Actors Who Refused Roles On Game Of Thrones

Most actors have a woeful tale to tell about a role they turned down that wound up being a major career boost for another actor, and these role refusal regret stories have one thing in common- the role was in a great movie or TV show.

Tamzin Merchant and Gillian Anderson have a role refusal regret story in common involving a little show called Game Of Thrones, in which Tamzin played Daenerys Targaryen for the unaired pilot.

But how were they to know Game Of Thrones would become one of the biggest TV shows of all time?

(YouTube Link)

This video by Looper reveals some of the A-list stars who refused work in Westeros, and even though Gillian Anderson's career wasn't affected by the pass many of the others on the list could've used the boost!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Stan Lee's Cameos In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Are All Connected

Stan Lee has appeared in nearly every Marvel movie and TV show ever made, and many people assumed these appearances were just a fun and clever way to pay homage to the great comic creator.

But some fans have proposed a different theory since Stan first appeared in the current batch of Marvel movies, theorizing he's actually "some sort of greater cosmic good" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And now producer Kevin Feige, aka the architect of the MCU, just confirmed that Stan Lee is indeed playing the same character in every cameo:

“Stan Lee clearly exists, you know, above and apart from the reality of all the films. [Lee’s cameo] wasn’t in for a long time and we put it back in towards the end of the process where he references that time he was a Federal Express agent — we thought it would be fun to put that in there because that really says, so wait a minute, he’s this same character who’s popped up in all these films.”

So does that mean they're going to make a Stan Lee movie? Because that would be amazing!

-Via Uproxx

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How Superman Scratches His Back

Superman is super strong, super fast, super resilient, super smart and super concerned with dispensing justice, so it only makes sense that he would have super powerful itches as well.

And as this Dragonarte comic shows these super severe itches are the main reason he doesn't turn on Batman and the Justice League- because he needs the team around to itch his back!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Check Out This Epic Rick and Morty Dominoes Set Up

(Video Link)

When the Cromulons decide to host a talent competition that doesn't just require singing, I think The Domino King might be Earth's only salvation when they start asking us to "show me what you got." Need proof? Just look at this epic 18,365 piece domino layout he created for Rick and Morty. It not only has amazing pictures from the series but reveals secret hidden messages from the show as it goes. Wubba lubba dub dub indeed!

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The Time David Bowie And Iggy Pop Appeared Together On Daytime TV

David Bowie was surprisingly fond of appearing on late night TV shows, and Iggy Pop seems to dig the talk show scene too, although talk shows in general weren't too fond of Iggy's behavior back in the day.

But neither one of these edgy rock superstars seem like the type of musicians daytime TV shows would have wanted to book back in the 1970s, especially considering Iggy's junkie FTW attitude.

However, Dinah Shore wasn't afraid to host Iggy's first proper appearance on a TV show- she spoke with Iggy and a much more put together David Bowie on The Dinah! Show back in 1977:

April 15, 1977: Iggy Pop and David Bowie were guests on Dinah’s Place. Promoting Lust for Life, Iggy and David, along with Tony Sales on bass and Hunt Sales on drums, performed “Sister Midnight” and “Fun Time.” During the interview segment, Bowie was shown in tears from trying to stifle his laughter when Dinah Shore asked Iggy what it felt like to crawl around on broken glass.

Read more at Dangerous Minds

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Guy Gets Extensive Plastic Surgery To Look Like An Elf

The dream of becoming a fantasy creature like an elf, dwarf or dragon is now and will always be an impossibility, but if you dream of merely resembling a fantasy creature you're in luck.

Because plastic surgery has advanced to the point where your face can be made over to resemble a cat-man, a lizard or, in this case, an elf.

Luis Padron of Argentine has paid over $35k to become "trans-species" and make his Lord Of The Rings dreams come true:

He has spent more than £25,000 on surgery including liposuction on his jaw, a nose job, full body hair removal and operations to change his eye colour. ...He is planning surgery to make his ears pointed, hair implants for a heart-shaped hairline and a limb lengthening operation to make him 6ft 5in tall.

Mr. Padron fell in love with the fantasy genre during his early teenage years, while struggling with bullies who mocked him because he dyed his hair and had different dress sense.

But by the end of high school, he claimed his quirkiness led to him being admired, which further fuelled his desire to be different.

