8 Tips For Hosting A Board Game Night For Adults

The biggest problem with all the epic board games on the market today isn't the price, the complexity or the low print numbers, it's the fact that you typically need three plus people to play.

Games labeled 2+ players usually aren't as fun when played by just two people, and yet these amazing games tend to frighten potential players off with all their rules, dice and pieces (oh so many pieces!).

So do like this Cracked video suggests and invite the right people, pick a game that's easy to play, serve up some booze to lighten the mood but keep your drunk friend from ruining the game and you'll have a box full o' fun!

(YouTube Link)

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

When eBay Sold Longing And Loss

Back in the late 90s/early 00s, when eBay was young and most packages were sent without tracking, buying stuff online was a risky affair.

Auction winners sent in their payments, generally in the form of a money order, then sat around praying their package would arrive, preferably unmangled, in the next two to four weeks.

Some of these packages contained the stuff dreams are made of, and as this comic from The Odd 1s Out shows those lost and otherwise unreceived packages full of happiness will haunt us for the rest of our lives. AND NOW MY COLLECTION WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE! WAAAAAGGH!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Aurora, Illinois Is Celebrating The 25th Anniversary Of Wayne's World In A Big Way

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Wayne's World, the most excellent SNL movie adaptation of all time, and nobody is celebrating the anniversary like Wayne & Garth's home town of Aurora, Illinois.

In fact, Aurora is celebrating Wayne's World for six months straight, starting in February and ending on the fourth of July with the largest mass headbanging session ever- to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", naturally.

(YouTube Link)

The event started off on February 3rd at First Fridays, "a monthly celebration of art, music, and culture" where guests were encouraged to wear their Wayniest and Garthiest attire for some righteous fun, including:

Santori Public Library, 101 S. River St., is open with several Wayne’s World activities including Stan Makita’s Donut Shop, “Take a Shot at Wayne and Garth” (goalie shots in the Atrium), Two Minutes of Excellent Fame: Don a Wayne or Garth wig, hat, glasses, flannel, and video a line from the movie. Flannel Impromptu Art Gallery: “WW’s Fashion Strut & Selfie.” 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

(Image Link)

Read The Hilarious Way Aurora, Illinois Plans To Celebrate Wayne's World's 25th Anniversary here

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The Force is With These Tiny Star Wars Tattoos

(Image via patricktat2)

Big tattoos are great and all, but sometimes a small one is just as good. These Star Wars fans may not have big ink, but their love of the series is certainly unquestionable. 

(Image via dannifullyxo)

The small designs are a subtle way to fully align yourself with your favorite characters without having to announce to the world that you support the Light or Dark Side.

(Image via The Tattoo Gallery)

You can see a whole gallery of delightfully small Star Wars tattoos over at Pop Sugar.

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Wolverine's Craziest Retcons

When a comic series goes on for a really long time, and characters go through a bunch of adventures that change their story as well as the limitations of their powers, writers bring in the retcons to tie up all the loose ends.

Retcons are a cheap and easy way to explain away any discrepancies in a character's storyline, and few superheroes have had their story retconned as much as our feral pal Wolverine.

Wolverine was initially referred to as Weapon X, then Weapon X became the name of the whole super-soldier program that laced his bones with adamantium and temporarily broke his brain.

A few retcons later the "X" in Weapon X was ultimately revealed to be a Roman numeral, meaning Wolvie was project 10 and even Captain America is considered to be part of the "Weapon Plus" program.

That's some mighty convenient retconning, but not as convenient as Wolverine's healing factor retcon, because at first he took a lot longer to recover from grievous injuries, leaving Logan laid up for weeks.

By the 90s Wolvie's healing factor had gone mega, because according to writers it improved every time he used it, so he was able to recover from being fully incinerated in just a few hours.

But to me the weirdest and most ridiculous retcon of them all is the bit about Sabertooth being Wolverine's father.

Sabertooth became Wolvie's archenemy because they both have a very savage fighting style, but Chris Claremont tried to to serve up a fastball special by having Sabertooth reveal Logan was his son.

