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The Beardski Will Keep You Warmski

If your face is freezing out on the slopes this winter, or you're simply looking for a way to remain anonymous and look like a Viking warrior at the same time, then you need a Beardski. It's a neoprene ski mask and an epic beard in one, and it comes in all kinds of styles and colors to suit your inner beard.

Link  --via TDW

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The Death And Return Of Superman-A NSFW Fan Film With Epic Cameos

(YouTube Link)

I'm pretty sure the only way a fan film can have this many celebrity cameos packed into one short film is if the fan in question is John Landis' son Max, with co-collaborator Bryan Basham on hand to keep all that Hollywood cred from going straight to his head.

Watch as Max and Bryan, and a handful of really famous friends, make The Death And Return Of Superman, "a somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film" about the time Superman got "killed" by Doomsday, then came back a little while later.

It's like Drunken History, only about comic books instead of, you guessed it, history, and I really hope this picks up where DH has fallen short over the years and they run with this concept, because it's gold I tell ya GOLD!

Oh, and in case you missed it in the title, this hilarious vid is for grown folks and is extremely NSFW, so if adult language ruins your day don't watch, just ask someone who's seen the vid to give you a recap!

--via The Mary Sue

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Wild And Wonderful Photorealistic Paintings By Audrey Flack

There's a lot to look at in these beautiful paintings by Audrey Flack, and I can't help but wonder if she used the house of a hoarder as the inspiration/reference for her paintings.

It's like a little adventure for your eyes, a tour of mystical terrain that takes you to some strange places and provokes a myriad of thoughts.

There are many stories being told by these works, the brilliant colors of life, beautiful shading and skilled rendering of multiple surface types playing off one another and further selling the realism.

Even though these pieces were painted in the 1970s, they look fresh to this day, and I'm sure digging that mystical vibe. Check out more of Audrey's masterpieces at the link below, it's a great way to feed your head.

Link  --via Beautiful Decay

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A Muppet Version Of The Wicker Man

(YouTube Link)

As you can tell by the soundtrack music in this parody trailer for A Muppet Wicker Man, it isn't referencing the excruciatingly bad version with Nic Cage from about five years back, but rather the much more enjoyable 1973 version that still gives me the creeps.

I'm still on the fence about this trailer, and why a room full of Muppet faced children creeps me out when I love the Muppets so much I'd name my son Gonzo just to have them perform at his first birthday party.

However the comic book that tells the whole story, and for which this trailer is a bit of creative advertising,  is amazingly well done and available to read for free online.

It's full of Muppet style humor, creepy moments and puppet heads photoshopped on to human bodies that enhance the eerie nature of this tale of witchcraft and human puppet sacrifice. And yes, I'm aware that it's been around since 2009, but does that really make it any less neat, or any more o-rama?

--via Topless Robot    --comic book LINK

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Bowser Looks A Lot Smaller In Real Life

Watch out for these guys when you're out on the race track in your Kart, because they might puncture your tires with their sharp spikes and bad attitudes. Created by DeviantARTist Dragonfly929, they're the most punk rock father and son duo I've seen since the trailer for The Other F Word and they're out for a bite of Italian.

Bowser is such a bad boy that he must get lots of love from the ladies, so why is he always after the Princess? And isn't little Bowser Jr. adorable? I guess male pattern baldness starts at an early age for these guys, no wonder they're so angry!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Victorian Star Wars Portraits

These Victorian style portraits of Star Wars characters by Terry Fan lead one to believe that C3PO is powered by steam, and that droids actually enjoy wearing three piece suits. Everyone knows that these things are untrue, of course, but it's a romantic version of the Space Opera that hasn't been fully explored yet, so let's just go with it.

In this series you get Darth Vader looking quite dapper, Yoda with a top hat that somehow makes his head look even smaller (and his ears even bigger), C3apo as a gentleman about town and Boba Fett fresh from overseas service in the military. These portraits  look like they were taken a long long time ago, in a place that's not so far away after all...

Link  --via Rampaged Reality

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Superhero Alignment Spectrum Chart

Have you ever wondered what hero (or villain) you have the most in common with, based on the moral choices you make in your life? Then this alignment chart should clear some things up, or show you that your fate lies in the realm of supervillainy.

Based on the nine basic alignments found in Dungeons and Dragons, this chart is pretty much spot on in my opinion, at least in terms of where the comic book characters chosen for this chart fit in to the spectrum.

