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Hello everyone - I've been meaning to post an update about the Mystery Sale but got swamped with work.

This is Neatorama's second Mystery Sale, and I have to acknowledge that we've made some mistakes. Though I think most of the mystery boxes have been neat, a lot of you don't like the tiaras. Point taken - we'll do better next time.

For the record, which I have stated earlier, the tiaras aren't the kind that you get at discount prom stores (for one, the quality is much, much higher and therefore the price is higher too). Still, it's not the type of thing that seems to go over well with many Neatorama readers.

Some of the things have retail price less than $9.95. Yes, but if you're careful you'd notice that you get TWO things that if the prices are combined, are worth more than $9.95.

@aelam: We have to list the products shipped on the customs form. It's da law! If you order 5 things giftwrapped, then of course they'll show up in 5 boxes. If not, then they'll all show up in one box.

It's probably the nature of the Mystery Sale that most people are disappointed that they don't get the good stuff, but we'll try harder next time to source better stuff ;)

Lastly, I'd like to point out that good or bad, your comments are shown here without being censored. I do hope that all of you will consider participating in future Mystery Sales. I promise they'll be much better!
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I would like to see a man wield a samurai. That seems like quite an accomplishment! Fixed now to read "samurai sword" (that good enough for you Jake D.?) :)
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My daughter recently learned a very powerful magic word: "please" - we've been trying to get her to say please, but now she thinks that her request *can't* be denied if she attaches pleez to the end of it! ;)
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My mother-in-law saw a car trying to slalom across a road only to hit the side of a large flatbed hauler. The car was crushed, and when she flagged the truck, the driver didn't even realize he had been in an accident! It's all a question of mass and momentum.
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@Mo: cost of shirt = cost of material + cost to make + cost to transport/import + cost of advertisement + profit (of retailer and of clothing line).

You can bet that profit is pretty hefty ;)
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"But aaaaah would walk five hundred miles
And i would walk five hundred more
Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door"

That's what I was thinking about when I watched the clip!
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Boring? Oh no - it's quite difficult to paint like Vermeer. Quite very difficult. What Janson did was awesome. Unless, of course, you can paint like the Old Masters, popeyeisgood.
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I actually know someone who used to run a cut & sew house in Asia. Her operation was very clean and cool (it's Asia, so that's much preferable than "warm") - it's not a "sweatshop" that you typically see on TV.

Yes, it has rows and rows of sewing machines, but the garment workers are both males and females in almost equal proportions. The workers are friendly, they chit chat though since they're paid per piece, most of them choose to work quietly, focusing on getting as much done as possible.

The factory has an attached building where the workers sleep (They can also live at home, but since many of them come from afar, it makes no sense for them to commute every workday. Instead they go home on the weekends). Beds and bathroom are provided.

When I visited her operation, the factory was cutting and sewing shirts for Calvin Klein. When you go out and buy an expensive shirt, remember this: the cost for cutting and sewing a shirt (including putting on collar and buttons) is about $0.10 per piece. That's right. Ten cents (the clothing line provides the fabric).

She closed down her operation a while ago, because the price of $0.10 per piece turns out to be too high as compared to other cheaper countries like Vietnam. Her employees were very upset - they had lost clean, reliable, and relatively high paying jobs.
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