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Correlation does not imply causation, but correlation *is* valuable. Finding out that something correlates is often the first step toward understanding the issue/problem.

And no, we didn't sponsor the study ;)
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@Foreigner1 and Gauldar - Sorry for that! No conspiracy or censorship here, though. You've simply tripped our secondary spam filter. Editors look at the caught comments regularly, but sometimes it takes a while (if we're busy or have gone to bed for the night).

As in the realm of email, spam is a pernicious, whack-a-mole problem on the blogosphere. We get about two thousand spammy comments a day here on Neatorama. It's likely that we flush out legitimate comments at the first automatic spam filter (Akismet) but there's not much I can do about that ... The secondary spam filter is hand-checked.
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Neat post (love the bolded format, Stacy) - one thing I always remember about the Wizard of Oz is that L. Frank Baum's original work is often interpreted as an allegory of the political and economic aspects of life in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

Imageries to support this interpretation is abound in the book: the silver slipper is supposed to symbolize the silver monetary standard. Even the name "OZ" is the abbreviation for "ounce." (Baum denied that his book is anything more than a fairy tale, however).

Interesting reads on the Oz populism theory can be found here and here.
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I learn something new every day ... You know, my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, has a very simple rule for plurals: just repeat the word (so airplanes = airplane airplane)

Irregular plurals always trip me up. Thanks for letting me know, Johnny Cat!
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Love it or hate it, I want to point out that all your comments are welcome and published on Neatorama without any censorship.

I do listen to feedback to improve the next Mystery Sale - this was the third ever such sale, and there has been hiccups and a steep learning curve along the way.

To everyone who participated, I'd like to give you my thanks - you've helped support the blog (and I hope have a little fun along the way).

There's a thread on the Mystery Sale on the Forum (which I check quite regularly) that may explain some of the reasonings behind the sale and shipping process.
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Extinction is the name of the game, which is somewhat amusing to me to read that humans are the "culprit" in species dying off. Heck, they've been dying off since before we evolved from apes :)
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The lab next to mine when I was a grad student studied capsaicin. They found out that receptor for pain = receptor for heat (hotness of capsaicin).

By the way, that's how Icy Hot, tiger balm and other creams work to dull the pain: by overwhelming the pain sensors with heat.
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The world is full of amazing places, which are probably a lot safer than Afghanistan.

Tourism requires much more than just spectacular scenery - there's a lot of logistics involved (hotel, transport, food) that I'm sure are lacking in places like Afghanistan. :(
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