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What It's Like To Walk Around Skyrim As A Woman For 10 Hours

(Image Link)

We recently featured the story of actress Shoshana Roberts, who walked around Manhattan with a hidden camera and recorded all the street harassment she encountered, but that video was full of modern street behavior.

Things weren't so bad on the dusty dirt roads of long, long ago, were they?

According to this video by Shinji72 things were just as bad back then, and even mighty warrior women encountered harassment in the days of swords and sorcery.

(YouTube Link)

10 Hours of Walking in Skyrim as a woman in skimpy armor is an enlightening video in many ways- it shows that harassment exists no matter where or when, it proves that male NPCs will still speak to you despite your deadly combat skills, and it definitely demonstrates that "I was once a warrior like you..." is a terrible pick-up line!

-Via Cheezburger

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Artist Creates Amazing Sculpture Depicting Final Level of Doom II

The Doom video game franchise was extremely groundbreaking in many ways, and the series influences the work of many game designers and artists to this day.

Jason Hite is one of these Doom loving artistic types, and he has taken his love of the series to the limit with this incredibly detailed assemblage sculpture depicting the final level of Doom II.

Jason created this amazing ode to the gory glory of Doom out of various parts, including circuit boards, action figure parts and original sculptures, and now Jason's selling his geek craft masterpiece for a mere $6k.

This incredible work of gamer art is being shown at the Copro National Gallery where it will get the attention it deserves, and hopefully fetch Jason's asking price so he can start on another amazing assemblage!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Kotaku

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Physicists Determine That Being Rescued by The Flash Is Worse Than Being Hit by a Car

(Image: The CW)

In an early scene from the TV show The Flash, Barry Allen rescues a bicyclist from being hit by a taxi. That was really helpful of him, right? Well, no. According to an article published in Physics Special Topics, a student journal at the University of Leicester (UK), the bicyclist would have a better chance of surviving if The Flash had left him alone. The force of hitting The Flash would exceed that of hitting the car:

It has been shown that in the scenario depicted in the trailer that The Flash’s intended heroic act results in more villainous consequences by injuring the cyclist more than the taxi would have. The Flash’s efforts will be serving the greater good if he lowers the speed at which he makes contact. Alternatively, increasing the area over which he makes contact with the cyclist would also lower the pressure and likelihood of injury.

This isn't the first time that Physics Special Topics has addressed the physical realities presented in pop culture. They've also determined that Batman woud die if he attempted to glide and Miley Cyrus would be crushed if she came in like a wrecking ball.

-via Blastr

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University Offers Course on Doctor Who

(Image: Anthony Rotolo)

For the spring semester of 2015, Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York offers a course on Doctor Who. Anthony Rotolo, a futurist and public speaker, will teach it. He also teaches a course on Star Trek and is noted for his innovative use of Twitter in the classroom.

(Image: Anthony Rotolo)

The class is open to the public and free. It does not bear course credit unless a student registers for it as an independent study. Students will watch classic and modern episodes of the show and discuss the significance of Doctor Who.

-via Nerd Bastards

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Baby Iron Man Costume

(Photo: Eric Hart)

Eric Hart is a professional prop maker in Burlington, North Carolina. His infant son is hospitalized. Hart wanted his boy to experience Halloween and to have “a costume that would help him feel brave.” Iron Man was a natural choice. Hart created a pattern with paper, then cut the pieces out of red and yellow foam.

(Video Link)

-via Technabob

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13 Bizarre Licensed Products Based On Horror Franchises

Horror movies aren't normally thought of as hot licenses for merchandising, but manufacturers keep making strange products based on scary movies anyway.

Here's an unlucky 13 different licensed, and totally bizarre, products based on horror movies and tv shows:

1. Psycho shower curtain-

Hitchcock's Psycho was the original slasher flick, with an unforgettable shower scene that made an entire generation start looking over their shoulder while they scrubbed their backs.  

Now, thanks to this licensed Psycho shower curtain by Kikkerland, you can recreate that terrifying scene every time you take a shower!

(Image Link)

2. Seed of Chucky condom-

This was a promotional item distributed by Rogue Pictures before the movie's release in 2004, and a totally original way to advertise a film with 'seed' in the title.

The message behind the item is pretty clear- choose safe sex and pregnancy prevention over a world full of Good Guy doll lovin' brats!

