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Forest Moon Distressed - Beware Of Imperial Imitations

Forest Moon Distressed by DC Visual Arts

Ewoks don't know nothin' about shaving, warring, designing clothing or making a meal that doesn't have fur in it, but those little bear cub lookin' critters sure brew a mean wheat ale. The Forest Moon beer recipes have been passed down for many millennia, and since the beer is made with the lush bounty Endor provides for them Ewok brewers are some of the biggest brewery stars in the entire galaxy. In fact, those little furballs could build an empire on their beer if they ever decided to bottle and export it, but they're too busy drinking and dancing to worry about profit!

Share your smooth taste in geeky clothing with the world, bring home this Forest Moon Distressed t-shirt by DC Visual Arts and rebel against boring beer shirts.

Visit DC Visual Arts's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more refreshingly geeky designs:

UAS Law School Van Deadpool Ghost Bear Stormtrooper Academy '77

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The Greatest Action Figure Playsets Of The 80s And 90s

When action figure playsets first came out they were basically just a stage for your figures to run around on, helping guide imagination but adding very little to playtime.

But then the epic playsets of the 80s and 90s came along and raised the bar for all future playsets, forever changing the way kids played with their action figures.

The playsets of the 80s had molded plastic features, which made them look way cooler than the cardboard sets of the 70s, and they often featured action elements which made the imaginary battles even more fun.

Castle Grayskull is one of the most iconic playsets of the 80s, followed closely by the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier and the Star Wars Death Star Space Station playsets, but these sets are low on the list in terms of epicness.

(YouTube Link)

Did you want He-Man to battle in a playset worthy of his massively macho stature when you were a kid?

Then you had to convince your parents to throw down the big bucks for one of the most massive playsets of all time- The Masters Of The Universe Eternia playset, which goes for around a thousand bucks on eBay these days.

(YouTube Link)

See more of the 20 Greatest Action Figure Playsets Of The 80s and 90s here

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Swarm Of Bees Follows Woman's Car For Two Days

Bees don't understand the concept of car ownership, so when their queen decides to hitch a ride inside a car the rest of the colony goes along for the ride, whether the car's owner likes it or not.

But their bee-fuddlement usually ends when the queen frees herself from the car so the colony can go on its merry way to a more suitable hive, usually within a few hours or at most overnight.

But Carol Howarth of Haverfordwest, Wales came back to her car after shopping and found the rear covered with bees, and the swarm followed her car for two days.

A team of three beekeepers, a national park ranger and a few passersby were able to box up the bees without killing them, but to Carol's amazement the swarm returned later that same day so she called the team in once again.

The swarm was made up of an estimated 20,000 bees, and yet no queen was ever found so it's unclear why the bees were so intent on swarming all over Carol's car. Maybe they're sweet on her?

Read Swarm Of Bees Follow Grandmother's Car For Over 24 Hours here

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Why You Should Never Turn Your Back On A Big Cat

Big cats like tigers and cheetahs are popular among the pet collecting crowd, but these apex predators don't change their killer ways no matter how long they're kept in captivity and often turn on their captors.

Which is why Tampa, Florida's Big Cat Rescue felt compelled to create this video showing what happens when you turn your back on a big cat.

(YouTube Link)

It's funny to see the cats come stalking up behing him then act like "what? I'm not doing anything..." when he turns around, but this video wouldn't be so funny without that sturdy fence.

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Stained Glass Windows Featuring Controversial Figures As Saints

Many controversial characters have achieved sainthood throughout history, and even saints like Paul the Apostle, Francis of Assisi and Teresa of Avila have skeletons in their closet.

So perhaps in some far off future age, when there's nothing left of the entertainers of today but the strong impression they made on pop culture, the stars will achieve sainthood.

If those idols and sinners ever get called up to the big leagues and become saints the stained glass windows created in their honor will probably look a lot like the amazing works of Neal Fox.

