Nine Of The Most Sadorable Characters In Movies And TV

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There is one character archetype in the world of pop culture that is so specific, so exact in attitude and circumstance, that it needs a combination adjective to describe it properly- sadorable.

Sadorable characters are basically a combination of Jungian archetypes The Innocent and The Orphan-they are adorable in looks and attitude yet powerless to control their sad little lives, with the power to thaw frozen hearts and inspire otherwise rotten people to do good.

Here’s an exploration of nine characters from movies and TV shows that epitomize the idea of “sadorable”:

1. Leopold "Butters" Stotch from South Park-

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Leopold Stotch, aka Butters, is an innocent victim-he’s constantly getting punished by his parents for crimes he didn't commit, the other kids in South Park pick on him incessantly, and his only solace is the time he spends as his villainous alter ego Professor Chaos.

Yet somehow the sadorable little Butters continues to confess to crimes he didn't commit and let kids bag on him just to make everyone else happy, making young Butters tops in the world of animated TV show sadorability.

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2. Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy-

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Bobby Boucher, aka The Waterboy, is a grown man who lives with his mother in a swampside estate fit for a frog, his wardrobe looks like something you'd find in a thrift store dumpster, and he’s got a stutter that makes him sound like Elmer Fudd’s Creole cousin.

Despite all these setbacks he's still caring and happy to help others, which ups his sadorability factor by at least two touchdowns and a field goal.

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3. Hans Moleman from The Simpsons-

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It’s a wonder Hans Moleman lived long enough to reach his senior years, because he’s constantly being targeted for pranks, aimed at by angry drivers, struck by flying objects and generally serving as the butt of many jokes around Springfield.

And yet somehow, despite all of the bad life throws his way, Hans remains begrudgingly optimistic, continuing to make his way through a cartoon world hell bent on burying him before he can officially retire!

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Anime Recommendations and Open Thread

(Inside Ball t-shirt on sale at the NeatoShop)

Last February, June, and August, I offered anime viewing recommendations, as well as invited readers to discuss anything they want about the wonderful world of anime. Let's do it again!

The tag line of Alznoah.Zero is "Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Fall." This is from the classical Latin proverb fiat justitia ruat caelum. It begins with peace negotiations between hostile powers--Earth and Mars--that are marred by a horrific crime. It appears obvious who the culprits are, but there is more that is unseen.

This is a complex, sophisticated story. It's a mecha anime, but not a simplistic one. Kotaku's anime critic Richard Eisenbeis says that unlike many heroic mecha stories, "Aldnoah.Zero takes this common formula and turns it on its head." It is a gripping, dark story that reminds me of Game of Thrones.

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Doctor Who in the Style of Dr. Seuss

DeviantART member DrFaustusAU has given us many pop icons drawn in the style of Dr. Seuss, like Cthulhu, Batman, and horror movie characters. Now we get thirteen Doctors from the Doctor Who universe drawn in the style of the other doctor, Dr. Suess! That’s the twelve that are numbered plus the War Doctor. Keep going for a better look at each individual Doctor.

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Photo Series Captures 70s Rock Legends In Their Parents' Homes

The 70s were a rather shaggy time in the world of rock music, and rock icons like David Crosby, Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa were still letting their freak flags fly high, living that rock 'n' roll lifestyle with reckless abandon.

These guys were, like, totally heavy, man, and so far out that it’s easy to forget they actually sprang from someone’s loins.

In 1971 LIFE Magazine photographer John Olson was tasked with shooting a portrait series featuring rock and roll royalty, so he took a wildly unexpected approach- he accompanied these rock legends to their parents’ homes. 

Zappa doesn't seem too happy about revealing his parents' purple den of passion to the world, and Clapton doesn't dig spending afternoons drinking tea with Mum when he'd rather be out doing Cocaine with Cream. However, David Crosby seems strangely calm about the whole thing, maybe he popped a few 'ludes before the shoot?