He added: 'I was bullied as a child and as an escape I would submerge myself in fantasy movies like Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story, as well as other fantasy tales.

I guess cosplay is no longer enough for some people, but it's still a hell of a lot cheaper!

He has almost spent more than £25,000 on surgery including liposuction on his jaw, a nose job, full body hair removal and operations to change his eye colour. ... He is planning surgery to make his ears pointed, hair implants for a heart-shaped hairline and a limb lengthening operation to make him 6ft 5in tall.

Mr Padron fell in love with the fantasy genre during his early teenage years, while struggling with bullies who mocked him because he dyed his hair and had different dress sense.

But by the end of high school, he claimed his quirkiness led to him being admired, which further fuelled his desire to be different.

He added: 'I was bullied as a child and as an escape I would submerge myself in fantasy movies like Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story, as well as other fantasy tales.

'Over time things changed, older teens liked me because I was unique and that's what encouraged me to start turning what I felt on the inside into a reality.

-Via Boing Boing

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Stunning Examples Of How Much Video Game Graphics Have Improved

(Image Link)

Unless you're an old school gamer who has been playing video games since characters were so pixelated it was hard to tell what they were you may not know how far game resolution has come.

Or you may have seen game graphics improve over the years but never had the difference visually spelled out for you.

(Image Link)

Well, you can't get much clearer than this- here's a screenshot from Wolfenstein 3D (1992) and one from the more recent game Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014).

(Image Link)

In Wolfenstein 3D you couldn't even see the look on the Nazis' faces when you blew their heads off!

The difference in game resolutions should be obvious when the games being compared were made 20+ years apart, but the difference between Wrestlemania (1989) and WWE 2K15 (2014) put me down for the count!

See 15 Stunning Examples Of How Far Video Game Graphics Have Advanced here

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Create Your Own Sci-fi Thriller With This Handy Plot Generator

Looking to write the next big alien thriller but need a few ideas to get you going? Then you won't want to miss this plot generator Wired created using two James Gunn films and two Ridley Scott creations. Of course, you could always use it like a Mad Libs game and insert your own ideas for plucky adventurers and terrifying boss aliens. 

Via Wired

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Jeffrey Tambor's Children Interview Him About His Acting Career

Jeffrey Tambor is an award-winning veteran of stage and screen who has appeared in about five dozen movies and nearly as many TV shows since he started acting in the early 70s, but to his young kids he's just daddy.

So to promote his new book Are You Anybody? Jeffrey sat down with four of his kids to answer their questions about his storied career in showbiz, in this first and last episode of The Tambor Family Show.

(YouTube Link)

I'm glad Hugo told us that he's his mom's son too, because I was totally wondering about that!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Stunning Concept Art From The Witcher 3

The Witcher franchise has been setting the bar ridiculously high for fantasy RPGs since the first Witcher game came out in 2007, just like The Witcher novels by Andrzej Sapkowski did when they first came out in the mid-80s.

Faithfully translating the look of Geralt of Rivia, the fearsome creatures he fights and the colorful cast of characters that populate the world around him rests on the shoulders of the talented artists from CD PROJEKT RED.

Since 2007 Polish video game developers CD PROJEKT RED have been working on The Witcher games and giving them their signature look, their artistic efforts culminating in The Witcher 3, the final game in the series.

This stunning concept art represents the hard work their team put in to the game before it ever reached the 3D modeling stage, and the illustrations are so fantastic even non-gamers will appreciate their beauty.

See more Stunning Concept Art From The Witcher 3 By CD Projekt Red here

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Engadget Tore Open One Of Those Collectible Guardians Of The Galaxy Doritos Bags

The Doritos Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 2 promotional MP3 bag came out and people paid $30 a pop to get their hands on this collectible gimmick and brag about it online.

But Engadget wasn't very respectful with the bag they bought- because they immediately tore it apart to see what was inside.

Here's what they found:

Getting the music files out of the bag is a bit of a chore, and tearing it apart to get at the electronics doesn't yield much of a reward -- the Doritos MP3 player is little more than a cheap, exposed circuit board sandwiched between two pieces of foam. Without the snack bag, its buttons are too tall and awkward, the audio port is exposed and flimsy and it has no visible user interface to speak of. It's not even worth pillaging for the player's microSD card, which holds a paltry 256MB of data. Looks like we destroyed the eBay value of this season's most ridiculous collector's item for nothing.

