We Know Who The Last Jedi Is

Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi, did an interview with the New York Times in which he revealed who the title to the new Star Wars film refers to.

It’s in the opening crawl of “The Force Awakens.” Luke Skywalker, right now, is the last Jedi. There’s always wiggle room in these movies — everything is from a certain point of view — but coming into our story, he is the actual last of the Jedi. And he’s removed himself and is alone on this island, for reasons unknown.

So the title refers to that point in time, and does not necessarily mean that Luke will remain the last, or only, Jedi in the universe. But even if he is, the saga will still go on. Uproxx has an opinion piece that posits that the survival of the Jedi order is not as important to the Star Wars saga as you might think.

The future of the Jedi may be in question, but even if the Order ends with Luke Skywalker, the Force will remain. Both Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the final season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars set up the idea that the Jedi and the Sith are merely the most active sects of an ancient religion that predates the invention of space travel in a galaxy far, far away. Whatever deity or universe-effecting energy permeates the Star Wars universe, it doesn’t need lightsaber-wielding humanoids to keep existing. In fact, based on other quotes Johnson gave the Times in his interview, Lucasfilm is inching away from extreme Light Side/Dark Side dichotomy and towards a “gray area.”

Both articles go on to describe the psychology between the forces (pardon me) represented by Kylo and Rey, which could carry at least a couple more movies. The overarching themes here completely ignore midi-chlorians, which are best forgotten. We can just put that in the files as a theory that Qui-Gon Jinn was completely wrong about.  

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

The Complete Spy Vs. Spy Cartoons From MADtv

Spy Vs. Spy turned Cold War espionage into a bloody laugh riot, with two shady fellows indistinguishable from one another doing whatever it takes to kill each other for the sake of their team.

The comic that appeared in MAD magazine was presented in black and white because MAD was printed in black and white, plus there's a black spy and a white spy so it just makes sense.

The MADtv cartoon was rendered in B&W to pay homage to the mag but also because war seems so black and white when you're invested in your home team's cause, making it easy for the spies to justify being bomb happy.

(Image Link)

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Bits Of Wisdom From Canada's Greatest Philosopher

Due to social stigmas we don't expect to find wisdom coming out of the trailer park, and those who choose to live in the trailer parks of North America are often viewed with disdain by those who live in homes with foundations.

But one hero has risen to the top of the trailer park food chain and made a name for himself by saying subtly smart stuff, kicking the most ass and growing the best dope in Canada- Julian's best bud Ricky.

Rickyisms have made him more than just a dope peddling criminal who lives in his car, and once the internet allowed Ricky to share the smart stuff he says like a bird shares its droppings everyone wanted to get hit in the face by a fresh Rickyism.

See 16 Bits Of Wisdom From Canada's Greatest Philosopher here (NSFW language)

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New Star Wars Postage Stamps

A new set of postage stamps is coming, featuring eight non-human characters from Star Wars! However, these aren't going to be issued by the USPS -they're from the Royal Mail. So if you live in the UK, you can use them to send letters, but for Americans, they are collectible only. The stamps, designed by UK digital artist Malcom Tween, have images of Maz Kanata, Chewbacca, Snoke, a porg, BB-8, R2D2, C-2PO, and K-2SO. You can can pre-order the stamps online before they become available on October 12. -via Mashable

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Awesome Arcade-Style Sofas Inspired By Geek Culture

I used to dream about living in an arcade so I could play games day and night, dine on nachos and drink from my own soda fountain, and surround myself with the exciting sounds of the video arcade.

Now I'm ready to come full circle and give my home an arcade feel with these awesome pop culture themed ARCADE Sofas from French design studio Harow.

The arcade cabinet inspired elements of the design give the sofa an unique and totally retro look, while the velvet cushions and steel sleigh legs ensure it will fit in with any modern decor.

And they're lovingly hand made to order in Paris, France, so you can get one with your favorite artwork on the side, geeky or not. Personally I think this Coco Beach themed couch looks really swanky!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Bring Pickle Rick to Your Family Therapy Sessions With This Awesome Plush

Pickle Rick is a pretty intense and very scary guy once he gets his rat suit legs, but before that, he's pretty darn helpless -which means he's in the perfect condition to force him to go to family therapy. Just pop him in your purse and you can have a perfectly complacent Rick who requires nothing more than the syringe that will eventually help him no longer become a pickle. You can get your hands on this great Pickle Rick plush through romARToy's Etsy page, where you can also get your hands on a plush Mr. Poopy Butthole, Cromulon head, and more. 