In the next issue Nick Fury conducts a DNA test and proves Sabertooth isn't Logan's father, making the whole thing feel like a bad episode of the Maury show! Sabertooth, you are not the father!

See Wolverine's 15 Craziest Retcons here

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The Strangest Things Andrew W.K. Has Done In The Name Of Partying

Partying is an integral part of the rock star lifestyle, and Andrew W.K. has turned the art of partying into an electrifying persona, a subject of song and a lucrative career.

And even though Andrew's version of partying is often far tamer than that of his fellow rockers he still spends a lot of time and energy maintaining his persona and staying pumped to party.

While those other guys are out drinking and doing drugs for days on end Andrew is partying his way- by playing drums for 24 hours straight in Times Square and breaking the Guinness world record for "longest drum session at a retail store".

He even got to hang with Lil Bub before setting a world record, which is what kept him going during that long day of drumming.

Andrew's partying once earned him an invitation to become the U.S. ambassador of partying to Bahrain, which he turned down because he had too much partying to do here in the States.

And to top it all off Andrew gives a great interview, watch him tackle a tough question with just one word. Nailed it!

(YouTube Link)

See The 13 Weirdest Things Andrew Did In The Name Of Partying here

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How Rivals Mario And Sonic Became Friends At The Olympic Games

(Image Link)

Sonic the hedgehog and Mario the moustachioed plumber don't seem to have much in common aside from the white gloves and cartoonishly oversized shoes.

But both characters have one major thing in common that made them rivals for decades- they were the main representatives for competing gaming console manufacturers.

SEGA created Sonic to compete with Nintendo's superstar Mario, and the two companies had a rocky relationship until a global event brought the two rivals together- the Olympic Games.

(YouTube Link)

Did You Know Gaming? took a look at the decades of gaming industry rivalry that was magically transformed into a friendship between Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

-Via GameTyrant

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Superhero Teams That You Probably Forgot About

(Image Link)

The Justice League, the Avengers, X-Men, Defenders and Teen Titans are all superhero groups who hog the spotlight, but there are lots of inexperienced, incidental and downright motley crews out there who need love too!

Spidey and Sandman on the same team? Amazing but yes, Spider-Man teamed up with five of his former enemies to become the Outlaws, a team formed by Silver Sable to pose as criminals and take down the Maggia crime syndicate.

The Outlaws formed out of necessity, but the group pictured below was formed just to make the rich even richer and to stroke Booster Gold's ego.

They were known as the Conglomerate, a corporate-sponsored team created to give the Justice League International a run for their money, which Booster had left because he felt he was treated as a joke.

But the joke was on Booster after all, because the Conglomerate's sponsors just wanted to exploit superheroes for profit, so Booster had to go slinking back to the JLI after all.

And in case you thought I forgot about the team at the top of the post here they are- the Inferior Five!

(Image Link)

The Inferior Five began as a parody group, the inept offspring of the mighty Freedom Brigade, but readers liked them so much the 5 got their own title, which ran for a mere twelve issues.

But here's the fun part about the Inferior Five- they have to fight crime as a team because they're too inept to do any good on their own!

See 15 Superhero Teams That You Probably Forgot About here

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Original Special Effects Storyboards From Blade Runner

There has been talk of a Blade Runner sequel since soon after the original film came out, and yet here we are waiting for news of that mythical sequel some thirty five years later.

Well, while we're waiting for a sequel that may never come out, and because we know the sequel will never live up to the original, let's take a look at some interesting FX storyboards from Blade Runner!

These fairly inscrutable special effects storyboards were uploaded to the Blade Runner fan site Ridleyville, which is run by an English fellow who owns a massive collection of cool stuff from the original film.

They're not very exciting unless you're interested in how a film like Blade Runner is made, in which case these boards will give you some idea of how the special effects for each scene are plotted out during production.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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"Turbo Killer" Is One Of The Coolest Music Videos Ever Made

I am constantly impressed by how much cinematic goodness music video creators and directors can fit into such a short time frame, because telling an epic tale in three or four minutes is no small feat.

