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Hi Sims - thank you for being a daily reader!
I completely get your point. That ad unit is something that I agonized over and resisted for months, but currently, that's also the ad unit that's making ends meet. I hope that the situation will be better soon, so I can re-evaluate and re-balance the ad loads on the site.
In the mean time, you can browse Neatorama ad-free while being logged in (that makes commenting easier too!).
Thank you again for your feedback and for your understanding. Stay healthy & safe!
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Semen, not sperm, I believe.
So the man is a chimera (he has his own DNA and the donor's DNA in his body). His sperm is still his own DNA, but his semen contains the donor's DNA.
His semen should therefore contain BOTH his DNA and the donor's DNA ... but to make matters a bit more complicated, he's undergone vasectomy so he no longer produces sperm.
Thus his semen only contains only his donor's DNA.
Yeah, complicated!
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