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Dazzling GIFs Summing Up The Careers Of Famous Actors

 photo actor-careers-gifs-graphicurry-prasad-bhat-9-571f108a5148f__605_zpsqc3wv7nz.gif

Some actors get stuck playing the same kind of characters over and over again, typecast and trapped in a role loop that ultimately tanks their career.

On the other hand, many big name actors rise to the top because they're such good character actors, able to embody any role they're hired to play.

 photo actor-careers-gifs-graphicurry-prasad-bhat-10-571f108e75fbd__605_zpspky0r6vw.gif

They are the actors who keep our eyes glued to the screen, the stars who inspired artist Prasad Bhat to create these colorful career spanning caricature GIFs.

Prasad creates these fun pieces in Illustrator, spending a lot of time getting the caricature just right before dressing up his cartoon cast in the iconic costumes from their most famous roles.

 photo actor-careers-gifs-graphicurry-prasad-bhat-3-571f1074da6bd__605_zpsf3dhpld9.gif

See 10+ GIFs Summing Up Famous Actors' Careers here

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Negasonican Do It! - She's Blowing Up On Twitter

Negasonican Do It! by Hugohugo

Hey kid! Just because you're too young and unfamous to have your own motion picture doesn't mean you're any less of a hero, so chin up! Your explodey warhead power is super cool looking and you have this whole angsty teen punky thing going on so Negasonic you rock! It's only a matter of time before fans of your work give you another role, although the chances of you appearing in the next Deadpool movie are slim since you spit in Ryan Reynold's face during filming...but no biggie! I'm sure we can find you a spot in the next X-Dweebs flick, just take Colossus with you to the casting call...

Carry the poster child for mutant teen angst around with you wherever you go with this Negasonican Do It! t-shirt by Hugohugo, it's sure to earn you lots of fans and put you on DP's "No Kill Yet" list.

Visit Hugohugo's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-errific designs:

TMNINETY GreenPool SIFURIO Not So Long Ago

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Drone Footage Of Sharks Going Full Feeding Frenzy On Whale In Australia

Shark Week raises awareness about shark conservation and teaches us to fear sharks less, but then we watch a video of sharks going into full feeding frenzy mode on a whale and fear creeps right back in again.

We humans can't help but be afraid of one hungry shark, so how can we be expected to keep our cool knowing more than 70 sharks will gather in one place to chow down on a whale?

(YouTube Link)

This drone footage was shot near Shark Bay in Gascoyne, Western Australia, but as educational films like Sharknado, Sand Sharks and Avalanche Sharks show us a bunch of sharks can attack anywhere at any time.

Which is why I carry a can of shark repellant with me wherever I go...

-Via Boing Boing

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Future War- Sponsored By Slurm

Future War by NemiMakeit

When civil war tears a pop culture planet apart it starts sending ripples throughout the fictional franchise galaxy, and soon all sorts of animated worlds are swept up in buddy battle fever. In this episode- New New York does an old, old story arc. You'd think humanoids would have figured out how to get along by the 31st century, especially with all those seasons under their utility belt. But there's always some hot head delivery boy or drunken robot willing to start a war over something stupid- like the last can of Slurm!

Cartoon civil war has never looked quite as hilarious as it does on this Future War t-shirt by NemiMakeit, slip it on and let the nerd raging begin!

Visit NemiMakeit's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Don't Give A Duck BatHomer V SuperGriffin Bunny Soft Ass Why You Little

View more designs by NemiMakeit | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Eat Magic - Do Unicorns Taste Like Chicken Or Candy?

Eat Magic by Hillary White

Companies talk about tasting rainbows and seeing colors the way they're supposed to be seen, but if you want to take the ultimate trip you've gotta eat some magic. Take a bite out of a magical beast and you'll be seeing all kinds of crazy stuff, grinning like a fool while the magic messes with your mind. It's some powerful stuff and should be used in moderation, but if your body can bear it the magic will make all other meals pale in comparison. And remember- you can't spell meat, madman or magic without MMMM!

Share your uniquely geeky style with the hungry world by wearing this Eat Magic t-shirt by Hillary White, it's a real doozy!

