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I think "they" usually refer to Guinness World Record people, and yes, "they" do limit what they will verify and give record for.

No most-disgusting-things-eaten or dangerous stunts anymore ...
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You can also sit on a water bed to get a similar feeling, for a fraction of the price (especially if it's someone else's water bed so you don't have to buy one!)
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I'm sorry to hear about your predicament, Josh - but please do see a doctor. I think that you may be able to build a stronger case against loan collectors if you have a medical opinion to help back your case.

Jill - great article! It's interesting to find out how celebrities are just regular people when it comes to depression.
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Not the first time I've heard about this, actually. Most cities contract out their trash pick up to one company (and get paid for that contract). So it's in the best interest of the city to make sure that *everyone* has a trash pick up, regardless if they need it or not.

Seems like a typical bureaucratic knee-jerk response, IMHO
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Hello everyone - I've been meaning to post an update about the Mystery Sale but got swamped with work.

This is Neatorama's second Mystery Sale, and I have to acknowledge that we've made some mistakes. Though I think most of the mystery boxes have been neat, a lot of you don't like the tiaras. Point taken - we'll do better next time.

For the record, which I have stated earlier, the tiaras aren't the kind that you get at discount prom stores (for one, the quality is much, much higher and therefore the price is higher too). Still, it's not the type of thing that seems to go over well with many Neatorama readers.

Some of the things have retail price less than $9.95. Yes, but if you're careful you'd notice that you get TWO things that if the prices are combined, are worth more than $9.95.

@aelam: We have to list the products shipped on the customs form. It's da law! If you order 5 things giftwrapped, then of course they'll show up in 5 boxes. If not, then they'll all show up in one box.

It's probably the nature of the Mystery Sale that most people are disappointed that they don't get the good stuff, but we'll try harder next time to source better stuff ;)

Lastly, I'd like to point out that good or bad, your comments are shown here without being censored. I do hope that all of you will consider participating in future Mystery Sales. I promise they'll be much better!
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I would like to see a man wield a samurai. That seems like quite an accomplishment! Fixed now to read "samurai sword" (that good enough for you Jake D.?) :)
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