Neal wanted to pay homage to the gods of the underground such as Johnny Cash, J.G. Ballard, Hunter S. Thompson, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Serge Gainsbourg in a hip yet traditional manner.

So he built his stained glass panels the old fashioned way- using leaded stained glass in a steel frame, with each window measuring about 8 feet tall.

From the Daniel Blau exhibition notes:

As traditional church windows show the iconography of saints, through representations of events in their lives, instruments of martyrdom and iconic motifs, Fox plays with the symbolism of each character’s cult of personality; Albert Hoffman takes a psychedelic bicycle ride above the LSD molecule, J G Ballard dissects the world, surrounded by 20th Century imagery and the eroticism of the car crash, and Johnny Cash holds his inner demon in chains after a religious experience in Nickerjack cave.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Better Not Look At The Stats Screen After Your Character Is Dead

The stats screen is fun to look at while you're playing through a video game, so you can see how many kills you have under your belt, how close you are to finding all the secrets, and how many hours you've been playing the game.

But heed this illustrated warning by Deathbulge Comics and don't look at the stats screen after your character is dead, or you may find some disturbing stuff going down in video game land...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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He Man Action Figure - Orko Sold Separately

He Man Action Figure by NerdlyArt

He was the little buff action figure that changed it all back in the 1980s, the super tough looking toy who rode on the back of a green tiger and battled a nefarious foe with a skull face. He is He-Man, hero of Eternia and the ultimate action figure icon from the totally radical 80s. He-Man was made into a toy, his heroic adventures were turned into multiple animated series, and lots of sweet merch with battle scenes that blew the minds of 80s kids and cemented He-Man as one of the greatest heroes of all time!

Want to live by the power of Grayskull? Bring home this He Man Action Figure t-shirt by NerdlyArt and you'll have the power to relive your youth every time you wear this sweet shirt!

Visit NerdlyArt's official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Do You Retro? Skeletor Acton Figure Can You Retro? Can You Vintage?

View more designs by NerdlyArt | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Cowardly Lion's Courage Juice - The Magical Secret Of Oz

Cowardly Lion's Courage Juice by Mike Lauzon

We didn't get to hear all the facts regarding Dorothy's companions in the Land of Oz because Baum's books were meant for children, but several memoirs have come out in the last century which show the darker side of Oz. The Tin Man is said to be a masochist, fond of playing punishment games which leave him needing to be welded the next day, and the Scarecrow is actually made of mostly synthetic fibers. But the Cowardly Lion's plight was the darkest of them all, as his drinking problem made him both a hopeless bum and a punching bag for the local barflys. He was a coward and an alcoholic, and the trembling we saw in the movie was actually just the shaking of a mangy cat in need of the hair of the dog that bit him!

Rewrite childhood memories wherever you go with this Cowardly Lion's Courage Juice t-shirt by Mike Lauzon, it's funny even when you're not drunk on Jack Daniels!

Visit Mike Lauzon's Instagram and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

AT-AT Crossing Bride Of Frankenstein In A Police Lineup Senor Iron Little Mummra After A Rough Day

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Veterans Share Their Hilarious Stories From Boot Camp

Going through basic training is such a stressful time for new recruits they naturally look for ways to keep their spirits high, and those funny incidents become the stuff of boot camp legend.

One guy was repeatedly told to salute every living being, so he took the order to heart and saluted a squirrel that crossed his path...right when an officer was walking across the street.

(Image Link)

Another guy got grilled by a drill sergeant with this classic line- “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PRIVATE? WHY ARE YOUR PRIVATES SALUTING IN THE CHOW LINE?!”

And then there's the wiseacre who mumbled something snarky under his breath and was made to talk to himself in the mirror for 30 minutes while pointing and saying “You're an idiot”, “No, I'm an idiot".