Via Geek Girls

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Critters Who Acquire A Taste For Beer Can Be Real Pests

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy cracking open an ice cold beer on a hot day, many animals and insects enjoy the taste of beer too, and when they acquire a taste for brew they will do anything to get another taste.

So what is a thirsty fellow to do when a fuzzy little magical critter won't stop trying to steal his beer? Watch Beerbug by Ander Mendia of Katue Studio and find out!

(YouTube Link)

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A Girl And Her Robot Travel Through The West Coast Wastelands Of An Alternate 90s

Just hearing the phrase "a girl and her robot" conjures up images of sci-fi adventure and bonding between human and cybernetic lifeform, and it makes for a great prompt no matter the mode of expression.

Artist Simon Stålenhag created a series of illustrations based on the premise "a runaway teenager and her yellow toy robot" that serves as their travelogue as they make their way through an alternate post-apocalyptic 1990s:

The artist and author, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden, bases The Electric State on "a runaway teenager and her yellow toy robot," an unlikely pair that travels the West Coast in the aftermath of a massive technological meltdown, which has apparently resulted in brutal warfare between monstrous 'battle drones' and sheepish humans controlled by individual Virtual Reality helmets.

Simon's upcoming release The Electric State will be an artbook like no other- a visual guide that lets the viewer's mind tell the tale behind each fantastically realistic scene, as we wonder when the meltdown began and what 2017 would look like in Stålenhag's State.

See Girl And Her Robot Travel Through Wastelands In Alternate 90s USA In Chilling Illustrations here

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Reasons Why Crispin Glover Is The Weirdest And Most Interesting Man In Hollywood

You're either a Crispin Glover fan, a Crispin hater or you hear his name and say "who? Oh, that guy who was Marty's dad George McFly in Back To The Future?", because he's a polarizing figure in Hollywood to those who know his name.

I'm forever a fan, and his on-screen shift from nerdy square guy to dark and troubled dude has been very fun to watch, and don't get me started on his performance as Mr. World on American Gods or we'll be here all night!

Crispin often appears in mainstream movies and TV shows to raise money to make his own movies such as What Is It? and It Is Fine, Everything Is Fine!, because he's more interested in the art of filmmaking than being a mere actor.

And yet the wonderfully crazed Crispin Hellion Glover (actual middle name) we know and love is a persona of sorts, a madcap mask that belies his brilliance:

Glover commented on it during his Nerdist interview with Chris Hardwick, saying, "I understand that that entity, which I have something to do with, is an external entity, but other people have things to do with it too. So obviously other people are going to say other things and they're commenting on that element that has something to do with me but isn't me. If it was really about me, if I somehow genuinely, totally identified as that external element, I guess I'd be upset."

Read 25 Reasons Crispin Glover Is The Weirdest, Most Interesting Dude In Hollywood here

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Meet BB-9E, Star Wars' New Droid

With a new Star Wars film comes new characters, and most importantly, new toys for Christmas. Fans fell in love with BB-8 from The Force Awakens, and Disney hopes that The Last Jedi will make BB-9E a star as well. The new gray and black droid, described as "BB-8's evil twin," rolls around on a ball like BB-8, but has a flat head and a glowing red eye. The app-enabled toy is made by Sphero, along with BB-8 and R2D2.

"We saw some imagery and [learned] how it sounds and behaves in the movie," said Sphero CEO Paul Berberian.

The Boulder-based startup -- whose partnership with Disney began through a tech mentoring program -- created a robotic toy version of BB-8 in 2015, which sold more than million units.

Like the BB-8 toy, BB-9E is also a 4.4-inch app-controlled robot. It has the same ball-shaped body that moves without wheels. It comes with a magnetically-attached head. It features blue and red lights that illuminate when the head is attached to the body.

BB-9E retails for $149.99. It's the most-talked about new Star Wars toy debuting today for Force Friday, but there are a lot more products hitting the market today. If you want to do your Star Wars Christmas shopping early, check out the hot new Star Wars toys, and a list of all kinds of Star Wars merchandise unveiled for Force Friday.

