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Ten Fun Facts About Forrest Gump

Forrest says that life is like a box of shrimp flavored chocolates that make you run, Forrest, run to the nearest toilet when you’re done. Oh, and his love interest Jenny became a hippie and made some really bad decisions in her life.

Okay, so I left out the part about him meeting Elvis and Nixon, his superstar ping pong playing and his eventful service in Vietnam, but is that all there is to know about Forrest Gump?

Well, according to GeekTyrant that’s far from the final word on this fan fave flick, and their Ten Fun Facts About Forrest Gump reveal what Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and John Travolta have to do with the film, as well as the bits which were based on actual events.

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Denny's Earns A Dining High Score By Teaming Up With Atari

Nobody serves up greasy spoon style food quite like Denny’s, home of the Grand Slam breakfast, Moons Over My Hammy and movie themed menu items like the Hobbit Hole Breakfast, but their latest team up with iconic video game company Atari left them with one major problem-how can Atari and Denny’s come together in a way that feels organic?

Denny's Chief Branding Officer Frances Allen came up with the brilliant idea to turn some Atari's most popular games, like Centipede and Asteroids, into food-related titles, and the best part is- you'll be able to download and play the games while you wait for your food to arrive, which is about as long as you'll want to spend playing an Atari game anyway! 

-Via Gamma Squad

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Common Common Complaints At Restaurants

Very few workers deal with as many complaints on a daily basis as those in the foodservice industry, and whether you’re a busser, server, or simply pouring drinks in a restaurant bar, you hear your fair share of complaints from customers who expect more from your establishment than they do from most anywhere else.

Many restaurant patrons want things done their way, because in their mind paying for a meal means paying for their idea of service perfection, so it was probably easy for Consumer Reports to create this infographic detailing The Most Common Restaurant Complaints.

Most people have no problem sharing their opinions about dining out, and if you eat out enough you're bound to have complaints, so how do your complaints about eating out measure up to the percentages on this infographic?

Click here to see an enlarged version of the infographic

-Via DesignTAXI

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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10 Villains And Evil Organizations Badly In Need Of A P.R. Makeover

Being a part of a villainous organization may seem like a glamorous lifestyle, when you're not getting shot at or punched in the face by the good guys, but the average citizen doesn't see the glamour and fame, they simply see a group which threatens their way of life.

Who can blame people for being wary when you name your group the Legion of Doom or the Masters of Evil? Maybe it's time for a public relations makeover, so people won't know what to expect from your evil organization until it's too late:

The nefarious baddies who made io9's list of 10 Villains and Evil Organizations That Badly Need P.R. Makeovers have been too busy subjugating humanity, battling the forces of good and simply doing what they do best, to consider how their image is affecting their success as a whole.

They need to take a lesson from successful villains such as Richard Nixon, Walter White and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man- paint a pretty picture of yourself to the public, and don't let them see the real you until you've sunk your claws in deep enough to leave a mark!

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Spelunking Gone Wrong- Man Gets Stuck In Cave As Water Starts To Rise

(Image Via YouTube)

Spelunking seems like an extremely dangerous hobby, and truly terrifying for people who have a problem with confined spaces, bats, and the dark.

Those who choose to take up spelunking spend a lot of time exploring underground to earn their stripes, and they learn to deal with unpredictable, and potentially life threatening, situations that often seem to pop up out of nowhere:

(Video Link)

The fellow in this video has clearly earned his stripes, and yet nothing could prepare him for the time he got wedged in between the walls of a narrow rock "tube", as water started pouring in all around him.

Apparently it took him three hours of crawling to make his escape from Lost John's Cave on Leck Fell in Lancashire, England, but I imagine at that point he was just happy he didn't drown!

(NSFW due to language)

-Via Cheezburger

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The 66 Gestures Chimpanzees Use To Communicate With Each Other

(Image Via Current Biology)

Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals, there’s no doubt about that, but a new study published in Current Biology reveals the extent of their intelligence in the area of communication.

It seems chimps have developed a rather elaborate intentional communication system that consists of nineteen different messages, ranging from Let’s Groom! to Flirt with me…, which are relayed using 66 different gestures.