Visit Hillary White's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more hilariously geeky designs:

Wolf Laser Bae Precious Light Skeletang

View more designs by Hillary White | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Replacing Guns With Selfie Sticks In Movie Stills

(Image Link)

Everywhere you go these days people are cluttering up our view with selfie sticks, using them like a weapon against your good times, which is not amusing.

However, selfie sticks are amusing in one entertainment related scenario- when weapons like guns and wands are replaced by selfie sticks in shots from famous films.

Who knew the selfie stick would make such a great comedy prop? Anybody who has been to a theme park full of tourists walking around with their selfie sticks in the air, that's who!

Those selfie stick crowds make you want to start calling everyone "punk", and not in the good way.

I think I saw this guy in the smoking area at Universal Studios Hollywood...

See Someone Is Replacing Guns With Selfie Sticks In Famous Movie Scenes here

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Simple Ways To Tell Whether Clothes Are Cheap Or High Quality

When people need new clothes they usually head to the store (or online) and purchase items that look right with the right price.

It has become the norm to care less about the quality of clothing because people think it's hard to tell whether a garment is high quality, and impossible to tell when you can't see the clothes in person.

But if you read these 14 Expert Ways To Tell If Clothes Are Well Made Or Super Cheap you'll learn how to grade clothing like a pro!

In person you can apply the pull test (stretch the garment and see if it easily snaps back into shape), the scrunch test (ball up clothing and see if it wrinkles easily) and hold the fabric up to the light to see how thin it is.

Looking at clothes online? You can grade clothing visually based on a few things- exposed zippers are a sign of cheapness while patterns that match at the seams are a sign of quality.

And when in doubt about durability check for fabric content, because natural fibers such as wool, cotton and silk are more durable than synthetics.

Read 14 Expert Ways To Tell If Clothes Are Well-Made Or Super Cheap here

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Ten Of The Most Controversial Presidential Candidates In U.S. History

(Image Link)

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election continues to be described as shocking and controversial, but it takes more than a racist with a spray tan and a bad hairpiece to create controversy.

You need a pro-Stalin, pro-Communist candidate like Earl Browder, who received funding directly from Moscow to run for office in 1936 and 1940 and posed for his publicity shots while holding a giant hammer and sickle.

Earl was lucky he ran for office before the Cold War or he would have been strung up for his views, but his Commie lovin' ways were soon overshadowed by the racist rantings of George Wallace.

Wallace ran on an openly racist platform back in 1968 and 1972, vocally opposed integration and had supporters who surrounded black protesters at his rallies while chanting “kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em”.

Controversy doesn't always center around bad or antisocial views, sometimes a candidate is simply ahead of their time and thereby making political waves with their very presence.

Victoria Woodhull ran for president in 1872 as head of the Equal Rights Party- she was for free love, giving women the vote, eugenics and the legalization of prostitution.

Oh, and she ran with Frederick Douglass less than a decade after the abolition of slavery, so it's no wonder her controversial presence in the election resulted in death threats and less than 0.1% of the popular vote.

Read about the 10 Most Controversial Presidential Candidates In U.S. History here

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How To Make A Ring Out Of A Coin

Have you ever looked at an ordinary coin and thought “man, I wish this coin was a ring”?

You may have thought this transformation to be nigh impossible with the ordinary tools you have laying around your house, but it's actually far easier than you could ever imagine.

All you need is a drill, a spoon, a coin and a fingernail file and you've got all the tools to turn a coin into a ring.

First you drill a hole in the ring, then insert something in the drilled hole so you can turn the coin as you hammer it with the spoon.

Then you start hammering away on the edge of the coin with a spoon (which could take hundreds of hours) until the edge is rolled down flat enough to form the edge of the ring.

Once you've pounded out a nice edge shape for your ring use a Dremel tool or drill to cut out the meat in the middle of the coin, then smooth the center out with a fingernail file.

Now your pocket change looks like a million bucks! However, it's now worth less than it was when you started the process, but at least the ring makes you look all fancy...

Learn how to make a ring out of a coin at Make:

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How To Caramelize Sugar Without Melting It

Caramelizing sugar can be a real pain, and yet it's an integral skill for bakers and makers of all things sweet to learn if they want to add some nutty brown goodness to their culinary creation.

