Clever Costumes Based On Characters From "It"

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The latest adaptation of Stephen King's It has made a big impression on fans, and since It was released well before Halloween Pennywise was a shoe-in for "It" costume of 2017, which inevitably led to some "who wore it better?" moments at Halloween parties.

So why go with the same look as every other clown in a costume when you can dress like the other characters in It and keep your costume's inspiration a bit more subtle?

Instead of making yourself look like a cheap clown in an even cheaper costume do yourself a favor and dress up like Eddie Spaghetti or Beverly Marsh, or go full blown creepy and dress up like little Georgie.

See These 25 It Movie Costume Ideas Are So Good, It's Scary here

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Alternate Pokemon Designs Based On States

There have been so many alternate versions of Pokemon created that artists are now starting to reach for inspiration a bit too far, making most "pokemon as ...." art jams a bit boring.

But I'm totally on board with these Pokemon redesigns by JHALL because they're making 'Murica geeky again- by turning the United States into pocket monsters ready for battle.

JHALL's designs are so got dang patriotic it brings a tear to the eye, and even though he has only given us 8 states so far I'm sure he's hard at work pairing Pokemon and state stereotypes because that's his civic duty.

See If Pokemon Had Alternate Designs Based On Other US States here

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Adam Scott and Ben Schwartz Discuss Parks And Recreation Fan Theories

Parks And Recreation was a pretty darn funny show that helped launch the career of Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari, plus it gave the world the Ron Swanson so saying the show made a huge impact on pop culture is an understatement.

But nobody could have foreseeen how many conspiracy theories Parks And Rec would spawn- one claims Leslie and the team are embezzling money from Pawnee City Hall, another claims Jerry is actually a Russian sleeper agent. And then there's the one about Ben Wyatt dating Rachel from Friends...

(YouTube Link)

Adam "Ben Wyatt" Scott and Ben "Jean-Ralphio Saperstein" Schwartz reacted and responded to these crackpot Parks And Rec conspiracy theories while backstage at The Late Late Show with James Corden, cracking the case wide open like a Pawnee sand clam.

-Via The Mary Sue

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MMORPG Crafting Is Strange

Characters in video games perform skill actions which game designers generally don't bother to animate because it would take too long and bog down the action, making in-game crafting even more tedious than it already is.

So instead of a drawn out animated scene players see a pause screen or, in the case of MMOs, a bit of mid-air hand action from your character which, as this VLDL video shows, makes crafting look super weird- and super magical!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Analyzing Time Travel in Fiction

Time travel is fiction, unless you are referring to traveling ahead in time at the rate one one minute per minute. As fiction, you can do pretty much what you want with temporal displacement, so science fiction stories treat that ability in many different ways.

(YouTube link)

What causes a paradox doesn't necessarily cause a paradox in a different story. Our friends at Minute Physics gives us an overview of how time travel varies between stories. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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When I'm Late

Some bosses get really upset when their employees show up late for work, coming down on them hard like an ogre swinging a giant club at their head in an attempt to beat promptness into them.

Thankfully geeky bosses generally aren't quite so fearsome or strict about employee tardiness, and as this comic from The Underfold shows, geeky bosses are also easily distracted by polyhedral dice rolls...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Demotivational Dungeons & Dragons Posters

Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular tabletop roleplaying game of all time, but it's also just like every other RPG ever made in that it can be both fun and frustratingly not so fun to play.

Playing a RPG for too long can leave players feeling inspired yet unmotivated to do anything else in life but game, like a drug that takes you to the fantasy land where you left your heart.

Which is why this series of Dungeons & Dragons demotivational posters by Imgur user Vindexrix is a critical hit, because you know you'll never be as badass as your Barbarian or as exciting to be around as your Sorcerer.

See more Demotivational D&D Posters here

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Short Yet Satisfying YouTube Videos Under A Minute Long

Whether you have way too much work to do to sit around watching videos, have ADHD when you're online or you just appreciate fun sized stuff you probably enjoy YouTube videos that are short and sweet.

(YouTube Link)

60 seconds seems to be the sweet spot, the perfect length to ensure your video has enough content to satisfy yet can easily be watched during a break, because watching a bunch of minute-long videos is like snack time for your eyeballs.  

(YouTube Link)

Whether you're looking for a funny clip from a TV show, a prank video, or a darling little documentary about a tiny snek the ever-growing library of videos on YouTube has hundreds of minutes of fun waiting for you.

