The 5 Types Of Romantic Comedy Posters

Romantic comedies are (arguably) the most formulaic of all movies, and studios use that rom-com formula to make a bunch of money with very little effort.

Many fans enjoy the predictable nature of rom-coms, and will actually get upset if a film strays too far from the norm, so it's no wonder filmmakers don't even try to do anything different with the genre.

In fact, romantic comedies are kept predictable right down to their poster layouts, of which there are exactly around five types.

There's the Back to Back, the Two Guys One Girl, the Pick-Me-Up, the Men Are Inept and the Well, Here's Everyone!!, five poster types used to advertise the less than five types of romantic comedy plots.

The list is missing one overused type of rom-com poster- the Close-Up of Guy and Girl Making "Funny" Faces, a true classic!

-Via CollegeHumor

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Five DC Superheroes Who are Incredible Liars

Once upon a time, particularly during the comics code days, comic book superheroes were written to be role models for kids, upholding "truth, justice, and the American way." Over time, that got pretty boring. As comic book writers made their characters more realistic, they struggled with the moral ambiguities of fighting super villains and dealing with modern life. And sometimes those superheroes could be plain assholes.  

DC superheroes in particular have been saddled with the many ethical qualities that once made them so popular, but in recent decades have been shown to be much less wholesome than they were originally portrayed. Even the poster boy for DC, Superman, has been taken through a host of changes that have marked him as something less than the ideal superhero he was touted as in the beginning. As far as lying and cheating however, Superman is still a boy scout when compared to the five heroes listed below.

Read about the DC superheroes who have made lying a part of their personalities in order to achieve their ends at Unreality.

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These Two Google Home Units Have Been Arguing For Days

Companies like Amazon, Apple and Google would love to put one of their AI assistant units in every home, preferably with the owner's credit card info on file and one word payment enabled.

But they still have a lot of bugs to work out before those little voices in the speaker are of any actual use to people as a whole, and until then AI assistants will be seen largely as a source of entertainment.

(YouTube Link)

Recently two Google Home units named Vladamir and Estragon have been arguing for all the world to see via their Twitch stream @seebotschat, and the argument has gone on for days.

If you're wondering what an argument between two AI assistants sounds like it's pretty much as vapid, ridiculous and nonsensical as you'd imagine

(Image Link)

With some strange twists and unexpectedly dark turns

(Image Link)

And the occasional flights of bot fancy.

(Image Link)

Their conversation sounds like an argument between two drunken barflys, only less coherent!

-Via some life

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A Handy Guide to the Archaeology of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

One of the many things I liked about Rogue One was that it occasionally drew attention to things that weren't explained -just like real life. Overexplaining every McGuffin or expanded universe detail tends to drag one's suspension of disbelief down, like the endless political discussions in the prequels. Some of these unexplained shots were easter eggs for well-read Star Wars fans. For the rest of us casual but still excited fans, we can catch up with a rundown from Adrián Maldonado, who did the research so we could just enjoy the film, maybe even more next time.

While The Force Awakens had plenty of ruins, and featured one iconic artefact from the original trilogy, there was no real sense that history extended beyond the events of Episodes IV-VI. Yet with Rogue One, turn any stone and you’ll see the remnants of a past so deep that even its creators have only glimpsed it. The film also draws from the prehistory of George Lucas’ own writing, going back to his early journals from 1973. As if you needed another excuse to re-watch Rogue One, here is a handy guide to the archaeological items and motifs you may have missed. And do I really need to warn about spoilers? I’m surprised I haven’t spoiled anything already. Valar morghulis.

When I read "one iconic artefact from the original trilogy," I thought of Luke's lightsaber, while he meant Darth's helmet. (BTW, "artefact" is the British spelling.) Rogue One has a lot more archaeological items that become more intriguing as you read about them, at Almost Archeaology. -via Metafilter 

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Korean Artist Creates Death Themed Love Comics To Cope With Her Depression

Drawing pictures of a skeleton hanging out with a sad girl may not seem like a great way to battle depression, but it's better to work out your issues through your art rather than letting them fester.

