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That's very interesting.

For whatever reason, this reminds me of how our brain is hardwired to overestimate angle of inclination, probably so we don't try to climb steep hills.

So, it seems that the ability to count more than 5 isn't particularly important in evolution, but the ability to discourage oneself from climbing steep hills was (yes, I know that's not how evolution works, so no hate mails, mmkay?)
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Don't they have this at carnivals? I went on one a long time ago and was happy to have survived it so yes, I can see why you'd feel younger (and so alive!)
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@stephbot - well, something different for everybody, I suppose! We have over 700 items in the store (and growing every week)

@felixthecat - Mr. Snot is coming out with new stuff (like water bottles, for instance) We'll be sure to carry them.
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