If you want to add caramelized sugar to your recipes but can't stand the process then you're about to become a fan of Stella Parks from Serious Eats, who figured out how to caramelize sugar by roasting it:

Consider the above photo exhibit A—neither brown sugar nor turbinado, but granulated white sugar that I caramelized without melting. It's dry to the touch, and performs exactly like granulated white sugar.

Except, you know, the part where it tastes like caramel.

That opens up a world of possibility, as it works flawlessly in recipes for buttercream, mousse, or cheesecake, which can accommodate only a small amount of caramel sauce before turning soupy or soft. It's also ideal for desserts that would be ruined by caramel syrup, which is by nature too hot for fragile angel food cake, and too viscous for soft candies like marshmallows or nougat. And, compared to caramel powder (made from liquid caramel, cooled and ground), it won't compact into a solid lump over time.

Read How To Make Caramel Without Melting Sugar here

-Via Boing Boing

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Heroes Who Died Protecting Precious Knowledge

(Image Link)

If the forces of hatred and stupidity have their way the world will be bombed back to the Stone Age where ignorance will be the norm and violence mongers and religious zealots will reign supreme.

Luckily there are plenty of brave and intelligent people like Khaled Al-Asaad and the Monuments Men who are willing to fight, and if needed die, to preserve humanity's stores of knowledge and culture.

Modern heroism doesn't come much more direct than the bravery exhibited by Khaled Al-Asaad, the Syrian archaeologist who remained at the site of the ancient city of Palmyra to protect it from ISIS.

(Image Link)

Khaled stayed until the bitter end stashing the historical artifacts discovered in the city, and he ultimately gave up his life concealing their whereabouts from the forces of stupidity.

And speaking of stupidity- the Nazis, those jerks who acted like they were changing the world for the better when all they were really doing is killing and destroying for the sake of Der Fuhrer's stupid cause.

(Image Link)

The smart men and women from the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Program had one simple mission- rescue important works of art from the Nazi fire.

However, this was easier said than done during wartime, which British historian Ronald Belfour discovered when he was killed by a shell burst while moving parts of a medieval altarpiece behind enemy lines. 

Huchthausen was similarly killed in action while trying to protect a cache of priceless art, and even though he was gunned down before the art could be moved soldiers were later able to locate and save it all thanks to his hard work.

Read Unreal Heroes Who Died Protecting Human Knowledge here

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AMERICAN LAGER - Drink One With The Captain!

AMERICAN LAGER by Fernando Sala

Do you enjoy the taste of freedom? Want to live a life free from the hate and discontent those imported lagers bring into your life? Then you need to grab a case of Cap's American Lager, with the star spangled smoothness and golden glory you've come to expect from beer made right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. When you sip on the Captain's American Lager you're sipping on history, and portions of each sale go to building up a defense fund to send HYDRA back to whatever cave or planet they came from. So take it from Cap- if you're looking to get drunk like a red-blooded patriot then you need to be sipping on American Lager. Please drink responsibly.

Advertise Cap's newest patriotic enterprise with this AMERICAN LAGER t-shirt by Fernando Sala, it's the fun way to celebrate your freedom and support Cap's cause in the impending Civil War.

Visit Fernando Sala's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more powerful designs:


View more designs by Fernando Sala | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Dark Merc Returns - And He's Hungry For Justice

The Dark Merc Returns by Saqman

He was a madman, a motor mouth and a total mess when he took his mask off, and by the light of the moon he would leap into the fray and take apart the bad guys one limb at a time. He was Deadpool The Dark Merc, and his mission was simple- kill enough a-holes to build up a healthy appetite, then go dig in to a plate full of tacos and chimichangas. But there was just one problem with Wade's plan- some Joker from Gotham had wandered into the wrong funny book, and he refused to pack up his clown white and go!

Comic book mashups don't come much cooler than this The Dark Merc Returns t-shirt by Saqman, slip it on and feel the power to break the fourth wall coursing through your veins!

Visit Saqman's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

La Petite Rey Arkham Bank PlayGotham Catty

An Inconceivable Story

View more designs by Saqman | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Soviet And Post-Soviet Life As Seen Through The Lens Of Sergey Chilikov

The Soviet era seems like the bleakest and most depressing time to live in Russia, but the country has been through so many bleak times it's hard to keep track of them all.

However, the sunny days that came after the Soviet era seem to be sticking around, and there was a noticeable shift in the mood of the people after the Soviet Union was dissolved.