Take this music video for Carpenter Brut's song "Turbo Killer" for instance- it has compelling visuals, a clear story arc and the seeds of a strange story.

It's so cinematic I would not be surprised to see it expanded into a feature length film, one which better have a soundtrack by Carpenter Brut!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Questions I Still Have About Star Wars

The Star Wars series is really easy to follow, and George Lucas set the whole thing up so both kids and adults can enjoy watching the films, but as simplistic as the storylines are they still leave the viewers with a lot of questions.

Why didn't Anakin just jump down next to Obi-Wan instead of trying to leap over him? Why was there ever a Jar-Jar Binks?

And why was baby Luke sent to Anakin's home planet instead of somewhere safe and hard to locate on the other side of the galaxy?

Comic stripper JHALL has wondered about all of these things too, and even though he doesn't provide any answers he does give voice to our thoughts about the series in the most sarcastic way possible!

See 4 Questions I Still Have About Star Wars here (NSFW language)

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Hogwarts Underoos for Adults

Did you know that Underoos are still a thing? Not only that, but they are available in adult sizes. And if you are a Harry Potter fan, you can get Underoos with the coats of arms for each of the dormitories at Hogwarts. You can wear them and fantasize about being a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. Sorry guys, these are only available in women's sizes. Only $24.99 a set. Because there's no rule that says you have to outgrow Pottermania.

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Super Mario Vs. Undertale

The Super Mario Bros. franchise is generally very upbeat, positive and cheery in tone, character design and storyline, and the indie RPG Undertale has many things in common with SMB- except for the cheery tone.

Undertale takes place in the Underground, where a human child learns to survive peacefully among monsters who constantly want to murder her, so it's a bit darker than the Mushroom Kingdom.

But Mario is such a murderous madman he fights right in!

(YouTube Link)

Dorkly created this darn fine animated yarn, hopefully you'll dig it!

-Via GameTyrant

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Delightful Harry Potter Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Baking may be a science, but cooking something incredible is a form of magic. And if you want to celebrate the true magic of making something amazing from scratch, then why not channel your inner-wizard with delightful Harry Potter kitchen items like this handmade oven mitt?

Sure, not all the items will actually help you cook -some of them just help you serve, but if you're already feeling like a top witch, why not serve yourself up a drink from this cool cauldron mug?

In the right hands, a cooking spoon can be just as impressive as a magic wand and these Harry Potter spoons will certainly help remind you of that fact.

Check out more fun Harry Potter kitchen merchandise here

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How Would Clifford The Big Red Dog's Owner Clean Up His Poop

Most of us who grew up since the 1960s (or who had a kid who did) remember the stories of Clifford the Big Red Dog. But one thing overlooked in the books was how his owners could possibly clean up after a dog the size of a house. One recent Reddit thread explored this concept and surprisingly, one Redditor actually came up with a completely reasonable solution: essentially, Clifford's owners would have to rent a commercial-sized dumpster and train the dog to go to the bathroom in it. The cost of cleanup would come out to around $100 a day, but as he points out, that's probably nothing compared to the cost of food for a pooch that big.

You can read the whole thread and more details on taking care of Clifford's business over at Reddit.

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A Delightfully Wrong Geek Valentine's Day Card

We already featured a whole collection of great geeky Valentine's Day cards, but I didn't discover this design by Josh Cullen until almost a week later. It was so good, I just had to share it with the rest of you.

Josh's Etsy shop is full of great geeky art outside of his amazing Valentine's Day card. This Chewbacca Big Foot design is just one example, and you can see the rest of it here.

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Awesome Fan Art Imagines Alternate Scenes From Original Star Wars Trilogy

(Alternate Opening To A New Hope by Morgan Yon)

Alternative facts aren't cool, and they will never replace cold, hard facts, but alternate takes on our favorite pop culture franchises are often cool enough to take on a life of their own.