(Image Link 1/2)

3. The Walking Dead Yahtzee-

The zombie craze reignited by the hit TV show The Walking Dead has resulted in many strange licensed products being made based on the show, like this family friendly game Zombie Yahtzee.

So that's what zombies have rattling around in their skulls!

(Image Link)

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Dr. Frankenfurter rubber duckie-

He's one of the strangest characters in genre movie history, and now you can let him take a bath with you, if you're brave enough to resist his advances...

(Image Link)

5. Stoyn Trash Horror of 80s Ice Scream-

Nothing says cool and refreshing like sucking on a famous movie monster's least they're not blood and guts flavored! 

(Image Link)

However, some of the flavors sound appropriately scary, like Tomato Hot Pepper Freddy and Apple Carrot Chucky, and they even made a second series featuring the coolest creep of them all- Pinhead!

(Image Link)

Continue reading

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Star Wars VII Has a Title

We already knew that the principle photography for the seventh Star Wars film had wrapped, but when Disney announced that fact, they also unveiled the name of the movie. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit theaters in little over a year, which leaves plenty of time for editing, re-shooting, overdubs, and added lens flares. It also gives fans plenty of time to speculate on what the title means. I hope it doesn’t mean we have to talk about Midi-chlorians. I don't think Obi-Wan ever mentioned those to Luke. -via Uproxx

(Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

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From Picard to Riker: One Cosplayer’s Victory over Cancer

(Photo: Annalee)

Tom Schutt, a high school math teacher in Washington, D.C., received treatments for cancer. As a result of his chemotherapy, he lost his hair and a lot of weight. So while in a Starfleet uniform, he looked a lot like Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. After his cancer went into remission and his chemotherapy ended, Schutt regrew his hair. Remove one rank insignia pip and he looks like Commander Will Riker!

-via Fashionably Geek

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Cuddle Your Precious By The Light of This Amazing Firepit

This firepit is sure to rule them all, or at least to wow them all. The impressive steel design featuring the inscription on the One Ring is available for sale on Etsy for $500. The black finish is tempered to withstand high temperatures, so your wonderful piece will stay in great condition for years to come. 

Check out more pictures and find out where you can get your hands on the firepit over on Homes and Hues: One Firepit to Warm Them All 

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Photo: Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion Fighting with Lightsabers

Brian McElhaney, a comedian who forms part of the duo BriTANicK, shot this gloriously geeky photo. Behold the majestic battle between Joss Whedon, the producer of Firefly and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and Nathan Fillion, an actor from those two shows.

-via BuzzFeed

Who will prevail in this engagement?

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You Can Finally Live Out Your Fantasy of Attending Hogwarts

Just about every Harry Potter fan has wished, at one point or another, that they could attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While muggles still can't take any courses in magic from the school, you can at least enjoy the feeling of staying in the school's famous dormitories thanks to the Georgian House in London, which has converted two of its rooms into Harry Potter dreamsuites. 

The suites each feature four beds and are adorned with all kinds of fun Hogwarts-inspired accessories like spell books, trunks, potion bottles and cauldrons. It's a perfect place to stay after you finish exploring the Warner Bros studio where the films were shot and King's Cross Stations' infamous platform 9 3/4.

See more pictures and learn a bit more about the suites at Homes and Hues: Live Like A Wizard In This Hogwarts-Themed Hotel Room

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The Third Doctor's Son Dressed as His Father for Halloween

Jon Pertwee played the third known incarnation of the Doctor. That's him on the right. On the left is his son, Sean Pertwee. For Halloween, the younger Pertwee dressed in his father's famous role.

Like his father, Sean Pertwee is an actor. When David Tennant left the show a few years ago, rumors circulated that Sean Pertwee wanted to replace him as serve as the Eleventh Doctor. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Pertwee described the origin of this rumor:

No, I never said I wanted the part, but there is a financial tale behind how the rumour started. For a laugh I tried putting a £50 bet on me to play the next Doctor because I thought I was in with a chance, but all the boys I knew in Islington decided I must have some inside info so they piled in behind me. When the betting shop staff asked who I was, the boys told them my father had played Doctor Who so they called head office about it and then declared all bets off. The next thing I knew I was in the news as running for the part, but I think it stemmed from trying to put £50 on myself. I'd love to have a guest part, but when it comes to the main role my father was too big an act to follow.

