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b°b - "it's all about the post". Exactly! We were afraid that a huge header would distract from the reason you visit the blog in the first place: its content.

Johnny Cat - If you mouseover (is that a verb?) over the turtle, you'll see the quote. :)

Noah - That's one reason I was hesitant about a redesign. We decide to keep the functionality largely intact and drastically change the aesthetics.

marcintosh - I have no idea how to make a fancy icon for the iphone, but I'll put it in the "to-do someday" list :)

OddNumber - We always take Neatoramanauts' comments seriously though sometimes there isn't enough hours in the day to respond to each one :)


Some minor things you may or may not notice:

1. The post author's comment now stands out. I think the gray box makes it easy to tell that the comment is made by the author.

2. No more comments on the front page - this is a tough decision for us because I really, really like seeing everything on the front page. We did it to save on servers and to speed up page load time. Maybe we'll bring it back up again once we upgrade our servers.

3. A new category of History.

4. Still no mention of iPad on the blog ;)
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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

shadowfirebird - "The name you provided belongs to a registered user. Please login to comment." This is a security measure to prevent other people from impersonating a registered user of the blog. You can still comment under another name.

Miss Cellania - Thanks! I think it's easier to read, too. Funny thing is that we left the font size and spacing alone, and changed the way link is presented from underline to bold. We kept the width of the content the same.

NM15 (and others) - We considered that, and decided to keep the header minimal because of two main reasons:

First, it's a cleaner look for our daily reader. The turtle is awesome, but I don't know if you'd necessarily want to see it every single time you visit the blog.

And second, we have to preserve the space for ads. Yes, I know that many of you hate ads, but that's how we pay for the servers.

Plus, this way it's a little treat for those of you who stick around till the end!

For a long time, Neatorama had muted colors because we wanted the content (namely, the photos of the posts) to take center stage. This redesign is unusual in that we departed from that and put in color (actually that was Nathan's idea - he had carte blanche in the redesign process)

OddNumber - I have a long list of improvements to roll out. Streamlining the login is one of them :)

Wesley - It's actually quite a major overhaul. We completely changed the way layout is coded (we drank the Kool-Aid and went with tableless CSS positioning). We kept the proportion the same on purpose (to make it more of a seamless transition)

More in a bit!
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@Bilal - most of the world's electricity (including in the United States) is generated by burning coal because it's cheap!

Nuclear is cheaper, but fear of spent nuclear waste and horror stories like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island kept us from building more nuclear power plants.
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