Comic Strips With Surprise Endings You Won't See Coming

Comic strips have a very short amount of time in which to tell a tale or deliver a setup and a punchline, so they're usually pretty straightforward in terms of pacing.

But good comic artists have lots of tricks in their pencil bags which they can pull out at any time in order to poke the reader in the eye, just to make sure they're still paying attention.

And when you've read as many predictable, formulaic and just plain boring comics as I have you learn to appreciate a surprise ending, whether it's happy, sad or WTF inducing.

 photo 627326efc8cf84cee2c14b8484d5395c_zpsquh7npmt.gif

See 10 Comics With Ending You Did NOT See Coming here (NSFW due to language)

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The Most Canadian Superheroes Of All Time

(Image Link)

Wolverine may be the most well-known Canadian superhero of all time, but quite a few memorable characters have come from the Great White North including the team Alpha Flight and Deadpool.

(Image Link)

But more importantly Canada is the real world home of fictional characters who represent important firsts in the world of comic books, starting with Nelvana Of The Northern Lights.

She's Canada's first superhero and one of the first female superheroes to appear in the comics, predating Wonder Woman by a few months, and she's the first (and one of the only) Inuit superhero.

(Image Link)

As someone who loved reading Canada's answer to The Avengers as a kid I must say superhero squads don't come much more colorful or charming than Alpha Flight.

They're one of the motliest crews who ever assembled to fight villainy, with a hairy hulk named Sasquatch, a dwarf acrobat named Puck and the first openly gay Marvel superhero Northstar, Alpha Flight kept Canada strange.

See The 7 Most Canadian Superheroes Ever here

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Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Perfectly Recreate Styx Music Video

Jimmy Fallon has never claimed to be a comedic genius, but there's one comedy arena in which his skills really shine- the funny song.

He's pretty good at playing guitar and really good at doing impressions of famous singers, so funny songs are naturally his forte.

And when he teams up with Paul Rudd, an actor who's good at acting like he plays guitar and equally good at acting like a person in a band, you've got the perfect ingredients for a funky Styx music video recreation.

(YouTube Link)

The Fallon/Rudd version is so close to the original it's hard to decide which one's better...just kidding, Paul Rudd wins every time!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Strange Early Prototypes Of Stan Lee's Iconic Characters

Stan Lee is the undisputed mastermind of the comic book world, a man who brought so many iconic Marvel superheroes to life that his smilin' face has come to represent the company.

But his beautiful mind often worked in weird ways, and before many of his iconic characters could really take shape they had to go through a rough sketchy stage.

Complex characters like Magneto and the X-Men started out as simple characters with simple goals- the early Magneto was an alien being called the Metal Master who wanted to rule Earth but got clobbered by the Hulk instead.

The early X-Men were a mutant cult of sorts who lived in Tibet and used mental projection to contact a young mutant named Tad Carter, offering to protect him because "humans fear what they don't understand."

And if you think Tad looks a lot like Peter Parker your spidey sense is tingling true, because both characters were drawn by Steve Ditko, who obviously liked the look of the character so he passed it on to Peter.

Read 6 Bizarre Stan Lee Prototypes Of Famous Marvel Characters here

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The Glory Days Of Gaming

Being a gamer used to be a badge of glory earned with cold sweat, frustrated tears, hundreds of hours of play time and the occasional call to a tip line when you were tired of being stuck on a level.

But nowadays players have it easy, since games practically hold their hands while easing them through the tutorial, introduce them nicely to the game's lore and share all its secrets via strategy guides.

But veterans gamers like the GaMERCaT Samantha Whitten remember the good old days of gaming fondly, before our pets started hogging the machine...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Han Phoebus and Slave Esmerelda

Phoebus was once a stand-up soldier who respected authority, but now he’s gone rogue. It’s a good thing that he’s got a shrewd and nimble princess at his side as he takes on Frollo’s empire.

David Ngo photographed these cosplayers at Anime Expo 2016 is Los Angeles who offered a fresh take on Disney’s 1996 musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Trippy Beach Towels By Collage Artist Eugenia Loli

There's one thing people always make sure to bring with them when they head to the beach- their trusty towel.

Some people have a special towel they take with them, so they can look good while lounging on the sand, while others just use whatever old, ratty towel they have lying around at home.

No matter which way you go when you head down to the shore you'll get a kick out of these trippy beach towels created by collage artist Eugenia Loli.

Eugenia's bold retro designs and tongue-in-cheek subject matter collide on beach towels which will make whoever owns them the king or queen of the beach, no surf contest necessary.