(Image Link)

Read Veterans Share Their Most Hilarious Boot Camp Stories here (Contains NSFW material)

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Hilarious English Language T-Shirt Translation Fails Spotted In Asia

(Image Link)

English speakers wear t-shirts or get tattoos with Chinese or Japanese lettering even though they have no idea what the words actually say, and Asian companies likewise put English words on stuff to make it look cool.

(Image Link)

Shirts with funny stuff written on them create funny moments when someone who speaks both languages offers to tell the wearer what their shirt actually says, often resulting in a response of "whaa?!"

(Image Link)

However, some shirts have stuff written on them that doesn't seem like a mistranslation, and it's so close to right the whole statement somehow becomes even righter.

(Image Link)

There are also dozens of shirt designs posted online that look like an English speaker created them as a prank, with expletives and adult material printed on kids clothes.

But these two sweaters are subtly subversive, made to remind parents which of their kids is the good one.

(Image Link)

See 30+ English T-Shirt Translation Fails In Asia here (contains NSFW language)

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Slumbering Driver Shows Us What The Freeways Of The Future Will Look Like

Thanks to the forward thinking folks at Tesla Motors we can see what freeway traffic will look like in the future when “inefficient” human driven cars are replaced by self driving models- basically a bunch of people sleeping at the wheel.

(YouTube Link)

The problem is- this Tesla Model S isn't actually self-driven, and while the Autopilot has a function called Autosteer that moves the car about for you drivers are supposed to stay ready to take the wheel.

Sleeping while your car drives you home after work does seem like a pretty cool innovation, but since we're not there yet technologically sleepy drivers like the one in this video are going to be nightmares on wheels.

-Via Electrek

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The Character Creation Process Is More Fun Than The Game

For some adventures are the fun part of roleplaying games, others like collecting loot, or taking epic screenshots of their character in battle looking like a god, but for a select few the character creation process is where it's at.

These particularly picky people will spend hours choosing from tons of different hair styles, facial features, markings, skin tones and such to create the perfect character, only to realize they've "missed a spot".

Christian Palmer-Smith from Kit Draws! knows this feel, fellow gamers, and this comic was created to help other character creation obsessed players from making the same mistake he did.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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If Disney Movies Were Rewritten By Popular Websites

It's getting to the point where creativity has been completely drained from the entertainment industry, and Hollywood filmmakers have resigned themselves to asking the internet for help.

As we all know this is a bad idea, as the internet community tends to come up with half baked ideas that can be summed up in 140 characters or less.

So maybe they should reach out to specific websites for ideas instead of asking the internet as a whole?

These clever cartoons by Jhall and Tristan Cooper of Dorkly give us a visual example of what Disney movies rewritten by popular websites would look like...

Whelp, back to the drawing board, Disney!

See 8 Disney Films If They Were Rewritten By Popular Websites here or the new If 7 Websites Rewrote Disney Movies here

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Are Daniel Radcliffe And Elijah Wood Part Of Clone Club?

There are at least two articles posted online about how similar Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe look, and how this is either proof they were separated at birth or that they're part of a clone conspiracy.

Daniel has remarked "Me and Elijah Wood just need to do a film together where we play brothers" to distract from the cloning angle and make it all look like it's just a coincidence.

But when you see their portraits side-by-side and then look at a GIF showing the subtle differences between Elijah and Daniel the clone stuff somehow seems more plausible.

 photo 96Lt6dJ_zpsgz3bxam7.gif

(Image Link)

Does this GIF prove they're part of a clone conspiracy? Nah, all it really proves is that Hollywood likes to cast facial "types", and both of these megastars fit the mold.

-Via BuzzFeed

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Super Dynamic Cooking Time! - Foodie Fight!

Super Dynamic Cooking Time! by Xuco

It's good for fighters to have hobbies outside of the ring, and fighters have been known to build up a powerful appetite, so seeing a street fighter who's also an avid cook isn't really a big deal. But El Fuerte isn't just an avid cook- he's a passionate chef who has combined his love of cooking with his love of kicking ass to create the Super Dynamic Cooking Time range of abilities, including the Quesadilla Bomb and the Habanero Dash. And when he challenges a foe to fight in the street it's a sure bet El Fuerte will make his opponent look like a half baked hero!