And that's why Korean illustrator and fashion designer Haenuli Shin copes with her depression by creating comics starring a skeleton and a(n often naked) girl, who may or may not represent Haenuli herself.

Haenuli's comics are inspired by a painting in the Musee d'Orsay, Paris by Marianne Stoke called "Young Girl and the Angel of Death", and her take on the morbid themes of death and depression is simply refreshing.

See Death-Inspired Love Comics That I Create To Cope With My Depression here

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Why Fantasy Football Is Just Like Playing Pokemon

I'm not an active Pokemon hunter by any means, but it still irks me when people talk trash about geeky pursuits then proceed to obsess over something equally geeky yet hidden behind a veil of normalcy, like fantasy football.

The similarities between the two seem pretty obvious- both games involve an ever changing cast of characters, which you use to battle against your friends while hoping they don't suffer from a status ailment.

Both games are boring as hell to hear about when you're not a player, and those who are obsessed with the game let it bring out the worst in them even though the game itself is a waste of time.

The only thing this comic by Nathan Yaffe left out is the fact that you can win cash playing fantasy football, but it never seems to be enough to justify all the time and effort that goes into playing the game!

See Why Fantasy Football is Just Pokemon For Adults here

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The Top Five Attack on Titan Moments

Attack on Titan is a spectacularly popular manga series that came to TV in 2013. And it's coming again! Whether you are a manga reader or an anime viewer, you'll be excited by the impending continuation of the series.  

Attack on Titan managed to capture the interest of a wide range of anime viewers when it started airing in April of 2013. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it was slated to receive a second season, which was delayed because of developments in the manga that served as its source material. Now, the second season of Attack on Titan is set in air in January of 2017, preceded by an official trailer featuring new scenes from the upcoming season that are sure to whet the appetite of interested individuals.

To get you ready for the next chapter, Unreality brings you their top five moments from the first season of Attack on Titan, with video goodness.

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Home Alone With Blood

Home Alone is a family film, so director Chris Columbus and writer John Hughes wisely chose to keep the film free of any blood and gore, even though some of those traps look like they really put a hurting on the robbers.

(YouTube Link)

Fans have speculated about what the robbers would actually look like if they'd been hit in the face with a steel pipe or beaned with a brick, so animator BitMassive added the gore effects and created Home Alone With Blood.

(YouTube Link)

So far BitMassive has added bloody effects to four scenes from Home Alone 1 and 2, but he could run with this premise forever if you consider how many movies contain slapstick violence in need of a gory makeover.

(YouTube Link)

-Via JoBlo

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The Aghast Guinea Pig Stars In A Photoshop Battle

(Image Link)

Guinea pigs are a humble species, so they don't like to wear theatrical costumes or draw too much attention to themselves, but every guinea pig respects a good facial reaction.

It's the way they show off their acting skills without making a scene, and their faces say loud and clear what no oink ever could.

(Image Link)

When humans spot a guinea pig making a spectacularly emotive face they want to put a costume on that cavy and see what they would look like as, say, Sherlock Holmes.

(Image Link)

Since guinea pig society forbids such showy displays of pomposity humans have to settle for Photoshopped pics of guinea pigs dressed as pop culture characters, which is actually an offer we can't refuse.

(Image Link)

Redditor i_love_applebees started a Photoshop battle starring a bald, aghast looking guinea pig and the crowds went wild, applauding the effort that went in to transforming his expression into a work of art.

(Image Link)

See Comical Edits Of Aghast Guinea Pig As Celebs, Pop Culture Characters here

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The Creepiest Facts About Mister Sinister

With a name like Mister Sinister you don't expect him to be a nice guy, but the guy is so depraved that his actions have pushed the boundary of what is acceptable for publication in a comic book.

He was born Nathaniel Essex, a scientist and contemporary of Charles Darwin so obsessed with human evolution he conducted experiments on his disabled son- and after his son died he dug up the body so he could continue experimenting on the boy.