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Every Marilyn Monroe Movie Ranked From Best to Worst

Marilyn Monroe is a legend and while she is best known for being a blonde bombshell, she was actually quite a talented actress and singer with a hefty film resume. Vulture took the time to rank all of her almost 30 movies from worst to best along with their reasons for their rankings. Keep in mind that the rankings are based mostly on Marilyn's performance, which is why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is ranked higher than Some Like It Hot. Whether you're a dedicated Marilyn fan or are just interested in seeing more of her work, the list is certainly worth checking out. 

So see the full list here.

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Love Makes A Guy Feel A Little Cuckoo In Little Darling

Sometimes fate can make you feel like a puppet when it takes you for a ride down a predetermined path you're helpless to deviate from, and as the hours slowly creep by you start to feel like you're losing your grip.

But where there's motion there's life, and planning for the future equals hope, so don't lose that gleam in your eye until you've tried to follow your dreams with every fiber of your being.

(YouTube Link)

Little Darling was created by Big Cookie Studios to express their love of automaton clocks and to inspire us to keep our dreams alive even when life seems like a never-ending loop of lame.

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Superman's True Origin Story

When babies cry and keep their parents up night after night it can seem like the end of the world, especially if you're running on but a few hours of sleep.

But don't let it get you down- remember that your child will grow out of the infant stage in time and may grow up to be a super person if you teach them to be a caring and patient person like you.

Or, as this strip by Sunny Street Comics shows, you can launch the baby into space on a rocket and hope they become superheroes on another planet! (Please don't launch your babies into space, they're needed here on Earth.)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Famous Faces Lovingly Remade Into Video Game Heroes

Rick and Morty in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (source)

When artists go looking for inspiration for their artwork they often look at pics of famous folks, real or imaginary, since their faces are recognizable and have bold features which makes them great reference material.

Abraham Lincoln in Fallout 4 (source)

But there's one main problem with using famous faces as reference material- they're recognizable, and therefore any little mistake in the makeup of their face becomes glaringly obvious in your artwork.

(Image Link)

When game artists tried to add Steve Buscemi's face to a character in Saints Row IV he came out looking more like Steve's cousin Sal, who has a bit of a drinking problem. But this Dwight Schrute from Saints Row the Third is spot on!

(Image Link)

And even though he has a face many people want to punch you've gotta admit Guy Fieri does make a great model for video game characters, but what's with that weird baby head thing from Dark Souls 3? *shiver*

(Image Link)

See 15 Famous Faces Lovingly Remade Into Video Game Heroes here

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How Funerals Will Be When Gamers Die Of Old Age

Video game consoles have only been around for about forty years, so it will be a few more decades before Gen Xers reach their golden years and start telling "back in my day" stories about Pac-Man high scores and Atari 2600 consoles.

And when the original gamers start dying of old age they'll leave behind epic save files built up over a lifetime, achievements galore and a gamerscore their descendents can be proud of.

But, as this comic by Julia Lepetit shows, they'll also turn funerals into competitive events where the deceased gamer gets to call everyone a noob one last time.

-Via Dorkly

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An Anime Style Intro For SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants has a signature look influenced by 60s animation and the slapstick cartoon stylings of John Kricfalusi, both of which keep the show light and whimsical for the kiddies.

But if the show was made in Japan SpongeBob would have been a serious show about a serious young man, with a seriously kickass theme song that contains lyrics like "I sink into the tomorrow where I can't see colors anymore."

And his friends Patrick, Sandy and Squidward would have all been troubled and super serious too, with emotional depth that actually defines who they are as a character.

(YouTube Link)

Eh, maybe this awesome anime intro for SpongeBob SquarePants created by the mighty Narmak is all the anime SpongeBob we can handle...was anybody else disturbed by Patrick's lack of clothing?

-Via Laughing Squid

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TV Shows That Never Should Have Made It On The Air

Television industry producers and network execs don't like to part with the money flooding in, they'd rather drown in a deluge of cash if they could, so they're not going to take a chance on strange or crappy TV shows.

So it's safe to say shows like Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, Clutch Cargo and David Cassidy: Man Undercover would not have made it on the air if they were pitched to the TV execs of today.