(YouTube Link)

See 31 YouTube Videos Under 60 Seconds Long That You Need To Watch Before You Die here

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10 Easy To DIY Halloween Costumes Based On Memes

If you want to keep your Halloween costume fresh and timely then you can't go wrong with a meme themed costume- they're the freshest, the timeliest, and they appeal to every internet user, meaning pretty much everyone nowadays.

They're also pretty easy to put together at the last minute, so if you still don't know what to wear to the Halloween festivities here are a few ideas based on memes:

1. Snapchat Hot Dog Filter-

(Image Link)

Put on a hot dog costume, some headphones and throw your hands in the air and you've become the Snapchat Hot Dog, and it is now your duty to photobomb as many pics as possible!

2. Angry Arthur-

(Image Link)

Angry Arthur is a super simple look to put together in terms of clothing, since it's mainly just a yellow sweater, blue jeans, glasses and sneakers, but you may have to hunt around a little to find the perfect aardvark ears.

Then all you have to do is clench your hands into fists all night long, posing the fist for the perfect pics and making an angry face whenever anyone takes a pic of you.

3. Salt Bae-

(Image Link)

This is by far the easiest look on the list to pull off, but spending the night as the Salt Bae may make your arm (and wrist) tired from all that salt dashing.

A v-neck tee, little round glasses and some salt are the basics of this costume, but if you want to go advanced bae you can bring a big steak to throw salt at and grill up to everyone's delight!

Continue reading

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Amazing Medieval Wonder Woman Battle Armor Fit For An Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman has gone through a few costume redesigns over the years but she keeps coming back to some form of armor, because she's a warrior through and through.

And if she starred in a title that took place n the Middle Ages she would probably sport an armored costume that looks like this amazing suit of battle armor created by Samuel Lee from Prince Armory.

It's got her signature colors, it's got the flair that makes it worthy of an Amazon princess and it actually looks like it would protect her in combat, unlike those midriff and mini skirt numbers other supergals wear.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About Elvira

Halloween is the right time to rewatch all your favorite Elvira movies -and if you happen to be near Anaheim, you could even see her perform in person at Knott's Berry Farm. If you can't get enough of the Mistress of the Dark though, you may as well learn a little bit more about her -or rather the actress that plays her, Cassandra Peterson. For example, did you know she started her career as a showgirl in Las Vegas and even dated Elvis and Tom Jones?

Check out all kinds of interesting trivia bits about Elvira over at Flavorwire

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Horrifying Cartoons From The 80s That Would Never Fly Today

Many 80s cartoons were created in a sort of ratings gray area because the rules of what kids should and shoudn't see in a cartoon were being rewritten and redefined.

And while topics like death, drugs and the Satanic Panic were considered too dark for a G audience in the 90s they were just fine for kids watching The Smurfs and the Care Bears in the 80s.

In the Care Bears Movie II a girl named Christy sells her soul to Dark Heart the shape-shifting demon so she can be better at sports, which seems pretty damn dark for a Care Bears storyline.

But then the scene takes an even darker turn when Dark Heart leaves Christy for dead, the Care Bears unable to revive her without help from the audience, who were probably in tears since they thought the girl was dead.

(YouTube Link)

The Smurfs had a similarly Satanic-themed episode that deals with the Christmas Stranger, a sinister guy who buys two orphan kids from Gargamel to use in an evil ritual.

The episode also had a similar "don't trust strangers" theme and the Smurfs use the power of love and hope (and singing) to defeat the Stranger.

(Dailymotion Link)

See 15 Horrifying 80s Cartoons That Would Never Fly Today here

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Celebrity Look-Alikes You Won't Believe Are From Other Countries

(Image Link)

The people in these pics are lucky they don't live in the U.S., because if they did they'd probably get mobbed by adoring fans wherever they go!

Lucky for them George Clooney isn't a household name in Turkey, and while Hugh Laurie is huge in the U.S. and merry old England people are all like "Hugh who?" in Russia.

(Image Link)

But people all around the world know the name and face of former U.S. President Barack Obama, so this guy from Indonesia must get hit up for autographs and selfies wherever he goes!

(Image Link)

Sorry buddy, Barack has got you beat by a mile in the looks department, but Britney Spears' Macedonian doppleganger looks like she just stepped out of a cloning chamber- and may soon start touring in place of the pop singer. They can call it the Twice As Crazy tour!