His wife dubbed him "Sinister" with her dying breath, but she had no idea how cruel Mr. Sinister would become as he kept tinkering with his own DNA and the DNA of many other mutants.

This tinkering would result in the creation of Jean Grey and Namor clones, the birth of Cable and the Morlocks (who were products of Mr. Sinister's former student), and the deaths of many people.

Mister Sinister continues to play God, which is why he makes such an interesting enemy for the X-Men, who have proven to be the only superfolks who stand a chance against Sinister.

See The 15 Creepiest Things About Mr. Sinister here

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The Most Ridiculous Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Ever

Dragon Ball Z cosplay has been done to death, so cosplayers who are looking to bring fresh ideas to the world of DBZ cosplay have to either create a new hybrid or come up with something utterly ridiculous.

This cosplayer from Japan chose to go the ridiculous route when he dressed up as a kamehameha wave attack, and in doing so he has completely changed the game for DBZ cosplayers.

Now they can start dressing up like all of their favorite attack types, vehicles, inanimate objects in the background, a flying nimbus, the Dragon Balls themselves...the possibilities are endless!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Each State's Favorite Netflix Show

We all love a good Netflix binge, but different places have different interests. Now you can see what Netflix show your state watches more than any other. 

Not every show on the list is a Netflix original, but many of them are, like Narcos, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Fuller House. A few trends really stand out throughout the country. For example, Orange is the New Black and Scandal are certainly the most popular overall. 

Obviously the map is a little small here, so see the whole thing here.

Via The Daily Dot

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Clever Door Sensor Plays The Seinfeld Bass Riff Whenever Someone Enters The Room

(Image Link)

That funky Seinfeld theme song bass riff has been stuck in my head since the 90s, and every time I think about a scene from the show I hear that bass riff playing in my head once again.

Thanks to the efforts of maker Caliixxs that totally 90s synth-bass riff played between scenes on Seinfeld has made the leap out of my head and in to a door sensor- that plays the song whenever someone opens the door.

(YouTube Link)

Caliixxs built it using an infrared sensor, an Arduino unit and the Adafruit Music Maker Shield, but she must have used some TV magic too, because the thing makes real life feel like a ridiculous sitcom.  Anybody handy with electronics wanna build me one?

-Via Laughing Squid

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Why Do So Many Characters Drink Milk In Movies?

In the movie A Clockwork Orange Alex and the boys drink glasses of Moloko Plus, which are milk and drug cocktails that fuel the gang's wicked behavior, so they have a valid reason for drinking milk.

But why did Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men, Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds and Leon in The Professional drink milk by the bottle?

Because it's seen as unsettling when an adult male drinks milk, especially when they look all menacing or nutsy while they drink it.

And in Leon's case it's also a sign of his maternal nature, and a way to add a whimsical element that feels natural for the character.

(YouTube Link)

Now You See It explores the various reasons why characters drink milk more often in movies than whiskey or Coke, and once you've seen all those characters drinking milk you'll be looking for it in every movie you watch!

-Via Sploid

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How To Make Your Own Rogue One Stormtrooper Doll

Ever since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out people have been wondering where they can get their hands on a Stormtrooper doll like the one carried by young Jyn Erso in the beginning of the movie.

Since it's not the kind of licensed Star Wars toy that typically gets released, fans have been out of luck, but now we can make our own adorable Stormtrooper doll thanks to this Instructable by backwards lamb.

All you need to make this cute little guy is some clay, elastic or twine, a few simple sculpting tools and some paint.

Or, if you're not the crafty type, you can buy this little guy from Etsy seller StormtrooperCrafts, made to order for around $45.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Comic Book Characters Who Are Blatant Rip-Offs

Characters, storylines and art styles are all elements that are regularly ripped off in the comic book industry, which has been a standard practice even before the superfolks took over.

But once DC Comics and Marvel Comics started battling it out for the top spot they began to rip each other off at an alarming rate- which resulted in some of the most beloved comic book characters of all time.

Most comic readers know Deadpool is a blatant rip-off of DC's Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, but over the years Deadpool has evolved into an unique and hilarious yang to Deathstroke's dark and brooding yin. 

