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Charlie the Dalmatian is Like a Real Life Heart Eyes Emoji

Charlie the Dalmatian sure is one loving dog. He's got a real life heart eyes emoji ... and more Instagram followers than most of us!

What's For Sale Again?

Did you read the sign above as "strawberries for sale"? Read it again!

Skeleton Typogram by Aaron Kuehn

American graphic artist Aaron Kuehn created this amazing Skeleton Typogram depicting all the bones in the human body typographically using only their names.

There's a Car in this Picture

There's a car in this picture somewhere, or so redditor Tittzo claimed, "This black car looks like a mirror after being washed."

Do YOU see a car?

Mummified Ice Age Wolf Pup Discovered in a Melting Permafrost

Gold miners working in Canada's Yukon territory in 2016 discovered two mummified ice-age mammals - a wolf pup and a caribou - that were kept amazingly intact by the permafrost. Carbon-dating placed the specimens at over 50,000 years old.

"They're spectacular, they're world-class, and we're definitely really excited about them," said Yukon government paleontologist Grant Zazula.
Ice age bones and fossils are often found in Yukon, but mummified carcasses are extremely rare, according to Zazula.
"To our knowledge this is the only mummified ice age wolf ever found in the world."

CBC has the story.

(Photo: Government of Yukon)

Chasing Lights in the Himalayas: Showcasing the Beauty of Nepal

While they were filming a documentary about Mount Everest, cinematographer and director Robin Pogorzelski and drone operator Simon Bourrat shot a wonderful short film titled "Chasing Lights in the Himalayas" to showcase the beauty of Nepal ahd its people.

Mice, A Small Story

In a dark subway tunnel, a group of three mice stumbled upon a golden pull-tab with mysterious powers that sent them on an epic journey ...

High School Students Cosplayed as Their Favorite Pop Culture Icon for Their Student ID Photos

The students at North Farmington High School in Michigan have a neat tradition: they can dress up as their favorite pop culture character for their student ID photos.

Take a look at this year's photos | Last year's photos - they're all fantastic!

TV Reporter Investigating Car Break-Ins in San Francisco Got Both Her Bait Car AND Camera Crew Car Broken Into

How bad is the car break-in epidemic in San Francisco? Let's put it this way: recently a TV crew reporting on car break-ins got both their bait car and camera crew vehicles broken into!

Remarkably, as Guerrero was conducting the interview, a car belonging to the Inside Edition crew was broken into, resulting in two broken windows and the theft of thousands of dollars' worth of equipment. That robbery was also caught on by surveillance cameras.
"We actually got hit twice in one day," Guerrero declared.

Blower Eggs, Friend Pain and Other Weird Sailor Names from the 18th Century

Writer and historian Emily Brand was researching 18th century naval records when she came across some really weird sailor names.

Marilyn Monroe's Famous "Flying Skirt" Scene Recreated with Banana

Banana artist (bananartist?) Stephan Brusche of isteef has recreated Marilyn Monroe's famous "Flying Skirt" scene from the 1954 film The Seven Year Itch with banana.

Like Marilyn said, "Isn't it delicious?"

A Pod of Beluga Whales Adopted a Lost Young Narwhal

Using a drone, a team of whale researchers from the Group for Education and Research on Marine Mammals (GREMM) took aerial footage of a pod of beluga whales in the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada.

They found that amongst the beluga whales was a juvenile narwhal that seem to have been adopted by the pod!

"It behaves like it was one of the boys," said Robert Michaud, the group's president and scientific director, to CBC.

(Photo: GREMM)

The Most Decorated Boy Scout Ever

Meet Austin Koslow, the most decorated Boy Scout ever:

Koslow has not only earned every single one of the 137 merit badges the Boy Scouts has to offer, but also seven silver and one gold Eagle Palms — the maximum number of the awards attainable after becoming an Eagle Scout.

Margaret Goff of Japan Times has the story. (Photo: Margaret Goff)

Van Gogh's Starry Night in Real Life by Ivana Jelic and Pavle Petrovic

Serbian duo Ivana Jelic and Pavle Petrovic created this real life version of Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night for the 7th annual Amsterdam Light Festival.

This year's exhibition will feature 30 artwork with the theme "The Medium is the Message." Take a look at many more fantastic entries from past festival over at their website.

Richard Scarry's Classic "What Do People Do All Day?" Updated for the 21st Century by Ruben Bolling

Richard Scarry's classic "What Do People Do All Day?" is filled with all sorts of jobs that people do - but cartoonist Ruben Bolling of Tom the Dancing Bug noticed that they need a bit of updating to catch up with the modern day.

So he took liberty in adding in a few modern jobs that fit modern American political and socioeconomic dystopia.

View the original piece over at Topic

View the original piece over at The Nib

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