A Heavy Metal Version Of The Jigglypuff Song

Jigglypuff is one of the cutest and cuddliest looking Pokémon, which makes him the most commonly underestimated Pokémon as well.

Because his hypnotic singing ability is extremely hard to resist, and even the toughest characters fall victim to his charm ability and fall fast asleep when he starts singing his Jigglypuff Song.

But metalhead THEoneNILS thought Jigglypuff's cute little song needed a heavy metal makeover, so listeners will start banging their heads instead of nodding off.

(YouTube Link)

THEoneNILS wasn't the first person to think heavy metal when they saw Jigglypuff perform, and this video still wins the award for most ridiculous Pokémon themed mashup of all time.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Nerdist

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SpongeBob Moments Hilariously Captioned With Historical Context

(Image Link)

Never let the haters in the world tell you SpongeBob SquarePants is not of historical importance, because those anti-Spongeicans are just jealous of SpongeBob's contributions to the world.

(Image Link)

Bikini Bottom seems to have a lot in common with the Bermuda Triangle, since both oceanic locations are full of strange occurrences and random encounters.

But the trials and tribulations encountered by SpongeBob and his buddies are like perfect parallels of the historical events we humans encountered on the surface.

(Image Link)

These parallel events must be why the memes shared on r/BikiniBottomTwitter are so spot on, revealing all the ways we've been underestimating SpongeBob and Patrick since the 90s.

(Image Link)

See 20 Spongebob Moments Hilariously Captioned With Historical Context here

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Cyberpunk Pin-Up Art By Fernando Vicente

Anatomical cutaways and pin-ups don't sound like two things that would go great together, but a good artist can surprise you by bringing two seemingly disparate visual elements together.

The mechanical pin-up models who star in Fernando Vincente's series Anatomies are disturbingly alluring, and they exude android cool(ant), but they seem like artwork from another time.

Perhaps when we reach a point in history when cyberpunk stories no longer read like speculative fiction, or when our futuristic world matches the visions shared by Space Age artists, Fernando's Anatomies will feel right at home.

See more from The Alluring Vivisected Mechanical Pin-Ups Of Fernando Vicente here (NSFW-ish)

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Crazy Things TV Shows Did When They Ran Out Of Money

When network bean counters decide a show has gone over budget, or they cut the budget because ratings aren't “high enough”, great shows air crappy episodes that scare viewers away.

The Walking Dead started out strong, and has always had decent ratings, but the budget was slashed so hard for the second season the show's dramatic build-up came to a stand still on Hershel's farm.

Survivors stuck on a farm for an episode or two seemed like a novel idea, but the combination of no budget and the firing of director Frank Darabont meant the survivors were trapped on the farm for far too long.

LOST made a similarly stagnating move by locking main characters in polar bear cages for six episodes in the third season, making viewers wonder whether they'd mistakenly tuned in to Prison Break.

People thought the LOST writers were running out of ideas, but the show was just over-budget and buying time, hoping the spectacular season finale would make viewers forget about those crappy episodes.

But by then the show had lost a ton of viewers they wouldn't get back until the hype surrounding the end of the series made people curious about The Island again.

Read 7 Insane Things TV Shows Did When They Ran Out Of Money here

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Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians On Hollywood Blvd.

Morgan Freeman is the guy many people would choose to narrate their life story, and his voice can make any person seem distinguished and any situation important, even on Hollywood Blvd.

(YouTube Link)

Jimmy Kimmel introduced Morgan to the wonderful world of pedestrian narration on a previous episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and his magic voice made us want to believe in Perfect Selfie Paul.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Pay Like A Wizard With This Almost-Magic Wand

Samsung Pay seems like magic to some extent -seeing as how you can use it almost anywhere with a wave of your phone. But there's something distinctively "meh" about using your phone to pay -especially when you could be using a magic wand instead. 

The Ollivander19 is a brilliant invention that claims to be (and probably is) the first contactless payment wand. And because magic can't be bought, but only inherited, the only way to get one of the eight wands in existence is to win one on the Card Cutters website. So if you think you've got what it takes to do magic, head to the site and try your luck today.

Via Nerd Approved 

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The Technology Behind Samus Aran's Arm Cannon

If you've ever played one of the games from the Metroid franchise you probably wondered how Samus Aran's arm cannon works considering it covers her entire arm and doesn't need to be reloaded.

Playing through all the games didn't provide any answers to this question, but then I came across this Awkward Zombie comic by Katie Tiedrich and the answer was made clear- Samus' guns power the cannon! What a physique!

(So then...are the missiles her fingers?)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Truth About Suicide Squad's Joker

If you haven't seen the Suicide Squad movie yet then you're in for one big surprise- the Joker isn't in the movie as much as you'd think considering he was prominently featured in the ads.