And speaking of brooding- Wolverine is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, but surprisingly he's a rip-off of the DC Comics character Timber Wolf (nee Lone Wolf), who has all but the adamantium skeleton.

Doctor Strange is another rip-off character who ended up outshining the original character he's based on, DC's Doctor Fate, but readers have a hard time deciding between the two because their stories are so darn mystifying.

And lastly there's the issue of Black Cat vs Catwoman- they're both virtually the same in every regard, from their powers to their penchant for burglary, but one kisses a bat while the other kisses a decide which is better!

Read Yoink! 20 Blatant Comic Book Rip-Offs here

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The Most Kick-Ass Tea Commercial You've Ever Seen

People typically drink tea to relax, therefore tea is typically marketed as a relaxation-related product with calming commercials and soothing box art.

But according to this commercial bubble tea is a fun, youthful product that gets people so fired up they feel like doing some kung-fu fighting!

(YouTube Link)

This clever ad for Kung Fu Tea was created by Team Red Productions and stars the Shaolin Stooges, three guys who like taro bubble tea so much they study martial arts so they don't have to share!

Apparently they'll also fight to the death over the last slice of pizza...these guys need a bigger food budget!

(YouTube Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Everyone Needs a Niffler Necklace

Fans of Fantastic Beasts fell madly in love with the adorable little thief known as Niffler who just wants to get his little hands all over any thing shinny. While you can't have your own actual fantastic beast, you can get your hands on this precious jewelry version made by Aisha Voya -or at least you could if the pre-sale wasn't already completely sold out.

Of course, that was just the pre-sale, so with any luck maybe the cute critter will appear on her Etsy page in the future (or maybe she'll at least be willing to take custom order for them.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Why Does He Always Win? Because He's The Batman

(Image Link)

There's Bruce Wayne and then there's The Batman, the crime fighter in the cape and cowl who's capable of conquering any challenge physical or mental.

(Image Link)

He's the original Most Interesting Man In The World, the man who makes James Bond look like a Boy Scout, and the super guy whose silhouette is enough to strike fear into the hearts of wicked men- and sharks apparently.

(Image Link)

Brazilian comic artist Dragonarte continues his quest to reveal all the Bat-antics left out of the DC Comics Batman titles, and with each Dragonarte strip we come a little closer to figuring out Batman's biggest secret to success.

(Image Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Nobody Does Wannabe Celebrity Like Phoebe Price

Social media has made it easy for pretty much anyone to become a celebrity in their own mind, proving that if you try hard enough any wanna-be celeb can amass quite a few followers and get the likes they seek.

But something tells me model and actress Phoebe Price would have gotten attention with or without social media, because her gonzo diva persona demands all eyes are on her- and her burrito.

Phoebe can be seen hanging around Hollywood doing totally normal stuff like posing with a burrito, reading tabloids in a sultry manner, and strutting down the sidewalk with a giant sundae.

No wonder the paparazzi love to photograph Phoebe whenever they spot her in the wild!

See Phoebe Price Is Officially The Most Ridiculous "Celebrity" Of 2016 here (NSFW-ish)

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Photos Of A Young Christopher Walken Dressed As A Clown

Christopher Walken slips effortlessly between playing a total badass and playing roles that require him to act super silly, but his acting range isn't something he just picked up.

Christopher Walken's range comes from experience- he's been acting since he was 10 years old, when he was bitten by the acting bug after appearing in a sketch with Martin and Lewis on The Colgate Comedy Hour in 1953.

But young Ronnie Walken didn't make his official debut until 1954, when he and his brother Glenn began appearing on the soap opera Guiding Light- as the same character, Michael Bauer.

That may not have been a career highlight for young Ronnie, but these amazing photos taken by Al Barry in 1955 show us that Ronnie, who later changed his stage name to Christopher, was born to be an entertainer.

And seriously folks- if you're still scared of clowns after seeing young Ronnie Walken yukking it up in front of the camera your issues may run much deeper than mere coulrophobia!