-Via Pee Wee Herman

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Fantastic Job Position: Science Fiction Librarian

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Not all librarians are Jedi like Jocasta Nu. But a lot of us are a bit Force-sensitive, which comes in handy when peering into a patron's mind during a reference interview or intuiting the best resources within a library collection.

It would come in handy if you land this dream job: science fiction librarian. The University of California at Riverside holds the Eaton Collection, a respository of "science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian literature." Among many other materials, the Eaton Collection includes over 100,000 books and almost 100,000 fanzines. The manager of it holds the position of Jay Kay and Doris Klein Science Fiction Librarian. It's currently open. Do you want to apply?

-via Allison M. Scott on popculture-l

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The One Noteboard EVERYONE Needs In Their Home

The Bat-slap meme is just one of those things that makes me crack up every time. If you're like me, that makes this dry erase board a must-have for your home. Just imagine getting to change the meme every time you think of something new and funny and letting your friends edit the board to write in their thoughts. It even works for your to do list as Batman can threaten to slap you if you fail. It's the perfect home accessory that combines function and style.

Via Nerd Approved

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12 Geeky Doormats To Greet Your Guests

Before someone even enters your home, your doormat lets them know a little about you. Are you friendly, efficient, OCD? What about geeky? That's right, now you can express your nerdy self with all kinds of great doormats. 

Over on Homes and Hues, we rounded up 12 such geektastic rugs to greet your guests with. From fantasy to gaming and from Doctor Who to IT jokes, whatever your favorite geek interest, there's sure to be a great rug out there to make you smile.

Check out the full list of nerdy rugs over on Homes and Hues: 12 Wonderfully Geeky Doormats

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Fan Theory: Obi-Wan Kenobi Was Using Luke Skywalker as Bait to Lure Darth Vader to Tatooine

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Luke Skywalker grows up on a humble moisture farm on Tatooine. His father, Anakin Skywalker, has adopted the name Darth Vader and become a villanous tyrant. He never bothers to check up on a kid with his own unusual last name.

Why? Redditor scc10n8 has concocted a brilliant explanation. The entire plot of Star Wars Episode IV was a long con set up by Obi-Wan Kenobi:

I don't think Obi-Wan ever meant to confront Luke. I subscribe to the notion that the whole thing was an elaborate trap to lure Darth Vader there for a final battle to the death.

He takes Luke there as a child, doesn't even change his last name to anything other than Skywalker, and leaves him with Vader's mom's family on a sparsly populated planet so there's no over abundance of life to hide the kids force talent which is sure to manifest. Then he just sits there in the desert, waiting for Vader to show up so they can throw down on a hardcore force battle in a desert where there won't be much collateral or many opportunities to take hostages. Only he never shows.

Obi-Wan's plan doesn't work, though. Vader never shows up. So when he stumbles across Luke in the desert, he takes a different, even more insidious approach:

Sure Obi-Wan is old, but this kid is fresh. He's maliable. The Empire is sure to be tracking these droids. He just has to distract him for a while and the inevitable is sure to happen to his family. So what does he do? Start dropping hints about the kids dad. Tell him about him being a great jedi, a great pilot, both things the kid will need to off Vader, and all of it true. And as long as he's hearing what he wants to hear, has stars in his eyes, drop the bomb. Vader killed your dad.

From here Obi-Wan's got him, he's getting ready to somehow steer the kid to go check on his family when they seen the plume of black smoke on the horizon. A blasted out Sandcrawler, mana from heaven! After that the whole thing is dominoes. One after another gathering speed. And in a later showdown with Vader he can die with a smile on his face because he knows he gave it the first push.

-via Super Punch

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The 10 Best Slave Leia Mashup Costumes

(Photo: David Ngo)

Ever since Princess Leia first appeared in Return of the Jedi in her slave outfit, Star Wars fans have been putting that iconic costume to use in fan art. Slave Leia cosplayers are thick on the ground at conventions. But some go even further, devising clever mashups with other characters, such as this Elsa from Frozen, who appeared at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. You can see more at Dorkly, including Leia as Jack Sparrow and Harley Quinn.

