Wolverine Vs. Cyclops

Wolverine and Cyclops have a somewhat adversarial friendship, and not just because they've both got their eyes on Jean Grey.

But these mighty men are willing to put their differences aside when they're called to battle, which is why they're the ultimate representatives for the X-Men.

Blazers At Dawn has continuing coverage of the whisper war being waged between Wolvie and Ol' Lazer Gaze, as the two vie for control of the squad and their ordinary mutant lives.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Superheroes Who Need Their Own Video Game

Comic books and video games often fail to make a love connection, and while movie and TV show adaptations keep getting better video game adaptations almost always fall short of super.

But every once in a while a great comic book game like Deadpool, the Batman Arkham series or Injustice: Gods Among Us comes along and renews our faith in the medium.

So maybe game designers should focus on making character or team specific games that aren't just a direct movie adaptation, because characters like Batgirl, Moon Knight and Cyborg are dying for their own game!

(Image Link)

Nerdmuch? put together this list of 20 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Game, and while it has some good picks I think their list is missing three superheroic names in need of a game- The Tick, Howard the Duck and Lobo!

(Image Link)

Ocean of America tried to make a Lobo fighting game for the SNES twenty years ago, yet nothing has come up since. Seriously, what does the Main Man have to do to get his own game?!

See 20 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Game here

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Grab This Creepy Zombie Ring Before It Grabs You

They say when there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth, but in the meanwhile, a few if their hands may rise up through the ground in this great ring. The foggy ground setting and black, rotting hands make the ring a perfect accessory for both Halloween and for George Romero fans everywhere. If you want a Halloween ring that's maybe not quite so creepy, this jack-o-lantern one is a good alternative.

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Why Rounds Make No Sense In Mortal Kombat

Fighting games generally go out of their way to flash a great big K.O. across the screen when the round ends, so players know their fighter is still alive and coming back for another round.

But Mortal Kombat changed all that, because the "mortal" in the title meant characters were often dead by the end of the round, and could be dispatched with a grisly Fatality finishing move.

So how the hell did a fighter who was beaten to death come back for more in the next round? (Barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

This Dorkly video poses a theory, although it still doesn't explain how they come back from a spine ripping fatality.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Gross Art Series Featuring Dissected Pop Culture Characters

There are many ways to deconstruct a pop culture character, but anatomically minded artist NYCHOS prefers a direct deconstruction, slicing the character into layers so we can see what they're made of.

NYCHOS has a knack for infusing a character's internal organs with their personality, making it clear that you're looking at Batman's guts, Mario's boney fist or Spidey's grinning skull.

(Image Link)

And once you've seen your favorite pop culture characters split into an exploded view that leaves nothing to the imagination you'll know what makes them tick- which is liable to make you feel sick!

(Image Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Designers Create Real Life Playmobil Guy Hair Helmet

Bike helmets don't just protect the heads these days- they serve as a fashion accessory and get the rider lots of attention, which is exactly what many kids are looking for in a helmet.

In fact, kids are better about wearing a helmet that looks cool, and since their safety is a top priority, helmet designers try to make their designs visually appealing for kids.

And since kids love Playmobil, designers Simon Higby and Clara Prior teamed up with MOEF to create wearable Playmobil guy "helmet hair" so kids will want to wear it while riding.

Simon and Clara based their design on actual Playmobil guy hair, using 3D software to scale up a scan of the tiny hair piece and merge it with a standard helmet, then they 3D printed a prototype.

(YouTube Link)

This helmet is sure to appeal to the wee ones if and when it hits the market, and before you know it helmet hair will be all the rage once again!

-Via Bored Panda

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Luke Skywalker at New York Comic Con

(Image credit: frotorious)

Some people make a serious commitment to a character when cosplaying. Cosplayer Robert Kutruff looked so much like old master Luke that some redditors thought he was Mark Hamill going undercover at New York Comic Con. It didn’t help that Hamill is a redditor and Kutruff’s handle is oldmasterluke. 