-Via Engadget

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The Tale Of A Man And His Rancor

Rancors are native to the planet Dathomir, grow to be five meters tall or more, and see most humanoids as nothing more than snack food. So how did Jabba's Rancor end up in that pit beneath his palace?

It was given to Jabba as a gift from his henchmen when it was but a wee Rancy Wancy, and the Rancor's keeper Malakili learned to love that big nasty beastie like one of his own...until Luke smashed its head in.

But don't worry, according to this comic by Chris Gugliotti the story of Malakili and the Rancor has a happy ending, and despite the large dent in Rancy's head he's doing fine and eating solid foods again!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Busting The Tennis Ball Car Unlock Myth

Many new cars have electronic locks that unlock the door with a push of a button, and because many people don't really understand how these locks work they've become the subject of many myths.

And people love to post content online that adds to these myths, like this video from ten years back that still has people believing they can unlock their car doors with a tennis ball.

(YouTube Link)

It seems too ridiculous to work, and yet every time the myth makes the rounds online again a bunch of people admit they believe the myth, often claiming they know someone who did it.

So let's put this myth to rest by sharing this clip from an old episode of Mythbusters featuring Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci busting the myth with 100 psi of shop air.

(Video Link)

-Via Discovery

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Artist Uses Shower Hair To Create Funky Drawings

What do you do with the loose hairs that come out while you're showering? I usually stick them on the wall or wash them down the drain, but from now on I'm going to rip off "Show Hair Master" Lucy Gafford's idea and use them to make little drawings.

Lucy's shower hair drawings are surprisingly detailed considering they're just wet strands of hair stuck to the shower wall, but she really earns her "Shower Master" title with her cool choice of subject matter.

See Artist Makes Drawings With Hair Falling In The Bath here

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Batman has many skills and physical abilities that give him a reputation for being a formidable hero, but one of his most important abilities never gets any press- his amazing math skills.

Bruce uses math to build awesome devices, calculate the perfect trajectory for his Batarang and predict his enemy's next move, so his math skills are what make him the mightiest human on Earth.

This oldie but goodie clearly explains why Batman will forever be > Superman and Iron Man, although Tony Stark might win if he and Bruce have a math off!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Artist Finds Photos Of Random People Online And Turns Them Into Toons

Most illustrators use some sort of photo reference for their drawings, and the internet is a treasure trove of reference material for amateurs and pros alike.

Photo reference is especially useful when drawing people, because as you can see in these portraits by illustrator and character designer Julio Cesar photo reference comes complete with props and personality.

Julio chooses random pics of people he finds online then gives their portraits the toon treatment, with minimal exaggeration so the subjects remain recognizable.

See Artist Finds Photos Of Random People, Transforms Them Into Illustrated Characters here

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10 Of The Greatest Time Travel TV Shows Ever Made

Few sci-fi TV show subgenres are more beloved than Time Travel shows- the shows that capture our imaginations about the future and bring out our inner history nerd in a major way.

1. It's About Time (1966-67)-

(Image Link)

Astronauts Mac McKenzie and Hector Canfield find themselves transported back to the days of cavemen and dinosaurs in the definitely not based on real science comedy It's About Time, which lasted for 26 episodes in 1967.

This good natured romp created by Sherwood Schwartz is technically a time travel TV show because Mac and Hector travel back in time and back to the present, bringing an entire cave-family with them.

(YouTube Link)

2. Seven Days (1998-2001)-

(Image Link)

In Seven Days the NSA creates a time machine using alien technology scavenged from Roswell to send "chrononauts" seven days into the past to prevent the destruction of the White House and the death of POTUS and the VP.

The Chronosphere can only send a chrononaut back seven days due to "limitations imposed by the fuel source and its reactor", so chrononauts are only allowed to deal with matters of national security.

Even though Seven Days managed to stay under the radar in terms of ratings the show was extremely popular with fans, who totally dug the X-Files-inspired vibe of the show.

(YouTube Link)

Continue reading

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This Custom Dewback Couch Is Strictly For Lounge Lizards

Geeky home furnishings have never been hotter than they are today, and as pop culture trends continue to be profitable companies will keep coming out with cool stuff to clutter up our homes.

But after seeing this amazing yet uncomfortable looking Custom Dewback Loveseat made by Regal Robot Custom Studio I've come to realize the world needs more geeky yet functional furniture.