Add some tasty fighting game fun to your geeky wardrobe with this Super Dynamic Cooking Time! t-shirt by Xuco, it's battle tested and gamer approved.

Visit Xuco's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Get Fit- Red Princess Of Sausage Land Isn't She Lively?

Scavenger & Droid

View more designs by Xuco | More Video Game T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Amazing Mid-20th Century Disaster Illustrations By Walter Molino

When accidents occur and people are faced with perilous situations the world around them seems to slow down a bit, as the adrenaline kicks in to give them the strength to escape the situation with their life.

This slow motion effect is eerie when you're in the thick of it, but it also helps your mind keep a mental snapshot of the scene that you'll never forget.

However, it would be nice to see how the whole horrible scene played out without having to be in the middle of the mess, a photo taken from a bystander's perspective like these awesome illustrations by Walter Molino.

Walter could infuse any situation with suspense and tooth-grinding tension, and the beautiful disasters he created for the Italian newspaper La Domenica del Corriere are action-packed eye candy.

After looking through Walter's portfolio of incredible disaster art it's easy to see how iconic fantasy artist Frank Frazetta was inspired by Walter's staging, stark realism and attention to detail.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Two Dudes Build Epic Toilet Paper Forts Inside Walmart

Big box stores like Target and Walmart tend to have a pretty comprehensive security system, with every square inch of the store's interior and exterior monitored by security cameras at all times.

So in order to build your own toilet paper fortress of solitude inside the store you have to be extra sneaky and set up shop within the racks so you can stay hidden from the eye in the sky.

And it doesn't hurt to know the store's employees so they can cover for you.

(YouTube Link)

I'm not sure if the guys from JStu Studios are friends with the store's security guards or if they just found stores where security was lax, but they make building a toilet paper fort in Walmart look way too easy.

(YouTube Link)

They've built so many toilet paper forts on the sly that it's kinda becoming their "thing", and as long as the requests keep rolling in the JSTU will keep making themselves right at home at Walmart!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Viralnova

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Kim Jong-Un's Untouched Publicity Photo Leads To Photoshop Perfection

You may think Kim Jong-un themed Photoshop battles have been done to death, and you'd be right.

But sometimes you have to revisit a subject over and over again to reach perfect level Photoshops, and when this super smiley headshot was released and declared untouched by North Korea the Reddits got busy retouching.

(Image Link)

They sent the poor little leader to Bikini Bottom, so he could see how it feels to live in a colorful world of creativity instead of being trapped inside a drab gray world of concrete and forced conformity.

(Image Link)

And then the ultimate transformations began, which left the Supreme Leader unrecognizable and yet somehow more powerful and authoritative than before.

(Image Link)

See Kim Jong-un, this is why you should be embracing technology!

See more from North Korea's New Untouched Photo Of Kim-Jong un Photoshop Battle here


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Stuff No One Told Me Illustrated

There are lots of hoaky posts offering life lessons and advice online, but they're usually just full of quotes supposedly said by famous people and don't really capture our attention.

But Alex Noriega isn't a celebrity or professional life coach, he's just an illustrator who enjoys creating and sharing little visual info nuggets with cartoon flair he calls Stuff No One Told Me. (Contains NSFW language)

Some of Alex's observations really hit home, others are too silly to be taken seriously, but the cartoon art is always cool so enjoy these nuggets with a grain of philosophical salt.

See more from Stuff No One Told Me here (contains NSFW language)

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This Is What The Residential Areas In The World's Largest Cities Look Like

(Tokyo- Image Link)

Megacities aren't just settings for sci-fi novels or places where Judges like Dredd enforce the law- they're massive cities like Tokyo, Delhi or Shanghai where more than 10 million people live in a space never meant to hold so many people.

