic character design.

Watch and laugh, because MAD is still cracking people up to this day, but it can only make you laugh if you're aware it actually exists.

--via The Mary Sue

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Adorable Legend Of Zelda Animated Short

(YouTube Link)

This great Legend Of Zelda trailer was created by Joel Furtado for a game called The Lost Oracle, a sequel to The Wind Waker that doesn't exist, at least not yet, because Nintendo might decide to do a sequel when they see this great animated short!

Link  --via Topless Robot

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Ewok Inspired Treehouse Treesort

(YouTube Link)

If watching Return Of The Jedi left you with a longing for a life in the trees, a yearning for an Ewokian lifestyle that just won't go away, then you'll want to visit Oregon, where builder of dream houses Michael Garnier runs his Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort.

The Ewok village inspired bed-and-breakfast is best described as "woodsy", with nine treehouses connected by bridges and staircases and the ultra fun sounding zipline option, for getting around in a heroic hurry.

Enjoy the video tour, and see how treehouses can be an unusual yet fun vacation option.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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I Pity The Fool Who Don't Like Tea Time!

Mr. T has never looked so cute, and I guess he likes him some tea time! Created by artist Matt Jones, Mr. Tea comes complete with gold sugar cubes, gold stir stick and a slick black gold teacup, perfect for entertaining the favorite fools in your life.

It's a vinyl figure for those who demand class and sophistication from their toys, and those who have some kind of A-Team home decor thing going on at their pad.

Link  --via Best Week Ever


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Split Screen Bohemian Rhapsody

(YouTube Link)

There are so many music video tributes on the interwebs that it's nearly impossible to watch them all, but really easy to see when one musician stands out above the rest.

Richie Castellano is a perfect example of standout quality musician, and his version of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is so good that he deserves a 2 lighter salute!

I'm sure some of you are saying "Bohemian Rhapsody again?" but seriously, check it out if only to see Richie play every instrument and sing, he has some serious skills!

--via JazJaz

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Getting Up Is A Graffiti Doc With Heart

(YouTube Link)

Whether or not you agree with graffiti as an art form, you have to respect the heart and passion this fallen street artist exhibits in this trailer for the upcoming documentary Getting Up.

Bedridden and paralyzed with ALS, graffiti artist Tony "Tempt" Quan gets a second chance to create art via new technology that allows him to paint with his eyes, and as you can see that, despite being immobilized, his mind is still soaring.

--via Booooooom

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Sci-Fi Style On The Runway

Is this the latest fashion style, or are these poor models being held hostage by some cult leader fashion designer and forced to strut up and down the runway? Maybe they're trying out for the henchman position, and they're competing for who looks best in the costume.

The truth is these are a few of the outfits from Thom Browne's latest designer fashion line, and he admits that the line was influenced by science fiction.

The two outfits pictured above are actually the most tame in the collection, so do yourself a favor and hit the link to see the rest of these far out fashions. It's like looking through images from the Henchman's Ball.

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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This Is Aperture- A Portal Nightmare

(YouTube Link)

This Is Aperture is robots and laser beams, and some beautiful scenes from the video game Portal 2 cut together with a song sung to the tune of This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Aside from a few questionable word choices and forced rhymes, it's cyber cute and definitely lives up to the sense of humor found in the Portal games.

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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Alex Pardee Sees Strangely Shaped Superpeople

I love to see Alex Pardee's take on iconic characters because he always manages to wow me with his redesigns. From his perspective, the world is full of shifting facial features, sharp teeth and splattered edges.

It's a fine mess when you think about it, and love or hate him you gotta admit-Alex Pardee is an original. Here's his fresh look at superfolks who were getting a bit too big for their britches.


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Truthful Movie Posters For Oscar Nominated Films

Do you ever wish that movie posters would cut the BS and tell you what the movies really about? Well, The Shiznit has taken it upon themselves to redesign the movie posters for Oscar nominated films in a way that really gets to the heart of what each movie is all about.

So, The Help is about white people solving racism, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is full of rape, and The Descendants is all about the great performance delivered by George Clooney? Glad I didn't bother watching them in the theater!

These posters will save you time, money and keep you from feeling cheated by another Hollywood stinker. Some images NSFW

Link  --via AnimalNY

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Motion Blurred Figures Made Out Of PVC Pipes

These PVC pipe sculptures by Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong appear to be perpetually motion blurred, like they might take off and fly away at any moment.

Kang creates these motion sculptures by bundling painted PVC pipes into shapes that hint at the subject's true form without reducing the blur effect with all that fine detail. Now the old "it's a bird, it's a plane..." thing makes a lot more sense!

Link  --via BoingBoing

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The Strangest Video Game Releases In 2011

(YouTube Link)

Being as we're well into the month of January, 2012 I figured it was a good time to look back at 2011 and fondly remember what a strange year it was for video games.

The offbeat games that made it on IGN's list feature such awkward elements as: a baby that must fight for his life in a dungeon filled with his mutated siblings, a grindhouse style game with phallic shaped weaponry, a game that all too faithfully replicates a real life romantic relationship, and a side scrolling MMO in which you can milk butterflies, among others.

If the games produced in 2012 progress even further with the strangeness, it's gonna be a good year for those of us who enjoy games that are weird and wild!


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What Space Invaders Would Look Like In Real Life

This is a CGI model of what a Space Invader from the classic video game might look like in real life. It was created by digital artist Tom Carruthers, and looks super icky.