This thought provoking research study was led by Dr. Catherine Hobaiter, who claims this is "the only example of an intentional communication system (in which one individual sends a message to another individual) amongst animals”, although the jury is still out on whether or not lemurs have their own unique system of intentional communication:

(Image Via Ztona)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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50 Creepy Locations Straight Out Of A Nightmare

We often assume that the nightmarish places found in works of fiction are wholly a figment of the creator’s imagination, but to those explorers who have seen some of the darkest and most nightmarish places on earth firsthand, Hell is a very real place on earth.

Here's the Door To Hell in Turkmenistan, a natural gas field that has been burning since it was lit by Soviet petrochemical scientists in 1971:

Of course, we’re not talking about Hell in the biblical sense, just a place that scares the bejeezus out of folks, like the Isla de las Muñecas (Island of Dolls) in Mexico City:

People have been hanging dolls from tree branches there since at least the 90s, claiming they're a dedication to a girl who drowned in the canal decades ago.

And then there are the ruins which surround the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in Pripyat, Ukraine, which needs no explanation as to why it's considered a terrifying place:

There are even a few places that conceal sinister secrets behind their beautiful outer appearance, like Aokigahara, the "Suicide Forest", located at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan:

So many people have committed suicide in this otherwise lush and gorgeous looking forest (57 in 2010 alone) that the mysterious place has earned a nightmarish reputation, and is believed by many Japanese people to be cursed by Demons.

Are you brave enough to venture forth and discover more terrifying travel destinations? Read on to discover 50 Places Straight Out of Nightmares, compiled by The Weather Channel.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Unbelievable Products You Can Actually Buy At Walmart

Walmart has become the most mega of all mega stores, with new locations popping up all over the country like the Starbucks of retail stores, and now they’re even opening new locations in many countries around the world.

They claim to have everything you could possibly need under their roofs, but as it turns out Walmart also stocks a ton of stuff nobody should ever need, like this amazingly tacky toilet decal:

Or these truly awful "denim" panties:

Walmart also sells some amazingly magical crap, like this low fat Jellybean flavored milk:

And this bacon scented pillow, so you can have delicious dreams about your favorite fatty food:

Looks like Walmart really is a one-stop shop for all things right and terribly wrong in this world, no wonder they’re constantly opening up new locations!

Check out the rest of the 31 Products You Won't Believe You Can Actually Buy At Walmart, brought to you by BuzzFeed.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Lowcost Cosplay Is Back, And Just As Budget Conscious As Ever

Anucha "Cha" Saengchart has created his own unique version of cosplay, which doesn't involve fancy costumes, super realistic accessories created out of Worbla, or incredibly detailed make-up. In fact, Cha's Lowcost Cosplay is created with supplies he typically finds around the house:

Cha's vision of cosplaying means turning anything and everything into a cosplay element, such as this fancy Jason Voorhees mask fashioned out of a plastic spoon, or this "amazingly realistic" Mystique cosplay created with some sort of blue tape and a shower cap:

Now that's the kind of cosplay people who are too broke to buy supplies, or unskilled in the ways of the sewing machine and friendly plastics, can get behind- cosplay for the sake of your own amusement!

And the best part is- nobody has to see your creation when you're done, unless you're brave enough to post your own version(s) of Lowcost Cosplay to the net, in which case please share it with us in the comment section!

-Via Fashionably Geek

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Sixteen Hot New Eye Make-Up Looks

Looking to get potential love interests to actually look you in the eyes?

Then you should consult this handy illustrated chart featuring 16 Hot New Eye Make-Up Looks, created by Gemma Correll for the sake of those poor souls who keep leaving the house without some totally eye catching eye make-up slathered around their eyes.

With hot new looks like the Stormy Eye, Smoky Bacon eye, and (my personal fave) the Eye of Nietzsche you can knock ‘em dead with a wink, and the person you’ve got your eye on won’t be able to keep their eyes off of your eyes!

Grab some bacon, and a Sharpie, and a copy of the Necronomicon, and start applying your eye make-up the Gemma way today!