I range between Rorschach and Deadpool myself, which character do you take after in terms of alignment?

Link  (much bigger version with legible text)

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Even The Trash Cans Are Getting A Makeover For The 2012 Olympics

The future of waste receptacle technology is here, and it has an LCD screen that can tell you how your stocks are doing today, how long it will take you to get home on public transit, and what the weather looks like for tomorrow.

It's bombproof, offers a free Wi-Fi  connection, and it appears that the only thing that hasn't improved is how it handles waste.

One hundred of these computerized trash bins are going to be placed in London's financial district before the 2012 Olympic Games begin in July, so if you're heading to London this summer you can stop by and say hi, then you'll have a great story to tell your grandchildren!


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This Giant Sculpture Of Confucius Is Scary

Confucius has never looked so creepy! Sculpted by Zhang Huan in waaaay more than life sized scale (32 feet tall!), this is one version of the Chinese philosopher that you'll want to steer clear of when it's feeding time.

It's so startlingly realistic that I have to wonder if Zhang hired a giant figure model for reference while sculpting. I kinda want to climb on top of giant Confucius' head and pretend I'm Remy from the Pixar movie Ratatouille.

Link  --via Geekosystem

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Fused Portraits Of People Then And Now

Now this is an interesting idea for a photo series-combine recently taken portraits of people with photos from when they were children, but instead of using Photoshop photographer Bobby Lee Adams uses a well placed tear down the middle of the face.

I was amazed at how similar they look when compared to their childhood selves, quite the difference from the other series that have been going around the interwebs lately (soldiers/drug addicts before and after). I guess everyone in this gallery has had a relatively trauma (or addiction) free life!

Check out more of these fused portraits at the link below, I'm gonna go do this with some of my own pics!

Link  --via DesignTAXI


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LEGO Captain America Kicks Some Serious Bricks

(YouTube Video)

Come for the reference to popular building bricks LEGO, stay for the graphic animated violence that makes bricks fly like never before. LEGO Captain America may be the most badass incarnation of the Marvel Comics character ever created, and that's saying a lot since he's been kicking tail in the comics since the 40s. Warning: Scenes of intense violence against toys ahead!

--via Comics Alliance

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Hula Hoop Cam Is A Really Bad Idea

(YouTube Link)

This seems like a good idea when you're at the drawing board, but watching the final result is akin to being inside a slowly spinning centrifuge, and made me feel a bit woozy. And since this is the second video made with the GoPro attachable camera and a hula hoop I've seen in the last year, I can't help but think that the people making these videos must have something against people with motion sickness, or else why? WHY? I can't see straight....

Maybe this technique will be used if they ever decide to make that whirling dervishes biopic they've been talking about for years, or if some studio picks up Merry-Go-Round: The Musical, but otherwise let's just leave the camera mounted on the tripod and refrain from making the viewers sick from now on, okay you hula hooping sadists?

--via TDW

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Who Needs Dice When You've Got This Furry Gauntlet

I have dubbed this ultimate gamer geek accessory the Forearm Guard Of (Dice) Rolling, but creator Dia calls it the Dungeons and Dragons Dice Gauntlet. It's a hand made leather cuff that contains a LilyPad  setup inside which automatically rolls a die, from d4 to d20, then presents the result on the screen. And the fun part is-you can make one for yourself, because Dia has included detailed, step-by-step instructions at the link below.

So now, when you roll a natural 20, you can hold your arm aloft and yell like a true Barbarian, for the proof is right there on the screen! Seriously though, hang on to your dice because you don't want the Dice Gauntlet to crap out on you when you're about to go heads up with a Beholder.

Link  --via Topless Robot

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Cat Learns Boxing By Watching TV

(YouTube Link)

The boxing world might have a furry new lightweight champ on its hands, in the form of this adorable boxing cat! It appears that he's learned how to stick and move by watching fights on TV, and if this video is any indication of how he'll perform in the ring this kitteh's got some fierce moves!

--via Geekosystem

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Pop Culture Locations With A Comic Book Look

Illustrator Tim Doyle had a rather clever premise in mind while creating the pieces for his debut art show "Unreal Estate"- give various locations from pop culture an artistic makeover.  Here's what Tim has to say about this series:

“Unreal Estate” is a collection of locations that many of us know and have been to on a weekly basis at times, but we can never actually visit. These places are in our memories- transmitted and entrenched there through a cathode-ray tube. Some of us have been going to these places for decades- some of these places were taken from us, way too soon.