If they're just flying alien head things then what are they shooting at us? Spit, or even worse?! YUCK! Head behind the barrier, or prepare to wipe alien blech off your screen!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Super Alfred E. Neuman Action Figures

What, me worry about DC Direct's upcoming crossover action figure line, which features MAD Magazine's gap toothed spokesman Alfred E. Neuman dressed up like DC's most beloved superheroes? No way, because these figures look awesome, even if you're not a fan of the freckle faced chuckle head. And this is one of those creative and funny crossovers that makes me wish they would create a comic book series, The Many Faces Of A.E. Neuman perhaps, to go along with the toy line. Now that's what I call a mind bender! Link  --via Nerdcore

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Freddie Wong And The Fire Flower

(YouTube Link)

Freddie Wong's special effects videos have turned him in to an internet sensation, and rightfully so, because the guy has some serious compositing and visual fx skills. In this video the king of movie makeovers finds an old book that teaches him the secret of the Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros., with delightfully disastrous results for an unlucky pedestrian.

--via Rampaged Reality

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Image Of Chairman Mao As Pop Culture Icon

I'm quite certain that Mao never wanted his image to become an icon of pop culture, especially because of the rampant commercialism associated with popular art, and the fact that his image is often used in a tongue-in-cheek manner, poking fun at corporations and at Mao himself.

But pop artists from Andy Warhol to Kozik have enjoyed using his smug visage in their works for decades, and even if Mao himself crawls out of his grave and starts chomping on brains, the flood of works featuring his image will never end. There's a nice little gallery of Mao inspired artworks at the link below, from flashy to antiquated and everything in between. The revolution lives on!

Link  --via JazJaz   --image credit: Romero Britto


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Ansel Adams Photos Of Los Angeles In The 1940s

Everyone knows Ansel Adams was a master of landscape photography, a master of black and white naturalist photography, and one heck of an innovative artist. What most people don't know, however, is that Ansel also enjoyed documenting life in the city through the lens of his view camera.

Flavorwire has posted a gallery of images that were commissioned by Fortune Magazine in the 1940s, in order to document Los Angeles' aviation industry as only Ansel Adams could.

See what the City of Angels used to look like, compared to what it has become, by taking a fascinating trip back in time through these magnificent photos.

Suggested soundtrack music-Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, or Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition by The Merry Macs.

Link   --image credit: Ansel Adams

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Wacky Nintendo News Video Has Many WTF Moments

(YouTube Link)

You may not know the name News Media Animation, but I'm sure the video they've created to discuss Nintendo's 2011 economic fiasco will look familiar to you, as their wacky animated shorts have been showcased on TV shows and the interwebs many times before, mostly because their videos have some serious WTF factor going on in them.

Product of Taiwanese news animators with less than reliable sources of information, and a surreal sense of humor, the slapstick cartoon strangeness in these "news" vids never fail to crack me up.

--via Kotaku

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Madonna's AIDS Awareness Comic

Here's a little nugget of retro goodness for ya, courtesy of BoingBoing-it's a comic handed out at a Madonna concert at Madison Square Garden in 1987, warning youngsters about AIDS and urging them not to disrespect those who have contracted the virus. It's a delightfully colorful fear mongering flyer public service announcement, and look! Free Madonna pinup!


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Misty Mountains Cold Never Sounded So Good

(YouTube Link)

It's impressive enough that ShadowCa7 decided to perform a musical version of J.R.R. Tolkiens "Over The Misty Mountains Cold/The Dwarven Song Of Old Wealth" and committed to doing all 27 verses, but the fact that she does all the harmonies by herself while playing acoustic guitar makes this a beautiful performance to behold.

It takes a bit of a commitment just to sit through the entire video, but it is so good from beginning to end, so throw up your hairy feet, pack a pipe and pour yourself a pint if you're ready to go there and back again.

--via Topless Robot

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Remixing Alien Theme Song On A Commodore 64

(YouTube Link)

This is a crazy cool remix of the Alien video game theme song, a game which was released on the Commodore 64, appropriately being played on a Commodore 64, laptop and some other musical doohickeys. Add Southern Comfort as inspiration and a creepy green goblin looking mask and you've got old school awesome sauce. Makes me wish I still had my C64!

--via Obvious Winner

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Water Powered Alarm Clock

If you can't stop hitting the snooze button in the morning, then you might want to look in to getting one of these water powered alarm clocks, which was created by Austrian design studio Vera Wiedermann to help wake up chronic snoozers.

The water clock uses a drip system to count down the time until the hammer is released and a loud chime sounds, and the only way to get some more time in the sack is to fill it up with water all over again.

So, unless you figure out how to refill this sucker while sleepwalking, it should get you up and going better than anything with a snooze button. And it's nice looking too, made out of glass, copper and cord, so it won't clash with your style or reset itself when the power goes out.


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Could This Be The New Keyboard Cat?

(YouTube Link)

No, this is definitely not the next keyboard cat, but Pancake could be part of KC's band, like in the kitteh keyboard band of my dreams! In Pancake's Meowsic Video, we see this tie clad little kitteh getting into some seriously heavy grooves, channeling Thelonius Monk on a kitteh shaped keyboard. It's a meowsical delight!

--via BuzzFeed

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What Are Fighting Games Missing? Pac-Man And Middle Aged Mega Man, Of Course!

(YouTube Link)

It's a crazy concept, but Pac-Man and  Middle Aged Mega Man are now part of fighting game history thanks to the upcoming release Street Fighter X Tekken! And, while Mega Man is fat and old in this game, and Pac-Man is piloting some clunky robotic body armor instead of simply chomping down on the opposition, I think they still make a colorful addition to the fighting game genre.

Combining a crazy assortment of characters into a fighting game worked for Super Smash Bros., so this doesn't seem so far fetched to me. What does seem like a stretch, however, is the idea of a Pac person battling through a tournament full of fierce opponents without the aid of Power Pellets!

--via Destructoid

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