-Via Pleated Jeans

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Scientific Research Suggests Plants Can Hear Themselves Being Eaten

(Image Via Roger Meissen)

Many vegetarians/vegans feel that raising animals for food is an inhumane and barbaric practice, yet they gladly chomp down on fresh fruits and vegetables without a care in the world for what those plants are feeling:

(Video Link)

Okay, so maybe saying a plant has feelings is a bit of an overstatement, but a new report from the University of Missouri-Columbia has revealed that plants respond to the sound of a caterpillar chewing on them by going into combat mode and releasing chemical agents meant to protect them from harm:

In the study, the researchers put caterpillars on Arabidopsis, a small, cabbage-like plant, and pointed a laser at a reflective section of the plant's surface. That way, they were able to measure the different ways the plant moved in response to a chewing caterpillar. Then, the scientists removed the caterpillar from the equation entirely and only played back recordings they'd made of the crunching caterpillar's vibrations. For another plant, they played back only silence.

After placing live caterpillars back on both sets of plants, the researchers found that the set that had been exposed to the caterpillar's feeding sounds produced more mustard oil, a chemical that's meant to fend off hungry critters.

These findings suggest that plants exhibit self preservation instincts, considered one of the basic instincts found in humans and animals that suggests they "feel" themselves being consumed by a caterpillar.

Will these new findings challenge the vegan argument that meat consumption is bad because "They can all feel pain, fear and happiness", or will they stop eating plants when we discover that plants have feelings too?

-Via Gizmodo

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Soviet-Era Banned Western Music X-Ray Records

In Soviet Russia music from those Capitalist pigs in the West was strictly forbidden, and Russian black markets were full of forbidden items from the West such as jeans, Marlboro cigarettes, and VHS tapes of American movies, aka Captialist propaganda.

Now that the Iron Curtain has fallen (sort of) Russians are allowed to listen to anything they want, but how did the oppressed music loving masses of the past listen to their favorite Western artists like Elvis Presley and Duke Ellington?

(Image Via Jozsef Hajdu)

They created their own copies of these albums using X-rays, of course! This delightfully artistic practice was an example of crafting for music lovers:

They would cut the X-ray into a crude circle with manicure scissors and use a cigarette to burn a hole," says author Anya von Bremzen. "You’d have Elvis on the lungs, Duke Ellington on Aunt Masha’s brain scan — forbidden Western music captured on the interiors of Soviet citizens."

EDIT- Thanks to commenter Alexander Bougakov for this info on the process:

"X-rays have a thick soft coating - bootleg recorders were using preheated sewing needles attached to speakers. 3V DC electricity source kept the needle warm so it penetrated the coating, and the speaker with discarded membrane moved the needle up and down, duplicating the track. The only additional detail they needed was a very long bolt that moved the needle from rear to the center of the plate."  -Thanks again Alexander!

-Via Juxtapoz

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Delightfully Bad Captain America Cosplay Fails

Living up to Steve Rogers’ All-American reputation is hard, but most of the guys in this gallery of Captain America cosplay fails didn’t even try to make their outfits look good!:

Okay, it’s not fair to call all of these examples "cosplay", since some are just guys fooling around and the actual cosplayers in the group aren’t that bad at all, but the rest of the guys in this gallery more than make up for those halfway decent acts of cosplay with some horrendously bad ideas of their own:

Captain ‘Merica- funny, yet somehow sad, and speaking of sad- Sad Cap cries blue star tears and looks like he’s been up all night trying to drink his sorrows away:

And don’t even get me started on the last guy in the gallery, who does he think he is- some Hollywood hotshot who can just walk around with a Captain America shield and no costume?:

Check out the rest of the gallery Captain America Cosplay So Bad It's Anti-American over at The Soup.

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Raising Children Can Be A Terrifying Ordeal

(Image Via joindarkside)

Any parent will tell you that raising children can sometimes be a terrifying affair, they don’t call them the terrible twos for nothing (although they should rename them the terrible two-to-fives), but there’s a singular joy in surviving the nightmare and living to see them grow up to become terribly moody teenagers.

