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That's pretty scary - kids don't have a good grip on their emotions, and there's only so much parents can do to make sure there are no ways they can "accidentally" strangle themselves.
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I used to read a lot of Ludlum's book, but stopped when I was reading something and thought it was so familiar ... turned out I had read it before! That's when I realized that his books were very formulaic.

Started reading Frederick Forsyth afterwards :)
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Wow, that is fantastic. One thing I distinctly remember about Frank Lloyd Wright is that he had a penchant of not using rebar in his concrete - so a number of his buildings (like Falling Water) are now crumbling.
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That's very interesting.

For whatever reason, this reminds me of how our brain is hardwired to overestimate angle of inclination, probably so we don't try to climb steep hills.

So, it seems that the ability to count more than 5 isn't particularly important in evolution, but the ability to discourage oneself from climbing steep hills was (yes, I know that's not how evolution works, so no hate mails, mmkay?)
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Don't they have this at carnivals? I went on one a long time ago and was happy to have survived it so yes, I can see why you'd feel younger (and so alive!)
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