Jared Leto's Joker parts may have been cut as a response to fan criticism online, or perhaps director David Ayer felt Leto had gone far too method with his acting either that or the scenes just plain sucked.

As this comic by JHall and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly shows us Jared Leto was going to be happy with his portrayal of the Joker regardless of what we all think, but don't tell him you hated his Joker or he might want to be your buddy!

-Via Dorkly

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Wizard Vs. Jedi

 photo wizard-vs-jedi_zpsaxntwfdw.gif

Wizards are one of the coolest character archetypes found in the fantasy genre, and Jedis are kinda like wizards only with extensive martial arts training and a cool laser sword.

So who would win if the two were to meet on the field of battle?

I'd vote for the wizard, but this Madcap Brothers video seems to indicate the Jedi would win by batting away the wizard's Magic Missiles. (NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

According to Dungeons & Dragons rules Magic Missiles always hit their target and have no saving throw, so perhaps the wizard in the video is level 0 and still in training?

-Via Nerd Approved

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If Seinfeld Had a 9/11 Episode, It Would Read Like This

Image via Steve Harris [Flickr]

Seinfeld is easily one of the most famous shows in history and amost certainly the most famous one set in New York. So if the show was still on the air when the Twin Towers fell, they'd kind of have to write a 9/11 episode or at least referrence the terrible tragedy. But how could they possibly do that on a comedy show without making light of the devestating events themselves? This spec script by comedian Billy Domineau captures the tone perfectly -making light of George's ego, Jerry's OCD, Elaine's relationships and Kramer's well, Kramerness. Sure, it's still a bit tasteless, but it's also damn funny and any fan of Seinfeld will quickly recognize how much it actually reads like a real episode. You can read the script below or click here to see it full size:

Via Complex

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Stranger Things- The Feline Edition

A group of geeky friends, teens who are too cool for school, a demogorgon, a psychic kid, and the upside down- these are all things found in the new Netflix series Stranger Things.

But as I recall the only cat on the show was in a shadowy lab and only on screen for a sec, and you know how the internet feels about programs without cats.

So illustrator Cassie Murphy drew up the purr-fect cast for the feline TV version of the show, Mangier Things, which will only be airing in our dreams...

-Via Nerd Approved

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If The Internet Designed A Video Game

Asking the internet community for input on a video game project is like asking a school full of children to write their own cartoon series- only with extra helpings of sex and violence.

As this comic by Andy Kluthe of Nerd Rage and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly shows a game built by the internet would be the most schizophrenic, unnecessarily violent and lengthy game ever played...plus zombie Pokemon!

-Via Dorkly

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The Most Intense Resident Evil Cosplay Ever

Resident Evil's monsters are some of the most haunting creations in any media, let alone in video games. Part of what makes them so horrifying is that you often actually see a regular person transitioning into the gargantuan creature -and that's exactly why this amazing cosplay is so incredible and terrifying. 

Amazingly, the entire torso is fabricated -including the head. Also amazingly, this isn't cosplayer Gai's first nightmarish Resident Evil cosplay. He previously created a Stage 2 version of this same character (this one is Stage 1).

Via Fashionably Geek

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Why Batman's Plan For The Justice League Makes No Sense

Bruce Wayne is out recruiting superheroes for the Justice League. But first, he has to identify superheroes and find them, at least, according to the trailer for the upcoming movie. But who made him an expert in that?

(YouTube link)

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. This 8-bit video is from Dorkly. -via Tastefully Offensive

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A Flowchart That Shows You How To Catch 'Em All In Pokemon GO

You probably see stories about people hunting, catching and training Pokemon on a daily basis, and yet you may still be completely lost when it comes to how it's done.

So what better way to clue you in to the Pokemon GO game than a simple to follow flowchart?

This flowchart created by Lucidchart is likely to be seen as either extremely useful or an utter waste of time- the geek edition, but at least it didn't cost you a dime!

-Via Geek X Girls

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If Video Games Were Ten Percent More Realistic

Many people play video games as an escape from their real lives, an immersive way to think about something or somewhere else for a while and explore a whole new (albeit virtual) world.

Which is why realistic games like Grand Theft Auto, Splinter Cell and Call Of Duty only make up about ten percent of the market, and why adding ten percent more realism to classic video games totally ruins them. (Barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

This Dorkly Video illustrates why our favorite classic games are better off being as unrealistic as possible, because we can't have the entire Yoshi population getting put in prison!

-Via Dorkly

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Ten Seriously Funny Batman Webcomics

(Comic via John McNamee's Pie Comic)

Batman is already in the comics plenty, but all we ever get to see is his scowling sourpuss serious side and we almost never witness ol' Batsy having any fun.

