The Impossible Dungeons & Dragons Quest

It can be hard to serve as gamemaster and maintain your friendship with the players in your tabletop roleplaying group, because gamers take character death very seriously.

They also get pissed off if you don't award them enough experience points, give them enough magic items, or if you keep rolling really high for enemies.

But, as this Is It Canon comic by Rock Paper Cynic and Big Simple Comics shows, there's one quest which will defeat even the most experienced role players and make your group hate you at the same time- trial by noob.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Beauty and the Beast in Emoji

(Video Link)

It's a tale as old as time, girl books a room on Airbnb, finds out her host is a roaring monster, she gets attacked by wolves while trying to escape to a Motel 6 and then her beastly host ends up saving her life. Next thing you know, the two are dancing it up and the host shows the girl his extensive e-library. Ok, maybe that's not the most common story in the world, but it does sum up Beauty and the Beast pretty well, which is what we love about Disney's tales told in emoji series of videos.

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The Difference Between Good And Bad Horror

Horror movies are often churned out just to make a quick buck for studios at the box office, hence the PG-13 ratings and overabundance of supernatural and slasher-themed flicks.

But if the storyline is good, and the gruesome visuals make you clench your cheeks in fear, then that horror movie is sure to stick with you for a while.

However, if you haven't watched a horror movie in a while yet keep having a spine-tingling feeling something's wrong then take it from Webtoons Bluechair Comic and watch your back...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Rey's Jedi Training As Directed By Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino wasn't asked to direct the Star Wars sequels, and he bluntly stated he had no interest in being involved with anything produced by Disney.

But, as you can see in this video by How It Should Have Ended, a Tarantino-style Star Wars sequel would have been full of that kung fu cool QT is known for, and Uma Thurman as Rey for some reason.

(YouTube Link)

This parody video also shows us why Quentin's version of Star Wars would have flopped at the box office- American audiences hate subtitles!

-Via comicbook

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Why Star Trek’s Prime Directive Could Never be Enforced

The future as imagined by Gene Roddenberry was ruled by law, at least for the United Federation of Planets’ exploration, diplomacy, and defense entity known as Starfleet. Over the course of the original Star Trek TV series (and subsequent series), we heard references to the Prime Directive, which was an order to “not interfere in the natural cultural and scientific development of a civilization, particularly those that are pre-warp.” That created a fine line to walk for a spaceship crew whose mission was to to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations. The Enterprise crew violated the Prime Directive almost weekly, but still used the order to moderate their decisions at times.   

When Star Trek premiered on television 50 years ago today, many of the young people watching grew up to be lifelong Trek fans. Some became lawyers. Ars Technica consulted some of those lawyers who are well-versed in Star Trek lore to explain and give their opinions on the Prime Directive and how it would work for the earth in 2016. In a nutshell, it wouldn’t. Read the reasons why at Ars Technica.

-via John Farrier

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The Best Stranger Things Cosplay Yet

Sure anyone could dress as Winona Ryder's character in Stranger Things, but if you really want to sell your Joyce Byers cosplay, you need a few accessories and ideally -a haunted, light-covered wall. Now that's doing the character justice. Amanda Meldrum and Roy Holt have the right idea with this cosplay!

Via Fashionably Geek

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A Visual Ranking of Every Villain from Star Trek: The Original Series

The first episode of Star Trek was broadcast on September 8, 1966, making the futuristic universe of the Enterprise 50 years old today. There were 79 episodes of the original series, all featuring some character, entity, group, or concept that provided conflict. Not all of them were what we’d normally call villains, but they are all pictured and ranked at Uproxx. That means 77 "villains,"  because a couple appeared in more than one episode. Which is your favorite: Elaan of Troyius, Nomad, Harvey Mudd, Khan, Balok, the Doomsday Machine, or some other villain? Yeah, it’s the Tribbles. Gotta be the Tribbles.    

