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The Strangest Review Of The Avengers Ever

(YouTube Link)

Want to know what two googly eyed chins thought about the blockbuster movie The Avengers? They loved it, and if you have a strange sense of humor you'll love watching them talk about The Avengers, and other weird stuff, like a pair of real life chinigans.

Spoiler alert: the chins talk about something that happens within the first ten minutes of the film, so if you're worried about going in to see the movie without knowing anything about it don't watch. Otherwise, enjoy the madness review!

--via Best Week Ever


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Cool Behind The Scenes Photos From Back To The Future

If you know and love the Back To The Future trilogy, but you've never understood how they filmed the hoverboard scene, or made a Delorean fly through the air, then this set of behind the scene photos might help.

Some are candid portraits, others show the crew hard at work getting the shot to look just right, and they all show the cast and crew having a genuinely good time filming the iconic trilogy.

And with 65 pics in this collection, it's nerd-stalgia at its finest!

Link   --via Geek Tyrant

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Trip Out On Pics From ROFLCon 2012

Well, ROFLCon 2012 went off without a hitch on May 4th and 5th in Cambridge, Massachusetts so the interwebs is safe for another year.

Double Nyan Cat rainbows were spotted in the sky, cat breading and LOLz were enjoyed by all in attendance, and Rage Faces Mountain became a popular tourist destination.

The future of internet humor rests squarely in the hands of these fantastically funny people, and Scott Beale from Laughing Squid has the pictures to prove it. ROFL on and on!

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Animated Short - Apocalypse Pizza Video

(YouTube Link)

It's good to know that if we ever find ourselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse we'll still be able to order out for pizza and a video!

The team behind Apocalypse Pizza Video are hoping to turn their project into a feature film, and by the look of this trailer it could be a lot of fun to watch! (NSFWish due to coarse language and humor)

--via Nerd Bastards

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Custom Made Gears Of War Replica Shotgun

Show your fellow cosplayers that you mean business with this DIY Gears Of War replica shotgun, which lets you load actual shells and scare the crap out of anyone suckered in to believing it actually fires live ammo.

Built by Mike Iverson of Blind Squirrel Props, the end result is stunningly realistic, and Mike was kind enough to include exhaustive step by step photos of the process, and basic plans so you can build one of these bad boys for yourself.

Now that's one good looking boomstick!

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Go Out In Style With These Crazy Shaped Coffins

I can think of no better way to celebrate the life of a ballerina who has bitten the dust than burying her in a coffin shaped like a ballet slipper.

That way, when her body is exhumed by our alien overlords in the future, they'll immediately know her skillset, and can therefore properly employ her re-animated corpse based on her talents.

It's safe to say that not all passions should be commemorated in coffin form, I mean, who would want to be buried in a giant My Little Pony, or a casket shaped like a giant turkey baster?


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Ask A Grown Man Starring John Hamm

(YouTube Link)

Oh Mr. Hamm, is there anything you can't do? You're one hell of an actor, a funny guy, and ladies across the globe start drooling at the sight of you. And now you're handing out some much needed, and spot on, advice to the young folks.

Hollywood-if you're looking for the next Superman, you've found him!

--via Reddit

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Student Builds Fully Functional Portal Turret

(YouTube Link)

YouTube user kss5095 decided to get creative and show his love of video games at the same time with his final project for Advanced Mechatronics at Penn State, so he built a fully functioning turret like you'd find in the video game series Portal.

The turret is so sweet that it even has a soothing voice recording, which lures you out of hiding so it can blast you with laser guided NERF missiles.

This guy has a long career ahead of him in either animatronics or engineering weapons for the military, but for now he has the ultimate home defense system at his disposal, that is once he upgrades to live rounds!

--via Geekologie

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A Geeky Art Tribute To The Avengers And Maurice Sendak

In the midst of Avengers mania we lost a seminal talent in children's literature-Maurice Sendak, so DeviantARTist AgarthanGuide decided to pay tribute in a manner most befitting an ubergeek-by turning the Avengers into a parade of Wild Things!

I like that Black Widow is waving a banner that says "Shield!", and all the detail that went into this piece, but where are the Hulk's pants?

Link  --via GeekTyrant

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Animated Short - The Big Eating

(YouTube Link)

The Brood Princess is hungry, so a few industrious little aliens hit that buffet counter known as Earth to find her the perfect meal, in episode 2 of Invageddon called "The Big Eating".

This animated short delivers plenty of laughs, and the style reminds me of the video game series Alien Hominid, so it's a win-win for cartoon fanatics like me!