(Image Via hgtvdecor)

While they’re small you get to enjoy lots of messes, household disasters, and the occasional broken television set, along with lots of adorable moments that help you to forget those other nightmarish days.

(Image Via upandbuzz)

Don’t let the name of this BuzzFeed article fool you- 26 Important Reminders Why Birth Control Exists is just as much about how fun having a kid can be, despite the nightmarish days of mess and destruction, as it is a reminder to those who don’t have kids what it means to be a parent.

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Quirky Local Customs Every Traveler Should Know

(Image Via martinak15/Flickr)

Traveling abroad can be an exhilarating and life changing experience, if you’re not being snubbed and treated like an unwanted visitor by the locals...

Some places simply aren't very accommodating to travelers, but sometimes people will have a bad attitude towards you because they think you've wronged them by unknowingly going against one of their customs. Take this seemingly harmless "talk to the hand" type gesture:

(Image Via sport24)

This gesture is called a "mountza" in Greek, and it's just as insulting to the Greeks as giving someone the middle finger is in America, so don't get all sassy on the natives when you visit Greece or the gods will rain their displeasure down upon you!

Before you take your next trip abroad check out this informative and entertaining guide by Sherman Travel entitled 10 Quirky Customs Travelers Should Know and keep your hosts happy!

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Kids Make Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes

(Image Via Imgur)

Kids aren’t born knowing how to spell, which is unfortunate for them because there will inevitably be moments in their future when adults will make fun of them for not knowing how to spell:

(Image Via odalaigh)

If only they could figure out important things like alphabets and spelling while they’re in the womb they'd spare themselves embarrassment in the future, but it’s really hard to get books in there so we must forgive their lack of knowledge:

(Image Via Break)

However, as soon as they’re in school, and spelling their little hearts out, we break out the camera every time they make a funny spelling error, especially because a lot of these spelling errors are hilariously inappropriate:

(Image Via Twitter)

Enjoy this gallery of 22 Children's Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes, brought to you by Bored Panda, and remember- children are innocent until proven naughty!

(Please note that we have chosen the tamest examples in the group, and many of the misspellings at the source are downright dirty and NSFW)

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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How To Keep Your Dog Happy When The Fireworks Go Off

Humans really enjoy watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, but dogs just don’t get the appeal. They see fireworks as loud explosions in the sky that sound like the beginning of a major battle, and many dogs experience major anxiety when the fireworks start flying, especially if their owners aren’t home.

Animals on io9 asked a group of scientists/canine researchers to offer some advice on how to keep dogs from flipping out when the fireworks start booming, and they had some great ideas to share such as- comforting your dog with hugging (like the Thundershirt/Anxiety Wrap), using Dog Appeasing Pheromones, or simply exposing them to fireworks from an early age so they know not to be afraid.

Most of the solutions are simple yet effective, and they might be just the thing to help your furry family member enjoy the Fourth with the rest of their family.

-Via io9

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Why Shame Animals When You Can Shame Your Polyhedral Dice?

(Image Via Nerd Approved)

Dog shaming never made much sense to me, considering dogs can’t read English and therefore have no idea what their master has written on the sign hanging around their neck.

Chicken, guinea pig, baby and cat shaming likewise don’t make much sense for the same reason, but it’s really all about what’s written on the sign, right?

(Image Via Ian Davison/Kotaku)

Well now there’s a new form of shaming directed at inanimate objects, in this case polyhedral dice, created by frustrated roleplaying gamers who are tired of bad die rolls ruining a perfectly good campaign:

(Image Via Bishoop47/Kotaku)

That’s right folks- Polyhedral Dice Shaming is sweeping the RPG nation, and now we can let those low rolling dice know how we feel about their poor performance:

(Image Via LonoXIII/Kotaku)

So, the next time your dice don't live up to your expectations, take those low rolling suckers out of play and write up a die shaming diatribe of your own!

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So That's How Guile Keeps His Hair So Perfect!