(Image credit: oldmasterluke)

Kutruff was there representing Hero Hair, a cosplay service that goes all out. See a slide show of how they created the look of Luke. You can see more pictures at Kutruff’s Facebook page.

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A Supercut Video Of The Best Supporting Weirdos

Weird characters are always memorable, and they help shape the look and feel of a movie whether they're part of the supporting cast or the main Magoo.

Actors like Crispin Glover, Marty Feldman and John Malkovich are known for the kooky characters they've played, so we know what to expect when we see them in a movie.

But some of the best supporting weirdos have been a one-off role for leading men and women such as Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein and Robert Blake in Lost Highway.

(YouTube Link)

Filmmaker John Lefkovitz put together this supercut of strange characters who have appeared in our favorite flicks, proving movies just wouldn't be the same without supporting weirdos.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Japanese RPG Enemies You Always See While Questing

Japanese roleplaying games used to be the freshest and most unusual take on the RPG genre, but now that gamers know what to expect every time they play a JRPG the magic has fizzled out.

And somewhere around the tenth time you've fought a giant rat, a plant monster with an annoying array of stun powers, or a tiny but incredibly powerful boss monster you start to wonder why you keep buying JRPGs.

Tristan Cooper and Andy Kluthe are all too familiar with the buyer's remorse felt after playing a Japanese RPG, so they created this comic strip to show gamers why they should save their money for the new South Park RPG instead!

See The 8 JRPG Enemies You Always See On Your Quest here

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Brilliant Mystique Cosplay

Spotted at Comic Con New York today: Marvel’s mutant Mystique in the middle of morphing. I believe this costume is a full blue bodysuit with a partial uniform sewn on top. The blue sequins hide the joining seams really well, including the face paint and wig. Do you know who this is? She’s awesome: not just a good designer and cosplayer, but she’s also figured out how to be a woman comic book superhero at a convention without having to display the entire outline of her body. This picture was posted by redditor radicalheadphone.

Uodate: Her name is Rebecca Lindsay. She posted a selfie for a closer view of her face.

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If Disney Princesses Were Moms

According to the old schoolyard rhyme three things happen after two people are spotted k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree- first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

So it follows that Disney princesses must have started a family some time after the end of the feature and beginning of the fairy tale marriage, and at least a few of them must have been terrible mothers.

Illustrator Paul Westover has given us a glimpse into the post-movie lives of Disney princesses, and it seems some were born to be moms while others face an uphill battle against their beastly offspring.

See If Disney Princesses Were Moms at CollegeHumor (NSFW-ish)

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The Rock Reacts To His First Pro Wrestling Match

Before Dwayne Johnson became one of the biggest (literally) movie stars in the world he was The Rock, one of the most popular WWF/WWE wrestlers of all time.

And before he was The Rock Dwayne went by the name Rocky Maivia, Rocky for his pro wrestler father Rocky Johnson and Maivia for his pro wrestler maternal grandfather "High Chief" Peter Maivia.

With generations of pro wrestlers behind him, Dwayne had every reason to come on strong during his first WWF match back in 1996, and he has every reason to be embarrassed about that day too. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via Uproxx

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GO Player Discovers There Are Pokémon In The Sahara Desert

Apparently Pokémon GO players have run out of places to find those elusive creatures, because we're seeing more posts about people searching for Pokémon in the strangest places.

Have you ever wondered if there are any Pokémon hiding in the Sahara desert?

Rocket News 24 writer Masanuki Sunakoma did, so he headed out to Morocco to see if it was even possible to catch Pokémon in such a remote location.

Stationed out of the village of Mezouga, which contains cell towers from Morocco Telecom, Masanuki walked into the desert and soon saw signs of virtual life.

Turns out there are a bunch of Pokémon in the Sahara, seven different species to be exact, but as expected there are no gyms or PokéStops, or phone charging stations, or people....

Masanuki didn't stay long, but it appears he was still able to have a ball playing Pokémon GO in the Sahara desert!

-Via Now Loading

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Some Of The Most Beautiful Homes On TV

Most television shows are shot on a set built to replicate the appearance of an interior space, but they almost always start with an exterior shot to set the mood of the show and tell the audience where it takes place.

