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@Dewey - they don't have to, but it's generally good customer service to allow your customer that courtesy, especially if they want to spend *more* money buying your stuff. I was actually looking to get credit, not refund - as I was going to buy more books ;)

Most (if not all) big companies do this. Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot all take returns without receipts though you have to show your driver's license and they track and limit non-receipt returns, so you can't abuse the system.

Borders label their books with their own stickers, so it's quite easy to see that the books came from Borders.

The manager basically explained to me that I could've taken their sticker, stick it to another book, and try to return it to Borders. Basically, thievin' them. I walked out never to return.

I've spent hundreds of dollars in Borders, and would've spent many more thousands during my lifetime, had they not lost me over a $20 item.

I'm sure the problem is that corporate says "no returns" because returns show up as a negative line item in their profit and loss statement. What doesn't show up is why sales decline because customers never return.

And yes, that's an anecdotal experience - but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one.
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@D Bozko - A lot of it depends on where you live. A million bucks goes a lot further in some places than others.

@PaulVI - I remember that study! Definitely an insight into the human psychology.
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@Will L - You can find a lot of reports on the Danish economic model. Denmark has one of the world's largest governments and the highest taxation rates, yet it's also one of the world's most prosperous countries.

It's far more productive to look into cases where our expectations do not meet reality, rather than simply discounting them by chalking things up to being manufactured by socialists/tea partiers/opposite-political-spectrum-who-is-obviously-oh-so-obviously-wrong.

@agricola - I think all countries have "socialist" components to their domestic and economic policy. US has unemployment benefits, for instance.
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@Chuck - just to throw gasoline to the fire, how do you explain that the 3 countries with the highest income mobility of new generation - meaning that the new generation is better off than the older one - are all very liberal countries?
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