See 10+ Celebrity Lookalikes You Won't Believe Are From Different Countries here

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Connector Alignment Chart

Nerdiness used to have limits and boundaries set by publishers who claimed they knew what the people wanted to see, but as it turns out the people didn't know what they really wanted until the internet arrived.

And now that we have so much niche comedy available online we can find lots of hilarious stuff to LOL at that perfectly suits our taste in funny.

So if you're both a Dungeons & Dragons player and an A/V nerd then you can thank Rob Beschizza for this incredibly niche-y Connector Alignment Chart you'll soon be sharing with all your friends via social media.

-Via Boing Boing

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Punisher And Deadpool Face Off In Fan-Made Trailer

Even though Deadpool and the Punisher typically fight for the same side in the Marvel Universe the two gun happy dispensers of vigilante justice have clashed over the years, most recently in the mini-series Deadpool Vs. The Punisher.

And while this epic mini-series event would make a great movie the folks who own the rights to Deadpool and the Punisher will most likely never let a DP vs. TP movie be made because money.

So instead of having one of your nerdy dreams come true please enjoy this fan made trailer for Marvel's The Punisher Vs. Deadpool by Stryder HD. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via CBR

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A Game About Deciding What Is (And Is Not) Soup

Have you ever struggled to tell whether warm fluid in a bowl is soup or some other liquid dish? Perhaps you were wondering whether bisque is a soup or not, or whether a really runny stew qualifies as a soup?

Bisque is soup but classifying runny stew is totally up to you, and deciding whether something is soup or not will only ever come in handy when you play Something Something Soup Something, a free browser game by Italian philosopher and game designer Stefano Gualeni.

In Something Something Soup Something the players are tasked with figuring out whether a bowl of random stuff deserves to be called soup:

It takes place in a future where humans have mastered the science of teleportation. Instead of using it to eliminate scarcity or instantly transport Martin Shkreli to a distant black hole, they’ve taken to teleporting goods produced by underpaid aliens from distant planets. Goods like soup.
Problem is, aliens don’t have the best grip on how human digestive systems work, and the concept of “soup” isn’t really a thing in their society. You play as a certified human Soup Technician, and it’s up to you to figure out which dishes they send over do and do not constitute soup.

-Via Kotaku

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Laughing at His Misery

Have you ever done something so stupid that you didn't want anyone to know, but you had to ask for help anyway? This guy has to put up with laughter and humiliation to get his problem solved. The real punch line is that this comic was inspired by a real life story. But instead of one trusted geek, he was the target of hundreds of laughing geeks. At least he used a throwaway account for this one post. Maybe he imagined that those who laughed the hardest would one day face their own kind of embarrassing mistake. This is the latest comic from CommitStrip.

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Rare Concert Photos Of Iggy Pop, Blondie, Talking Heads And More From The Smithsonian's New Collection

Talking Heads at the Keystone, Berkeley, CA, December 9, 1977. Photo Hugh Brown /Smithsonian Books

Listening to an album from bands like Blondie, Iggy and the Stooges or The Clash simply cannot compare to seeing them live, because these bands put on a stage show that's even more exciting than their music.

And while seeing a photograph of a band performing live still doesn't compare to the real deal you can throw on one of their records and stare at the photos and pretend you're actually there seeing them live.

Blondie at CBGB, New York City, 1976. Photo Roberta Bayley /Smithsonian Books

This is what I used to call the "living room venue" experience whenever I couldn't afford to go to a show, and before we all had smartphones in our pockets we could use to record the show this somehow lessened the heartbreak.

Iggy Pop at the Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, July 1974. Photo James Fortune /Smithsonian Books

So if you're a fellow living room venue enthusiast you're gonna dig the collection of rare concert photos found in the Smithsonian's new book  Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen:

In December 2015, the Smithsonian Institution began an ambitious crowdsourced history of rock ’n’ roll photography, calling on music fans to contribute their amateur and pro photos, launching the web site as a one-stop for accepting and displaying shooters’ submissions.

The book is a pretty great cull of the best the collection had to offer, full of photos rarely or never seen by the public, chronologically arranged, and dating back to the dawn of the rock era. Some of them are real jaw-droppers, like the concert shot of Richie Valens taken hours before his death, Otis Redding drenched in sweat at the Whiskey a Go Go, Sly Stone looking like a goddamn superhero at the Aragon Ballroom in 1974.

