Parents Let Kid Play in Artwork Worth Millions of Dollars

Via Gawker

Stephanie Theodore (@TheodoreArt) snapped a pic of a kid playing on a $10 million sculpture by Donald Judd at London's Tate Modern museum. When she confronted the parents, the mom told her that she obviously didn't know anything about kids.

I don't know what's more shocking: that those parents let their kid crawl all over a multi-million sculpture, or that the artwork, Judd's minimalist Stacks made from metal and plexiglass - is valued at $10 million. What do you think?

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I agree. It is difficult controlling some children out in public, but when it happens, that's when you should be the parent and take action, not just stand about and let your child do whatever they like. If this had just happened and they were trying to get the child out, I'd have sympathy, but they just don't care. It's like people who leave public restrooms or their dining table at a restaurant disgusting. Not their personal property so they don't care.
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Well, there's a fine line between encouraging your kids to try new things and explore their worlds and letting them run wild. I think the parents in this case took stepped waaaay over that line!
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