Photographer Sergey Chilikov was there to document the color returning to the cold, sterile country as the Iron Curtain fell, but even before the fall he'd spent decades shooting amazing pics which capture the spirit of the Russian people.

A founding member of the creative group Fact, Sergey shot candid images considered subversive by the Soviet regime, mostly because his subjects are often showing some skin.

Sergey's images show us that even during the dark and oppressive Brezhnev era the Russian people knew how to have a good time, enjoying each other's company as a way to shake off the Soviet blues.

See The Giddy Freedom Of Post-Soviet Life Through The Lens Of Sergey Chilikov here (Contains NSFW imagery)

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The Siemens Rebranding Fiasco

When companies want to increase their profile before their stock goes public they think about what their brand represents, so when Siemens Healthcare wanted to make a splash they knew their name would need work.

In order to shed the double entendre associated with their brand and stop being the butt of everyone's joke they started looking for a new name to go by and finally settled on a real winner- Healthineers.

(YouTube Link)

Siemens announced their new name by forcing employees to attend a mandatory "dance concert", where they were introduced to the song they'd be hearing in their nightmares for years to come. Healthineers, meet your future mutineers!

-Via Boing Boing

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All Of This Is Me Now! - Gene Should Be A Burger Guru

All Of This Is Me Now! by ClayGrahamArt

Gene Belcher can be a bit greedy at times, but for some reason people still want to eat him all up when he starts playing fart noises on his keyboard or dresses up in his Beefsquatch costume. Bob has to live with little Gene, so he doesn't have nearly as much patience with the boy's beefy antics and really doesn't get why Gene is so cheesy all the time. Maybe maverick father and oddball son can find some middle ground with a little transcendental meditation, so Bob can see that strange son of his is actually the most enlightened Belcher in the bunch!

Become one with the burgers by wearing this All Of This Is Me Now! t-shirt by ClayGrahamArt, it's the taste two out of three geeks prefer over that other fictional burger joint.

Visit ClayGrahamArt's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then head over to his NeatoShop for more deliciously geeky designs:

Bat's All Folks! I Miss The 80s Ride Or Die! One Ending To Rule Them All

View more designs by ClayGrahamArt | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Don't Let The Captain America Persona Fool You, Chris Evans Is One Crazy Guy

 photo anigif_enhanced-10326-1462225805-2_zps2tpbxfzh.gif

(Image Link)

Captain America is one straight-laced sir, but the guy who plays him in the Marvel films, Chris Evans, is a strangeoid, a goofball and, when he's feeling particularly squirrely during an interview, a bit of a sicko.

 photo anigif_enhanced-21744-1462225353-13_zpsydnjeq1i.gif

(Image Link)

Now nobody's expecting Chris to act like Cap in Civil War, but the more you see of Chris the more it seems like he's trying to get himself recast as the Joker in the next Batman movie.

 photo anigif_original-grid-image-17097-1462222194-10_zpsfsznxfsb.gif

(Image Link)

It's refreshing to see someone famous acting like a total maniac for reasons other than to get out of a contract or get on TMZ, but Chris is so *on* all the time he may just be off his meds...

 photo anigif_enhanced-16602-1462221931-3_zpskr6bsioe.gif

(Image Link)

-Via BuzzFeed

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Hilarious Examples Of Political Correctness Gone Wrong

The concept of political correctness is something that should be used in moderation, but these days people are so worried about saying the wrong things or offending people they think PC is the only way to go.

However, the old expression “you can't please everyone” rings true (despite what the PC police say), so trying to be PC by turning Dennis the Menace into a polite young man is a plan destined for failure.

It's even more ridiculous to ban the Punch & Judy puppet show because it contains an "abusive relationship" and "inappropriate hitting"...

Yeah, we know, Punch & Judy have been beating up on each other for at least 350 years. Leave those puppets alone PC police!


But when the PC conformists set their minds to doing something stupid they do it, like changing the term “brainstorming” to “thought showers” so as not to offend epileptics, or calling a Spotted Dick a Spotted Richard to stop the lewd jokes. What a bunch of Richards!