-via io9

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A Collection Of The Worst Album Cover Art

You’ll discover all kinds of articles online about the best, most iconic, coolest and craziest album covers ever created, but what about those that simply don’t make the cut?

(Image Link)

What about all those truly terrible album covers that delight and amuse? They’re all collected in this gallery at CoverBrowser.

(Image Link)

Fans of finely crafted cheese can visit the site and peruse the carefully chosen collection of crappy covers, like this bizarre punch to the eyeballs:

(Image Link)

Or this heavy metal horrorshow that would make the devil himself deny any involvement in its creation:

(Image Link)

In every collection of crappy cover art there must be one example from a beloved band, and in this case that cover art fail comes from the Black Sabbath album Sabotage:

(Image Link)

You can't blame this one on drugs and alcohol Ozzy, because that album art is wicked bad whether you're stoned or stone sober!

-Via Boing Boing

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Marvel Came Up With The Purr-Fect Way To Celebrate Cat Day

October 29th is National Cat Day, founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige to raise awareness about animal adoption and raise money for welfare groups like the ASPCA, but most people aren't even aware that Cat Day is a thing.

This year Marvel Comics tried to raise awareness about the existence of Cat Day by sharing some fantastic feline superhero art created by Jenny Parks on their website, each piece more purr-fect than the last.

Jenny has a masterful way of making felines look even more fantastic, and perhaps her artwork will inspire Marvel to create a whole new world in their multiverse to house her heroic kittehs.

-Via Nerd Approved

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13 Hilarious Moments In Heavy Metal History

Heavy Metal is one seriously hardcore genre of rock, and metalhead musicians who grew up listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Judas Priest wanted to take heavy metal in an even heavier direction, so subgenres like Thrash, Death and Black Metal were born.

It's safe to say that metalheads, both musicians and bands, are a pretty serious bunch, which makes it all that much more hilarious when you discover comedic moments like these set to a heavy metal beat.

1. Black Metal commercial from Finland-

Selling products by using a heavy metal soundtrack may seem strange, but when the product is a throat lozenge it makes perfect sense!:

(YouTube Link)

2. Dad Metal-

Just because you grow up and start a family doesn't mean you have to leave your heavy metal years behind you, just ask the dads in this hilarious Dad Metal sketch from Funny or Die:

(YouTube Link)

3. Death Metal Cat-

The kittehs are the most powerful critters on the planet thanks to teh interwebs, and cats are also the physical embodiment of heavy metal:

(YouTube Link)

4. KFC Black Metal Commercial-

Nothing says wicked evil like Kentucky Fried Chicken- at least according to this commercial for their Wicked Crunch chicken sandwich!:

(YouTube Link)

5. Ronald McDimmu's Hamborgir-

Black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir try to look as terrifying as possible on stage, from their spike laden clothes to their corpse paint, but Ronald McDonald proves his paint makes for a far more terrifying stage presence:

(YouTube Link)

Continue reading

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A Guide to the Races and Characters of Star Wars

Neil Cicierega grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek. He previously introduced us to the common non-human species on Star Trek. Now he's giving us a tour of the peoples of the Star Wars universe, including several of the named characters, such as Admiral Ackbar of the California Raisins and the crime boss Jabba the Hump.

(Video Link)

-via Fanboy

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Elaborate Ewok Diorama

November first is Ewok Appreciation Day, a holiday that started only last year, as far as I can tell. We were introduced to the Ewoks in 1983 in the movie Return of the Jedi. To many fans, it was obvious that the characters were designed with merchandising in mind, so there was an “Ewok backlash.” That was later eclipsed by hatred of Jar Jar Binks from the prequels. But now enough time has passed since Return of the Jedi that there is significant number of Star Wars fans who loved the Ewoks as children.

David Mizejewski is one of those fans, and the first Ewok Appreciation Day inspired him to construct an elaborate Ewok diorama using his childhood toys! He also bought new ones, and the result is a little slice of Endor, unveiled today. The above picture doesn’t do it justice, because there are a lot of tiny scenes, with multiple levels, fire, living plants, and alien invaders.  

See an entire gallery of closeups and read the story of Mizejewski’s project at Boing Boing.   

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Terrifying Campfire Tales About Bill Murray

This Halloween people will be sitting around campfires telling scary stories, but those stories won't be about boogeymen or hook handed killers, they'll be about a different kind of fiend- the eccentric entertainer.

