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@Ginger - agreed. There's not much scientific basis for the rankings, and how could there be? Everybody has an opinion about what makes a great movie. I'm of the opinion that Ben Hur is a terrible and slow movie with some cartoony action thrown in...yet it always finds itself no where near the bottom of these lists.

The list was good for one thing: it showed other movies that lost to the ranked movies, and mentioned other movies that were arguably better. But the order of the movies listed (and the reasons why) were pretty stilted. I felt as if a couple films (Dances With Wolves and Forrest Gump) were ranked lower than necessary simply because they beat arguably better films (Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption) that came out in the same years.

Again, that's just my opinion, imperfect as Buzzfeed's.
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"is there a demand?" of course there's a demand! Are you really so blind in not thinking there are queer male and straight/bi/queer females who are comic book fans? Female comic book fans have been around forever! And we're a growing demographic and we've been around for a lot longer than men would like to admit.

If you feel irritated, then you have to look at yourself at why, why are you feeling irritated that women want to have comics stuff catered to them a little more? That we don't want to be deluged with sexual objectification 24/7.

As to what to do about it? Teach men to be less misogynistic, sexist and entitled brats because we're not going away.

I agree with Zeon wondering if the author of this neatorama article is even a comic book fan or knowledgeable cause it was one of the most poorly worded and thought out article I've seen on here, regurgitating the same ole rhetoric from people who don't want women in their 'boy's club'.
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