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Glove And Boots Dream A Little Dream Of Freddy Krueger

It's nice to have someone sing you to sleep before bed, but if the singer is the nightmare inducer himself Freddy Krueger you're probably better off staying awake or you'll never wake up again!

Freddy's melted face is terrifying to behold even in puppet form, but, as Mario of Glove and Boots discovered, he does have one heck of a singing voice when he belts out the twilight themed tune "Dream A Little Dream Of Me".

(YouTube Link)

Could it be that Freddy isn't such a bad guy after all, and the nightmares can actually be attributed to teens eating too much junk food before bed?

-Via Laughing Squid

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

People Who Felt Betrayed By Their Internet Purchases

Buying stuff online is a gamble, even when the listing includes lots of photos of the item, which is why people still head to physical locations to see, touch and try on the items they're thinking about buying.

That way you don't end up with the dress version of a Watergate salad instead of the beautiful dress you thought you were ordering.

Sometimes it's hard to tell where things could have gone so wrong between the item shown in the picture and what is actually being sold, like this print to order rug with boundary issues.

But anyone who has bought enough stuff online has met with a few happy accidents among the mistakes and misrepresentations, like when you buy beer socks and get way cooler cat socks instead. Score!

See 19 People Who Were Terribly Betrayed By Their Internet Purchases here

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Awesome Cardboard Creations From Maker Faire

Cardboard is truly a maker's best friend because it's cheap, easy to find in large quantities and the perfect medium for making models of your creation.

From pattern making to prototyping to building the project itself, cardboard is an ultimate, and totally eco-friendly, way to bring your ideas to life.

This year's World Maker Faire New York featured some outstanding cardboard creations, including fully functional pinball machines, a really cool dinosaur costume and a giant bear's head for attendees to use as their cubhouse.

(Image Link)

And as if that stuff wasn't cool enough, cardboard sculptor Bartholomew Ting followed up his bear head bunker with a life-size F1 car sculpture, which naturally drove attendees wild!

See more cardboard creations from Maker Faire here

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Brilliant Ways Movies And TV Shows Have Snuck Stuff Past The Censors

Censorship is supposed to protect viewers from being exposed to things like nudity, gore, explicit language and disturbing situations, basically all the things viewers usually want in movies or TV shows.

That's why creators are constantly battling the censors to keep their shows intact, censor despised content and all, and their struggle sometimes forces creators to flat out lie about what's happening on the screen.

Censors hate blood, and they actively force filmmakers to remove any trace of blood from their trailers, but back in 1980 Stanley Kubrick got away with telling the censors that his iconic blood flood in The Shining was really just "rusty water".

Because of Kubrick's lie the trailer, complete with that disturbing shot of the "rusty water" flooding towards the camera, briefly made it to theaters before being pulled by the MPAA.

Are you wondering why Fonzie was featured in the lead image? Believe it or not, Happy Days also had trouble with the censors about one issue- Fonzie's leather jacket.

The Fonz looked like a total Potsie without his leather jacket, but censors claimed only criminals wear a leather jacket when they're not riding their bike, so show creator Garry Marshall started working a motorcycle into every scene.

Read 6 Brilliant Ways Movies & TV Shows Stuck It To The Censors here (contains NSFW language)

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Watch The World's Youngest DJ Wow The Crowd

There are many musicians who claim they were born with a rhythm in their heart and a funky beat in their soul, but none of them can offer actual proof to that effect like 3-year-old DJ Arch Jr.

AJ's performance on South Africa's Got Talent blew the audience away, and even though the little guy hasn't figured out the "smile and say hi to the camera" part of performing he already knows how to rock a party right.

(YouTube Link)

So where does the world's youngest DJ go from here? Straight to the top of the kindergarten rave scene!

-Via Cheezburger

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Self Portraits Painted By Vampira

Creatures of the night don't come much more hauntingly beautiful than Vampira, TV's first horror host who inspired many creepy characters to come, including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Vampira is a character created by the late Maila Nurmi, and although she inspired future generations with her fiendish fashion sense and vampy persona, Maila's time in the spotlight was sadly short lived.