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Comic Artists Discuss The Weirdest Drawing Requests They've Received

Illustrators get used to receiving requests for drawings, especially as they develop their skills around friends and family members who feel requests are the best way to encourage a budding artist.

But those encouraging folks don't ask the artist to draw sick and twisted scenes featuring pop culture characters in sexual and/or gratuitously violent situations, at least not in public.

However, any artist who has worked the fan con circuit, sold their artwork online or taken commissions knows there are sick people out there looking for an artist to draw the stuff of nightmares.

Tom Fowler, artist/writer for Rick and Morty, was asked to draw a gross scene featuring Sauron, the Pterodactyl man from the Savage Lands, hypnotizing a teenage Storm into becoming his sex slave, akin to this panel:

Tom drew up a much tamer version for that weirdo, stating "I'd robbed this creep of his boner, and that's the real satisfaction that a cartoonist should feel".

Believe it or not the requests aren't always sexual- Tristan Jones, artist from ALIENS: Defiance, one got this request:

There was this guy that asked me to draw him, which is usually an immediate no from me on the spot at conventions, but as Jack Skellington (whatever that meant, I assumed it meant drawing Jack slightly heavier set and with this dude's hair) as a Ghostbuster, busting the ghost of his mother (who he had a photo of) from Jack's reindeer sleigh.

But then he talks about a different request which was racy to say the least...why, perverts, WHY?

Read We Asked Comic Artists About Their Weirdest Drawing Requests here (NSFW)

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Guy Turns Keurig Coffee Machine Into Bionic Hand

People often see Keurig coffee machines as a good purchase while at the store only to find the overpriced and underwhelming Keurig isn't as useful as a standard coffee machine.

So what's a jittery MacGyver to do when they discover their Keurig machine is a disappointment?

Take that Keurig apart and turn it into something far more useful, like a bionic hand.

(YouTube Link)

Evan Booth of Terminal Cornucopia spent nearly 200 hours turning a Keurig K350, a 12v power supply and various adhesives into Hedberg the bionic hand.

It's cool looking, but can it make a decent cup of coffee?

-Via That's Nerdalicious

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Disney Couples Who Probably Didn't Live Happily Ever After

Being part of a Disney couple looks like a whole new world of awesome, but we only get to see a small and triumphantly joyous part of their lives in the movies.

But things get real after the movie magic wears off and the main characters settle into their lives together, discovering they were caught up in the moment and may have made a horrible mistake.

Very few Disney couples seem like they're cut out for a long-term relationship if you really think about it, because they rarely have anything in common, culturally or otherwise.

But maybe they make it all work out because happily ever after? *shrug*

Paul Westover illustrated these childhood ruining moments that take place approximately six months to a year after the movie, moments that may be the perfect setup for a dramatic sequel.

See 5 Disney Couples that Probably Did Not Live Happily Ever After here (NSFW due to language)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Recreates Terminator 2 Scene For Film's 25th Anniversary

The sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day is a fan favorite that tends to outshine the original movie, and even though T2 came out 25 years ago it's still really fun to watch.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of T2 Arnie's son Joseph Baena starred in a video made by his friend Ben Hess which recreates an iconic scene from the film- the "Bad To The Bone" scene.

(YouTube Link)

You don't need a DNA test to tell Joseph is Arnie's son- there's no mistaking that jawline!

-Via Metro

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A Pokémon Anatomy Series For The Ages

Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri says the series was inspired by his childhood hobby of insect collecting, and since the series needed hundreds of character designs Pokémon inevitably included animals too.

But Satoshi probably didn't spent nearly as much time thinking about the inner workings of Pokémon as illustrator Christopher Stoll, who is now sharing his anatomical findings with the world.

Christopher's series PokéNatomy reveals not only the stuff that lies beneath the skin of each Pokémon species but also includes information on their diets, mating habits, social structure and more.