See more from The Trippiest Beach Towels On The Planet here

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Side-By-Side Comparison Of Actors And The Historical Figures They Portrayed

When filmmakers decide to make a historical flick, whether it's a biopic or something focused on a particular event or era, they usually try to cast actors who look like the original historical figures.

Sometimes the addition of prosthetics and a specially made wardrobe is needed to really sell the role, but more often than not the successful portrayal of a well-known figure starts with the right famous face.

It's an actor's job to become the characters they portray, whether real or fictional, but it seems like some actors were born to play a role, like a reincarnation of the original soul.

See 15+ Actors Vs. Historic People They Portrayed here

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What Are Actors Actually Smoking In Movies?

Despite claims made by your stoner buddies most actors aren't actually smoking pot in movies like Pineapple Express, and most actors haven't even smoked real cigarettes on set since the late 90s.

The truth is- look-alike substances have always been used by filmmakers if for no other reason than drugs are illegal and drug use on the set could result in some serious fines or worse.

And while pot laws have loosened up quite a bit over the last few years actors would still have a hard time remembering their lines if they were really getting stoned while filming. (Video is NSFW)

(YouTube Link)

So according to veteran prop master James Butcher the actors are smoking legal "buds" that promise to offer a "multidimensional smoking experience unlike you've ever tried before"

In an effort to make sure these "buds" worked as an on-screen replacement for marijuana James "smoked an enormous amount of it" and "didn't really feel anything".

But what about the cigarettes? They're really smoking herbal cigarettes, which look right but supposedly aren't as harmful as cigarettes because they don't contain tobacco or nicotine.

Read What Are Actors Actually Smoking In Movies? here

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Some Of The Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers Of All Time

Heavy metal is generally thought of as rock's totally hardcore cousin, and heavy metal album art is supposed to reflect the band's extreme fist pumping and headbanging nature.

But sometimes in the quest to prove how hardcore you are you just end up making yourself look like a high-caliber tool.

Even bands like Iron Maiden, who usually get the album art so right, can fall from grace when they ditch the hand drawn art to make the leap into the digital age.

But all bands have to start somewhere near the bottom, and it's okay if they let their less than talented buddy draw the cover art for their first album, so they can look back on it some day and smile.

See Thirty Of The Worst Heavy Metal Album Covers Of All Time here (NSFW)

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A Drunk Driving PSA Starring Han Solo

Seeing as how it's a holiday weekend here in the United States, and people will be partying hard in honor of our nation's birthday, it's probably a good time to talk about drunk driving. 

Basically, you're better off sleeping on the floor of some cantina on a total dustbowl of a planet than trying to drive your (Millennium) Falcon home, and that way you'll live to drink another day!

(YouTube Link)

Han Solo would never drive drunk because he has a shaggy yet sober co-pilot who is happy to serve as the designated driver, but take it from this fun PSA by OneMinuteGalactica and don't risk a DUI this Fourth of July.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Old Spice Made A Video Game That's Every Bit As Crazy As Their Commercials

You know those insane (and utterly hilarious) Old Spice commercials starring Terry Crews and that other guy who's not Terry Crews, the ads where Terry is constantly shirtless and yelling?

Well, now they're more than just an amazing advertising campaign designed to sell deodorant- they're a playable video game!

(YouTube Link)

Don't be afraid to play the Old Spice You Land Featuring You video game, even though it may seem too fresh for some, just keep staring at Terry's bouncing pecs and repeat the words "it's only a game". 


-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Why Did the Star Trek and Star Wars Universes Turn Out So Differently?

(Photo: JD Hancock)

Tyler Cowen is an economist at George Mason University. Recently, he mused about why the settings of Star Trek and Star Wars are so different. There are advanced technologies in both--far beyond our own reality--but enormous differences in the politics, economies, and cultures between them.

Why? Cowen offers 6 propositions:

1. The armed forces in Star Trek seem broadly representative of society.  Compare Uhura, Chekhov, and Sulu to the Imperial Storm troopers.

2. Captains Kirk and Picard may be overly narcissistic, but they do not descend into true power madness, unlike various Sith leaders and corrupted Jedi Knights.

3. In Star Trek, any starship can lay waste to a planet, whereas in Star Wars there is a single, centralized Death Star and no way to oppose it, short of having the rebels try to blow it up.  That seems to imply stronger checks and balances in the world of Star Trek.  No single corrupt captain can easily take over the Federation, and so there are always opposing forces.