Bill Lordan and Sly Stone at Balboa Stadium, San Diego, September 7, 1974. Photo Gary Kieth Morgan /Smithsonian Books

See more of these rare concert photos at Dangerous Minds

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Sometimes To Live A Normal Life You Have To Step Out Of Bounds

Flushing dead pet fish down the toilet has always seemed like a cold-hearted way to send that little fishy off to its aquatic afterlife, but that's not to say everyone who flushes a dead fish is a mean person.

Some just enjoy the ritual and the closure it provides, especially if they're like the young man in this animated short and a fish named Paul was their only friend, a friend who had died 178 times before.

(YouTube Link)

Out Of Bounds is an animated short from The Animation Workshop in Denmark about an extraordinary man who is often stuck indoors staring at a fish, until a new human friend lets herself in.

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Goku Vs. Super Heroes

To call Goku a superhero would be an insult because he's so much more than that- he's a Saiyan with god-like physical abilities and a power level that measures over 9000, so mere superheroes wouldn't stand a chance against him.

And yet most comic book fans won't accept the fact that their favorite superfolks would get owned by Goku until they see it for themselves, so let's see it play out Street Fighter style in this short by GamebillStudio.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Garfield Creator Jim Davis Drew A Galactus Story For A New Marvel Comic

Marvel's giant intergalactic planet muncher Galactus and Jim Davis' lasagna lovin' cat Garfield have a lot in common despite the fact that they exist in radically different cartoon universes with different levels of detail.

They both think with their stomachs and let their appetites get them in trouble, they can both be a bit surly if you wake them up before noon, and now they've both been drawn by Jim Davis thanks to an upcoming Marvel comic written by Ryan North:

Issue #26 of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl will be styled as a zine made by Squirrel Girl and her super-powered peers, with different artists providing styles for different heroes-turned-artists. The roster includes none other than Garfield creator Jim Davis, who illustrated a story from the perspective of Galactus.

North wrote the story, which Davis illustrated with the help of his assistants Gary Barker and Dan Davis. The strip basically uses Galactus as a stand-in for Garfield, and his herald the Silver Surfer as a stand-in for Jon Arbuckle.

Here's a sneak peek of Jim Davis' Galactus story, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26 hits stores November 8th:

-Via Entertainment Weekly

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Classic Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Sound Effects

Watch any of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons with the sound turned off and those wacky shows will be far less entertaining, and not just because the characters seem extra flat without their dialog and catchphrases.

No, the main thing you'll be missing are those zany sound effects, the sound of animated hilarity that takes you back to those formative years when cartoons became a big part of your life, or maybe it's just me.

Former Hanna-Barbera sound editor Paul Douglas made some interesting picks for his top 10 sound effects list, like Muttley biting Dick Dastardly on the butt and El Kabong's guitar hit, and these iconic sounds will take you back, way, way back.

(YouTube Link)

For some reason Paul's top ten sound effects list didn't include that iconic scrabbling sound Hanna-Barbera cartoons made whenever they ran, so here it is. I wish I could make noises like that when I run...

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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This Awesome Gremlins Poster Contains 84 Hidden Pop Culture References

Gremlins is a visually striking film, with lots of fantastic and unforgettable scenes that continue to inspire filmmakers and artists like Kevin M. Wilson when they're looking to create an homage to (monster) movies.

Kevin chose the scene in Mr. Wing's shop (where Billy's dad Randall bought Gizmo) as inspiration for this illustration full of hidden movie references, which seems logical since the place was full of cool stuff to look at.

There are a 84 pop culture references hidden in this awesome artwork, from the fairly obvious Freddy Kreuger's Glove and ORCA Panel at the top of the piece to the harder to find Chucky doll to the tiny and impossible to find Demogorgon Miniature.

See if you can collect 'em all with your eyeballs, and when you give up click here to see the key.

-Via io9

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Bloody And Mysterious Movie Posters Created For Dario Argento Films

The films of Italian director Dario Argento are hard to classify because they don't fit neatly into any one genre- on the one hand they're definitely full of horror elements, but films like Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) could be considered Crime Thrillers.

The Italians call this Horror-Thriller genre "giallo", and Argento's masterfully crafted giallo films are a cut above the rest because the mystery keeps you guessing until the bloody end while the realistic gore makes you squirm in your seat.

In fact, some of the posters created for Dario Argento films like Tenebre, Two Evil Eyes and Deep Red are so disturbingly bloody we can't show them here so here's a really cool artsy one instead, created by artist Matt Ryan for a UK screening of Suspiria.