I just had a brilliant costume idea: Slave Princess Wolverine. I should wear that to a con someday.

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Stargate Cosplay is Activated and Ready

All 9 chevrons on this Stargate costume are locked and ready to transport you across the universe. The event horizon--which will kill you if you're standing in its way when activating--forms the body of this beautiful dress worn by Nyima-chan

It lights up, just like the real thing! Once she gets a friend to dress up as a dial home device, you're ready to continue travelling.

-via Fashionably Geek

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You Mean The Best Kind of Tattoos?

When you get a tattoo, it's important to find a shop that not only does good work, but does good work in the style you're looking for. If you're looking for an utterly amazing tattoo, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more qualified shop than Adorned Precision Body Arts of Vancouver, given that they proudly declare themselves to be specialists in tattoos featuring unicorns with sharks for arms -aka, the best tattoos ever created.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Phil Noto's Retro Marvel Covers

Beginning in February 2015, Marvel Comics will feature 20 variant covers drawn by acclaimed artist Phil Noto. The covers, some of which are shown here, are done in a retro style. Announced at New York Comic Con last year, previews of Noto's covers have since been featured in various sites catering to comic readers.

Learn more about and see more examples of Noto's stunning nostalgic Marvel covers here and hereas well as at his Tumblr. 

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Upgrade Ordinary Squirrels With a Cyberman Feeder

(Video Link)

If you are what you eat then it shouldn't be too surprising that squirrels are all a bit nuts. They're so nuts, in fact, that they don't even mind upgrading themselves into Cybermen just to get a few more tasty treats. Creator Emma Young thought the squirrels in her garden might just be that kooky, which is why she was willing to take hours of her time to dismantle a novelty radio and fill it with peanut butter and nuts. I'd say it was well worth the efforts for this great footage -now she just needs to add a few choice Cybermen sound bites to the footage.

Via Nerd Approved

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Celebrities Who Are Virtually Unrecognizable In Their Yearbook Photos

Celebrities rarely start out with famous faces- their faces usually have to ripen into the right shape and become camera ready, so when they’re unfamous teens you can hardly tell them apart from the rest of the unfamous teens.

They could become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, but if their face isn't ready for fame you'd wouldn't want to worship them just yet

Look at this goofy guy- where in the world will he wind up when he's full grown and famous?

Okay, that one was easy, but figuring out this girl’s future famous face is quite a bit tougher.

Give up? Check out 25 Celebrities Who Are Unrecognizable In Their High School Yearbook Photos and uncover the famous face answers for yourself!

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Seth Green Gave His Friend James Gunn The Ravagers For Christmas

Seth Green doesn’t shy away from his geeky side, he embraces it like any good geek should, and part of Seth's embracing of his inner geek means he gives out some amazing handmade presents.

It seems Seth enjoys creating custom action figures, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen his Adult Swim stop motion show Robot Chicken, so for Christmas this year Seth gave good friend/director James Gunn a set of custom Guardians of the Galaxy action figures.

The set doesn’t include the Guardians, who already have way too much merch out with their faces on it, but rather features Star-Lord's old crew The Ravagers.

They came complete with custom packaging, and with five proofs of purchase James can bring home Yondu's best friend Von Spears! -Via Nerd Approved

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Homemade TARDIS Murphy Bed

The last time we encountered a TARDIS Murphy bed, four years ago, many of you expressed interest in owning it. Stubbs, the blogger at The Stubby Thumb, wanted a Murphy bed but was aghast at the prices. However, there are kits available, so she figured if she were going to build her own bed anyway, she may as well make it a TARDIS.