I think that the core difference is that Star Trek (at least in The Next Generation era) is highly utopian. The Federation at the center of the Star Trek story is prosperous, peaceful, and incorruptible. Factionalism, let alone tribalism, is rare. Hundreds of species with radically different cultures and even biological systems live together without serious disagreement. Material wants and injustice are almost unknown.

I love Star Trek and prefer it to Star Wars, but it's quite unrealistic. The reason why Star Wars is so savage and tragic compared to Star Trek is because real life is savage and tragic.

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Speed Dating for Anime Fans

(Photo: Danny Choo)

Good news, my otaku brothers! There may be opportunities beyond our dakimakuras! Yes, you love your waifu. But you need a backup plan in case things don't work out.

That's why you should consider Otaku Speed Dating, a new dating service in New York City. It holds hour long speed dating events that match single anime fans with each other. At the end, the participants fill out cards expressing who they'd like to get to know better. The service then introduces matches to each other. Rocket News 24 gives us the details:

Participants must be 18 or older, but there’s no dress code to adhere to. Otaku Speed Dating says to come in whatever is comfortable for you. The company even expressly states that light cosplay is welcome, although it asks that attendees refrain from wearing bulky, walkway obstructing outfits or bringing weaponry, even of the fake variety. Snacks and soft drinks are served at all events, and alcohol can be purchased at certain venues if you’re over 21 and need a glass of liquid courage.

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Unaltered Images That Seem Like They're Photoshopped

(Image Link)

People cry Photoshop when they think something's wrong with an image, but if they'd spent less time crying fake and more time Googling they'd see many of those supposed fakes are actually the real deal.

Take this terrifying photo for instance:

(Image Link)

People screamed fake when it was posted, but if the accusers had simply rotated their point of view they would see it for what it really is- a visual gag done well.

And then there are those who refuse to believe bright, vibrant colors like these can be captured in the wild, when we all know Mother Nature is one hell of a painter.

(Image Link)

People said a lizard couldn't be caught on camera while chillin' with a leaf, but those buzzkills were just trying to harsh this little guy's mellow.

(Image Link)

And as for the image at the top of the post- just a trippy optical effect caused by a tarp thrown over the Hausmannian building in Paris during renovation in 2007. No Photoshop, no bull!

See Pictures You'll Swear Were Photoshopped And You'll Be Wrong here

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The Enterprise Studio Model, Restored and on Display

The original starship USS Enterprise from the 1966-68 series Star Trek has been sitting neglected at the Smithsonian Institution for years. Now it’s on display in the Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall in the National Air and Space Museum, after a painstaking restoration job.  

The final stages of the conservation treatment came together in the last few months. In April 2016, the Enterprise model, in pieces, was in the large artifact booth in the Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar. Special Advisory Committee member Gary Kerr was dubbed our “oracle,” double-checking his notes and diagrams before any detail went onto the model. (There are 952 holes in the faux grill inside the starboard nacelle. He counted.) And Bill George and John Goodson, both of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), worked with Kim Smith of Pulse Evolution to carry out the physical detailing. Together, they were consummate professionals, bringing their expertise into an ongoing conversation with the Museum staff. More than once, the whole team stopped work to discuss the choices being made, assuring that everyone agreed before proceeding.

(YouTube link)

Looks good, doesn’t it? You can see more pictures of the restoration at the National Air and Space Museum site. -via Gamma Squad

(Image credit: National Air and Space Museum)

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A Music Video Made Using Snapchat Filters

People who aren't fond of new tech claim you can't do anything good with smartphones or the apps contained within, but those luddites are applying limitations to this technology that simply aren't there.

The beauty of using apps to do something other than post to social media is you wind up discovering capabilities the designers didn't even think about when they created the app.

Snapchat lenses automate a bunch of different video effects, such as face warping, overlays and color changes, so you can apply fun filters to your images in an instant.

(YouTube Link)

And, as singer Ingrid Michaelson discovered while making the wonderfully weird music video for her song “Hell No”, Snapchat lets you easily turn simple video footage into total madness.

-Via Mashable

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Actors And Directors Who Famously Turned Against Their Own Movies

When a filmmaker loses faith in the movie they're making, or an actor feels like the movie they're starring in is pure chipmunk poo, they understandably get upset and turn against their own film.

Director Peter Bogdanovich was on top of the world in the 1970s, making great films like Paper Moon and The Last Picture Show.

But then he made a musical called At Long Last Love, starring Burt Reynolds and Cybill Shepherd, which really broke his heart.

The reviews were so bad, and Burt was such a terrible singer in the film, that Peter felt he needed to write a nationwide apology:

It's rare for a director to turn against their own film, but actors often regret the roles they've chosen to play, especially when they get stuck in a multi-picture contract.