Maila spent her golden years painting portraits of Vampira and selling them through an art dealer in L.A., her iconic character kept alive via paint covered canvas.

Here's a short video featuring Maila discussing where her passion for painting began:

(YouTube Link)

Read more about Vampira's passion for painting at Dangerous Minds

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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The Top 10 Secret Levels In Video Games

Discovering a secret level in a video game is like discovering pirate's treasure, only without the monetary gain and cool Captain's curse.

These are the levels that keep gamers talking, the secret spaces that give us a reason to replay a game until we've discovered every pixel of that virtual world.

(YouTube Link)

WatchMojo put together a nice list of their picks for Top 10 Secret Levels In Video Games to put you in a nostalgiac mood.

From Super Mario World's fabled Star Road to the ridiculous Secret Cow Level in Diablo II, these are levels that "are hidden and must be found by completing certain objectives or searching certain areas of a game", a gamer's ultimate prize for playing.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Always Carefully Check Your Photos Before Posting Them Online

Photobombing is all about perfect timing on the part of the photobomber and the camera perfectly capturing the moment an unwanted visitor entered the shot, so beware those photobombs which are silent but deadly.

(Image Link)

These surprise photobombings can cause the sharer quite a bit of embarrassment if they're not careful, so don't get caught by these background buffoons or you'll be hearing about it via social media.

(Image Link)

You should carefully scrutinize every photo you take before posting it online, to make sure you don't have anything too personal or racy in the shot and keep people from calling you a boob.

(Image Link)

People Who Should Have Checked The Background Of Photos Before Putting Them Online  (contains NSFW imagery)

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Ten Life Forms That Would Survive A Nuclear War

Visual media has played out all sorts of different post apocalyptic scenarios, from the fantasy zombie kind to the down and dirty nuclear annihilation doomsday, and somehow humans always manage to survive.

But where humans would be dealing with radiation sickness some creatures would hardly even notice the effects of a nuclear war, proving they deserve to be called a survivor.

We've all heard the theory that cockroaches would survive a nuclear blast because they can withstand more radiation than humans, but did you know the fruit fly is even more of a survivor than the roach?

According to Mythbusters only ten percent of roaches would survive a 10,000 rad bomb blast (Hiroshima level), but the common fruit fly can handle up to 64,000 rads thanks to their slow cell division and extremely fast reproduction. That means fruit flies are pesky and persistent!

See 10 Life Forms That Would Survive A Nuclear War here

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Seven Surprising Uses For Vodka

Vodka makes us warm and happy when we drink it, and doesn't destroy us the next day like the browns, but what makes vodka so awesome is you can do a whole lot more with it than just make martinis.

Vodka is a natural disinfectant, deodorant and mold and mildew remover, so you can use some of your liquor cabinet stash to clean house before your friends come over for cocktails.

The clear liquor is also an insect repellant and dandruff remover, although you probably don't want to spray yourself with vodka before driving or you'll have some explaining to do if you get pulled over!

Read 7 Surprising Uses For Vodka at mental_floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Guy Burns Down His Apartment While Live Streaming

There's a fine line between silly and stupid, so when you're filming a silly video to post to the interwebs know when to say when or things are going to get stupid.

The Japanese livestreamer in this video didn't know when to stop his crazy train so he drove it all the way to Dumbville, stupidly playing with fire when he clearly knows nothing about fire safety.

(start the video at around 4:54 if you only want to see the fire)

(YouTube Link)

Watching this guy try to deal with the ever growing ball of flame in his house is like watching a Minion try to put out a fire, only without the charming "bee-do, bee-do" noises.

It's unsure what the heck he was thinking, but if you're wondering how he fared the YouTube video info simply states "He and his family are alive"

-Via Dorkly

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25 T-Shirts With Fall Inspired Designs Sure To Put You In An October State Of Mind

October is the official beginning of fall, and as the ambient temperature cools down things heat up in our kitchens and workshops as we get ready to entertain and gear up for the holidays ahead.

