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@Suzy: Anti-rational thought? The irony of it is that most people who are skeptics are very dogmatic in their thinking.

If you think this is mumbo-jumbo, crack open a quantum physics textbook and report back.
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@nutbastard - actually, that's completely wrong (this was the whole part of physics that caused Einstein to throw up his hands and say "God doesn't play dice with the universe"). Later on, Stephen Hawking said, "God not only plays dice. He sometimes throws them where they can't be seen."

By the way, electrons don't have orbits - they have wave functions (which is a fancy way of saying that you can only predict the probability of finding an electron at a given point in space away from the atom's nucleus).

Quantum physics is unreal. I don't know anyone who can say that they truly understand it (including myself).
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Cruey3 is right - it was my mistake. hopscotch0623 shouldn't have won because he/she broke the rules, but I can't take back my announcement now, so we'll just have to live with it ;)
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Yes, abuse doesn't have to be physical to hurt the victim, but when you create a law that is so vague as this one, it is bound to create more problems.

Re: "insult" - please read the article. Nicole Kagan, the minister for family affairs who *introduced* the measure said "The judge could (also) take into consideration letters, SMSs or repetitive messages, because one knows that psychological violence is made up of insults" (emphasis mine)

There is a big difference between hate speech, verbal abuse, and insults. The point of the post isn't to trivialize those in abusive relationship (both men and women) but how do you prove "psychological violence?"

@Geoduck - actually, the unemployment in France remains at a stubborn 10% despite the 35-hour work week. The unemployment for young people is worse, at 20%. Presumably, it's because businesses loathe to hire new workers yet cannot fire the old ones.
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