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Dr. Corona Leads the Fight Against the Coronavirus in Indonesia

Indonesia's second-largest Muslim organization has picked an emergency medicine expert to lead a task force to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the country. And it seems that he was born for the job!

Meet Dr. Corona Rintawan, who explained his unusual first name in this Arab News article:

Asked about his name, the doctor said his parents would name their children in alphabetical order. Being the third, his name had to start with “c.”
“There was no such thing as baby name books at that time, so they decided to take my name from the Toyota Corona car, which was a popular model back in the 1970s, and as they also found that it means a crown, which symbolizes something good,” he said.

Read the rest over at Arab News - Thanks Tiffany!

Image: Dr Corona Rintawan/Arab News


Pi Day

Mmm... Pi by Nathan Mazur

Happy pi day, everyone! If you have an irrational love for this beloved mathematical constant, please check out the Pi Day T-shirts over at the NeatoShop. We carry sizes for people with all circumference - from S to 10XL.

Ultimate Pi Day and St. Patrick's Day 2 in 1 by Mudge

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Tom Hanks Reads Kind Tweets


Who says that Twitter is all snark and no love?

Let's forget all the mean tweets and focus on the nice ones, as read by Tom Hanks.

Dear Internet, let's make this a trend, shall we?


Dying Star Wars Fan got an Advanced Screening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Time is running out for a dying Star Wars fan currently at a hospice facility in England.

When the hospice staff found out that the man wouldn't make it to the movie's official release date of December 20, they used Twitter to get the attention of Disney, and the company obliged with a special screening.

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How This Woman Lost 95 lbs While Still Eating at Taco Bell 4 Times a Week

Dieting doesn't work, that we know. But one woman in Massapequa, New York, may have found the secret to weight loss that lets her continue to eat at her favorite local fast food restaurant four times a week:

Having tried and failed at keeping the weight off with a super restrictive diet, Mashburn made sure she wasn't setting herself up to fail by dieting in a way that was so limiting it wouldn't be sustainable in the long run.
"During the first month of this journey I made some quick cuts to the amount I was eating as well as being aware of the amount of sugar I was putting into my body," says Mashburn. "I had to start seeing food as energy and sustenance, not just something to kill the boredom." To make sure she didn't feel deprived, Mashburn still paid a visit to her favorite fast-food chain, Taco Bell, 3-4 times per week — though she modified her order to include less items. "It let me keep some semblance of my normal routine, and still let me have something delicious while losing weight," Mashburn says.

Read the rest of the story over at NBC News.

Image credit: Adrian Lam / NBC News


Tesla Cybertruck in LEGO Form

We're not sure if this Tesla Cybertruck made with LEGO bricks by prolific builder Peter Blackert is indestructible or not, but we're pretty sure that it'll do a lot of damage to our feet when we step on it in the middle of the night.


How Hallmark Christmas Movie Plots Are Made

This one is for my wife, who's a big Hallmark Christmas movie lover. Behold the Hallmark Christmas Movie Plot Generator by John Atkinson of Wrong Hands cartoons.

The only things missing are the gingerbread/pie/Christmas cookie baking competition and the handsome prince from some obscure yet very rich European kingdom.


High School Students with Down Syndrome Chosen as Homecoming King and Queen

This one is heartwarming. Students of the Arapahoe High School in Colorado have crowned Noah Stokes and Khrysta Gordon, who have Down Syndrome, as Homecoming King and Queen.

From KDVR:

Noah's mom said the choice for their Homecoming King and Queen speaks volumes about the character of students at the school.
“It’s just a great community. They’re warm, loving, inclusive,” she said. “It’s just an amazing community. Ever since Noah’s been in school, every year has gotten better, and this is just the cherry on top.”


Brewery Featured Shelter Dogs Available for Adoption on Beer Cans

When North Dakota rescue dog group 4 Luv of Dog Rescue noticed that they've got a lot of harder-to-place dogs available for adoptions, they got together with Fargo Brewing Company and got a bit crafty with their craft beer: they're featuring the dogs on their beer cans!

Cute dogs on a beer can? Now that's a brilliant idea I can drink to!


This Turtle Just Likes to Play Dead

Or at least I hope it just likes to play dead and not sick or anything.

Twitter user @camila tweeted a video clip of her baby turtle who apparently likes to lie upside down at the bottom of its tank.


How Kids Today Play with Cardboard Boxes

Ask any parent and they'll tell you of the time their kid was more interested in playing with the cardboard box that the toys came in, rather than the toys themselves.

But that was then! This is now, and this Facebook post by Wesley Metcalfe is how kids today "play" with cardboard boxes.


Spider-Man: Far From Home Concept Art Shows Spidey Fighting an Army of Iron Man Zombies

GeekTyrant has a neat post featuring concept art from the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, courtesy of Marvel Visual Studio director Henrik Tamm:

Some of it you will recognize from the movie, however, there are some shots of scenes that were not used in the final cut of the movie. Like fighting a hoard of Zombie Iron Men to facing off with a giant mosquito. Check it out and let us know what you think!


A Uniquely Canadian Bumper Sticker: Sorry For Driving So Close In Front Of You

Q: How do you get a Canadian to apologize?

A: Step on their foot.

Canadians apologize so much that they had to pass a law called the Apology Act of 2009 that saying "sorry" (as "an expression of sympathy or regret") is not "an admission of fault or liability."

via u/Jhuderis


The Many Faces of Wolverine

Check this out, Bub! This awesome animated gif of Wolverine in his many attires is by Michael B. Myers Jr (Mike's also on the NeatoShop as Drawsgood)


Light Phone: A Minimalist Phone the Size Slightly Larger Than a Business Card

Smartphones today are jam-packed with features that border on the silly (folding phones, anyone?) as tech companies race to outdo each other.

But one company decided to take a completely different path. Behold, the Light Phone:

The Light Phone was an object of extreme minimalism. “Going light,” founders Joe Hollier and Kai Tang stressed, was about a conscious uncoupling from our screens, rediscovering the world around us, and creating space for a slower and potentially more meaningful pace of communication. In practice, that meant a stripped-down phone that only made calls — no keyboard, T9 texting, or even a contact list. Adding a contact to speed dial meant firing up a desktop dashboard. Even then, you could only save 10 numbers at a time.

Read the rest over at The Verge

Photo: Amelia Holoway Krales

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