If you enjoyed this short then head over to the StarArena YouTube page and check out the other animated mayhem they have to offer, it's a good waste of time!

--via YouTube

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Father Daughter Dance Medley Is Super Cute

(YouTube Link)

Mike Hanley and his daughter Jessica decided to show the Bat Mitzvah crowd how they get down, in an adorable dance medley that covers many different genres of music.

It's fun to watch, and genuinely heartwarming despite the fact that they clearly practiced the routine quite a few times before the show. Next stop-America's Got Talent!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Star Wars AT-AT Walker For Geeky Seniors

If you're having trouble getting around on your own these days, why not take a tip from Star Wars and get this sweet AT-AT styled walker?

It will make you the geekiest resident at the senior center, and a big hit with the Leias at bingo night. Cool hydraulic sound effects not included.

Link --via Geek Tyrant

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Take A Ghostbusters Themed Tour Of New York

(YouTube Link)

The Ghostbusters tour of New York is a tribute to the classic film that showed us all we don't need to be afraid of ghosts, or giant marshmallows for that matter.

A byproduct of Bleedingcool's Patrick Willems relocating to the Big Apple, this fan film is as much a tribute to the city as it is a couple of geeks hamming it up on camera and re-enacting scenes from the film.

And they even have their own official tour musician, so if you're a fan of the film you're probably going to get a kick out of this vid. If not, expect a visit from Slimer while you sleep.

--via Nerd Bastards


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Trailer For Dragon Age The Animated Series

(YouTube Link)

The video game series Dragon Age is dark fantasy at it's finest, full of murder, intrigue, magic and, of course, dragons.

This clip from the upcoming Dragon Age animated series by Funimation looks pretty cool, but I don't know how I feel about the cheesy spell casting sound effects, or how easy they make it look to defeat a dragon.

But if it stays dark, bloody and full of action then I'm on board.

--via Topless Robot

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The Birth Of Black Widow

The Avengers are such an iconic team of superheroes that it seems fitting for them to be celebrated by working them into an iconic painting.

Argentinian artist Julian Totino Tedesco shows his love for the classics and comic books with his piece The Birth Of Black Widow, which is based on Botticelli's masterpiece The Birth Of Venus and was used as the alternate cover art for Fantastic Four #17.

Venus is cool and all, but Black Widow has a much higher body count, and a skin tight black suit to match.

Link  --via JazJaz

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Sea Creature Shaped Pancake Art

These sea creature shaped pancakes put the mmm in nom nom nom, and they're so cool looking it's a shame somebody gobbled them all up!

They are featured by N. Shields on the art of breakfast foods site Saipancakes, where you can drool over many more works of pancake art, including a fun series based on mythological beasts.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Paper Tornadoes By Mia Pearlman

Artist Mia Pearlman creates some unique and interesting installations in the form of swirling paper tornadoes, which look far less dangerous than the real thing yet are far more likely to paper cut you to smithereens.

Capturing the feeling of turbulent motion and the random shapes found in a funnel cloud, Mia's massive cut paper artworks fill the room with a sense of wonder and probably look really neat when a light breeze sweeps through.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Kids Singing About Death = Creepy

(YouTube Link)

This music video by Peter Alsop is supposedly meant to teach children about death, but I think it's actually just a cheap way to scare the living hell out of people searching the interwebs for cute kid vids.

And the way Peter inserts himself into the video doesn't help reduce the creepy factor. My favorite line-"will my foot hurt when I kick the bucket?"

--via Best Week Ever

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Superhero Themed Mother's Day Cards

Show Mom your nerdy side by sending her one of these comic book inspired Mother's Day cards, she might not get the reference but I'm sure she'll appreciate the gesture!

Some of these cards are a bit maudlin, but considering that a parent's death is often what spurs a hero into action their darkly comedic tone makes perfect sense.

So, show your mother what a geeky sense of humor you have with these silly superhero cards, but avoid the ones that refer to her as "crappy" or "in Hell" unless she has an amazing sense of humor!


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The Most Difficult Way To Mix A Cocktail

(YouTube Link)

Artist, avid DIYer and alcoholic beverage connoisseur Benjamin Cowden drew inspiration from a turn-of-the-century device called the Imperial Shaker when he created this kooky, cocktail shaking contraption.

He calls it the Post Imperial Shaker, and it's the most difficult way to serve up a martini, James Bond style-shaken, not stirred.

In fact, it kind of looks like something a mad villain would build in order to lure 007 into his lair, then WHAMMO! Cue the sharks armed with lasers!