We should be lounging around on all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi creatures, sitting in office chairs shaped like our favorite thrones, vehicles or captain's chairs, and watching TV out of a Titan's mouth.

But for now Star Wars fans will have to pony up $10k for this Custom Dewback Loveseat and start their geeky furniture collection before the trend begins.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Doritos Is Releasing A Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Bag That Plays The Whole Soundtrack

Doritos has come up with a strange way to tie their Nacho Cheese chips in with Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2- they're including a music player loaded with the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 in limited edition bags.

All you have to do is plug your headphones into the jack in the front of the bag and you'll have some music to munch by courtesy of Doritos, which raises a galaxy's worth of questions.

How much will this bag of gimmicks cost? Is it Big Gulp  and Slurpee proof? The built-in player is rechargeable, so you can listen to the Vol. 2 Mix over and over again, but does anyone really want that, or will the bag become another unwanted piece of e-waste?

The bag comes out sometime today (April 28th) on Amazon so we'll know more soon, but one thing's for certain- someone will be trying to sell one for a fortune on eBay by next week!

-Via Thrillist

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Why Living On The Enterprise Would Be Awful

Some aspects of life on the Starship Enterprise would appeal to all sci-fi fans- meeting aliens from all over the galaxy, having all of your needs met by machines, the cool clothes, the tech and the holodeck, just to name a few.

But life aboard the Enterprise would have been an absolute nightmare for both the crew and the hundreds of civilians living on board, as they try to get through their day without being phased or blown up.

(YouTube Link)

This fun video by Grunge discusses the main reasons why living on a Star Trek starship would be a nightmare, including horrifying transporter malfunctions, malfunctioning crew members and the scariest reason of all- you live at your job.

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What The Terminator Says In The Spanish Language Version Of T2 Instead Of "Hasta La Vista, Baby"

It's doubtful Arnold Schwarzenegger knew how iconic his "Hasta la vista, baby" line from Terminator 2: Judgment Day would become, but now we can't say "see you later" in Spanish without hearing Arnie's voice in our heads.

But curious and geeky minds want to know- what does Arnie say in the Spanish language version of T2?

(YouTube Link)

Apparently he says "Sayonara, baby", which is hilarious enough, but in the Japanese language version he says "Cheerio then, love". WTF is that all about?!

-Via Boing Boing

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A Dark Comic Series Created To Ruin Your Childhood

When we start adulting we're told to leave the trappings of our youth behind, but for some of us our inner child grows stronger instead of weaker as we strive to make our childhood dreams come true.

But comic artist Hugo Tamzarian seems hell bent on wounding, if not outright destroying, our inner children with his series Gone Into Rapture, and no silly willy nilly symbol of our childhood is safe.

Gone Into Rapture deals with controversial subjects like dinosaurs, animals, Disney characters,  social politics and cats- those sneaky little furballs who have infiltrated our homes and now run the show.

See 10+ Dark Comics Created To Ruin Your Childhood here

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Fun Facts About Carrie Fisher

(Image Link)

Carrie Fisher may have garnered most of her fan base by playing Princess Leia, but her film career began years earlier with studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and a role in Shampoo at age 17.

She was taught how to make it in Hollywood by her mom, the prolific actress Debbie Reynolds, who had the star power to call up George Lucas and rag on him for making her daughter fly coach:

Surprisingly, the budget for the Stars Wars films was so low that the American cast and crew had to fly to England in economy class. When her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, called George Lucas to complain, he handed the phone to Carrie who told her, “Mother, I want to fly coach, will you f**k off?!” and then hung up.

Carrie had no problem speaking her mind, but she struggled during her scenes with Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin because he was so nice to her on the set she had a hard time being mean to him.

In fact, Carrie got along really well with pretty much everyone on the set of Star Wars, but she really took a shine to Harrison Ford for obvious reasons:

Carrie once joked about drinking alcohol on the set of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. She stated, “Mark Hamill was off on Dagobah while Harrison Ford and I were were getting drunk in Cloud City.”

While Carrie certainly had lots of memories from the set and filming of the Star Wars trilogy, her fondest of that era may come as a surprise. She was on the record as having said that her favorite moments were during her scenes when she was arguing with Harrison Ford.