(Seoul - Image Link)

And when the crowding gets crazy in the megacity builders start building straight up into the sky, erecting the massive buildings which will house millions.

(Hong Kong - Image Link)

It's not hard to find the residential centers in a major city, just head to the edge of town far from the tourist attractions and look for the hive of identical structures the tourism department doesn't want you to see.

(London - Image Link)

See Here's What The Residential Areas Of The World's Megacities Look Like here

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Mei In Wonderland - Time For A Neighborly Adventure!

Mei In Wonderland by zRiSes

When Mei was spirited away to a house in the woods with her dad and sister to await her mom's return from the hospital she pretended they were moving into a castle, where the wind would howl at night so Satsuki would tuck her in real tight. But Mei truly had no idea how big her adventure would be when she went chasing that big puffball Totoro down the rabbit hole...

Alice isn't the only one who can have otherwordly adventures as you can see on this Mei In Wonderland t-shirt by zRiSes, slip it on and it'll make your life feel just a bit more magical!

Visit zRiSes's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more wonderfully geeky designs:

Forest Keeper Some People Just Need A High Five Magic Kingdom v2 Kuroko & Taiga

View more designs by zRiSes | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Black Panthera - Spirit Of A Panther God With Claws To Match

Black Panthera by Vincent Trinidad

He's the tribal chief of Wakanda, the man who was chosen by the Panther God to maintain peace and protect the sacred vibranium mound the Wakandans have watched over since the meteor fell to Earth many centuries ago. So what is he doing stuck in the middle of an MCU civil war? He's hunting the Winter Soldier, and taking in the sights, but mostly being a badass and looking good as he tears through the competition...

Add some fierce flavor to your geeky wardrobe with this Black Panthera t-shirt by Vincent Trinidad, it's the ultimate way to celebrate the fact that your favorite superhero is finally getting the big screen treatment he deserves!

Visit Vincent Trinidad's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

The Sense Of War Red Flower Classic Wonder Gal One Man Army

View more designs by Vincent Trinidad | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Team Chark - Gotta Catch A Squad!

Team Chark by Batang 9Tees

The longer pocket monsters are made to battle it out in the stadiums the more likely they are to have a period of civil unrest in their fictional kingdom, and war will tear them apart. They'll start forming teams with similar characters, and adopt a team name to make them stand out from the other side, and if they color coordinate their costumes the whole thing will be utterly adorable! But this is civil war, and they're supposed to look all tough and ready for Pokemon pew-pew-pew not cute and catch 'em all-able...too bad!

Fight the civil war your way with this Team Chark t-shirt by Batang 9Tees, it's the ultimate way to declare allegiance in the battle between pocket monster sympathizers and the pokeball purists.

Visit Batang 9Tees's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Team Squirgers Pocket Neighbor It's Only A Dream Rey

View more designs by Batang 9Tees | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Bruce Lee Demonstrates His Superhuman Striking Speed

Bruce Lee is still considered one of the undisputed masters of martial arts, and countless fighters, athletes and other physical folks have been inspired to take it to the limit by the mighty Bruce.

His biggest strengths were his incredible speed and knowledge of striking, which made Bruce more than a match for fighters twice his size, but you really have to see his speed to believe it.

(YouTube Link)

Bruce demonstrated his superhuman striking speed on a somewhat willing target in this excerpt from the 2012 documentary I Am Bruce Lee, don't blink or you'll miss the moves!

-Via GeekTyrant

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A Dad's Harrowing Adventure In Babysitting As A Sympathetic Vomiter

Mothers tend to get all the applause and praise when it comes to parenting, but when fathers are faced with a crisis their bravery knows no bounds.

Take valiant father Ben Patterson for example- he watched his kid while his wife went out with friends, and when his son started projectile vomiting in the car he handled the situation with stoic dignity.

What's worse is Ben's a sympathetic vomiter, so his son's puking sent him into a paternal pukefest on some lady's lawn.