Decisions... Decisions... by linesXofXfury

But before you get too caught up in the holiday hoopla take some time for yourself and celebrate the fabulously fun month of October with a NeatoShop t-shirt!

Right now the NeatoShop is having a sale with free worldwide shipping on all t-shirt orders placed by October 11, 2015, so it's the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe for fall!

October begins with World Smile Day on October 2nd, which refers to people smiling not planets

Let's Put A Smile On That Face by Lili Batista

And then we get right into the fall festivities with Oktoberfest

Mr. Bier by Albyletoy

Continue reading

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Why The Muggles In Harry Potter Make No Sense

I'm not a very big fan of the Harry Potter franchise, and even though I've seen every movie I don't plan on reading any of the books, so I'm left with many questions that may or may not be explained in the books.

There's one main question that has bothered me since the first film- why do the Hogwarts crew care so much about staying hidden from Muggles?

Apparently I'm not the only one who wonders why wizards care so much about Muggles, and illustrator George Rottkamp and Dorkly's Andrew Bridgman created this comic that colorfully illustrates why wizards should stop hiding and start healing!

-Via Dorkly

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A Video Comparison Of The First And Final Shots From 125 Different Films

Movies are visual narratives that tell the story of a character's journey through scenes, which are further broken down into shots that, when edited together, take the viewer along for the ride.

(Vimeo Link)

Every journey must begin and end, and the narrative structure of a film makes the beginning and end of the journey extremely important, which thereby makes the opening and closing two of the most important shots in the entire film.

(Vimeo Link)

This comparative video by Jacob T. Swinney shows the opening and closing shots from 125 different films, showcasing how important these shots are to setting the tone of each film.

-Via /Film

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The Most Adorable Father And Son WWE Smackdown Bout Ever

Fathers and sons often butt heads, and as a boy grows into a young man those battles may become a bit more physical.

But you wouldn't expect to find a video featuring a father and son beating each other down WWE style to be so delightful to watch.

(YouTube Link)

Jamie Baker created these utterly adorable videos that show how he goes head-to-head with his super tough son Noah, with the overdubbed sound of WWE so the whole bout feels more serious.

(YouTube Link)

There are bound to be people who watch these videos and have concerns about safety, but don't worry- Noah didn't seriously injure his dad during the making of these videos, he hurt him just enough to call them WWE worthy.

-Via Cheezburger

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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How Often Should You Wash Your Clothes?

Most of us just use common sense to decide when an article of clothing needs to be washed (although some stinky folks could probably use a refresher course), but what does science have to say about when we should wash our clothes?

(YouTube Link)

Allow Greg Foot of Brit Lab to elaborate on the topic of washing clothes, starting with why it's important to wash them in the first place (aka the gross part), and then finishing up the chat by solving the mystery of when we should wash our jeans.

-Via Lifehacker

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The Alien Hoax That Had People Talking Back In 1958

People were a little more gullible back in 1958, and the Roswell incident had everybody buzzing about aliens, so we'll cut them a little slack for believing this guy was actually a being from another world.

Eye witnesses reported seeing a glowing, two foot tall alien (or ten feet tall, depending on who you asked) that could run faster than any human, but really they were just seeing Jerry Sprague in his crappy costume.

Jerry and his buddies decided to capitalize on the alien sighting trend by creating a “little blue man” costume sure to be the talk of the town, with blue glow-in-the-dark paint and a football helmet equipped with flashing lights.

The "Little Blue Man Hoax" probably wouldn't be so well received nowadays, but the cops who arrested Jerry Sprague and his buddies back in '58 found the whole thing funny and let them off with a warning.

-Via Boing Boing

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Amazingly Realistic Wax Sculptures Of Famous Characters

If you're gonna make hyper realistic wax sculptures of people you might as well use some of the most recognizable and beloved people, with those famous faces we love, as your inspiration.

Master sculptor Trevor Grove has a knack for capturing both the look and personality of each person he sculpts, and he obviously has really good taste because he chose both Tom Waits and Eddie Munster as his subjects!

