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There's a big difference between self-serving aggrandizement and honoring the memory of loved ones who died.

If we all follow your logic, emmakate, why bother having charity, monuments, heck even tombstones for the dead. They certainly don't care anymore :)

And Ted - the point is that it did matter to the boy, and that the parents did something to honor his wish. Whether or not you, I or everyone else think that it should or shouldn't matter actually doesn't factor into it at all.
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Personal space is highly variable in different cultures. From wikipedia:

... a person from India attempting to talk to someone from Britain can often cause situations where one person steps forward to enter what they perceive as a conversational distance, and the person they are talking can step back to restore their personal space.
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Alas, the forum is no more - it's a magnet for spam. The software that powers the forum, bbPress, is a fledgling and very promising software, but it doesn't handle spam as robustly as WordPress does. So, rather than having to spend too much time patrolling the forum, we opted to discontinue it.

Re: ads on the blog. As you guys probably know, Neatorama didn't use to have ads way back when - but as the blog grew, so did its hosting bills. Right now, we our hosting bill is in the five figures so ads (banner ads for third parties and internal ads for the shop) are the only way we can pay our bills.
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Magnetic toys aren't for children under the age of 13 - the product and the product page at the shopping cart do have ample warning about swallowing danger.
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T-shirt communities are nothing new. Threadless is one of the oldest and the biggest, but we're certainly supportive of new ventures by our friends.

I wasn't pressured (or even requested for that matter) to post about Tee Virus. I think it's a neat project by Rommel and Dag, and I certainly wish them well:)
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