This exterior shot is used to set the location and mood of the show, so we know The Munsters is going to be comedic horror while Full House is going to be family oriented and inoffensive.

(Image Link)

House Beautiful put together a collection of Beautiful Television Homes, including interiors such as Frasier's Seattle apartment and Will & Grace's well-designed space, as well as TV homes that looked amazing inside and out.

I'm glad the Addams Family house made the list, because it has always been my idea of an ideal and awesome home. 

See 30 Beautiful Television Homes We Wish We Could Call Our Own here

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Why We Play Difficult Video Games

Most gamers start out playing video games purely for the fun of it, wanting nothing more than to experience a new form of interactive entertainment that amazes us when we're kids.

But there comes a time when we start using games as an escape from reality and a way to deflect our problems, and the bigger the problem the more difficult the video game we choose to play.

This comic by Julia Lepetit may help you figure out why your friend keeps playing that impossibly hard game even though it infuriates them, or maybe you're the one who keeps banging their head against the wall...

-Via Dorkly

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See The Process Of Creating Black Panther's CGI Costume

Fans were mighty impressed with Black Panther's first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and now they're hoping to see more of the King of Wakanda in future movies and maybe in his own TV show.

But many viewers had no idea that Black Panther's costume was 100% CGI in the movie, a feat which took many layers of hard work for digital artists to achieve.

(YouTube Link)

CineSite shared this revealing breakdown video to show us all the hard work that goes into creating a CGI effect so effective audiences believed the Black Panther's costume was real.

-Via GeekTyrant

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The Fastest Man Alive

The Flash is the fastest man alive, and even though Superman tries to compete Flash is still faster than the Man of Steel will ever be, which is fine with Supes because it gives him more time to work on his pranks!

This comic by Kerry Callen shows why humans never should have introduced Superman to the concept of pranking, and why it doesn't pay to compete with a Super-Jerk who's super jealous of Flash's fleet feet.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Sketchy Video Game Kickstarters That Made People Lose Faith In Crowdfunding

Kickstarter has proven to be a great resource for inventors and creators, helping them establish a presence online and bring their vision to life through crowdfunding.

But I've never backed a video game campaign because of all the horror stories, and the whole concept of chipping in on a game still in development has proven to be fraught with failure.

Yogventures was an unlikely game from the start- it was based on the Yogscast YouTube broadcasters network, and the people behind the Yogs claimed to be capable video game developers despite the lack of proof.

Their Yogventures campaign raised enough money anyway and the game went into production, but the backers soon found out Yogscast was full of ball-oney.

 photo f0f6fac9dd01a5a97de3be5ce233d5aa_zpsf655ncko.gif

Yogscast founder Lewis Brindley notified backers the project had failed, and the backers who had donated $567,000 in total got to see nothing but another epic failure from a first time developer.

Shadow Of The Eternals was supposed to be a successor to the Nintendo GameCube game Eternal Darkness, but creator Denis Dyack went about his campaign in such a shady way he failed to raise enough money- twice.

(Image Link)

Denis created the campaign under the name Precursor Games so backers wouldn't realize he was actually the head of Silicon Knights, the company catching hell for their crappy game X-Men: Destiny.

Surprisingly, the fake name game wasn't the reason Shadow didn't get funded- it was seemingly cursed from day one, although Denis claims he's still working on the game and hoping to release it soon. Good luck with that!

Read about 5 Sketchy Video Game Kickstarters here

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The Black Sabbath Born Again Demos That Totally Smoke The Album Versions

Heavy metal as we know it would not exist if not for Black Sabbath, because they set the standard for the horror movie theatrics, spooky hard rock sound and clothes worn by metal bands for decades to come.

Pretty much everyone agrees Sabbath was best when Ozzy was the lead singer, so when the band came back from the dead in 1983 with the album Born Again people didn't dig seeing former Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan at the helm.