They can pop up out of nowhere, their behavior is totally unpredictable, and they have so much money and notoriety that they can get away with just about anything.

(YouTube Link)

Bill Murray Stories is a comedy short by Jon Bershad about a group of friends discussing the strange appearances of the beloved, and totally eccentric, actor.

Bill has become the stuff of legend since he's able to appear anywhere, and his uncanny ability to solve people's problems with sage advice and a bit of bartending makes his appearances hard to believe. 

If you encounter Bill Murray in the wild make sure you snap a pic or nobody will ever believe you!

(Barely NSFW due to language)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Amazing Alien Queen Cosplay Complete With DIY Instructions

You may have seen Xenomorph costumes before- they usually consist of a tight fitting body suit and some kind of foam rubber head/mask, but you’ve never seen an alien suit as frightfully fancy as this!

This regal alien queen costume was created by Ashley J Long, who summarily pronounced herself “queen of the monsters” after its completion.

I don’t think anyone will be contesting her claim to the throne after they see her amazing creation, it’s simply to die for!

Ashley combined the bizarre head shape of the xenomorph with a fancy outfit that would make any alien feel like the belle of the interplanetary ball.

And the best part is- Ashley created an Instructable that details how to make the entire thing, in case you’re looking to add a little alien inspired fashion flair to your Halloween, or you're looking for a new cosplay. 

-Via Make

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Why Are Witches Depicted With Green Skin?

Witches are typically depicted with green skin in pop culture, like their research into the occult arts has resulted in some sort of strange mossy skin condition.

Most of the time it adds to their creepiness, and makes them the perfect social outcasts, embittered and hell bent on revenge, but where did this tradition of greenification come from?

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie at Boing Boing explored the origins of the green witch and came up with one fairly obvious root cause- the Wizard of Oz.

The 1939 film changed the face of pop culture, and ever since Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West was shown sporting skin a glorious shade of Technicolor green the color has become a witchy standard. 

Read more about the day witches turned green here

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Thirty Fun Facts About Pee-Wee And His Playhouse

Come on in and pull yourself up a chair (which probably isn’t as cool or fun to be around as Chairy), and we’ll tell you a tale of a man named Pee-Wee Herman and his amazing Playhouse. 

Growing up in the 80s meant sharing your Saturday mornings with the hilarious Mr. Herman and his (mostly puppet) pals in the Playhouse, which to my young eyes looked like a dream home built just for a puppet/cartoon nerd like me. 

Pee-Wee's Playhouse was a groundbreaking series in many ways- it launched the careers of celebs like Phil Hartman and S. Epatha Merkerson. In addition, Rob Zombie and John Singleton were production assistants on the show, and appearing on the Playhouse was an important early milestone in the careers of Lawrence Fishburne and Jimmy Smits.

To top it all off, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is largely seen as the film that launched Tim Burton's career as a filmmaker, so without Pee-Wee we might not have been exposed to Burton's brilliance! 

Want more tasty info nuggets? Read more fun facts about Pee Wee's Playhouse over at mental_floss

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It's Tyson Versus Tyson On The Tonight Show

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time, and his short but sweet career will forever be remembered as being controversial, powerful and the inspiration for a classic video game…sort of.

You see, Mike never fought sluggers like King Hippo and Don Flamenco in real life, so his career did nothing for his video game skills, and Mike probably had better things to do than fight himself on the NES.

(YouTube Link)

Jimmy Fallon challenged the former champ to a game of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! On The Tonight Show, to see if Tyson could beat Tyson on national television.

As anyone who has played Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! knows beating the big boss is no easy task, and the pixelated version proved to be more than a match for the real life version. Somebody get that man a Game Genie!

-Via BJ Penn

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Origami Millennium Falcon

Adamite85, an origami artist in the Czech Republic, made a simple but remarkably accurate model of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. I wouldn't try the Kessel Run in it, but I'm sure that it would do fine for in-system operations. Either way, if they follow standard Imperial procedure, they'll dump their garbage before they go to light-speed, then we just float away.

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A Nihilistic Short Film About Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown has dealt with some tough childhood moments in the last 65 years, from being rejected by girls to losing his dog to getting bad grades in school, but the heaviest thing he ever had to deal with came courtesy of a little girl named Janice. 