For instance, these fan art pieces depicting alternate scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy are cool enough to be used as concept art on a project, but the artists didn't create them for use in a film.

(The Final Test by Markus Stadlober)

They were submissions for the ILM ART Department Challenge, hosted by Industrial Light & Magic, Wacom and ArtStation, and each piece tells a compelling tale we'll never get to see on the big screen.

(Image by Matt Rhodes

These alternate artworks were created within a strict set of guidelines, in order to give the artists a taste of what it would feel like to work for ILM as a concept artist:

The guidelines set by ILM were as follows:

  • Think about the story you are trying to tell with the image - it should be cinematic and convey a specific emotion.
  • The image must fit within Episodes IV - VI aesthetic.
  • Again, everything used must already exist within the world of Star Wars.

(Marauders by Pavel Goloviy)

See Star Wars Fan Art Imagines Alternate Endings here

Alternate Opening To A New Hope by Morgan Yon

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The Amazing Geek Art of Stephan Andrade

Stephan Andrade is our kind of illustrator -he's got great skills and he puts them to work on awesomely geeky artworks. We particularly love the way he turns all of his geek illustrations into classic dimestore novel covers.

And his subject matter is wonderful too -from Seinfeld to Bob's Burgers and from The Labyrinth to Adventure Time, the portraits are delightful.

The only downside is that none of these books are real because, after all, with covers like these, the books have to be good, right? So check out his whole portfolio here.

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The Joy Of Reading War And Peas

War and peace are both tricky things to maintain, but the guy and gal behind the comic War and Peas have easily maintained their hilarious comic strip for over five years now.

Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz hail from Saarbrücken, Germany, where they find the climate to be perfect for comic strip creation, and they've been entertaining our eyeballs with their easy to love comics since 2011.

Their strip was once called L.I.N.S., but they changed it to War And Peas "because we liked this one much better", and they craft their strip with the same "less acronyms and more laughs" approach because they're cool like that.

See more Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By War And Peas here

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Comic Book Characters Too Weird For The Movies

I love weird comic book characters, the more satirical and surreal the better, and my love of strange characters began when I read Steve Gerber's Howard the Duck for the first time.

Howard is everything an oddball character should be, but he was handsome and likeable enough to appear in the movies, unlike that vicious little furball Dex-Starr.

Dex-Starr may have been a pretty kitty once, but after his owner was killed and he was tortured and nearly killed by sadistic humans this house cat went feral in the fiercest way possible- by becoming a Red Lantern.

Humanity lit the fire of vengeance in Dex-Starr's heart, but the Red Lantern Corps power ring he wears gives him the power to vomit rage-blood, which incinerates his foes. He's a bloody cool character for the comics, but too wicked to appear in the average PG-13 superhero flick. 

Now if you wanna see a cute little guy rub shoulders with the DC superheroes you should signal Bat-Mite, the imp who idolizes Batman.

Bat-Mite is super fun in the comics and an amazing addition to any animated series, but his toony look just wouldn't work in the super dark and serious version of the DC Universe seen in the movies.

That's pretty much the shape of it for Starro too, and even though that giant mind controlling alien starfish is the reason the Justice League was created it's unlikely he'll ever make it into a JLA movie.

On the other hand, Marvel Zombies seems like the perfect fit for a movie adaptation, since both zombies and superheroes are big money makers at the box office.

But audiences probably couldn't handle seeing zombie Spider-Man chowing down on Mary Jane and Aunt May, so this project may stay buried because it would definitely earn a hard R rating.

See 15 Comic Book Characters Too Weird For Movies here

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Needle Felted Geek Accessories

Etsy seller ElvesinGlass specializes in felting geek fashion accessories like cell phone covers, berets and purses.

The decorations feature things like solar systems and animals -particularly animal butts like the corgi butt phone cover above. 

The 3D detailing on the flat artistic surfaces give the creations an incredible level of realism you don't normally see in felted works. Personally, I want to own every item in the shop!