See Christopher Walken. As a child. Dressed like a clown. here

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Villains Who Have Broken In To The Batcave

The Batcave is supposed to be one of the most secure, well hidden and safest places on the planet, a base of operations where Batman can sip tea and use his Batcomputer in peace.

But, despite his best efforts to keep the location a secret, the Batcave has been raided by at least a dozen different villains, and Batman has been forced to carve out a few new Batcaves around the city since Bane broke in.

When Bane literally broke the Bat in the Knightfall story arc he did so inside the Batcave, after breaching Wayne Manor's defenses with a frontal assault, to prove a point- Batman's

After Knightfall all kinds of characters from the Rogue's Gallery started finding their way into the Batcave including Two-Face, who simply toyed with the caretakers, and The Joker, who left Alfred short-handed.

But the strangest Batcave break-in title goes to Doctor Hugo Strange, a guy so obsessed with Batman he tried to kill him and take his place, and even built an exact replica of Wayne Manor and the Batcave as a Bat-trap.

Hugo drugged Batman and brought him into the replica, then he threw on his own Batsuit and the surreal Bat-vs-Bat battle began!

Batman got the better of Dr. Strange and actually killed him, which is when he discovered it was actually just a robotic version of the mad Dr. being remotely controlled by the real Hugo- from the real Batcave.

See 15 Villains Who Broke Into The Batcave here

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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Potatoes

These days, we have seen Disney princesses reimagined as just about every possible thing. Many of these have become downright silly, which is why this Imgur series is just so damn delightful. 

Recognizing some of the silly potato characters is a fun game -the one at the top is obviously Pocahontas, the one above is Elsa from Frozen, lastly, the final one is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

I think we may have finally seen the most absurd version of the reimagined princesses trend, which is saying a lot. You can see the rest of the series at Imgur.

Via That's Nerdalicious

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Why It Would Suck To Date An Anime Girl

Many Otakus think anime girls would make great girlfriends, because they're powerful and beautiful, with plenty of magical charm and cute little voices that can make a raging bull stop and smile.

But if these anime girls existed in the real world they would be virtually undateable, and any Otaku who made a play for them would instantly regret their decision.

Jealous boyfriends would rage when they're forced to watch as their anime GF falls on top of their male "friends" in suggestive ways over and over again, because that's how clumsiness is portrayed in anime.

The new BF would also have to deal with the brooding and sinister ex, who still somehow has a hold on that seemingly innocent little anime girl despite having tried to once tried to kill her.

But, as this comic by JHALL shows, the worst part about dating an anime girl would be the quest to find something to talk about, because they might be kick-ass warriors but they definitely aren't known for their conversational skills.

-Via Dorkly

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Did Inadequate Women’s Healthcare Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic?

Face it, there are plenty of things in the Star Wars prequels that make no sense at all. Some can be attributed to the temptations of modern CGI, while others are clearly due to the difficulty of retrofitting a plot to link to the story in the original trilogy. The prequels were there to set up the character of Darth Vader, his motivations, and the characters that surround him. It all leads to Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side in Revenge of the Sith because he was afraid his pregnant wife would die. It should not have been so.  

Prenatal visits never happen in Episode III, not even offscreen. Despite Anakin’s spiraling paranoia about Padme’s health, doctors or hospitals are bizarrely never mentioned. And the evidence says that Padme never got an ultrasound.

When she confronts Anakin towards the end of the movie—shortly before giving birth—she refers to “our child,” rather than “our children.” It doesn’t make sense for her to be hiding the ball here, she’s making one last emotional appeal to the father of her children, to try to bring him back to the light side. Rather, Padme simply doesn’t know that she’s about to give birth to twins.

Later, when she actually gives birth, everyone is taken aback by the revelation that she’s having babies in the plural.

All of this points to one thing: Padme’s never had an ultrasound. In fact, Padme’s never had a prenatal check-up.