See the entire PokéNatomy series by Christopher Stoll here

-Via Geek Universe

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Instructables' Heroes and Villains Projects

If you couldn't tell by how often we post their projects, we love Instructables here at Neatorama, so when we saw they had a whole contest dedicated to geek projects, we pretty much had an office party. While the Heroes and Villains contest may be in the judging stage and closed to new entries, you certainly won't want to miss this incredible collection of projects related to comic books, sci-fi, fantasy and more. I'm pretty impressed by the Dobby doll and, while it's not in the finalists, I love this Gremlin costume. Of course, your personal preferences will no doubt be affected by your own favorite heroes and villains.

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Five Times Batman: The Animated Series Made Us Feel Too Much

Batman: The Animated Series isn't the greatest adaptation of the Batman comics because it's faithful to the source material or because the storylines were so compelling- it's the greatest because it made us feel stuff.

We laughed, cheered and cringed, and as you'll see in this video from Dorkly it also made us sad for poor lovesick Harley, showed us what an existential crisis feels like, and taught us vengeance leaves one feeling cold and hollow inside.

(YouTube Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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An Incredibly Cool Collection Of Pokémon Drawn As People

I'm glad Pokémon are pocket monsters and not pocket people. or else the franchise would be about slavery and human trafficking which is way worse than monsters battling in an arena.

Still, wouldn't it be cool to see what the creatures of the Pokémon universe look like as humanoids?

Amazingly talented illustrator tamtamdi has spent the last few years turning dozens of elusive pocket monsters such as Slowpoke, Gastly and Porygon2 into elusive and magical looking people we'd rather call friend than collect.

Tamtamdi has remained dedicated to the cause of turning Pokémon into Pokémans and Pokewomans, and the occassional Pokéhumanoid or Pokéghost, by drawing over 250 different species of Pokémon so far.

And tamtamdi's mighty character design skills ensure each and every species of Pokémon being reimagined looks completely different than the next.

See tamtamdi's entire Pokémon gijinkas gallery here

-Via Meme Base

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RPGs Then And Now

Roleplaying games featured simpler storylines and gameplay elements when they first came out, but like every other video game genre RPGs have evolved into something way more realistica and complex.

This comic by Andy Kluthe and Tristan Cooper of Dorkly walks us through the many ways RPGs have changed since the good old days of single save files and simple dialog choices.

-Via Dorkly

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Lilo And Stitch Was Originally Going To Be A Much More Violent Movie

Lilo and Stitch didn't really cause any controversy with audiences, but it sure caused problems for the crew at Disney's Hollywood Studios during the making of the film.

It seems Lilo and Stitch was originally going to be a much more violent film, with lots of sci-fi violence and a star who broke all the rules regarding good guys in animated features for kids.

So the film underwent some radical changes thanks largely to test audiences who felt certain scenes in the film were too violent.

 photo dbd04e8248e32da0d98edb57756412bf_zpsbrua1nic.gif

The scene where Jumba the alien stops sneaking around and goes for a full frontal assault on Stitch, ultimately destroying Lilo's home, was the main scene in need of alteration.

So they started toning down the scene by changing Jumba's laser gun blasting into household destruction via dishware.

 photo 6522d67a324b0e1374e9b45e39efd3a8_zpsdelfwved.gif

The production team didn't agree with the changes made to that scene, but there's one scene they all agreed to alter- the ending scene where Stitch hijacks a 747 to go after Captain Gantu.

 photo 098778d68c6fce2a13b5034952d5fa92_zpsug0u76gk.gif

The film was in production during 9/11, and even though they'd finished animating the scene they knew it had to go, so the 747 was replaced with Jumba's spaceship and the fight moved from the city to the mountains.

 photo 2f5d98d3614c1fe8788a6c8195e2cb92_zpsrvbfjqoa.gif

Read Lilo and Stitch Was Originally Much More Violent here

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Creepy Guy Staring At Taylor Swift Gets Photoshopped Straight

Say you're walking down the street one day and you spot a young lady named Taylor Swift walking ahead of you.