Via Incredible Things

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Tap Dancing Stormtrooper Toy

Darth Vader leads his minions in a little soft-shoe to the tune of the Imperial March. This toy from Japan is called the Star Wars Space Opera “Pop’n Step” Toys. At the touch of a button, you can put the stresses of the real world aside and watch the villains from a galaxy far, far away dance while you laugh.

(YouTube link)

There are other characters and configurations available. They apparently sync up when you snap them together.

(YouTube link)

I wanted these for about five minutes, then I realized it was much easier to just watch them on YouTube. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Rogue One as 8-bit Cinema

Those who care at all about Star Wars should have seen the movie Rogue One already, but in case you haven't, this video contains some spoilers. It's Cinefix's 8-Bit Cinema remake that turns the movie into an old-style video game. And you don't even have to control it!

(YouTube link)

This is cute, but I must say that it's no substitute for seeing the film in its entirety. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Epic Movie Sets That Were Actually Miniature Models

When filmmakers shoot epic movies they use every trick in the book to make the characters and locations look larger than life on the big screen, using compositing and perspective tricks to fool audiences.

In fact, the sets used on your favorite epic movies are often small enough to fit in your living room.

Okay, so the Minas Tirith model from The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King wouldn't fit in your living room unless you have really, really high ceilings, but Sauron's Tower certainly would!

The grand hotel featured in Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel wasn't such a grand structure after all in real world terms, but in terms of model making it's a magnificent miniature masterpiece!

And who can forget those far out aerial views of New York seen in John Carpenter's Escape From New York, which were actually shots of a few different models of the city.

This highly detailed cityscape was constructed out of wood and cardboard by The Skotaks, to be used in flyover shots.

Carpenter also used a wireframe model made by Mark Stetson to cheat those computer screen shots, don't you love it when practical effects are used to imitate CGI?!

(Image Link)

See 13 Epic Movie Sets That Were Actually Miniature Models here

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These Super Mario Comics From EXTRALIFE Explain Everything

(Image Link)

On the surface the story behind Super Mario Bros. seems pretty normal- moustachioed plumbers raised by egg laying dinosaurs save princess from a giant mutated turtle with a Donkey Kong complex.

Mario and his brother squash mutant mushrooms, turtles, fish and other fairly normal looking animals, but things start to get strange in the Mushroom Kingdom every time they battle ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

It's like the game designers just gave up on realism and decided to get weird with it when they created creatures like Boo, I mean, who the heck is that body shape based on?

(Image Link)

There's a simple and obvious explanation to all the strangeness that occurs in the Super Mario Bros. franchise, as shown here in this EXTRALIFE comic by Scott Johnson.

(Image Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Animal Guards: Surprise!

Owls make the best guards because they have a 360 degree view of the action, and their hearing is so acute they can hear a sneaky critter coming a mile away, except for carp ninjas, of course, those guys are dead silent.

This edition of the comic Pitch Black by Andre Navarro is all about surprise, but what's really surprising is how enjoyable Pitch Black is to read, check out this bonus strip about cats and dogs at the office.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Actors You May Have Forgotten Were On Star Trek

Star Trek TV shows such as Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise have played host to so many guest stars over the years it's hard to keep track of them all.

And casual viewers may not recognize stars like Jason Alexander, Iggy Pop and Jonathan Banks under all that makeup.

Of course, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is recognizable no matter what he's wearing, and he appeared on Voyager in the late 90s, at the height of his WWE wrestling career.

He played a Tsunkatse fighter who puts a hurtin' on Seven of Nine, and even uses Rock's finishing move, The Rock Bottom, to take down the reformed Borg drone.

Landing a guest starring role on Star Trek is a dream come true for an actor who's also a Trekkie (Trekker?), so when Jason Alexander was offered the role of Kurros on Voyager he had to .