Man, giving the Kwik-E-Mart a realistic edge makes it look even scummier than it does on The Simpsons!

Link  --via JazJaz

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Space Stallions Would Have Made A Sweet Saturday Morning Cartoon

(YouTube Link)

This trailer for imaginary animated series Space Stallions would have fit right in with the rest of the Saturday morning cartoon lineup in the 1980s, and considering that the creators were clearly going for a retro cartoon feel, that's definitely a compliment.

Created as a senior film project by students at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, it was created by combining  cartoon shaded 3d characters with traditional 2d animated elements and backgrounds, to give it that toony look and classic style.

The Space Stallions need to meet up with Wyld Stallyns (from the Bill & Ted movies) and party down somewhere in time!

--via i09

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Is This What Humans Will Look Like In 50 Million Years?

While I find it impossible highly unlikely that humans will still exist in 50 million years, it's horrifying fun to see what some scientists artists think we will look like at the end of eternity.

According to these illustrations by madman speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon, humans will evolve into some sort of organ shaped being, with yucky cute trunk tail and our own built in bat wings umbrellas.

The illustrations were published in Omni magazine in the early 1980s, and I can't help but wonder- would Dougal arrive at the same horrifying interesting conclusion if he were asked to draw future humans again today, or would modern scientific discoveries force him to simply leave the page blank?


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The World's First Heartless Man

Doctors from the Texas Heart Institute have successfully replaced a patient's heart with a device that keeps the blood flowing, thereby allowing him to live without a detectable heartbeat or even a pulse. Here's how it works:

The turbine-like device, that are simple whirling rotors, developed by the doctors does not beat like a heart, rather provides a ‘continuous flow’ like a garden hose.

Craig Lewis was a 55-year-old, dying from amyloidosis, which causes a build-up of abnormal proteins. The proteins clog the organs so much that they stop working, according to NPR.

But after the operation, with the ‘machine’ as his heart's replacement, Lewis’ blood continued to spin and move through his body.

However, when doctors put a stethoscope to his chest, no heartbeat or pulse can be heard (only a ‘humming’ sound)—which “by all criteria that we conventionally use to analyze patients”, Doctor Cohn said, he is dead.

This is proof that “human physiology can be supported without a pulse”.

With all the talk of replacing human organs with those of an animal and electronic hearts, it's surprising that medical researchers overlooked taking a trip to the plumbing section of the hardware store for replacement parts!


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Amazing Cubicle Whiteboard Artist

Whiteboard artist Bill Taylor proves that a little time "wasted" at work can be a beautiful thing. He spends less than ten minutes a day, over up to six weeks time per piece, recreating classic artworks by Picasso, Lichtenstein, Banksy and Escher, among others.

And when he's finished he just wipes the board clean and starts all over again, after taking a photo of the finished piece, of course. I wonder how he keeps his co-workers from messing up his masterpieces?

Link  --via Flavorwire

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What Angry Birds Look Like After The Game

If you've ever wondered what the Angry Birds look like after they take down those dastardly pigs, these illustrations by deviantARTist Scooterek should fill you in on what they look like after battle. Their medical bills must be through the roof, good thing their game is so popular!

Link  --via Rampaged Reality

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Self Guided Bullets Will Arrive At Their Destination Safely

As if combat isn't scary enough, imagine a future where bullets zip around, homing in on laser guided targets and doing a deadly dance in the air, curving and rolling until they hit home.

Well, this future battlefield phenomenon isn't that far off, because Sandia National Laboratories have created a prototype for a self guided bullet that can hit a laser designated target from over a mile away. Here's how it works:

While in flight, the guided bullet collects information with an optical sensor and relays it to an eight bit central processing unit that controls electromagnetic actuators. You may think it’d be tough to load all this equipment onto a bullet, but the researchers say that the bullet’s diminutive size has actually made things easier. With a rocket, course adjustment is a slow, meticulous process. With the bullet, adjustments are so responsive that the guidance system can compensate for over-correction pretty easily, which gives everything a little extra wiggle room.

I hope someone creates bullet proof armor with laser targeting jammers before these suckers start flying!