(Image Via Dragonarte)

Have you ever wondered how Guile’s hair remains so perfectly flat on top, no matter how many matches he’s been in, or how many fireballs he’s been hit with?

No? Okay, maybe I spent a few hundred too many hours playing Street Fighter II at the arcades as a kid, but that was always my main question about Guile, that and “Does his haircut conform to military regulation?”

Brazilian comic artist Dragonarte presents us with a plausible explanation as to how Guile’s hair is so perfect all the time, but I think he left out the half gallon of hair gel they use to keep it in shape!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Bambi 2- Bambi's Revenge

Kraven the hunter thought he got away with killing Bambi’s mother, but he was wrong…

This fall, watch as the most unlikely duo ever to appear on the silver screen avenge the woodland's fallen with bullets of their own in Bambi 2-Bambi meets the Punisher.

Their meeting seemed like pure chance, but destiny had brought man and deer together to make sure that nefarious hunter paid for his crimes...

Sound like a movie you’d like to see? Too bad all we get to see of this marvelous mash-up is this fake movie poster created by artist Marco D’Alfonso for CBR’s The Line It Is Drawn gallery.

Still, Disney does own Marvel Comics now, so it's not entirely out of the question...

-Via MoviePilot

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Wonderful Moments In Closed Captioning

(Image Via The Mary Sue)

It must be tough to decide what to include when creating closed captions for movies and TV shows, because there are a lot of background noises, sound effects and character reactions that don’t really need to be included:

(Image Via Tumblr)

In fact, when you include these odd background bits in the captions it ends up making them really funny to read:

(Image Via Memeguy)

Having never consulted with someone who’s hearing impaired to find out if they like the inclusion of these sounds, I have no idea whether the folks who create the closed captioning include them because of popular opinion, because they’re trying to be as complete as possible, or simply to amuse themselves:

(Image Via Imgur)

Enjoy these 38 Wonderful Moments In Closed Caption History compiled by BuzzFeed, they might make you want to turn the captions on next time you're watching Neflix.

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Patriotic Tattoos So Bad They're Un-American

Want to show some love for your country this Fourth of July? Buy a t-shirt, fly a flag in your front yard, or simply make this country a great place to live by doing your part to help out your fellow Americans.

Sharing your patriotism with the world doesn’t mean chanting USA wherever you go, or acting xenophobic towards immigrants, and getting a terrible tattoo certainly isn’t going to convince future generations to follow in your patriotic footsteps!

Still, these folks went to the trouble of marking themselves for life with some awful-ly star spangled tats, so we might as well share their indelible bad decisions in order to teach young Americans what not to do to their bodies:

Check out the rest of these Bad America Tattoos over at The Soup

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Ten Fun Facts About Stand By Me

Stand By Me is one of those classic period piece flicks that makes you want to reminisce about the good old days, recounting tales of your youth to whoever is watching the movie with you, and it also helps remind people that Stephen King writes more than just “monster books”.

In fact, many people are unaware that Stand By Me is based on the classic King novella The Body, which was first published in 1982 as part of the collection Different Seasons.

Rob Reiner directed the film adaptation, and he did such a good job with this film that it's still fun to watch even if you’ve seen it a hundred times and known all the lines by heart.

Want to know more about this classic flick? Read 10 Fun Facts About Stand By Me, compiled by the fine folks at GeekTyrant.

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Famous People You Would Never Recognize Out Of Context

Celebrities become so familiar to their fans that their famous faces are etched into the mind of their adoring public, but many celebrities are unrecognizable when shown without their signature “look”, such as entertainer Boy George dressed down and without makeup:

(Image Via AuntieMeme)

This guy might not be a celebrity in the traditional sense, but his face has adorned hundreds of t-shirts and posters, and they've made a few movies about his life. However, without his signature look, which he apparently cultivated while out in the field, you'd hardly recognize this clean cut guy as a young Ernesto "Che" Guevara:

(Image Via RedConversation)

How about this sweet young lady? Can you tell from this photo that she would grow up to bare it all in her videos, and sport a dress made out of meat to the Video Music Awards? That's right, this smiling, seemingly well adjusted young lady, would one day become Lady Gaga:

(Image Via Ms.Zuneja)

And speaking of performers who really know how to put on a show, here's a rare glimpse of the Daft Punk guys without their signature helmets:

(Image Via The Machete)

Would you ever have recognized these punks without their shiny headgear?