Jason sites Shatner's performance as Captain Kirk as his inspiration to pursue acting so being on Star Trek was at the top of Jason's acting wish list, but he wanted to hold out for a role as an alien:

As he explained to StarTrek.com in a 2011 interview, “It was finally Voyager that understood that and called with the perfect part.” He was thrilled with Kurros explaining that “They gave me everything — an alien guise, great intellect, and evil. The trifecta. What more could you ask for?”

It's unclear whether Jonathan Banks shared Jason's enthusiasm for wearing alien makeup, but he definitely threw himself into the role of Ennis leader Golin Shel-la on Deep Space Nine.

Jonathan brought that brooding badass energy we've come to expect from him to the role of Golin, and you can almost see the beginnings of Mike from Breaking Bad in his portrayal.

So what kind of energy did Iggy Pop bring to his portrayal of Vorta clone Yelgrun on Deep Space Nine? Man, Iggy plays Iggy no matter what!

(YouTube Link)

See 15 Actors You Forgot Appeared On Star Trek here

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The Guy Who Voices Mario Gives A Super Strange Interview

Fans will forever think of Nintendo's Mario with the voice of veteran voice actor Charles Martinet, because most of us can't think of Mario without hearing that "It's-a Me, Mario!" catchphrase in our heads.  

But Nintendo really should've had Charles be the voice of Donkey Kong more than once- because the guy's a bit bananas!

(YouTube Link)

Great Big Story sat down with the voice of Mario (and Luigi too!) to discuss how he became the voice of Mario, his storied acting career and the 26 wonderful years he has spent with Nintendo.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Innocent Things That Were Demonized During The Satanic Panic

(Image Link)

Overzealous religious fanatics tried to turn the Satanic Panic into a new McCarthyism for the 80s, but they failed because anybody with a brain could see that Pampers, the Smurfs and Mr. Ed were not a threat to their immortal soul.

But in 1986 evangelists Greg Hudson and Jim Brown presented their evidence anyway, claiming Mr. Ed had been corrupting innocent souls for the Lord of Darkness by using its theme song as a subliminal tool for recruitment.

They claimed that when you played the theme song backwards it sounded like the singer was saying "The Source is Satan" and "Someone heard this song for Satan".

(YouTube Link)

As if that bit of jackassery wasn't enough- Proctor & Gamble got caught up in the Satanic Panic when it was decided their beautiful logo, which dated back to 1882, featured Satanic symbols.

(Image Link)

P&G had to hold a press conference to deny claims they were donating to a Satanic Church and set up a toll free phone line to assure people there was nothing Satanic about their logo.

In the end they removed their awesome Art Nouveau logo to avoid further problems with the Panic crowd.

Next stop- those totally sinister Smurfs cartoons!

(Image Link)

Cartoon obsessed crackpot Phil Phillips joined pastor Gary Greenwald to battle those treacherous toons on Turmoil in the Toybox, claiming the Smurfs, with Thundercats, He-Man and Rainbow Brite were a gateway to corruption aimed at children.

(YouTube Link)

The Smurfs were said to be a depiction of dead homosexuals, the Thundercats and He-Man were inspired by "heathen gods", and Rainbow Brite has a pentagram on her cheek- the mark of pure evil.

(Image Link)

See The Devil Made Them Do It: 8 Examples Of Satanic Panic In The '80s here

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Cards Against Humanity Hiring. The Only Catch? You Have to be Barack Obama

Cards Against Humanity's business operations have been a little strange. They've increased prices on Black Friday, dug a giant hole for the middle of nowhere and even sold users actual cow poop. That's why they claim they now need a CEO that can offer "real adult leadership." The only problem is that the job listing has some pretty specific requirements, such as "experience hunting terrorist masterminds," minimum eight years experience President of the United States of America or equivilent nation," and "must currently hold a national approval rating of 57.% or higher." 

The company took out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune just hoping to catch the eye of the right candidate. Unfortunately, despite their offer to pay for relocation costs, the only man qualified for the job happens to have already stated that he plans to stay in Washington D.C. until his youngest daughter graduates high school. I guess it's four more years of a company that has "no idea what we're doing."

You can read the full ad on Craigslist.

Via DCist

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