That being said Clutch Cargo is stupid funny, and Lancelot Link is one of my favorite TV shows of all time because it stars chimps, and who doesn't love chimp actors?

(YouTube Link)

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Express Your Love With the Love Hormone

When you're in love, hugging your child or even just flirting with a crush, oxytocin is the chemical in your body making you feel that magical emotion. Now you can give your loved one a physical reminder of that special hormone with this cool oxytocin necklace by Etsy seller Nikola Jewelry.

Is oxytocin not quite your thing? Well the seller also makes seratonin and dopamine earrings as well as jewelry featuring other molecules and DNA strands as well.

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Gender-Swapped Versions of Famous Cartoon Characters

One thing makes a good cartoon character is creating a design that is instantly recognizable even when it's drawn in a completely different manner. Artist Alicia Herber took some truly fantastic characters and then changed their genders -and the results are delightful.

Her choices range from classics like Looney Toons to modern favorites like Rick and Morty, and include everything in between like Captain Planet. You can see her full collection over on Buzzfeed.

Via Geek Girls

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Movie Mistakes That Were Too Fun To Cut

Most movie directors do a great job of bringing their vision of the script to life on the big screen, their control over each shot in the film quite obvious, but a good director also knows when to leave in the happy accidents.

Which is why a surprisingly high number of popular films still contain happy accidents, because Titanic wouldn't have been the same without Leonardo DiCaprio getting tongue tied when he asked Kate Winslet to pose for a sketch.

And remember when Star-Lord dropped the ball in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

That was Pratt literally fumbling the ball in a blooper too fun to cut, but at least he didn't break that prop, unlike Kurt Russell in The Hateful Eight- who smashed a $40,000 antique guitar by mistake:

Quentin Tarantino was loaned a 19th century guitar for Jennifer Jason Leigh's outlaw Daisy Domergue to play in The Hateful Eight. A prop was provided for Kurt Russell to destroy...only for him to smash up the real, $40,000 one by mistake.

Leigh's horror on screen is genuine, and Russell was suitably mortified about obliterating an irreplaceable antique.

(YouTube Link)

See Movie Mistakes So Good They Were Kept In here

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The Time Ric Flair Traveled To North Korea For The Biggest Wrestling Show Of All Time

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair is one of the most electrifying wrestlers ever to enter the ring, and between his fearless high flying moves and mega-macho smack talk between bouts Ric was born to be a wrestling superstar.

Back in 1995 Ric got to represent as America's greatest wrestler in an epic match versus Antonio Inoki, the most popular wrestler in Japan's history, but there was one catch- the match was in North Korea.

The show, which took place on April 28 and 29, 1995, was dubbed the International Sports and Cultural Festival for Peace by the North Korean government. For a country that is usually intent on keeping outsiders away, inviting 300,000-plus people to cram into Pyongyang's massive May Day Stadium over the course of the two-day event seemed to be an about-face for the notoriously secretive regime.

"American tourists are almost never granted visas," wrote The New York Times's Sheila Melvin in 1996. "Yet less than a year after [Kim Il-sung's] death, North Korea was allowing outsiders to attend an International Sports and Cultural Festival for Peace. Perhaps it was an effort to showcase a North Korea ruled by Kim Jong Il."

(YouTube Link)

Read When Ric Flair Traveled To North Korea For The Biggest Wrestling Show Of All Time at Mental Floss

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Let Satan Explain HTML Using Death Metal

I can't really concentrate on things that require a lot of mental energy when death metal is blasting out of my speakers, and metal has to be played at a high volume or else it just sounds like noises from a nearby machine shop.

But for some reason learning HTML from RiffShop's David Wu while he's dressed and Satan and singing about code accompanied by his death metal band Cyborg Octopus made it quite easy to learn.

And I'll never look at all those bodies in the HTML code the same way ever again!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Reddit

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Pickle Rick: The Action Figure!

The recent episode of Rick & Morty entitled "Pickle Rick" changed some fans' wubbalubbin' lives, as Rick turned himself into a pickle then used his astounding intellect to survive a day as a limbless pickle.

Fans were so enamored of that episode they started creating fan art as a physical manifestation of their love, proving Pickle Rick is a smash hit and sure to be one of the most popular episodes of all time.