Would you try to stop her and get an autograph, snicker and sneer, or start stalking her like prey?

I figured you'd say one of the first two, but if you answered “stalk her like prey” then congratulations!

(Image Link)

You're just like the creepy stalker guy in the paparazzi shot above, and part of the reason Taylor always feels like she's being hunted.

But maybe that shaggy guy was just shadowing Swift while doing some Scooby Doo style investigative work?

(Image Link)

Taylor has been receiving creepy, heavy breathing phone calls in the middle of the night, maybe he was just helping her track down the culprit?

Of course! It was Kanye!

(Image Link)

K.West's love-hate thang with T.Swift is becoming really creepy, but not as creepy as this Scooby style unmasking moment-

(Image Link)

The stalker was actually the stalkee all along! You're a tricky one, Taylor Swift!

See more from Guy Caught Staring At Taylor Swift Starts A Photoshop Battle here

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"Banned" Parody Trailer Reveals The Dangerous Side Of Playing Pokémon GO

Walking around staring at your smartphone all day was boring before Pokémon GO, the game that gives big virtual prizes for trainers who stay tuned in to the app at all times.

And the more time you spend staring at your screen the less likely you are to notice all the horrible and dangerous places Pokémon GO addiction has taken you, plus you can find rare  Pokémon!

(YouTube Link)

This "banned" trailer created by Parody Patrol reveals the dark side of Pokémon GO addiction, it's like a PSA for Pokémon trainers only way more real than any PSA you've ever seen! 

-Via Laughing Squid

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Fun Things You Don't Know About Stranger Things

We love Stranger Things and all of its great 80s referrences and if you love it as much as the rest of us, you won't want to miss this great list of trivia about the show featured on Thrillist. For example, did you know the show was originally intended to be set in Montauk, New York and it was even going to be named Montauk? In fact, even after they moved it to Indiana, the creators still wanted to keep the name.

The article can also tell you how the crew helped keep the youngsters on set from being too scared of the horrible monster and the Upside Down.

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The Best Part About Being A Superhero - Or A Cosplayer

It seems like the best part about being a superhero would be the powers/abilities, the pride in knowing you've helped make the world a better place, or the fact that you get to hang out with other supers.

But according to this Supergirl-Batgirl comic by Mike Maihack the best part is something cosplayers already know all about- the kick ass costumes!

No wonder Batman wears his favorite Batsuit to bed...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Real Life Locations From Your Favorite TV Shows

Ever wish you could visit Walter White's house? He might not actually live there in real life, but the home used in the show sure is real and you can visit it -along with other famous tv destinations like Bill's House from True Blood, Sherlock's Baker street apartment and the Murder House from American Horror Story. See what other places you could see in real life over at Travel and Leisure.

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If Rey is a Skywalker

Rey has a conversation with Luke and it starts off like what so many people were thinking when they left the theater after seeing The Force Awakens. You’re my daughter! What? And their relationship goes downhill from there. Jenny Nicholson does the dialogue and is pretty convincing in both parts.

(YouTube link)

So all in all, it makes no sense that Luke would abandon his own child. But GreenLeadr has a better theory. Or maybe she’s no relation whatsoever. We won’t know for sure until December of 2017. -via reddit

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The Life And Times Of Iconic People Summed Up In Six Words

(Image Link)

Famous people often have a lot going on in their lives, their days jam packed with really important things to do, but at the end of it all their busy lives are summed up in a paragraph or two.

(Image Link)

Actually, a paragraph is way more than needed to describe the famous lives of many famous folks, because their famously two-dimensional careers can be effectively summarized in just six words.

(Image Link)

Now that's not to say these pop culture icons aren't worthy of a full length bio, but the internet prefers nuggets of information rather than the whole turkey so six words to describe famous folks it is!