Nic Cage is famously hot and cold in terms of roles, so he's the last guy you'd expect to turn against a film for being pure drek, but apparently Dying Of The Light was just that bad.

However, Nic and the rest of the cast had signed a non-disparagement agreement, so they protested the film in a clever way- by wearing t-shirts with text from the agreement then posting selfies online.

Comedian David Cross wasn't so clever when he talked trash about The Chipmunks trilogy, in which he plays the main villain, calling the last film Chipwrecked "the most unpleasant experience I've ever had."

The disparaging remarks he made against the cast and crew who'd worked on an admittedly awful movie series left people feeling burned, so David was forced to issue a public apology. Sometimes the truth hurts, Hollywood...

Read 5 Famous People Who Were Way Too Honest About Their Movies here

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Slave Leia Psylocke

(Photo: @free_range_geek)

The savage and sultry Psylocke didn't stay in Jabba's palace for long. Within seconds of being given her costume, she drove a katana into his skull. But she kept the outfit, as displayed by cosplayer @naturesenvy.

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Tiny Sticky Note Nightmares By John Kenn Mortensen

Sticky notes are the preferred communication method of office workers and those who live a cubicle bound life, little memos meant for the waste basket.

But the amazing(ly tiny) black ink illustrations drawn on sticky notes by John Kenn Mortensen are breaking out of the office bin and heading for a gallery wall.

John somehow manages to cram lots of loathsome detail, a cast of creepy characters and a truly terrifying tale all in one pale yellow Post-It Note.

The moral of John's tiny tales? Don't look behind you, unless you're looking for a good scare...

See more Tiny Nightmarish Illustrations Drawn On Sticky Notes here

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Child With Raft On His Head Photoshopped Into Strange Predicaments

Some photos chosen for Photoshop competitions would actually benefit from a little digital modification, but this picture of a goofy looking kid with a raft on his head is pure gold on its own.

Which is why it's actually perfect for a Photoshop battle, because that kid looks like he's in need of some equally goofy looking friends.

(Image Link)

Photoshop can help Raft Boy achieve his dreams without the usual real life complications, allowing him to become the youngest ballerino at the Bolshoi despite his lack of formal training

It can also help Raft Boy grow up to a be a bright, bold and healthy boy rich in vitamin D

(Image Link)

And may get him the dog he's always wanted

Being a part of the PsBattle may be the best thing that ever happened to little Raft Boy, but hopefully the internet fame won't go to his head or he may become a little terror

See more from Challenge: Photoshop This Child With A Raft On His Head here

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Rare Footage Of Bruce Lee's Teacher Yip Man Training Days Before His Death

Bruce Lee was such an incredible martial artist people often assume he was born with his fighting skills, but just like every other warrior before him Bruce had to go through intense training to achieve greatness.

And many would argue that without the training Bruce received from his teacher Yip Man he would not have become such an accomplished martial artist.

(YouTube Link)

Yip Man (the inspiration for the action movie series IP Man) was a master teacher of Wing Chun and a legendary fighter, but the world had barely gotten to know the man before he died in December,1972.

Incredibly, Yip died just seven months before Bruce Lee, and as this rare video footage shows Yip continued to practice his Wing Chun forms until the very day he died.

(YouTube Link)

Sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching followed in their father's footsteps and become famous martial artists in their own right, even though they were always overshadowed by dad's legendary student Bruce.

(YouTube Link)

-Via The Vintage News

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Marvel Heroes Who Are More Villainous Than The Villains

Marvel made their mark on the comic book industry by creating complex characters with lots of depth and storylines adults would enjoy reading nearly as much as the youngsters.

Some of Marvel's characters are so complex it's hard to decide whether they're the good guys or the bad, or an anti-hero purposely bridging the gap between the two sides.

Take Professor X for instance- he's the founder and leader of the X-Men who is responsible for protecting mutants from mankind (and vice versa) so we naturally think of him as a good guy.

And yet we discover the Prof has a dark side when he tries to psychically murder Magneto and instead combines with him to form the super-killer Onslaught.

Plus, during the Deadly Genesis series, we find out Xavier "used the abduction of the original X-Men by the living island Krakoa as an instrument to discard the first-generation X-Men of 1963".

On the other hand, it's hard to tell if Nick Fury is a hero or villain because he walks a thin line between good and bad and never hesitates to put a bullet in anyone, hero or villain, who stands in his way.

But who could have known he would kill an innocent extraterrestrial being just to catch a villain?