He's also really good at sculpting amazing likenesses in small 1/6 scale, like this head for the Bill Murray- Actor action figure the world of geeky toys needs NAO!

See more of Trevor Grove's amazing sculptures here

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Five Facts About MMA Fighting Not Seen On TV

All forms of professional fighting have rules that were put in place to help fighters stay alive and ready for their next fight, and the only cheats you could ever sneak by would be small scale stuff.

Crafty fighters come up with all kinds of (mostly gross) ways to give them an edge in the ring, and since mixed martial arts bouts usually involve some sort of grappling MMA fighters often use their stink to give them a leg up.

But stink isn't as effective as hard training, and MMA fighters train so hard they risk being knocked unconscious or receiving a career ending injury just to make sure they're in top shape when they enter the Octagon.

Read Stink Is A Weapon: 5 Facts About MMA Fighting (Not Seen On TV) here (contains NSFW language)

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How Disney Animators Used A Model To Help Bring Alice To Life

Animators have always used photo reference and models to help them create character designs and make the character's motion look as realistic and fluid as possible, but Disney took it to a whole other level.

Their character performances are top notch, their human character designs are so believable we feel like we know them in real life, all thanks to their crafty methods of using live-action reference.

 photo alice-wonderland-classical-animation-kathryn-beaumont-gif-1_zpsdhha823o.gif

Disney animators used Kathryn Beaumont as their Alice in every way, since she also voiced the character and obviously provided inspiration for many of Alice's facial expressions as well.

The clip above shows how they turned a small acted out segment into an iconic scene from Alice In Wonderland, and below we see how Alice's character design was created by drawing over photographic reference of Kathryn, to keep proportions correct and make her more believable.

It may look like cheating, but when there are tens of thousands of frames of character animation to be drawn, inked, painted and filmed for the movie animators need all the help they can get!

See more Old Photos Reveal How Disney's Animators Used A Real-Life Model To Draw Alice

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12 Super Powered Facts About Dragon Ball Z

When the super saiyan slugfest known as Dragon Ball Z hit the airwaves some people found the fighting too over the top and the lack of character development disturbing.

But as the show got going and proved it was about more than people beating each other up anime fans of all kinds started going along for the ride.

With an epic 291 episodes and dozens of characters getting in to DBZ can be quite a chore, and even those who've seen every episode have probably noticed some inconsistencies and errors.

Things like fluctuations in animation quality, sudden character hair and wardrobe changes, and a character's disappearance from the series made viewers feel like their eyes were playing tricks on them.

But these are just part of Dragon Ball Z's charm, and if the creator and writer of the manga Akira Toriyama couldn't keep track of all the facts during it's creation we never stood a chance!

Read 12 Surprising Facts You Might Not Have Known About Dragon Ball Z at Dorkly

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Five Dilapidated Buildings That Were Given A New Lease On Life

Abandoned buildings come in all shapes, sizes and degree of degradation, and the sad truth is even the most beautiful, costly and architecturally amazing buildings may be abandoned over time.

Thankfully, there are plenty of historically minded people out there who don't like watching an awesome building go to waste, and with their hard work the abandoned are made into a home again.

1. Hotel Del Salto, Colombia-

(Image Link)

When people get a bad reputation they can turn their life around and rebuild their rep, but when a building gets a bad reputation it's often abandoned or simply torn down. 

But really lucky buildings, like the Hotel del Salto in Colombia, are brought back to life by hard working people who believe in preserving history.

(Image Link)

Originally called “The Mansion Of Tequendama Falls”,  the Hotel del Salto was built by architect Carlos Arturo Tapias in 1923 as a symbol of decadence, joy and elegance.

By the 1950s the mansion was due to undergo a massive overhaul and become a full fledged hotel, but work never began because the mansion had become a source of superstitious fear for the locals.

(Image Link)

Referred to as the Hotel del Salto, people abandoned the hotel due to water pollution and a belief that the hotel was haunted by guests who had committed suicide off the roof:

Local legend has it that the indigenous Muisca Indians used to jump from Tequendama Falls to avoid capture by Spanish conquerors, where upon falling they would transform into an eagle and fly away. This mythical story attracted the broken-hearted who leapt to their death from the hotel’s cliffs overlooking the falls.

