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Thanks for catching that, Skipweasel! Whatever happened to MiMi?

You know, talking about security blanket, the most famous one is Hugh Heffner's bunny blanket. That's where he got the logo for Playboy.
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It's pretty nifty ... We don't coordinate postings with Boing Boing, and considering that we cover the same grounds it's actually interesting that not too many of our posts overlap.
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Very cool! I think the different colors you see @photoshop may be the artifact of the image being saved and re-saved for the blog post. Still - a very neat optical illusion.
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I'm leaning toward Twitter-only content - it doesn't make much sense to me just to run the feed through Twitter, though that has been the way it was set-up before we got the account officially.

I think a combo of Twitter-only content and Neatorama exclusives/particularly good posts is the way to go.
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@OddNumber - it's the Pareto Principle in action.

If you look at the Upcoming Queue, many casual submitters never take the time to format their submissions correctly - some just cut and paste their description (which is frowned upon) and others just write a one-sentence intro. This is a big difference between the UQ and digg or reddit: UQ subs are blog posts.

Sometimes, editors will rescue such posts (and re-write them), but this is time-consuming for us.

The top submitters of the UQ, like Marilyn Terrell, for instance, takes the time not only to submit properly formatted materials, but also to submit a lot of 'em. This takes time and a lot of effort, so if the same people show up in the top 5 over and over again, that's fine with me ...
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Let me add one: She's a tough cookie. From AOL Music:

Somewhere over Massachusetts is a bird that apparently doesn't care for '80s pop. At a 2004 radio concert in Mansfield, Cyndi Lauper was doused with a blob of bird poop while reaching for the high note in her classic hit 'Money Changes Everything.' The fowl fecal critique landed directly in Lauper's open mouth, but the Brooklyn-born rocker simply wiped her tongue on her sleeve and kept on singing.
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