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Never Say Die - Boys And Girls Just Want To Have Fun...And Treasure

Never Say Die by Taylor Rose

Life is all about the places you go and the adventures you go on, and when you've got a group of friends by your side who never say die you're living the dream! The Goonies never let their fears or weaknesses stop them from living like there's no tomorrow, and when they embark on a journey with pirates and treasure you know the cool kids just have to tag along. So doesn't that make the Goonies the coolest by proxy?

Hey you guys! You're gonna love this Never Say Die t-shirt by Taylor Rose, but it's only to be worn by those most adventurous of souls worthy of being called a Goonie.

Visit Taylor Rose's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Share In An Adventure Happy Little Groots I Ain't No Man (2 Color) There's No Prize Like Home

View more designs by Taylor Rose | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Anchovy Alley - Heroes In A Half Shell With A Poor Sense Of Smell

Anchovy Alley by Djkopet

The Ninja Turtles had been patrolling the city so long they started nicknaming locations where they like to hang during their nights out on the town. Their favorite spot was located right behind Krang's Pizza Rocket, a location they dubbed "anchovy alley" because the dumpsters always smelled of dead fish. Even though the boss-creature didn't want Pizza Rocket employees talking to those teenage mutants the workers didn't care- the TMNT were making the city great again, and you've gotta keep heroes well fed, right?

Hang with your favorite mutant ninjas every time you slip on this Anchovy Alley t-shirt by Djkopet, it looks fresher than a sizzling pizza pie and won't smell like fish so long as you wash it once in a while!

Visit Djkopet's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Logan's Motorcycle Repair Scientific Paradox Goes Boink The Light Side New Adventures Awaken

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Unkar's Ration Packs - They're Edible...And That's About It

Unkar's Ration Packs by Stationjack

Sustenance is in short supply on Jakku, so those scavengers who need energy to bring in the next big haul should stock up on Unkar's ration packs, with the taste humanoids feel indifferent about! Unkar's packs are made of moderate quality veg-meat and polystarch from a few wars back, so you know they're not terrible and they're edible so quit complaining and eat your rations. Unless young Rey is such a big star now that she can't appreciate the packets of "food" that made her the rebel she is today...

Advertise for the junkboss with this Unkar's Ration Packs t-shirt by Stationjack, it's guaranteed to earn you some smiles from your fellow Force Awakens fans and absolutely nothing from Unkar!

Visit Stationjack's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more deliciously geeky designs:

How I Roll Electric Thunder BB-9 Ball Strike Team

View more designs by Stationjack | More Movie T-Shirts | New T-Shirts

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An Extremely Satisfying Instant Karma Video Compilation

There's very little you can witness that is more satisfying than a dose of instant karma served up to someone who truly deserves it.

Whether the recipient is being rewarded for their goodness or punished for acting like an a-hole, it used to be extremely rare to witness instant karma being handed down from on high.

But thanks to smartphone and GoPro cameras we have documented video proof that karma exists, and the moral of this particular video lesson is "don't be a jerk or karma will get you".

(Contains NSFWish material and terrible music, viewer discretion is advised)

(YouTube Link)

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Fan Uncovers Better Call Saul Title Puzzle, Wows Show Creators

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould like to include Easter Eggs in their shows for observant fans to find, and viewers enjoyed finding secret stuff on Breaking Bad so much Vince and Peter decided to keep the Eggs rolling in Better Call Saul. (Spoiler-ish material ahead)

For the second season of Saul they decided to go beyond the visual and play with words by including an anagram in the episode titles, so they put the puzzle in place and didn't give it a second thought.

But a fan named Shaquita discovered the Easter Egg faster than a tweeker on Blue Sky, posting her findings on Twitter with the caption “on vacation this week, and have nothing but time lol".

The creators confirmed Shaquita's findings and were blown away by how fast she found it:

“We had this—to us—this very bright idea of encoding the words “Fring’s Back” in the episode titles,” Gould told Vanity Fair. “And we thought we’d be revealing it maybe sometime over the summer. I guess we really underestimated the genius and hard work of our fans.”

“And their attention to detail, and God bless them for it,” Gilligan chimed in.

Gould concluded: “It’s hard to complain about people paying attention to every aspect of the show. It certainly reminds us again that we better keep all our i’s dotted and our t’s crossed in every aspect of the show.”