So what does the Caped Crusader do for fun? He likes to share his thoughts via social media.

(Comic via Pictures In Boxes)

He also likes to discuss matters of existentialism and philosophy with his fellow superheroes, even though those discussions rarely provide any real insight.

(Comic via SoyCaboReyes)

And when hanging from the rafters with his friends fails to clear Batman's head he'll settle for a relaxing drive around Gotham in his good ol' Batmobile.

(Comic via Dragonarte)

See 10 Comics That'll Make You Ask Batman "Why So Serious?" here (contains NSFW language)

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If Michael Bay Directed Star Wars Episode VII

Michael Bay seems mighty eager to reboot each and every one of our favorite geeky franchises, so it's only a matter of time before he blows up the Star Wars universe.

But will the fans who are still recovering from the wounds caused by the prequels be able to survive the broification?

Hopefully Hollywood will heed this illustrated warning by Is It Canon so we'll never have to find out!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Celebrities Whose Lives Improved After They Quit Show Biz

Actors often aspire to work in Hollywood thinking all the fame and fortune will make their lives better, but in the end many find the movie star life to be empty and unfulfilling.

These actors seek something more important than fans and money- they want to make a difference in the world, so they walk away from lucrative careers to follow their heart.

Child actors hit this wall of disillusionment even harder than most adult actors, especially if they discover their parents have been spending all of their earnings.

But even actors who don't have bad experiences in Hollywood feel like their lives are missing something, so they give up acting to build a new life far removed from the shallow glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

See 22 Post-Fame Lives Of Ex-Celebs (That Are Better Than Fame) here

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Things You're Not Allowed To Do Inside Disney Parks

When you visit those Magic Kingdoms Disney built you expect to have a safe, immersive and enjoyable experience in a controlled environment where the worst you'll have to deal with are the long lines.

And aside from the rare incident Disney truly delivers on these expectations, but only because they strictly enforce a laundry list of rules guests are told about at the gates and expected to follow.

(Image Link)

Want to bring your own food into the park? They'll allow it as long as your suitcase, cooler or backpack isn't larger than 24X15X18 inches, and as long as you don't have any booze or glass containers larger than baby food containers.

Guests are also forbidden from bringing balloons into the Animal Kingdom park in Orlando, and they can no longer bring selfie sticks into any of the parks, which is a nice addition to the rules.

(Image Link)

Not nice is the fact that a visible tattoo or article of clothing deemed inappropriate can get you kicked out of the park, but that just goes along with their no profanity rule in keeping the parks family friendly.

See 25 Things You're Not Allowed To Do At Disney Parks here

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Surprising Realities Of South Korea's Gaming Crazy Culture

No country on the planet takes gaming as seriously as South Korea, where video game addiction has become so bad the government was forced to institute gaming laws to save the lives of their young gamers.

Gamers in South Korea are dropping out of school to game 18 hours a day, injuring themselves by playing so often they require surgery and some have even gamed themselves to death.

So it's understandable for the South Korean government to step in and institute shutdown laws (no teen gaming between midnight and 6 a.m.) and such, but the laws aren't working because they all want to go pro.

Professional gamers often live in sponsored grid-houses, where rent, food and maid services are covered by their financial backers, and for many making a living playing video games seems like a dream come true.

But the reality is they're putting their health and physical well-being at risk to be part of a corrupt system that doesn't care whether pro players end up permanently damaged by the process.

Read 5 Surprising Realities Of South Korea's Intense Gaming Culture here

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The Original Godzilla Would Have Looked Ridiculous Trying To Attack Modern Tokyo

Godzilla is the grandfather of all kaiju monsters, and he's been around for so long he's been reimagined for the big and small screen at least a dozen times since 1954.

His latest “evolution” is the Shin Godzilla form, which is 118.5 meters tall, but originally Gojira was half that size and would have looked kind of silly trying to trash modern Tokyo.

That little red scribble is the 50m tall O.G. Original Godzilla up against Tokyo 2016, and while he's still big enough to gobble people up and smash cars he'd have a hard time bringing those skyscrapers down. I guess that's why he had to grow up too!

-Via io9

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A Fan Film That Captures The Feel Of The First Generation Transformers

Kids who grew up with the Transformers cartoon, toys and animated feature in the 1980s have been unimpressed by all later offerings, especially the over-the-top Michael Bay movies.

So what is a Transformers first gen fan supposed to do if they want to see the Autobots and Decepticons make the leap into live action without becoming unrecognizable?

(YouTube Link)

This "costuming" fan film by Lior Molcho and Danit Sigler of Chisel Pixel should satisfy the craving until Hollywood decides to go with a retro look for the reboot of the reboot.