(Image Link)

See The Life And Times Of 24 Iconic People (Told In Six Words) here

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Guy Asks Mom To Describe Overwatch Characters Based On Their Looks

Blizzard has made a big impression on the multiplayer community once again with Overwatch, a squad-based game that's every bit as nice to look at as it is to play.

The characters in Overwatch are designed to have lots of visual appeal, and each one has a unique set of abilities and skills that make them stand out in the crowd.

(Image Link)

But, as Redditor karhall discovered, the character designs don't really say much to his uninitiated mother about who each character is inside their "space suit" or what they can do in battle.

karhall asked his mom to give each character a nickname and describe them based on their looks, and her answers were so "mom" and so great he started posting them on his Tumblr site.

Video game developers should note karhall's research and start holding focus groups full of moms who have never played the game, because their thoughts about the characters could help shape the final design.

But if they do these brave developers should expect lots of cute...

-Via MemeBase

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You Never Know When Pawn Stars Memes Are Gonna Come Through That Door

(Image Link)

According to Rick Harrison working in a pawn shop means never knowing what's gonna come through that door, and as anyone who has watched Pawn Stars knows people try to sell him some pretty strange stuff.

(Image Link)

But I wonder how much Rick and his fam would pay for these Pawn Stars memes?

He'd definitely lowball the meme creators, and then Rick would have to get the memes appraised and try to keep Chumlee from playing with them too much, but from there it's pure profit!

(Image Link)

It's mind boggling how many memes and dumb jokes have been made based on Rick's Pawn Stars intro monologue, and equally puzzling why these dumb memes keep making me laugh!

(Image Link)

See 18 Pawn Stars Memes That Never Know What's Gonna Come Through That Door here

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Star Wars Go Rogue, Chapter One

It’s about that time of year, when a new round of Star Wars toys will be heading to stores. Lucasfilm and Tongal recruited some seriously creative Star Wars fans to make a series of videos promoting both the new movie Rogue One and the line of toys that will accompany it.

(YouTube link)

In the first such video, animators Dan MacKenzie and Tucker Barrie show off what they can do with stop-motion, and what products you can line up for in September or purchase for Christmas gifts. -via Laughing Squid

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Actors Who Almost Played the Joker

The Joker is an iconic comic book character and it's not surprising that some actors with a geeky side long to play the villian. Most notably, Robin Williams almost got to play The Joker in the 1989 film, but Jack Nicoloson was originally offered the part and when they approached Williams with the role, Nicoloson changed his mind. Williams was also almost cast as The Riddler in the 1995 film, but Jim Carrey was picked over him. While it's sad that comic-book fan Robin Williams never got to act in one of the Batman films, it's probably best for his legacy that he wasn't cast in that trainwreck.

Learn about 9 other actors who almost played The Joker here.

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Star Trek Beyond Classic

Darth Blender took the audio from the trailer for the new movie Star Trek Beyond, featuring music from the Beastie Boys, and mixed it with video from the Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-69).

(YouTube link)

The results are just right. You’ve got the nostalgia factor, because who would pass up a chance to see the original Kirk, Spock, and company in their youth? Plus the synchronization is really impressive. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Comics About Your Nerdy Dating Life

(4 Comics That Perfectly Describe Life As A Pokemon Fan)

Dating can be extremely awkward for extroverts, and since most nerds are somewhat introverted people assume nerd dating will be doubly awkward.

But nerd dating can actually be quite magical, as two people passionate about geeky stuff discover they can share their pop culture passion with another person without feeling like a lame Psyduck.

(4 Comics That Perfectly Describe Life As A Pokemon Fan)

Of course, that same passion can lead to arguments, name calling and hurt feelings, as the nerdy couple becomes more comfortable with each other and stops holding back their passionate outbursts.

(Star-Crossed Gamers)

But if your nerdy dating experiences are anything like mine you'll soon find that special person you want to game with for a while and Netflix and chill with for always.

(The Progression Of Every Gamer Relationship)

Read 8 Comics About Your Nerdy Dating Life at Dorkly

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