-Via Independent

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The IKEA-Inspired Manuals On How To Handle A Breakup

When you're going through a difficult breakup you'll have people telling you cliché things like “it's okay to cry” and “there's no instruction manual on how to handle someone leaving you”, and those people are wrong.

Well, they're right about the crying part, I guess, so long as you're not blubbering in bed for days like a baby.

But the bit about there being no manual is false, because designer Caisa Nilaseca has created a whole series of easy to follow manuals inspired by the instruction sheets that come with IKEA furniture.

Caisa's minimalist manuals are far easier to understand than the IKEA versions, and instead of handing out the same old sad and tired advice her funny little manuals keep it 100% real.

See IKEA-Inspired Manuals Will Teach You How To Get Over A Breakup here

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Krabby Patty! - Tastes Like Teen Spirit

Krabby Patty! by daletheskater

With the lights out he's less dangerous, here comes Bob now, entertain him! That sponge in the silly square pants has always been a fan of popular music, so when he was offered the chance to pose for the cover of Squidvana's album Beach he jumped at the chance. Problem is- Bob jumped right past the photo shoot set and straight into a nearby pool because he spotted an unattended Krabby Patty!

Add some delicious cartoon color to your geeky wardrobe with this Krabby Patty! t-shirt by daletheskater, it's the perfect way to pay homage to Kurt, Bob and the tastiest burgers under the sea!

Visit daletheskater's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Cenobite Rhapsody Rebel Alliance Masked Warrior Fire Moonwalk

View more designs by daletheskater | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Kids Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents

It must be great for a famous face to create an offspring who has the exact same famous face, but I can see how that might suck for the kids.

After all, no matter what they want to do in life their recognizable face will make people think they're following in their parent's footsteps and hoping to become famous.

Some lazy kids will see the similarity in looks as an easy way to profit from their mom or dad's fame, while others will grow up never knowing the famous person they look exactly like.

(Image Link)

See 20 Kids Who Look Nearly Identical To Their Famous Parents here

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Autopsy Of A Banana

When fruit dies in mysterious ways The Food Surgeon is there to help make sense of it all, using his forensic skills to get to the bottom of important cases like “who aced the apple?” or “how did the banana end up in a body bag?”

With expert surgical precision and a passion for busting food defilers, The Food Surgeon is a foodie for justice who occasionally eats the "cadaver" when he's done...

(YouTube Link)

Read the surgeon's hilarious notes here

-Via Laughing Squid

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Animal Planet TV Crew Finds Castaway While Filming Off The Coast Of Australia

TV shows love to send crews out to remote locations where few humans dare to tread and film the whole experience, because audiences who are stuck at home eat that extreme travel stuff up.

The crews sent out on these shoots expect to find adventure, hardship and plenty of amazing scenery to film, but they certainly don't expect to find an actual castaway while filming!

A documentary crew shooting an episode of Animal Planet's “River Monsters” off the coast of Australia came across a strange sight as they neared an island- a frantic man named Termini yelling “give me something to drink!”

Termini swam out to the crew's boat and happily drank a bottle of water, then told the crew that he's an amateur fisherman who got lost after he left his boat to look for oysters.

He'd been stranded for 60 hours, suffered from heat stroke and swore he would die alone on the island before the crew came along.

(YouTube Link)

The lucky castaway made a full recovery, and the footage was left in the episode so Termini can prove to his friends and family that his incredible rescue story is totally true.

Read TV Crew Finds Island Castaway While Shooting 'River Monsters' Episode here

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Turtle Trap - Beware Of Boxes Bearing Pizza

Turtle Trap by Manikx

Shredder spent years trying to come up with some master plan to trap the Ninja Turtles and make turtle soup out of them, but all he really needed was a cardboard box, a stick, a string and a fresh slice of pizza. It seems those teenage mutants are a lot like regular teenagers in that they can't resist the taste of a cheesy slice of pizza pie, and their hunger will actually override their logical minds when they smell that fresh pizza. But just so we're clear- this trick will not necessarily work on normal turtles, since they have yet to be introduced to the cowabunga power of pizza...

Captivate your fellow fans with this Turtle Trap t-shirt by Manikx, it's the adorable way to show love for the TMNT and regular old non-ninja turtles at the same time.