Check out the rest of the 25 Famous People You Would Never Recognize Out of Context over at Cracked, it's surprisingly expletive free!

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The Saddest Used Video Game Cover Ever

There are good ways to declare your love for your gamer girlfriend- build structures that spell out her name in Minecraft, tell her “I will always be your Mario, and you’ll always be a Peach to me”, or simply declare your love to her on your headset while you’re blasting through the competition in a multiplayer game session.

And then there are the bad ways to declare your love, like writing your sentiments on the cover of a game she’s likely to trade in at Gamestop once she has played through it.

Maybe another gamer named Jamie will come across this sweet bargain and buy it for their girlfriend, and the video game love cycle will begin again!

-Via Nerd Approved

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Mick Jagger Makes Fun Of Upcoming Monty Python Reunion

The Monty Python boys are back and set to perform ten shows this July at the O2 Arena in London, and they’ve got an unusual spokesman spreading the news of their imminent arrival- Mick Jagger:

(Video Link)

Mick is tired of having so many deprecating jokes directed at him, so he decided to spread the jeers around a bit as he reacts to the return of the Python crew, commenting that they’re “a bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money”.

It’s all in good fun, of course, and maybe the Monty Python crew will find a way to return the favor and mention Mick's similar interest in reliving his youth and making a load of money, you know, in the interest of equivalent retaliation.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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The Different Words Americans And Brits Use For The Same Things

Finally, when a British traveler is injured in America and needs something to stop the bleeding they should ask for some aid- a Band-Aid that is:

These charts might be just what we need to bring our two countries together in linguistic harmony, but if you're a fan of discord make sure you check out the rest of Samantha's informative charts, including the ones pertaining to slang and insults, over at 22 Words.

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Now This Is How You Game Like A Boss

Gaming while seated at a computer desk is so 2001, nowadays it’s all about lounging on the couch while you game, and using your chubby little dog to hold up your mousepad like a total boss.

The best part about using a pug enhanced computer configuration is that the pug can help give you pointers when you’re having trouble beating a boss, and dogs love to bark at the competition so make sure your dog is wearing a mic when you play your favorite multiplayer games.

The only drawback we've found with the pug enhanced configuration is the dog will occasionally have terrible gas, which can bring an entire gaming session to a halt as everyone is forced to evacuate the house for some fresh air!

-Via Kotaku

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Fast Food Facts You Won't Believe Are Actually True

(Video Link)

Wherever you go there’s a fast food restaurant lurking around the corner, waiting to fry up pounds of delicious fatty foods for you to stuff in your gob, and yet these ever present restaurant chains are surrounded by secrecy and mystery.

They all claim to be number one, but who’s telling the truth? Where do Subway sandwich shops get all of their avocados, and what’s the farthest distance a pizza chain has ever gone to delivered a cheesy pie?

These tasty factoid nuggets and more can be found in BuzzFeed’s low calorie video 9 Fast Food Facts You Won’t Believe Are Actually True, winner of the 2014 award for Most Exaggerated Factoid Video Title.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Death Defying Skater Jumps Across Subway Tracks In NYC

The guy in this video took the phrase “skate or die” way too literally when he decided to jump across the 145th Street subway station tracks in Harlem, but it’s a good thing he captured the whole thing on video because you rarely get a second chance at a deadly stunt like this:

(Video Link)

The daredevil who completed this leap of faith for Colin Read's skate video Tengu: God of Mischief-Subway Skating is Koki Loaiza, and he was able to pull off this trick on his second attempt, without the aid of antigravity boards or self lacing sneakers.

It’s unlikely that anyone will be trying to follow in Koki’s footsteps anytime soon, especially because MTS officials were probably put on red alert when they witnessed this stunt, but it’s a sure bet that Koki is super stoked that he's alive to skate another day!

-Via Sploid

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