So in order to properly capitalize on this fan mania the folks at Sneaky Zebra created an 90s style TV commercial for the mighty ridiculous Pickle Rick action figure! (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Extinct Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Characters

Back in those halcyon days when Chuck E. Cheese's actually considered their animatronic characters to be the main attraction they went through many different characters and acts, to keep the show as fresh as their pizza.

Now that Chuck E. Cheese's has announced they'll be removing the robot band from their restaurants it's a great time to look back at other animatronic characters who've gotten the axe over the years in this video by TPMvids.

(YouTube Link)

Characters like Crusty the Cat, Madame Oink and Foxy Colleen weren't in the spotlight for long, but their memory will live on in the greasy hearts of their robotic pizza band lovin' fans.

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Movie Roles That Were Only Ever Offered To One Actor

Most film productions go through a casting period that can take weeks, if not months, as the producers make sure they hire the right talent for the job by having multiple actors try out for the roles.

This is a pretty normal part of the movie making process, but some filmmakers don't want to deal with the whole casting call at all- because they already know exactly who they want to play the role.

As you'll see in this video by Looper the Hellboy movies were written with Ron Perlman in mind for the lead, and the role of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy was only offered to Dave Bautista.

But John Carpenter's casting of Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live seemed strange to some at the time, and now we can't imagine anyone else kicking ass and chewing bubblegum quite like Rowdy Roddy!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Every Ride at Disneyland Ranked

We previously wrote about a ranking of all the best rides at Disney World, but if you happen to live closer to the West Coast, you might find yourself visiting Disneyland far more often. If you're wondering what the best rides at Disneyland happen to be, then you won't want to miss this Travel and Leisure article. Of course, everyone's personal opinion will vary -for example, while I love Splash Mountain, I think it's nowhere near the best ride at the park, and Autopia desesrves to be way further down on the list.

So check out the list and then get ready to debate their rankings here.

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Humorous Business Cards For Famous Pop Culture Characters

The more popular the character the less they need to announce their identity, because when a big badass in a shiny black helmet or a walking, talking tree approaches someone they know exactly who they're looking at.

That being said, there is one instance when famous pop culture characters like Groot or Darth Vader would need a business card to give to people- when said character wants to offer their services.

The designers at SmartSign came up with this clever set of business cards for pop culture characters, so characters can spread the word about what they do for a living when they're not starring in their own hit movie. Deadpool the exterminator...sounds legit to me!

See more Humorous Business Cards For Famous Pop Culture Characters at JazJaz

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How Netflix's Daredevil Intro Was Filmed

The intro to the Marvel/Netflix series Daredevil is so bloody cool looking it's the perfect intro for such a great show, but the origin of the intro remains hidden due to licensing restrictions.

What the fine folks at Netflix don't want you to know, as pointed out by comic artist Dragonarte, is that DD was hangin' around with Batman and Spider-Man when the paint came pouring down.

They also don't want you to know that the trio moonlight as painters because their superhero gigs ain't payin' the bills...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Best Movies Where Nazis Get Beat Up

Ever since the US entered World War II, many average Americans have longed to beat up Nazis and that dream is stronger right now than it has been for years. If you love the idea of punching a Nazi in the face, but don't want to do it yourself, then you might want to live vicariously through the movies. Over on Collider, you can see a list of the best movies where Nazis get beat up, ranging from the obvious -like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Inglorious Basterds, to lesser know films -like Dead Snow and Green Room.

So don't miss the full list here.

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When TV Worlds Collided And Fans Got Way Too Excited

Fans are always obsessing about what it would be like if their favorite pop culture characters came together in a TV show crossover episode, but due to licensing restrictions and greed this almost never happens.

Back in the 80s and 90s it was a bit easier for pop culture franchises to come together, so we got to see Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince's cousin Hilary paid a visit to Blossom, and Urkel hung out with the Tanners on Full House.

Fans were naturally very excited about these crossover events, and it became a bit of a trend for TV shows to have a crossover event, even if it made no sense.

But do you know which TV crossover event made more sense than any other TV crossover ever?

(YouTube Link)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appearance on Power Rangers In Space, now that was pure television magic!

See 7 Times TV Worlds Collided And We All Got Way Too Excited here

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