Visit Manikx's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Hungry Hungry Ninja Turtles R.O.U.S. Hunters Bob's Dream Zombie Mathematics

View more designs by Manikx | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Double Trouble - Wonderland Will Soon Weep

Double Trouble by LadyTank Studios

Oh my, it appears these two lovely ladies have fallen head over heels into a strange and wondrous land full of psychedelic dangers and surreal strangeness, what ever will they do to survive? The one they call Alice appears to have already gone to work and stained her pretty dress and boots with some poor soul's blood, and that knife she's wielding looks mighty sharp. And Harley certainly knows how to handle herself, laughing fear in the face or simply smacking it around until it goes away, but how long will she be able to hold out before she goes totally batty?

Your fellow fans will lose their minds when they see you wearing this Double Trouble t-shirt by LadyTank Studios, it's one crazy cool design!

Visit Lady Tank Studio's Facebook fan page, Twitter and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more scary good designs:

Power Suit Koopas The Walking Ra Splathulhu

Belcher Line Up

View more designs by LadyTank Studios | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Fantastically Freaky Comic Strips By Joan Cornellà

You don't have to be daft, dorky or deranged to draw comic strips, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

And those artists who are able to channel their particular brand of madness into their medium often become known for their fantastically freaky view of the world.

Spanish cartoonist Joan Cornellà has no problem letting his freak flag fly in his twisted (and often NSFW) comic strips, and looking at the world through Joan's eyes means finding magic in every nook and cranny.

Joan Cornellà's comics have earned him a place in the hearts of people who like to stare at funny stuff then laugh about it later when they see a shape or shadow that reminds them of his offbeat strips!

-Via JazJaz

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The Ancient Samurai Personality Test You Can Take By Making A Fist

Most personality tests require the participant to answer all kinds of questions in order to somewhat arbitrarily categorize them according to societal norms.

But these kinds of tests take too long to complete and are never truly tested for consistency, so you should find out what kind of person you are the Kobushi Shindan way- by making a fist.

Kobushi Shindan is a method samurai used to read people's personality types that translates to "fist analysis", defining who you are by how you make a fist.

If your thumb rests on your pointer finger when you make a fist then you're a strong leader who wants to feel needed by others and is fiercely loyal to your loved ones.

If your thumb rests on your middle finger then you're kind and sociable but scared to try new things and have a hard time starting relationships.

And if you tuck your thumb into your fingers when you make a fist then you're a sensitive introvert who hates conflict and therefore excels at having long relationships.

These are just brief snippets of what your fists says about you, but you can read more about Kobushi Shindan here

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Internet Reacts To Harriet Tubman Replacing Jackson On Twenty Dollar Bill

You can't announce earth shattering news online and expect the internet community to keep quiet, but sometimes their reactions are truly priceless.

Take these reactions to the news that Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill- they're some of the best reactions money can buy but they're free for an (un)limited time!

Seriously though, who doesn't enjoy seeing a new face on their hard earned funds? Oh wait...

See The Internet's Funniest Reactions To Harriet Tubman Landing On The $20 here

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Strange Video Shows Off The Latest In Feline Firearm Technology

Cats are used as pillows, napkins, backscratchers, lap warmers and free entertainment by their humans, and it's only a matter of time before humans figure out another use for freeloading felines.

But if the cats aren't careful, if they reveal their super secret sonic meow attack and show the humans that their canned food can be used as a grenade, then the cats will be forced into open warfare.

(YouTube Link)

This strange and mysterious video shows what it's like to mew-mew-mew with a feline firearm in the game Special Force II, a weapon that has the cutest reload animation of all time!

This is exactly what first person shooters have been missing all these years...

-Via Laughing Squid

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These Science Fiction Themed T-Shirts Are Frakkin' Funny!

HasselHOTH by Captain RibMan

You can usually tell a fantasy fan when you see them, or spot someone who is obsessed with anime or horror, but science fiction fans come from all walks of life and aren't so easy to identify.

That's why the sci-fi shirts sold at the NeatoShop are so popular- because the designs appeal to everyone while allowing the wearer to express their individual interests within the genre.

Give me a funny sci-fi shirt any day, because they're often unique and original

Etch-A-Skeksis by Pixhunter

And they never go out of style!

That's Not Honey by Ed Harrington

Continue reading

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Ride A Shooting Star - Like A Little Pink Ball Made Of Pure Magic

Ride A Shooting Star by FortuneCake

So you wanna learn to ride a shooting star? Well you'd better make sure you're feeling light on your feet that day because shuttling along at a hundred miles an hour on a star ain't as easy as Kirby makes it look. That little superstar can do things we can only dream about, and it doesn't matter how full he is when he steps onto that star because ring-a-ding-ding, that little pink thing can really fly, baby!