--via Laughing Squid

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Marvel At Superhero Styles From Australian Fashion Week

Fashion design company Romance Was Born unveiled their new line during Australian Fashion Week, and it's a truly heroic effort!

Wearing their love of comic books on their sleeves, RWB's super powered line actually looks pretty cool, aside from a few ridiculous pieces (see:shirt dress with drawn on pecs and six pack abs).

It appears that they've chosen to refrain from designing fantastically inspired yet unwearable clothing, and have instead created styles that even people who don't care about comic books can get into.

Link  --via Comics Alliance

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Amazing Trio Perform Songs From Super Mario Bros. 3

(YouTube Link)

These three gentlemen perform a medley of songs from the Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack in style, and the addition of a standup bass is a nice touch.

Of course it never hurts to have players in your trio that are extremely talented and willing to wear paper costume accessories in the name of showmanship. This song makes me want to jump for joy!

--via TDW

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Pikachu Enhanced By The Power Of Gundam

How do you make a tough little critter like Pikachu even tougher? Add Gundam technology and watch him soar!

This mecha enhanced version of the pint sized furry lightning generator is probably illegal to use in most battle arenas, but when Team Rocket comes to town you'll be glad Gundamchu is on your side.


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Portraits Of 38 Badasses Drawn On Whiteboard Shirt

(YouTube Link)

Okay, I have to get my hands on one of these awesome whiteboard shirts! However, I'm guessing it's pretty hard to draw upside down, at least until your brain gets used to it.

Become a master like Phil Hansen, who quickly sketches 38 different portraits of cinematic badasses on his shirt, and you too can have the fame and critical acclaim afforded to those who keep the interwebs entertained. Yay for creativity!

Link  --via JazJaz

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Devilishly Cool Diablo III Animated Short

(YouTube Link)

This here's a brand spanking new animated short based on Blizzard's upcoming video game Diablo III, and it's directed by Peter Chung (of Aeon Flux fame) and animated by Titmouse (of Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. fame)!!

It's a bloody, action packed short that left me longing to watch a Diablo animated series. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for some epic gaming sessions when the game is released next week.

--via Topless Robot

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A Rainbow Made Out Of Toy Cars

This vibrant rainbow circle was created by artist David Waller, who rounded up 6,000 toy cars he's collected since childhood and arranged them into rings of color, reminiscent of an OCD sufferer's childhood memory.

Hit the jump to see a fun close-up shot that looks like a traffic jam in Toyland, and a contrasting shot of the cars lined up in no particular order of color. *gasp*


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DIY Gramophone Made Of Paper And Plywood

Jon Holmgeirsson from the Iceland Academy Of The Arts created this nifty little paper and plywood gramophone, which brings that raw sound back to your vinyl collection.

Powered by plugging it in to a wall outlet, or via 9 volt battery when you're on the go, this clever contraption takes about an hour to put together, but the warmth and antiquated feel of the natural materials will last a lifetime.

Jon plans on releasing his paper gramophone to the public in the near future, so I've added it to my NEED list and I'm waiting patiently to get my hands on one and become the envy of my fellow vinylphiles.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Terrifying Bento Boxes Too Creepy To Eat

Don't you hate it when you lose your appetite because your lunch looks like it wants to eat you?!

It takes a lot of guts to chow down on these horrifying bento boxes, and having an affinity for food shaped like internal organs doesn't hurt.

I wonder what they used to make that nasty looking tongue?

Link --via Obvious Winner

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Company Offers Pet Mummification Service

Salt Lake City is known for many things-a deep connection to Mormonism, the 2002 Winter Olympics, their NBA team the Utah Jazz, and now as the home of pet mummification company Summum.

Summum offers a unique service to grieving pet owners-mummification of your dead pet via traditional methods, so you can bring home a bit of ancient Egypt without having to walk funny or learn how to read hieroglyphics.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars (from $6k to $128k according to the website) and takes four to six months to complete the process, but isn't it worth all that to know that your beloved pet's corpse is now permanently encased in a nifty looking statue?

Link  --via Geekologie

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Seattle's Real Life Super Villain Rex Velvet

(YouTube Link)

Rex Velvet, the self proclaimed "people's villain", is coming to take Seattle by storm, hoping to single-handedly abolish the Rain City Superhero Movement and force Phoenix Jones into retirement.

He's part vaudeville showman, part sicko, and his introduction video reveals that this dapper man with a dark plan will surely make his mark on the city of Seattle.

But will Phoenix Jones get around to meeting this shadowy character before the police bring the whole superhero scene to a grinding halt?

--via ComicsAlliance

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