But if they could have heard these unmixed demos shared on YouTube by THE SINISTER EXAGGERATOR they would have praised it like they should- because this blistering session of raw rock 'n' roll is so good it screams for itself!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Do Not Drill A Hole In Your New iPhone -This Should Be Obvious

A lot of people were upset when they heard the newest iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack and while that might be bothersome if you like plain old wired headphones, it should go without saying that you probably shouldn't use a drill to put in your own headphone jack. Sure there was a prank video showing people that there is actually a hidden jack in the phone, but who takes the word of a YouTube video as proof that it's totally ok to drill your brand new phone? Sadly, a lot of people.

Of course, this hasn't been the only prank designed solely to get people to destroy their expensive tech devices. Distractify has evidence that there are all too many evil tricksters out there.

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Photoshoppers Give Birds The Human Arms They've Always Wanted

(Image Link)

You know what all birds wish they could wear, even just for one day?

Human arms and hands, because as hard as they try to rock, and as much as they try to kick ass in the animal kingdom, their wings just aren't cutting the mustard.

(Image Link)

Wings can't be formed into devil horns, they can't punch suckas in the face and they can't hold firearms, not effectively anyway, which is why birds are eternally envious of our human ability to flex and fire.

(Image Link)

Photoshoppers love to fulfill wishes with their digital skills, so they started giving birds the human arms and legs they've always wanted, which was probably a huge mistake.

(Image Link)

Good thing their human arms are only on loan, or else birds would take over the planet with a quickness!

(Image Link)

See These Birds With Human Arms Will Terrify And Delight You here

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Powerful Characters Who Have Beaten Up Superman

(Image Link)

Superman is generally thought of as the most powerful and least vulnerable character in the comics, an alien badass who apparently can't be killed or made to look less than drop dead gorgeous.

But there's one thing Superman himself hates to admit- he has been beaten to a pulp by an odd cast of characters, including a former lover, a chipmunk from the Green Lantern Corps and the Clown Prince of Crime.

(YouTube Link)

CBR put together this list of 10 Powerful Characters You Didn't Know Beat Up Superman which exposes some of the more embarrassing moments in the Man Of Steel's history.

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The 8 Creepiest Places In Fallout 4

The Fallout universe is one of the most realistic post-apocalyptic worlds in all of pop culture, thanks largely to the amazing and visually appealing environments.

Part of what makes the environments in Fallout so appealing is the attention to detail and the stories told by each location, stories that give us chills while we uncover the mystery.

Fallout 4 continues the tradition of including almost too much detail to each location in the game, making it easier than ever before to miss key story elements while exploring.

So Curse Entertainment uncovered all the creepy details of places like Pickman's Gallery, The Museum Of Witchcraft and Sandy Coves Convalescent Home for us, virtual locations that will truly haunt your dreams. (NSFW due to language and gore)

(YouTube Link)

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Parodies That Succeeded Because Nobody Got The Joke

Parodies are a pop culture staple, because they're a fun way for artists and creators to tip their hat to (or make fun of) other artists and creators in a way that ensures viewers are in on the joke too.

But sometimes people completely miss the reference, or just don't see it as scathing like the parodist intended, and every once in a while the parody is just so well done it takes on a life of its own.

Chuck Jones tried his hand at parody when he created Wil E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, predator and prey locked in an over-the-top battle that was supposed to make fun of Tom & Jerry.

Unfortunately for Chuck his characters were just too darn likeable, and while he was going for a "see how stupid chase cartoons are?" vibe audiences saw it as a new take on the trope and ate it up.

Ironically, Chuck would later go on to create some of the most popular Tom & Jerry cartoons of all time, and people are still unaware that Wil E. and the Roadrunner are meant to be a parody.

Read 6 Parodies That Succeeded Because Nobody Got The Joke here

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Be Our Guest With This Great Beauty and the Beast Trivia

Disney's Beauty and the Beast was a magical musical, but did you know that it was originally envisioned in 1930 as a non-musical film? And did you know that Belle's choice of a blue dress was more than just a fashion choice? And can you guess how many different animals the Beast's character design was based on? In celebration of the film's 25 anniversary release, Zimbio has collected all kinds of charming trivia bits about the movie and you can read them all here.