Send spirits soaring with this Ride A Shooting Star t-shirt by FortuneCake, it's the ultimate way to show the world that Kirby really makes you swoon!

Visit FortuneCake's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more high flying designs:

Mario's Vault To Judge And Punish Pondering The Freak Returns

View more designs by FortuneCake | More Video Game T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Blacksmith Creates Crucible Steel Knife From Wrought Iron Wagon Wheel

 photo bylosmdlb0xb4n4xours_zps5dzblm3o.gif

Working away at a forge all day can make a smith feel moody, as they sweat every last ounce of hope out of their body while hammering away on a piece of metal which doesn't care about your pain.

This is the reality blacksmith Niels Provos is faced with every day, which is why he approached the prospect of forging a knife out of wrought iron wagon wheels with such "enthusiasm".

(YouTube Link)

Niels should record his own series of relaxation tapes, because I found his fairly monotone drone to be quite soothing and a heck of a lot better than twenty minutes of hammer head hitting steel!

-Via Sploid

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The Real Meaning Behind Popular IKEA Product Names

The names IKEA uses for their products may seem strange, and the direct translations may be a bit off at times, but most IKEA names are perfectly appropriate for the product.

Take the BILLY bookcase and ELLY kitchen tea towels for example- the designs are supposed to be youthful and whimsical, so they were given popular names for kids.

The DUKTIG line translates to “capable”, which is how kids feel when they play with the tiny kitchen set, and this colorful plastic dinnerware below is appropriately named KALAS, the Swedish word for “party”.

See The Meaning Behind All Your Favorite IKEA Products' Names here

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Helpful Video Demonstrates How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink

It can be a real pain to live in a house with pipes that are constantly clogging up, and unless you know your way around the underside of a sink those clogs mean paying more money and calling a plumber.

But there are lots of helpful tutorials and DIY videos online that can help you avoid having to call in help, like this visual demonstration of how to unclog a bathroom sink from This Old House.

(YouTube Link)

The use of a clear pipe in the demonstration is a nice touch, and hopefully the pipes at our house won't clog up anytime soon but when they do I'll certainly give this a try!

-Via Boing Boing

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Artist Adds Cartoon Monsters To Images Of Everyday Life

Your world may already be full of colorful characters and terrifying monsters, and depending on where you live these critters may make great subjects for photos, if they'll stand still long enough to take a pic.

But if your town/village/city is relatively critter free congratulations on living in a good place! And enjoy these images by animator Jasper StAubyn West that show what living in a literal world full of monsters would look like.

Jasper created these monsterrific images as part of a “doodle a day” project for the month of March, and here's hoping he brings them back soon because they totally rock!

See more images from this fun series at design you trust

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Polaroids From Original "Rocky Horror" Set Found On Subway Platform

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the most beloved musicals of all time, especially to those who like shows with a little more bite, but when the iconic movie came out in 1975 it was overlooked by critics.

However, everyone who worked on the production knew it was pure magic, and all the fun taking place on the set and behind the scenes was captured on a series of now historic Polaroid photos.


These precious Polaroids (original photographer unknown) were used in The Rocky Horror Scrapbook then later purchased from a private collection by Larry Viezel.

Trouble is, a few of them fell out of Larry's bag at a New York City subway platform back in 2011, and could have been lost forever if a guy named Brady Marter hadn't shared them on Collectors Weekly:

Founds these on the platform of the C train in TriBeCa in 2011. They are photos of Tim Curry and the cast of Rocky Horror during the making of the film. Some have writing on the back and Frankenfurter kissed the back of one.

Larry commented on Brady's post and was able to convince him to return all but one of the Polaroids, a small price to pay to make this irreplaceable collection whole again.

Read Man Finds Vintage Polaroids From The Set Of "Rocky Horror" On NYC Subway here

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As Seen On TV Products That Are Surprisingly Awesome

Terrible As Seen On TV product lists have been done to death, but where's the love for the worthwhile products that just happen to be marketed and sold with a little help from television advertising?

(YouTube Link)

This video by WatchMojo.com shows us the good side of As Seen On TV, reminding us how the Fun Loom helped our kids get crafty, the PedEgg smoothed out our calloused feet, and the Mighty Putty fixed our broken lives.

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The Last Time Superman Died

Superman is slated to die once again, and even though he probably won't stay dead for long there's always a part of us that wonders "what if this really is the last time he dies?"