Read 10 Hilarious Examples Of Political Correctness Gone Mad here

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Color Palettes From Famous Movie Scenes

Filmmakers use visual cues to help convey moods, feelings and subtext in their movies just like any other artist, and behind most of these cues lies a choice color palette.

By infusing shots with a carefully selected set of colors the viewer is subconsciously guided both visually and emotionally through the storyline, informed how to feel by the colors on the screen.

Plus, color palette control makes for really splendid looking shots!

The film fanatic behind @cinemapalettes has Tweeted over 200 color palettes derived from famous movie such as The Professional, Mad Max, Edward Scissorhands and My Neighbor Totoro, and they're taking requests.

Do Eraserhead! Oh wait, that's in black and white...

See more from This Tweeter Posts Color Palettes From Famous Movie Scenes here

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Candid Photos Taken At Malls Across America In 1989

Shopping malls reached their peak level of awesomeness in the 80s, when they became the ultimate place for families to shop while their teens hung out and totally teened it up.

Anybody who visited a large mall in the 80s will remember the teen tribes who hung about, their clothing style-specific cliques making them stand out amidst the sea of shoppers.

But malls weren't just for bored teens- in many states they were the only place to go for one-stop shopping, and with the climate-controlled environment and massive food courts people never had to go home.

Michael Galinsky was 20-years-old when he decided to travel across America in one whirlwind month of 1989, capturing candid moments inside malls for a book entitled Malls Across America.

Michael's photos have a wonderful bystander quality about them, placing the viewer squarely in the scene so they can check out these eerily familiar environments from the inside.

See more from What American Shopping Malls Looked Like In 1989 here

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One - Punch The Boredom Away, Man!

One by Bomdesignz

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do, and when two too quickly goes back to one it can be just as bad. But they just don't make dance partners like they used to, and until Saitama comes across a creature who can withstand more than one of his punches he'll just have to get used to being a lonely army of one.

Sock it to your fellow One Punch Man fans with this One t-shirt by Bomdesignz, it's a real knockout!

Visit Bomdesignz's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more superheroic designs:

Rebels (Yellow) How To Become A Superhero Alchemist Transmutation The Good Yellow

View more designs by Bomdesignz | More Anime T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Highly Entertaining Tweets From The Bad Fantasy Twitter Account

Reading a good to great fantasy novel makes the reader feel like they've been swept up onto the back of a pegasus and flown to another world, where magic, intrigue and danger abound.

On the other hand, reading bad fantasy is like watching an episode of Barney, because you always know what's coming next as you wait for the monster to remove the mask and reveal the idiot inside.

That's why bad fantasy is best read in teeny, tiny snippets, so you don't get disillusioned and decide to give up on the genre altogether, and the best place to read bad tidbits is the Awful Fantasy Twitter account.

The Awful Fantasy Twitter account is full of horrible excerpts from fantasy stories that weren't actually written and will thankfully never make it into print, and just like smoking pipeweed it's easy to know your limits.

But if you take it one terrible toke at a time you'll soon find your love of fantasy renewed and reinforced, and the hilarity of those bad entries will stick with you like a Necromancer's curse.

Read 10 Hilariously Terrible Excerpts From The Awful Fantasy Twitter Account here

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Mom Writes Permission Slip To Let Her Kids Play Like Kids

Between helicopter parenting, kids staying indoors instead of going outside to play and schools instituting stricter policies regarding recess, the young folks can't have any fun these days.

So when Julie Walsh Holcombe found out her sons got in trouble at school because they were climbing a tree and playing like normal kids she sent a strongly worded memo and a permission slip to the teacher and guard involved.

Julie's kids look too old to be getting hassled about climbing trees, but now they have official permission to have fun!

-Via FAILBlog

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Side-By-Side Comparison Of The Warcraft Actors And Their CGI Characters

The World Of Warcraft movie we've been hearing about for years is finally about to come out, and fans of the MMO are so excited they've sworn to leave their PCs long enough to actually see the movie.

But before Warcraft arrives in theaters we must behold all of the promo material to get our blood flowing for the battle.

These incredibly cool side-by-side posters introduce us to the characters in a very original way- by showing us how the real face of the actor compares to the CGI face of the character.

You can't tell if the movie is any good from these posters, but you can definitely see how great the character models are going to be!

See the entire side by side gallery here

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Silence Falls - Who Is That Funny Fellow?