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An Animated Crime Movie Starring Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of Disney's most famous features, and even though the fairy tale has been adapted a million times our mind always goes back to the Disney version whenever Snow White is mentioned.

That lasting Disney influence isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially in animation, and when a Snow White adaptation manages to show us something new while giving a nod to Disney you know it's something special. (NSFW due to language)

The Seven Red Hoods - Taupes from Eddy on Vimeo.

The Seven Red Hoods was created by Léo Verrier, with production by Eddy and ARTE France and a bunch of wonderful models created by Martine Lafont, which really add to the unique look of the film.

-Via io9

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Underrated X-Men Who Are Secretly Awesome

(Image Link)

There have been so many mutants on the X-Men roster it's hard to keep track of them all, and minor league mutants like Jubilee and Shatterstar are often overshadowed by A-listers like Wolverine and Jean Grey.

But certain eras of the comic saw dozens of new members joining the X-Men, and even though these newbies were overshadowed they had to be secretly awesome to join the X-Men, right?

Shatterstar is a Liefeld creation, but don't hold that against him, because this badass from Mojoworld is not only one of the strongest fighters to ever join the X-Men- he's a trailblazer for gay characters in comics.

And speaking of blaze- Jubilee's plasmoid "fireworks" are often described as being nothing but flashes of light, but like most mutant powers she just had to learn how to control it to unleash its full potential.

(YouTube Link)

Read 10 Underrated X-Men That Are Secretly Awesome here

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The Most Powerful Superheroes Who Refuse To Use Their Full Power

Readers often wonder why characters who are nigh invulnerable, like Superman, Zatanna or Spider-Man, would allow themselves to be whomped on rather than unleash their full power.

This question is generally answered with an explanation involving ethics, morality or "because the world/galaxy depends on it", but this kind of explanation only placates readers for a little while.

So why won't these superheroes unleash their full power?

Superman tries to refrain from killing at all costs, and despite all the destruction we've seen in the comics he tries to keep collateral damage to a minimum too, so it makes sense for him to hold back.

Zatanna's powers were passed down from her father, so the only thing holding her back from unleashing the ultimate power within her is her own self-confidence, which can be a hard barrier to break through.

Spidey certainly doesn't lack self-confidence, so what's his excuse for holding back?

He's opposed to killing too, but he also just holds back to give the bad guys a chance in battle, which Doctor Octopus discovered when he swapped bodies with Peter Parker during the "Superior Spider-Man" storyline. Cocky, ain't he?!

See the 15 Most Powerful Superheroes Who Won't Use Their Full Potential here

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The Funniest Thing To Wear This Halloween- A Terrible Jared Leto Joker Costume

(Image Link)

Jared Leto's portrayal of The Joker in Suicide Squad was not well received by fans and critics, but kids who don't know better think this System Of A Clown version of The Joker is the coolest thing since pre-torn skinny jeans.

But there appears to be one positive outcome of the Leto Joker debacle- he inadvertantly created the ultimate ironic Halloween costume.

(Image Link)

Of course, there will be people dressed as Leto's Joker who will wear the costume with pride, so try not to grab your head and scream in their face when you see them standing there looking cool in that cheesy costume!

(Image Link)

-Via FAILBlog

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Guy Is Haunted By The Teddy Bears He Gave His Ex-Girlfriends In This Horror Short

Teddy bears and other plush toys are often all that's physically left behind after a couple breaks up, and the couple's attachment to these toys varies according to what these items represent.

But does anybody ever stop to wonder how these toys feel about being a physical reminder of love gone sour?

Of course we don't, which is why it would be easy for the events that transpire in Almog Avidan Antonir's short film Teddy Bears Are For Lovers to go down in a bedroom near you. (NSFW language)

TEDDY BEARS ARE FOR LOVERS from Short of the Week on Vimeo.

This is why you should always keep a Teddy Ruxpin doll loaded with a death metal tape at the ready, so he can help you quell a plush toy uprising...

-Via io9

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