(Image Link)

40 years later the hotel had been taken back by nature, with broken out windows letting in the weather and plants growing up through the carpet.

But thanks to the hard work of The Institute Of Natural Sciences of the University Of Colombia and the Ecological Farm Foundation of Porvenir the Hotel del Salto was renovated and turned into a museum.

(Image Link)

Now known as Casa Museo Tequendama (the Tequendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity and Culture), the ghosts of the mansion's past have been put to rest, opening up to guests once again in 2013.

(Image Link)

And from the look of the few photos I could find online the interior have come a long way from the days of trees and fungus growing freely through the floors!

(Image Link)

Continue reading

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RuPaw's Drag Race Is Home To The Fiercest Feline Model On The Interwebs

RuPaul's Drag Race has proven that fierce divas rockin' major style can still have a sense of humor about themselves, and the show features some of the most flamboyant drag queens in the world.

It's a good thing RuPaul and the Drag Race squad have a good sense of humor because the Instagram feed RuPaw's Drag Race is rivaling their fierceness and proving that furry can be absolutely fabulous.

RuPaw's Drag Race features a feline model with lots of moxie dressed in the finest "handmade kitty queen couture", and if the RuPaw's crew ever land a series on Animal Planet RuPaul is in trouble!

-Via Cheezburger

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Captain Olimar was never so happy as when he was training pikmin to protect their planet, but the life of an astronaut means travelling to different worlds so he soon made his way to Earth. There he found the plants were merely plants, and people were extremely hard to train and even harder to control, so it seemed that life would not be as fun as it had been with the pikmin. But then he discovered a strange world of evolving monsters that fit in your pocket and discovered that he too wanted to catch em all. Pocket monsters weren't quite as obedient as pikmin, and some weren't quite as cute, but the arena battles were glorious and made tiny Captain Olimar feel like a mighty big guy!

You'll catch all the smiles and hi fives when you wear this CAPTAIN OLIMAR: POKEMON TRAINER!? t-shirt by OhHeyDJ, it's the stylish way to show the world you were born to be a trainer.

Visit OhHeyDJ's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:


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Rainbo First Blood - One Horn, Hundreds Of Bullets

Rainbo First Blood by Harebrained Design

They tromped through his forest, trampling his flower beds and eating all the magic berries before he could fill his belly, but when those pesky goblins killed his buddy Barry the Bunny things got personal. Now one unicorn with one horn and one assault rifle with a whole lotta bullets is gonna make those little green creeps pay for ruining his idyllic forest homeland. You've never seen a unicorn as hate filled or bloodthirsty as Rainbo, the unicorn who dreams of vengeance!

Add a mighty twisted mashup to your geeky wardrobe with this Rainbo First Blood t-shirt by Harebrained Design, it's the colorful way to show your love of one horned magical horses and intensely violent action movies all with one shirt!

Visit Harebrained Design's NeatoShop for more bloody good designs:

Fifth Of November Che Stark Codename: Doctor Folk Yeah!

View more designs by Harebrained Design | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Dr. Farnsworthstein - That's Mr. Frankenbutter To You, Hippie!

Dr. Farnsworthstein by Bleee

If you see any drunk and defective robots wandering around the old section of New New York they're probably one of Dr. Farnsworthstein's creations. He probably should have given up scientisting long ago, but his scientifical mindset refused to stop even when his brain malfunctioned and had to be replaced. Now he mostly creates bots that love to go on benders, one eyed mutant people who are both uptight and undateable, and little smarmy clones of himself so he never gets lonely in his lab. You could say Dr. Farnsworthstein is a crackpot, but then he'd inevitably crack a pot over your head!

Add some Hubert hilarity to your geeky wardrobe with this Dr. Farnsworthstein t-shirt by Bleee, he's likely to replace Dr. Frankenstein as your favorite scientifical madman.

