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In 2003, Red Lobster ran an "Endless Crab" promo - they calculated that they'd still make profit with each customers eating a second helping of crab. But they didn't count on American seeing that as a challenge: many of them ate a third and a fourth helping and almost sent the company into bankruptcy!
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I find this passage from the article very interesting:

“Viewers write in, or call in and complain, and yell about the way women look in way disproportionate numbers compared to men,” says Kelly McBride, a senior vice president at the Poynter Institute who consults with newsrooms and runs journalist trainings across the country. “The expectation for women to look young and pretty with smooth skin and smooth hair — and to conform to this very narrow standard — is so disproportionate. Men are allowed to be bald. They’re allowed to have curly hair. They're allowed to have straight hair; they're allowed to have hair that’s a little bit longer, a little bit shorter. They have so much more range of acceptability.”

... and I'm curious as to the gender makeup of the viewers that complained. I have yet to meet a man who complained about a woman's hairstyle.
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I love how he put it:

I needed a place to put my lawn tractor and outdoor tools so I told my wife that I was going to build a shed. She said: “Fine.” Then I thought it would be pretty cool if the shed was built like a Hobbit house. When I told my wife I think she said: “You’re crazy.” Soon thereafter I began this project.
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I remember climbing up and opening a cabinet in a built-in on top of my childhood bed. Peering inside the empty cabinet, I closed it up and climbed down. Years later, as an adult, I had the chance to visit my childhood home and was surprised to realize that the cabinet that I had remember opening actually had a false door. It was never openable.
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What a transformation: you can definitely hear how scared she was in the beginning, but she managed to master her fear and calmly landed the plane safely! Whew!
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