Janice was diagnosed with leukemia, and Chuck struggled to find an answer for the TV special's title "Why, Charlie Brown, Why?", leaving him feeling even more nihilistic than before.

And then this short film happened:

(YouTube Link)

Good Grief! Cancer Boy! is a strange little film made by Todd Graham in 1990 that reveals the utter futility of Charlie Brown's very existence- in German!

Todd shows us what Charlie Brown might have become if Charles Schulz had allowed him to grow up...I guess it's a good thing he never aged!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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A Collection Of Dark Secrets You Never Knew About Hellraiser

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series reinvented the concept of religious horror, and brought the fear of bodily harm to the audience with some mighty inventive anatomical gore that made them squirm in their seats.

Hellraiser has become a mainstay in the world of horror, yet Pinhead and his Cenobite crew haven’t had their carcasses picked over like other classic horror movies, and many of their dark secrets have remained unknown for decades.

Everybody knows that Hellraiser is based on Clive's novel The Hellbound Heart, but did you know that he wrote and directed the film?

Clive didn't want the film to become one of those "truly appalling adaptations", so he took it upon himself to learn how to direct. He ran in to one problem, though, when he discovered that both books on film directing were checked out at his local library!

Read All The Weirdest Secrets You Never Knew About Clive Barker's Hellraiser over at io9

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Seven Horrifying Short Films To Put You In The Midnight Mood

Making a film, short or otherwise, used to involve hiring a crew, managing tons of equipment and finding someone to invest in your project.

Nowadays a few people on a shoestring budget can make an enjoyable film to share with the world via YouTube, and horror is a favorite genre for budding filmmakers.

Halloween is the perfect time to dig up some new shorts to watch in the dark, and this collection of 7 Deeply Bizarre Horror Shorts to Watch on YouTube is a great place to start!

There’s something for every morbid taste, from the cinephile who demands a story with their scares:

(YouTube Link)

To the pediophobic who find dolls and mannequins disturbing:

(YouTube Link)

There's even short for lovers of dark comedy:

(YouTube Link)

Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole, but try not to scream too loudly!

(Some films may contain content considered NSFW, viewer discretion advised)

-Via Film School Rejects

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Interstellar Movie Review

Let's none of us play any games right now, okay? I think we ALL know that Interstellar looks like the best movie of the forthcoming holiday season. You take a little bit of the genius of Christopher Nolan, and you add a dash of McConaughey swagger. You mix it all together, have some of it take place in outer space, and what do you have? The recipe for the next big movie that everyone wants to see.

But is it any GOOD? play and find out (what IGN thinks about it, at least).

(YouTube Link)

Don't tell me what they said. I want to eventually pass judgement on my own. My early prediction is that it will be very pretty with some massive holes most of the public will ignore because we love pretty things. In other words, another Christopher Nolan movie.

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Star Trek in Mayberry

A backlot known as “the 40 acres” in Culver City, California, has been the setting of so many movies and TV shows that it takes an extensive website to cover all of it. It was owned successively by RKO, Desilu, and Paramount, among other owners. The lot contained the entire town of Mayberry used for The Andy Griffith Show, but that wasn’t the only use for the fake town. It was built long before Andy Taylor and his family inhabited it. You might recognize the buildings when you watch old reruns of Superman from the 1950s, because the town was also Metropolis.

Hardcore Star Trek fans already know this, but casual fans might be surprised to know that a couple of episodes of the original series were filmed on the Mayberry set: "Miri" and "The City on the Edge of Forever.” They didn’t even change the name of Floyd’s Barber Shop.

They should have used some of the Mayberry characters, too, as imagined by this image manipulation by Brian Hague. See his Thelma Lou T’Pau as well. -via Metafilter

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The Six Different Types Of Gamer Couples

Gamers are passionate about their hobby lifestyle, and the more die-hard the gamer the more frequently they play, so it’s in a gamer’s best interest to find a romantic partner who also enjoys gaming.

The couple that games together stays together, but gamer couples who team up to take down noobs either become a force to be reckoned with, or let their competitive nature tear them apart.

George Rottkamp from Dorkly created this comic that details the 6 Types Of Gamer Couples, from the classic Cutthroat Couple to the always absent Amorous Duo.

As one half of a gamer couple I think we're any and all of these couples, depending on the game we're playing or day of the week. Are there any gamer couples out there that feel the same way?

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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