See 24 Facts About Carrie Fisher That You Probably Didn't Know here

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Amazing Sailor Moon Themed Figure Skating Routine

I must confess that Sailor Moon was never really my cup of tea as far as anime goes, but the fans have such an infectious energy and the costumes are so cheerful I can't help but smile when I say "Sailor Moon".

And while I'm not interested in the show I can't stop watching this Sailor Moon inspired figure skating routine performed by Evgenia Medvedeva at the World Team Trophy 2017 exhibition in Tokyo. It's more enchanting than a Tuxedo Mask entrance!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Mad Scientist Builds A 200-Watt Laser Bazooka That Can Shoot Through A Computer Case

If you mess with science you may find yourself on the wrong end of a laser beam designed to burn right through whatever gets in its way and powerful enough to shoot through a computer case.

So be nice to Drake Anthony (aka styropro) if you ever meet him, because he built a 200-watt laser bazooka out of "scrap metal, a pile of broken ‘hybrid’ DLP projectors, and runs on a stack of lithium polymer batteries" and he ain't afraid to use it.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Iconic Comic Book Images Recreated In The Movies

Every time a director helms a new superhero project they put their own spin on that hero's origin story, but no matter how far they stray from the source material they still include some nod to the original.

Action Comics #1 features the most iconic cover art of all time- Superman lifting a car, a scene featured in 1978's Superman and Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, which is an homage to Richard Donner's original Superman films from the 80s.

(YouTube Link)

But the cover of Captain America Comics #1, featuring Cap punching out Hitler, is arguably just as famous, so why didn't it get a proper recreation in the Captain America movie?

Because the writers and director of 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger chose Red Skull and Hydra as Cap's main foes, so including Hitler and the Nazis would just confuse the plot of future Marvel movies.

See 15 Iconic Comic Book Images Recreated In Superhero Movies here

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Rian Johnson's Photos From The Set Of The Last Jedi

Hot on the heels of that amazing trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi comes these cool set photos shared by writer/director Rian Johnson, photos which show the filmmaker's process and what he saw on set.

Rian carried an old camera with him at all times during filming, and whenever he saw a cool shot he captured the scene in black & white, which gives these behind-the-scenes images a classic look befitting Star Wars.

Rian shared these photos, as well as many color shots from the set, during a panel at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando, and he claims to have shot thousands of pics during filming. Sounds like the makings of an awesome coffee table art book to me!

(YouTube Link)

See Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi Set Photos here

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Photos From The Set Of The Original Twin Peaks

Part of me never left David Lynch's eerie town of Twin Peaks after watching the series in the early 90s, and now that the series is coming back for eighteen more episodes that Twin Peaks feeling is coming back strong too.

But simply rewatching the series and Fire Walk With Me just isn't enough to satisfy my appetite for small town Lynchian strangeness, I needed these damn fine photos from the set to silence my inner Bob.

Seeing all my old friends from Twin Peaks again has caused quite a few memories to resurface, including those "they won't be on the new episodes because they're dead!" moments that make me wanna smile-cry.

See Intimate Photos Taken On The Set Of The Original 'Twin Peaks' here

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The Invisible Art Of Visual Effects

Visual effects in films are composed and constructed just like any other work of art, but there's one big difference- in order for the VFX in movies to be effective they must be so subtle you think the effects are real.

And if you think you're an expert at spotting viz fx consider this- nearly every movie made these days features some sort of digital fx compositing, from sets to weather effects to the vehicles driving by in the background.

VFX Games - The Art of Compositing from Roy Peker on Vimeo.

This eye opening video by Roy Peker gently tears back the layers of digital deception to show us what often lies beneath each frame of film, namely an actor on a green screen set.

-Via PremiumBeat

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How Much Would Superheroes' NYC Apartments Cost?

Being a superhero typically isn't a paid gig, which is why even famous superheroes like Superman and Spider-Man have to keep their day jobs as journalists.

Clark Kent lives in the fictional city of Metropolis, so there's no telling how much rent he pays, but could Spider-Man actually afford to live in New York City on his salary from the Daily Bugle?

And what about our new favorite friends from Harlem and Hell's Kitchen Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Luke Cage and Jessica Jones? created this slick infographic that reveals how much Marvel superheroes would pay for their apartments around NYC, as well as some trivia related to the real life equivalent of each location.

See full sized infographic here

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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