Visit Bleee's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Batsabre Awakens Not This Snowman! Baynder A Boy And His Grogg

View more designs by Bleee | More TV T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Nightmare - He's The Skinniest Santa I've Ever Seen!

Nightmare by Crumblin' Cookie

Jack's favorite time of year has rolled around once again, and you know what that means- things to make you gasp with delight will be nestled snug as a blood sucking bug under your Christmas tree. There will be gifts for all ghouls and boys, and if you're extra naughty the Pumpkin King is liable to bring you something sweet- like a candied spider or sugar encrusted eel. Take my advice- when Jack comes prancing down your chimney try to keep your eyes closed so you don't catch your death of fright!

Celebrate the most frightfully festive time of year with this Nightmare t-shirt by Crumblin' Cookie, it's the perfect shirt to wear for the rest of the year!

Visit Crumblin' Cookie's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Two Cats Every Cake Is Awesome Pocket Soulmate Snowcat

View more designs by Crumblin' Cookie | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Heavy Adventures - You'll Have To Travel Through Time To Collect Every Issue

Heavy Adventures by Punksthetic

The way Marty described his awesome adventures back and forth through time made the trip sound so totally cool that the Alternate Timeline comic company couldn't help but turn it into a book series. You had all the colorful players in place- all the different Biffs in all their Biffiness, the Doc with his crazy hair and cool catchphrases, the hoverboard and the car, don't even get me started on the car! That series was sure to sell millions of copies, until young Mr. McFly discovered that Doc Brown's calculations were off, and what Marty was experiencing wasn't actually real...

Take your geeky wardrobe back in time with this Heavy Adventures t-shirt by Punksthetic, it's the fly way to stay totally retro-futuristic!

Visit Punksthetic's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Neitherworld Vintage Everything is Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Razin Bran

Quint's Boat Tours

View more designs by Punksthetic | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Draven - He Dreamt Of Vengeance As A Crow Took Flight

Draven by Mephias

Eric Draven has not only become the symbol of retribution from beyond the grave, a dark beacon of hope in a city where crime rules people pay with their lives, he has become a symbol of life. He has proven that the human spirit cannot be snuffed out like a cigarette, and those who kill for kicks have started to watch out for crows as they go about their dirty business. Nothing says hope like a good old fashioned resurrection...

Add some comic book cool to your geeky wardrobe with this Draven t-shirt by Mephias, it's sure to scare up some smiles wherever you go.

Visit Mephias's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Damn Fine Sweater King Of The Hollow Hail To The Chief, Baby! Mononoke Is Coming

View more designs by Mephias | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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How Do Stardates Actually Work In Star Trek?

The voyages of the Starship Enterprise are logged via stardates, and these seemingly insignificant set of numbers are meant to mark the episode's place in the series' timeline.

They sound like serious business, but how much thought and effort is put into continuity in the Star Trek series' in terms of stardates?

Well, as Chris Higgins of mental_floss discovered, the stardate system used in the original Star Trek series was "totally bogus" by design. Here's a snippet from the series bible:

Pick any combination of four numbers plus a percentage point [ed. note: tenths digit], use it as your story's stardate. For example, 1313.5 is twelve o'clock noon of one day and 1314.5 would be noon of the next day. Each percentage point is roughly equivalent to one-tenth of one day. The progression of stardates in your script should remain constant but don't worry about whether or not there is a progression from other scripts. Stardates are a mathematical formula which varies depending on location in the galaxy, velocity of travel, and other factors, can vary widely from episode to episode.

(YouTube Link)

However, the writers and directors of Star Trek: The Next Generation were given an updated system that actually worked, and with the updated system we discover that one season of the show amounts to 1,000 days:

A stardate is a five-digit number followed by a decimal point and one more digit. Example: "41254.7." The first two digits of the stardate are always "41." The 4 stands for 24th century, the 1 indicates first season. The additional three leading digits will progress unevenly during the course of the season from 000 to 999. The digit following the decimal point is generally regarded as a day counter.

Of course they still goofed here and there, but that's a way better system than "pick four random numbers and a percentage point".

Read more about Star Trek's Stardates system at mental_floss

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