The last time Superman died, which was back in 1993 when he died battling the Kryptonian super villain Doomsday, readers believed he might be dead for good.

Their fears were reinforced by a special issue of Newstime which was released in May of 1993 as a fun way to make readers feel like part of the story as they read a magazine from Metropolis.

The magazine, which features a full article on Superman's final battle, funny letters to the editor and reviews of upcoming fictional movies, made real the idea of a world without Superman.

It also gave those new comic readers brought on board by the death storyline hype a fun introduction to the DC Universe at a point when many supermen tried but failed to replace one Man of Steel.

Read What Happened The Last Time Superman Died here

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35 Frightening Nopes From Australia, The Land Of Nope

(Image Link)

All of the things that make our skin crawl with terror, make us want to look away or jump out of the nearest window and run away in fear have been conveniently categorized online as “nopes”.

Nopes come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of creepiness, from the beginner nopes found in trash piles to the hordes of nope lurking under the sea.

(Image Link)

Australia has more than its fair share of shiver inducing nopes, so many, in fact, that they seem to be spilling out of every nook, cranny and light fixture.

(Image Link)

So if you can't stand the sight of squirmy and extremely poisonous critters dining on equally dangerous creatures like it's no big deal then you may want to visit anywhere else but Australia...

(Image Link)

See 37 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Land Of Nope here (contains NSFW language)

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The Real Reason 10 TV Show Characters Were Killed Off

Shows like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones love to kill off characters, but when a supporting character is killed on a sitcom like Seinfeld or The Big Bang Theory people start to wonder why.

George's fiancee Susan was killed off because actress Heidi Swedberg lacked the comedy chops to keep up with the Seinfeld cast, so she didn't make the cut.

But sadly Howard Wolowitz's mom on The Big Bang Theory, who was never actually seen on camera, was killed off because actress Carol Ann Susi died of cancer.

Carol had previously appeared on Seinfeld as the unemployment office worker's daughter, Carrie, with whom George went out on a few dates to avoid losing his benefits.

(YouTube Link)

This video by Looper reveals the real reason 10 different characters were written off popular TV shows, including the tragic tale of Tuco Salamanca the tired, and you can read a few more entries they left out of the video here.

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Elementary School Teacher Wins Twerking Contest, Loses Job

Apparently some people still love to twerk, and those butt shakin' fools are willing to risk wetting themselves in public, spinal injury or worse to shake what their maker gave them to a funky bass beat.

But elementary school teacher “Miss Clarissa” clearly didn't have a clue that her love of the twerk would cost her a job she loved even more.

“Miss Clarissa” was fired when this video of her competing in and winning a twerking contest in Cabo San Lucas during Spring Break was shared online. 

(YouTube Link)

She was forced out of her job by school administrators who found her off campus behavior unacceptable:

"They didn't give me any other option at my school than to resign," she told the publication. "I felt I was being attacked and put under pressure. I didn't know what else to do apart from leave as quickly as I could."

This is just further proof we live in an oversensitive world that places too much importance on social media posts, and if teachers aren't allowed to blow off steam in their private time it's the students who will suffer.

-Via Esquire

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This Is Why You Should Let Sleeping Tigers Sleep

Tigers are like all cats in that they need to squeeze in eighteen plus hours a day of beauty sleep, and they really don't like to be disturbed while they're catching some z's.

But unlike most other cats a tiger will launch a furious attack at anyone who dares disturb their sleep, even if that attack leads to an awkward tension between bros in a shared enclosure.

(YouTube Link)

Is that the tiger from The Hangover? Looks like Mike Tyson has taught him some moves!

-Via FAILBlog

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Portraits Of People After They've Had A Glass Or Three Of Wine

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you're buzzed or totally blotto and thought “gee, my face looks kinda funny right now!”

You may have dismissed this change in appearance as merely the product of inebriation, but this photo series by Marcos Alberti shows us that drinking actually makes our faces more fun.

That's because the alcohol in our favorite alcoholic beverages (in this case wine) takes away our inhibitions and allows us to stretch our faces into super silly expressions, thereby eliciting laughs.

It's all really scientific and related to chemistry and biology and endorphins and such, but this is all you really need to take away from Marcos Alberti's photo series- three glasses of wine is enough to loosen anyone up!

See Photographer Captures Subjects After A Glass (Or Two, Or Three) Of Wine at mental_floss

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