Nick Fury's murder of the Watcher Uatu in the Original Sin series proved he is truly Marvel's most morally ambiguous character, a guy who's not afraid to get dark if it means getting his way.

See 5 Beloved Marvel Heroes With Seriously Villainous Pasts here

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A Stop Motion Short About Our Robotic Morning Routines

Nine-to-fivers sleepily shuffle through their morning routine then commute to work while fighting to stay awake, all so they can sleepwalk through their work day, go home tired and do it all over again.

Maybe we should just stop fighting the robotic nature of the morning routine and add some actual robots to our homes, so we don't have to lift a finger until we're out the front door!

(Vimeo Link)

"Sleepy Steve" is a delightful stop motion short created by animator Meghann Artes that is equal parts Pee Wee's Playhouse, The Jetsons and David Lynch, in other words very fun to watch!

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Law Hawk Is Back To Drop An Anchor Of Justice

Looking for a legal representative who won't bore you to death with their blandness?

Tired of being battered about like a little field mouse when you've got the heart of a bald eagle beating in your chest?

Then you're in the market for someone who is ready to tear justice a new one, you're looking to hire Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk.

(YouTube Link)

I know what you're thinking- was that Simon Pegg and Peter Dinklage playing river cops? The answer depends on your level of sobriety...

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You Could Rule the Universe With This Infinity Gauntlet Bracelet

If you're a fan of fine geek jewelry, then you really should check out Etsy seller The Bee Hive, where you can get necklaces, bracelets and earrings all inspired by beloved geek franchises like The Avengers and Supernatural. We're particularly in awe of this charming Infinitiy Gauntlet handchain that could almost certainly help you take over the world, if not the multiverse itself.

Via Geek Girls

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Megaplex Is The Most Insane Mashup Of 80s And 90s Nostalgia Ever

Fans of over-the-top cinema from the 80s and 90s don't stop loving those crazy flicks just because they're all grown up now, they just rewatch their favorite scenes online to relive the glory days.

Many of these iconic scenes came to define the era, serving as a pop culture primer for those sadly deprived of grindhouse culture and midnight movies, but it can be hard to serve up a proper dose of schlock.

So Ben Craw of Smash TV edited together the epic thousand piece movie McNugget meal for your eyeballs that is Megaplex. (NSFW)

(Vimeo Link)

Ben should issue a bonus prize for anyone who can identify every clip used in the making of this crazy supercut, and a super bonus prize for watching the whole thing!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Seinfeld Recreated in Doom

Seinfeld is one of those beloved shows that even 20 years later, fans just won't just let it die. That being said, at least one fan of both Doom and Seinfeld found a way to make it die. Doomworld forum user Doug Keener wanted to combine two things he loves to make the ultimate Doom tribute to the show about nothing.

(Video Link)

Ultimately, the mod is really about nothing too -other than shooting all the characters from the show and listening to a few of their most famous lines before you plug them. If you're wondering why a fan of the show would want to shoot everyone on it, well, that's because it's also a tribute to Doom and you can't play the game without spilling some blood.

Via Polygon

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Modern Manga Art By Ilya Kuvshinov

Manga is no longer a strictly Japanese form of pop art, and the term has come to describe any art drawn in a similar style.

The big eyes, diminutive (and sometimes nonexistant) facial features, exaggerated helmet hair and perfectly chiseled head shapes- these are some of the elements we've come to expect from manga.

And while Russian artist Ilya Kuvshinov isn't radically changing the genre, or reinventing it in any way, his manga portraits prove he has truly mastered the artform.

Ilya's portraits are also just extremely pleasant to stare at, and many feature compelling story elements to draw the viewer into the tale and leave them wanting to know more about each character.

See more Modern Manga By Ilya Kuvshinov here

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What The Sharper Image Catalogs Say About Life In The 1980s

Back in the 1980s The Sharper Image was the most cutting edge store in the mall with a mail order catalog to match, the place to go when you wanted to impress people with your expensive and totally cool stuff.

The Sharper Image sold some of the strangest gadgets, electronics, household goods and furniture the world has ever seen, like this bizarro mannequin named Gregory who “deters crime by his strong, masculine appearance”.

Sharper Image shoppers wanted the newest and flashiest exercise machines in their homes, lots of spacey looking antennas on their cars, and a robotic scale that spoke of pounds lost and gained.

The Sharper Image family had kids who reflected their wastefully wealthy yet totally modern to the max lifestyle, so walking was strictly forbidden.

See What Old Sharper Image Catalogs Tell Us About American Life In The 1980s at mental_floss

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