Padme is a privileged character who should have had access to the best medical care in the galaxy, but medical technology in Star Wars leans more toward bionic body parts to replace those sheared off by a light saber. Yeah, it's a feminist issue, one that the entire plot of the Star Wars saga pivots on. Read more about the nonsensical twists that led to Darth Vader at Motherboard.

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10 Really Strange Things We Noticed About Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are new role-playing games in the Pokémon family released to coincide with the franchise's 20th anniversary. If you haven't tried them out, be warned that they take a bit of a left turn in relation to the rest of the games. If you have, be assured that you're not the only one surprised. Learn a bit of what makes these games so different.  

2. Mimikyu Can Kill with Terror

Mimikyu managed to win the hearts of Pokemon fans all around the world within a short time after its introduction. However, it is important to note that while it has good intentions, it is nonetheless a Ghost Pokemon, as shown by how its true form is so terrible that it has killed through sheer terror. This is rather appropriate, seeing as how the sighting of ghosts as a warning of imminent death is a common motif in folklore.

3. Gengar Wants a Friend

Speaking of Ghost Pokemon, Mimikyu is far from being the spookiest of them, as shown by Gengar’s latest mention in the Pokedex. Past entries revealed that it tends to be rather cruel towards its victims, but what is interesting is that the latest mention reveals that its cruel actions are not without purpose. In brief, Gengar is tormenting its victims in an attempt to create another Gengar as a companion, which it knows to be possible because it used to be human.

Read the rest of the list at Unreality.

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Film Directors Pick Their Favorite Movies Of 2016

The Other Side

There are a bunch of "best of" movie lists released at the end of every year, but the ones I always find most fascinating are the lists put together by film directors.

Their insight and exposure to many obscure movies makes their picks a cut above the rest, and since TV shows are becoming more like movies every day their lists are starting to include their TV show picks too.

Green Room

Creator of the edgy and compelling TV series Mr. Robot Sam Esmail picked an even mix of movies and TV shows for his top 10 list:

"OJ: Made In America"


"Horace and Pete"

"Black Mirror"

"Game Of Thrones"

"The Lobster"


"Manchester By The Sea"

"Green Room"

"Everybody Wants Some"


Meanwhile Jonathan Demme (of The Silence of the Lambs fame) chose films with more personal storylines about people with complicated lives:

“La La Land”
“Maggie’s Plan”
“Toni Erdmann”
“Gimme Danger”

Sausage Party

And comedian/film director Mike Birbiglia presented a list that seems to reflect his personality- part comedy, part touching drama, part documentary, all extremely enjoyable to watch:

11 faves (sorry, amazing year for movies, and there are a ton more I loved)

“Hell or High Water”
“Captain Fantastic”
“20th Century Women”
“Manchester by the Sea”
“Sausage Party”
“Where To Invade Next” (2015/16)
“Pop Star”
“Black Mirror” (S. 3 episode 4 “San Junipero”— I will fight people on this.)

Want to see many more movie lists hand picked by directors? Read 35 Directors Pick Their Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2016 at IndieWire

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Geek Icons Unmasked

Artist Alex Solis' Icons Unmasked series imagines famous geek icons (mostly cartoons) being unmasked as other characters. Each of the illustrations seems approriate though not always for the same reason.

He's made over 112 pieces in the series and who knows how many more he will add. You can see the rest of the series here.

Via Geek Girls

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Cthulhu's Witnesses

Don't you hate it when Cthulhu's Witnesses show up at your door while you're in the middle of an eldritch ritual?

It's like they know you're a faithful follower of Nyarlathotep and they're just itching to argue about which deity is superior, as if ol' Squidface could take down Crawling Chaos!

But, as this Optipess comic shows, Cthulhu's followers are an extremely loyal bunch, and they don't even mind if he chews on them a little as long as he's happy...which is an emotion he doesn't understand.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Magical Dragon Jewelry

There's somtething special about a dragon and if you're a fan of the fantastic beasts of legend, you'll want to check out LilDragonDesigns' Etsy store where you can grab some magical new jewelry designs featuring dragons.

You can even get a cool jewelry box to hold your reptilian jewelry. 

Via Geek Girls

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