And for my fellow practical effects fans here's a behind the scenes look at the making of Generation 1 - Hero.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Stupidest Internet Trends of All Time

There are a lot of stupid trends that take off online these days, so it takes a lot to actually be one of the top ten stupidest ones featured here. A great example is the duck tape challenge, which involves wrapping someone with duct tape and filming them try to escape. It sounds stupid and painful, but it also ended up being surprisingly dangerous when one kid hit his head on a window ledge while trying to escape and suffered traumatic brain damage and went blind in one eye. Not all of the selections are dangerous -some are just idiotic marketing ideas that actually worked, but in one way or another, these internet trends remind us that we live in a planet of dumbasses. 

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Fun Facts You Don't Know About Stand By Me

Stand By Me is one of those classic movies adults and (slightly older) kids can enjoy watching over and over. But what do you really know about the film? However much you think you know, I'm willing to bet you weren't hip to many of the fun facts in this fun Zimbio article. For example, did you know it's Stephen King's favorite adaptation of any of his works? Or that King actually had a friend of his get hit by a train when he was a kid? It's a fun read that will make you enjoy the film even more.

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IKEA Rejects Kanye's Offer To Design Furniture For Them, So The Internet Trolls Kanye Instead

We all knew it was only a matter of time before Kanye came down off his throne and started working with “common” companies, but I for one was expecting the company to be either fashion or music related.

But apparently Kanye was so inspired by a trip to IKEA that he offered his incredible furniture design skills to the company, who quickly declined the offer during an interview on CNBC.

And just to make sure Kanye got the message IKEA Australia rubbed in the burn with this post:

Which is IKEA's way of trolling Kanye over this sleazy scene in his "Famous" music video:

Unsurprisingly Kanye had no response to IKEA's rejection, but the internet community was happy to pitch in and show IKEA how great a collaboration with the almighty Kanye could have been.

They even included a product or two for Kanye's wife Kim K., so she can sit comfortably for the first time in her life.

(Image Link)

Now IKEA execs must be thinking they've made a terrible decision by passing on Kanye's magical design skills, and they'll never now how close they came to capturing the soul of a musical genius.

See IKEA Trolls Kanye West, And Now Everyone Is Trolling Him With Fake Product Designs here

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What Happens When You Blast A Flamethrower With A Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray?

Don't you love it when internet science channels test theories and conduct experiments which help us answer those burning pop culture questions we've argued about since we were kids?

Well, here's another great vid by TheBackyardScientist offering new evidence for arguments about what would happen if you blasted a flamethrower stream with a liquid nitrogen "freeze-ray".

(YouTube Link)

If you've ever played the Superfight! card game you know just how priceless these vids can be when settling an argument of the nerdy kind without burning your house down!

-Via Sploid

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Terry Jones Discusses Playing Mr. Creosote In The Meaning Of Life

The Monty Python crew have created some incredibly memorable characters over the years, complete with silly catchphrases and costumes, but one giant slab of man sticks out more than most- Mr. Creosote from Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life.

Mr. Creosote is an enormous glutton who keeps eating until he literally explodes, and since it was all done with practical effects it took a team of makeup effects artists, an inflatable body and a vomit catapult to complete the effect.

(YouTube Link)

It sounds like Terry had fun playing the role, but that's a hard scene to watch without forever losing your appetite.

-Via Laughing Squid

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This Totally Rad 80s Video Dating Montage Will Melt Your Heart

Before there was online dating there was a horrible train wreck called video dating, where single men and women sat in front of a video camera and recorded a brief statement to entice potential partners.

These videos were then shown to singles who could pick and choose who they wanted to date based on visual impression, allowing them to find their match made in heaven among those video dating stars.

However, people weren't used to being in front of a camera all the time like they are today, so many of these video dating profiles were painfully awkward to watch.

(YouTube Link)

Video dating enthusiast and love fan Jameson Murphy clipped together this montage of prime 80s hunk meat straight from VHS to show us how good daters have it today.

-Via Meme Base

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Guy Live Tweets While His "Insane" Co-Worker Quits His Job

Quitting was a far more private thing before social media made it easy to share stories from our daily lives, so if you choose to quit in spectacular fashion expect to see it posted online.

But what are we to think when some guy named Dan Hopper live tweets his co-worker's epic quitting meltdown even though that co-worker claims none of it ever actually happened?

We're supposed to shake our fists and say “you got me again, ya darn internet hooligan!”, which is probably how people reacted after reading a few of Dan's “live tweets”.

Dan's whole story started to fall apart when he sent this tweet:

Hard to tweet indeed, Twitter is obviously so easy to use any bored office working twit can do it!

See Guy Live Tweets His INSANE Coworker Quitting His Job here (contains NSFW language)

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