Silence Falls by RebelArt

The Doctor decided he was through with adventure, done with danger and finished fixing problems in the timestream, so he traded in his companion for a camera and a laugh track and started filming a hidden camera show. It was easy to find patsies for his show, all he had to do was look back through his database entries marked "enemies" and choose a chump to prank. But who to pull a prank on first? Considering his options he chose to begin much like comedy on film began- with the silence. A prank and a pun in one, now that's how you do live comedy like The Doctor!

People who appreciate a punny shirt will adore this Silence Falls t-shirt by RebelArt, it's fall down funny with a sci-fi twist and sure to make your fellow Whovians howl with laughter!

Visit RebelArt's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then head over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Number One Dad Leia Wocka Walker Doorway To The Whoniverse Number One Dad Luke

View more designs by RebelArt | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Dog Rescued After Living On Freeway Median For Over A Month

We hear horror stories about abandoned animals saved from the jaws of death far too often these days, but the really odd cases stay with us to remind us how not to care for a pet.

A German shepherd was recently saved from a freeway median in Los Angeles where she'd been living for at least five weeks after jumping out of the bed of her owner's truck.

The dog, dubbed Freeway Frida by the Galt police officer Sylvia Coelho who rescued her, was first spotted by drivers on Highway 99 near Simmerhorn Road back in April, but she evaded capture so the police were unable to nab her until around May 18th.

Frida was treated for a broken leg and is said to be doing well, and since she's not microchipped and her owner isn't coming forward (for obvious reasons) officer Cuelho says she might have to adopt her.

Read more about Freeway Frida here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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This Geralt Of Rivia From The Witcher Cosplay Is Quite Enchanting

Some fantasy character costumes are easy to put together, and a pair of pointed ears or an epic beard go a long way when you're dressing up as an elf or a dwarf.

But Geralt of Rivia, star of The Witcher video game franchise, is a totally unique and singular character, so cosplayers who want to embody Geralt must be born with a Witcher's soul.

Cosplayer Maul from Defcon Unlimited clearly looked in the mirror and saw the eyes of a monster hunter looking back at him because his Geralt cosplay is almost too perfect, right down to the rune laden sword Maul made in his cosplay forge.


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Fun Photo Series Celebrating The Glory Of Pizza

Cheese, glorious cheese! And the pepperoni grease that slides off the slices and coats the glorious cheese! And all the tasty toppings like pineapples, peppers, mushrooms and mackerel and more!

And the crust, the crispy crusty edges! Well, I could take or leave the crust, but maybe you're a pizza fan too and you happen to like the crust. No biggie, you can have mine.

The important part here is our shared love of pizza, a greasy bed of goodness upon which toppings from heaven lie, and that moment when we crack open the box to look at our pie for the first time.

Photographer Chris Gampat explores this mouth-watering moment in his series "The Secret Order Of The Slice", featuring people making funny faces as the brilliant glory of the pizza pie shines upon them.

-Via design you trust

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Laugh In The Face Of Fear With These Scary Funny T-Shirts

Homeyphobia by Boggs Nicolas

Everyone has something they fear in life, be it abstract or unnervingly real, but just as we're told not to wallow in our tears we shouldn't swallow up our fears- we should let them out and expose them to the sunlight on a NeatoShop t-shirt.

That way we can share them with each other and laugh at how small they really are in the grand scheme of things.

The fears that lurk in our minds are very real to us

Another Scary Clown by Mari Kari

And very hard to ignore

Scary Terry V3 by Demonigote

But if you think of the things you're afraid of in a different light they won't seem so scary after all

Cute Kid by Hillary White

And then you can say "I ain't afraid of no oogety boogety old fear!"

Nightmare Busters by Beware 1984

Continue reading

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The Delightful Automata Created By Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

There's nothing like watching an automaton put on a simple mechanical show for you, and even kids who stare at screens all day long get a kick out of watching automatons move.

(YouTube Link)

One particular group of makers who call themselves the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre like to build ridiculous yet marvelous crank operated machines which they then film in action and share on the interwebs.

(YouTube Link)

The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre's minimalist machines both fascinate and inspire, showing future makers how simple it is to build an analog device that moves in perfectly pleasant ways.

(YouTube Link)

Read more about The Delightful Automata Of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre here

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