The lady naturally called the cops, but Ben kept it together and kept texting the entire horrific story to his wife, who was apparently too busy not giving a f$%k to text the poor guy back!

In true daddy style, Ben has chosen to see the incident as a learning experience, and vows never to babysit again without the proper equipment.

-Via FAILBlog

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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A Collection Of Comics That Introverts Will Totally Relate To

(Comic via Gemma Correll)

When Myers-Briggs came up with their test to categorize people as either introverted or extroverted they couldn't have known what an impact it would make on the world.

(Comic via find chaffy)

Now, nearly twenty years later, the internet community at large is obsessed with the concept, but if their posts are to be believed the introverts far outnumber the extroverts, at least when it comes to posting online.

(Comic via Owlturd)

If you're an introvert you'll totally understand these comics and relate to the artist's view of the world.

(Comic via Introvert Doodles)

If you're an extrovert, or an I-don't-know-what-I-am, then these comics will be your guide to understanding the ways of the introverted, and they will explain a lot about your "weird" friend's "strange" behavior.

(Comic via C. Cassandra)

See 20+ Comics That Introverts Will Understand here

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Let's Get Strange With This Selection Of Bizarre And Hilarious T-Shirts

Ehrmahgerd! Perngern Berks! by Thomashy2000

People who love bizarre humor have a hard time finding stuff that appeals to their kind of funny in this straight laced and conformist world, so they'll often resort to making their own stuff. 

But if you love bizarre humor and want a high quality shirt that speaks your language the NeatoShop's got you covered!

People with a twisted sense of humor grow up thinking they're strange

Spirit Animal by The Staziac

But loving the bizarre couldn't be more normal

Celebrimorph by Hillary White

And only squares judge those who live by their own rules

E=MC2 by Theduc

Continue reading

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You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa!! (NES Edition) - Movie Games Always Suck

You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa!! (NES Edition) by Brandon Wilhelm ART

Since The Room was a flop at the box office, and the ironic crowd lost interest in the film after Shia LeBeauf started making his own arthouse films, Tommy chose to shift gears and turn his screenplay into a video game. The premise is simple- guide Johnny through the emotional twists and turns of an average romantic banker's life while trying to keep his fiancee Lisa from running away with his best friend Mark, which is virtually impossible. The Room- The Game also involved many minor character side quests that made absolutely no sense, and this ultimately made the game an unplayable mess that made the movie look like a masterpiece!

Advertise your least favorite fictional video game in style with this You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa!! (NES Edition) t-shirt by Brandon Wilhelm ART, so bad it's good!

Visit Brandon Wilhelm ART's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Team Stark Dead Last Team Rogers The Legend Of Souls

View more designs by Brandon Wilhelm ART | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub Likes To Have Her Feet Tickled

Grizzly bears look all gruff and dangerous when they're full grown, but when they're chubby little cubs they simply ooze cuteness.

National Geographic host and filmmaker Casey Anderson knows the power of bear cub cute, because he recently rescued a cute little orphaned cub named Bella and can't stop playing with the adorable cub!

(YouTube Link)

Bella isn't Casey's first encounter with a cute bear cub- he adopted a cub called Brutus about ten years ago and formed an incredible friendship with the bear that inspired him to start the Montana Grizzly Encounter sanctuary.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Proper Way To Pronounce IKEA

When a company decides to use a foreign or made up name for their brand they know people are going to mispronounce the name, and they're usually okay with that.

Mispronunciation leads to discussion about the brand which is a form of free advertisement, and as long as consumers can find the store and spend their money nothing else matters.

IKEA became the largest furniture retailer in the world even though nobody knew how to properly pronounce their name, which the company knew and encouraged until setting the record straight a few years ago with this Vine video.

The proper pronunciation isn't eye-key-ah, even though IKEA had a billboard with an eyeball, a key and a person saying "ah", it's actually pronounced ee-KAY-uh. Oh well, too late to change it now!

-Via Esquire

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