See Deep Red: Blood-Drenched Movie Posters & Artwork Used for the Films of Dario Argento here (NSFW-ish)

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Ron Howard today posted a short video on Twitter that revealed the name of the next standalone movie in the Star Wars series. The film about Han Solo in his younger years will be called Solo: A Star Wars Story. Simple and underwhelming. People on Twitter immediately responded with Solo cup jokes.

And other folks had alternate suggestions. This one would be great.

The good news is that we won't have to wait a whole year to see it. Solo: A Star Wars Story is scheduled to be in theaters on May 25, 2018. That's barely six months after Star Wars: The Last Jedi. See more reactions at Mashable.

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Gamers Continue To Create Incredibly Impressive Sculptures In Minecraft

Minecraft is still driving the kiddies wild, and it must be set to overtake Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. as the video game gateway drug that has gotten the most kids hooked on gaming.

Kiddies tend to play Minecraft in Adventure or Survival mode, but the talented folks who entered their Minecraft sculptures in the Apex Events 2017 Invitational go full blown Creative mode on an epic scale.

This amazing digital sculpture by Dr. Bond entitled "The Perfect Marionette" was the winner of the 2017 Invitational- it took Dr. Bond four days to build and is made of millions of blocks to capture that Rococo feel.

Runner up AWAKENING - Null Bomb is made of millions of blocks too, but in this case they're spread out to form an entire futuristic cityscape. No word on how long it took the artist to build AWAKENING, but you don't build cool digital cities like that overnight!

-Via Kotaku

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Tea Time With Peach And Bowser

Now that Peach and Bowser have become chummy, possibly due to Stockholm syndrome, the two can finally do what they've wanted to do since they first met- gossip over a cup of tea.

Now they talk about boys with moustaches, who saw who eating mushrooms, and why Luigi just doesn't make Peach purr like lil' old Mario does.

It's great that Bowser and Peach have sorted out their problems, but as this Mercworks comic shows, the two have become a little too comfortable with watching Mario die...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Ten Greatest DC Comics Supervillains Of All Time

(Image Link)

DC Comics has created some of the biggest, baddest and most iconic supervillains of all time, and even though many heroes in the DC Universe bear a striking resemblance to Marvel superheroes the villains are in a class all their own.

The Joker is arguably the most famous comic book villain of all time, and everyone is familiar with his never-ending battle with the Batman because they are the yin-yang of the comic book world. But what about Ra's al Ghul?

His battle against Batman has become much more well known since the Dark Knight movies and his inclusion in DC shows like Arrow, but Ra's will never usurp The Joker because Ra's lacks his clowny charm.

And speaking of clowny and charming- Harley Quinn began as a secondary character on Batman: The Animated Series but has since become one of the most popular, and fun, supervillains in the DC Universe.

Her secret? Equal parts madness, cuteness and a bloodthirsty zeal for battle, plus her sick relationship with Mister J didn't hurt. Well, maybe a little...

(Image Link)

See Ranking The 10 Greatest DC SUPERVILLAINS of All-Time here

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How To Build A Secret Magnetic Safe Out Of LEGO Bricks

A safe needn't be extremely sturdy, heavy or locked up tight to serve its purpose, it just needs to keep your valuables safe-ly tucked away and hidden from thieves.

And what better way to hide a safe full of your stuff than by leaving it in plain sight in the form of a toy no burglar would ever look at twice?

In this video YouTuber Dylan Hacker, aka Household Hacker, shows you how to make a small yet effective security box with a magnetic lock, so you can make stashing your stuff fun again!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Metro

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Unnecessarily Horrifying Episodes Of Beloved Kid's Shows

Kids shows are by default supposed to be free of adult content, and if scary moments arise they should be immediately followed with lighthearted fun to keep the kiddies from getting scared of the show.

But as soon as a show starts targeting a somewhat older audience they begin to introduce mature themes they couldn't include before, which leads to the creation of some absolutely horrifying episodes.

Captain Planet generally kept the quest to fight polluters around the world as lighthearted as possible, but when the Planeteers faced a drug dealing scumbag named Verminous Skumm in the episode Mind Pollution things got really dark.

Verminous sells a drug called "Bliss" to a kid named Boris, a drug that turns kids into crazy zombies. Boris gets high and jumps through a window, causing him to bleeding profusely from the arms, and later after taking more Bliss he falls down dead of an overdose.

I thought Captain Planet was rated Y7, who would want their seven-year-old to see such things?

(YouTube Link)

See 6 Unnecessarily Horrifying Episodes Of Beloved Kids Shows here (NSFW language)

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