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You're Never Too Old To Be A Gamer

(YouTube Link)

The centenarian in this video is here to tell you that you're never too old to be a hardcore gamer, and she stresses the fact that gaming can do wonders for your mental health as she happily plays her beloved Nintendo DS. And I got to use the word centenarian in a blog post that relates to video games, so yay life!

--via The Mary Sue

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Super Mario World Shuffles Off To Buffalo

(YouTube Link)

Scott Bradlee and Alex MacDonald got together and decided to add a touch of class to the Super Mario World theme song.

"What's the best way to do this?" you ask nonchalantly, as you swish your cocktail around, ice clinking against the glass.

I reply enthusiastically "By adding tap dancing, of course!"

You nod, take a sip, and hit play on Super Mario World For Piano And Tap.

-cue the credits-

--via Best Week Ever

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Bioshock Themed Craft Beer

This here's a craft beer for the gamer in your life, the kind of beer enjoyed by those who also enjoy apocalyptic first person shooters, and products named after in-game brands. By dubbing his delicious beer Brow Sweat, craft brewer Calum has made a pale ale worthy of an eternity under the sea, in true Bioshock fashion. Here's how I imagine the radio spot would sound:

"If you've had a long day lurking around Rapture in your grimy party getup, bashing people with a lead pipe and talking to yourself maniacally, you need to sit down and relax with a Brow Sweat Brew from Ryan Industries, a pale ale without all that ADAM from a name you know you have to trust...or else! Pick one up today at your nearest Circus of Values!


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Artwork Shows What May Lie At The Center Of The Earth

Scientists have known what is contained in the Earth's core for about 75 years now, but that hasn't stopped sci-fi authors and artists from doing some wild speculation of their own.

These images by Japanese sci-fi illustrators are really far out, and I'm sure you'll agree that the Earth's core would make the awesomest setting ever for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or a great video game premise-Astronauts Vs. The Earths Core.

Just don't go looking for science, because these sci-fi illustrations are mostly fiction.


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Kermit And Miss Piggy Speak Out Against FOX News Report

(YouTube Link)

When you actually believe that The Muppets movie might be pushing some sort of communist, anti-oil agenda on our kids, you've got problems, but when you are called out by Kermit and Miss Piggy, two fleece-skinned superstars that aren't afraid to tell it like it is, your claims start to look like utter hogwash. Watch as my favorite frog (sorry Frogger!) and pig (sorry Babe!) put the commie claims to bed via press conference.

--via Comedy Central

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Oh My Gandhi! Multiple Mahatmas!

What you're seeing is not a casting call for Gandhi: The Musical, nor is it a collection of Mahatma Gandhi clones popping out of some strange moustachioed alternate dimension, but rather the making of a world record!

To mark the 64th anniversary of Gandhi's passing, 485 kids gathered together to celebrate their fallen leader by dressing up like him, complete with glasses, moustache and bald cap, and in doing so set a world record.

I wonder if any of the students who took place in the world record costume party went on to become Groucho Marx impersonators?


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Ozzy The Amazingly Acrobatic Dog

(YouTube Link)

Ozzy the acrobatic dog must be in training to become a superhero's sidekick, because this dog is performing well beyond the abilities of his canine cousins.

He balances on all sorts of stuff, from chain link to fences, he jumps rope like a champ, and likes to flip off the side of a tree in a kung fu style that would make Jackie Chan proud.

Hit the link to see some amazing stills of Ozzy in action, and be sure to check out his YouTube channel to watch him hone his awesome acrobatic skills.

--via Best Week Ever

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Does Your Motorcycle Look Too Cool? Then Get The Boxx Bike!

It may not be a guaranteed in for the biker gang of your choice, but at least you don't have to put gas in it! The BOXX electric bike is the new square way to get around town without negatively impacting the environment, although people may complain that it's a bit of an eyesore.

It goes up to 35 mph, so you won't really be hitting the highway on this bad boy, but maybe the light (120 lbs.) and short (36 inches long) body style is what you're looking for, like when you need to pick it up and run away from that biker gang you tried to join.


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The Phantom Menace-Sweded Edition

(YouTube Link)

In celebration of reference to the Phantom Menace in 3D release, a band of student filmmakers got together and decided to put out the sweded version of the film.

It's short, super silly and cheesy, and all you really need to get you through this dark time in the Star Wars universe, at least until the next parody video appears on the interwebs.

--via Geekologie

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