Not only is it an awesome bed, but she posted the process with pictures for us to enjoy. While you won’t learn to be a master woodworker from the post, you will enjoy the story of how many things can go wrong on the way to perfection. Now her guest room is bigger on the inside! -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Dedicated Fan Recreates All Of Final Fantasy VII In LittleBigPlanet

If you like video games that allow you to build your own levels using in-game world building toolkits then you probably already know about LittleBigPlanet, the game with the most versatile game creation toolkit ever. 

Anybody can build the most amazing levels in LBP and let other players to take a run through their world, and as one contributor proved you can even recreate the world found in your favorite classic video it's epic scale entirety.

(YouTube Link)

Jamie Colliver spent three long years constructing an amazingly faithful recreation of Final Fantasy VIIin its entirety in LittleBigPlanet, and now the Playstation of today has a little bit of the classic PSOne in its memory banks.

-Via Gamma Squad

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Spock the Centaur

(Image: karracaz)

Spock the centaur is . . . fascinating.

He's half horse and half Vulcan. Specifically, Spock is the front end of a Vulcan and the back end of a horse. If he was the front end of a horse and the back end of a Vulcan, he would also be a centaur.

Of course, Spock is actually half human. So what we're looking at is one quarter human, one quarter Vulcan, and one half horse.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

Random thought: Perhaps I should write some fan fiction inspired by the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" in which the crew of the Enterprise encounters a bitterly-divided race of centaurs with varying top and bottom halves.

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Fans Claim The Marvel Experience Isn't Very Mighty

Marvel is living high on the hog these days, with their movies dominating the superhero genre like never before. This success is good for faithful Marvelites, who get to surround themselves with their favorite superfolk, but success can also breed overconfidence.

The Marvel Experience is the latest example of what happens when a company takes advantage of their fan base, and people are downright disappointed with what they’ve spent their hard earned money to see.

Here’s what fans expected to see at the Marvel Experience:

The World’s First Hyper-Reality Tour is a first-of-its-kind, hyper-reality attraction that covers over two acres and encompasses seven colossal Domes, a life-size Avengers Quinjet, the world’s only 360-degree, 3-D stereoscopic full-Dome attraction and a state-of-the-art 4-D motion ride.

Unfortunately, the real Experience falls hopelessly short of the mark, and seems to have been released before the attractions were prepped, tested and made ready for the public. 

After the travelling event debuted in Scottsdale, Arizona, a fellow by the name of Jake Gold left a detailed review of all that is wrong with the Marvel Experience on Yelp, stating:

Let me start by telling you what they got right – the story is good and relies on comic book lore that goes a little deeper than the cinematic universe. There is one moment near the end that genuinely brought a smile to my face which I won’t ruin for you, and the staff seemed like they genuinely wanted to help. However, none of that can make up for the complete disorganization and technical malfunction we experienced.

Will Marvel clean up their act and get the Experience ready before continuing on its nation wide tour, or are they content with milking the popularity of their movies by selling more tickets to this science fiction sideshow?

-Via Bleeding Cool

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Artists Illustrate Their Memories Of Video Games Past

(Image Via Tim McDonagh)

Playing a video game can have a profound effect on the gamer, and the extremely immersive nature of most modern games make gamers feel like they’re really visiting that virtual world.

(Image Via Mimi Leung)

Old school games are beloved for their characters, storylines and the overall look of the game, which become symbols of the gaming experience that sticks with the player long after the final boss has been beat.

(Image Via Sachin Teng)

Matter put together a really neat set of illustrations with which Talented Artists Take On Their Gaming Memories, which really speak to the impact gaming can have on our creative lives. 

-Via Polygon

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10 Strange Examples Of Celebrity Product Endorsement

(Image Link)

Celebrities demand big money for their likeness when they're busy starring in movies and TV shows, but when their celebrity star has burned out advertising offers tend to dry up.

Some celebs have integrity and won't sell out for a buck, and then there are those who don't much care what they're endorsing as long as their face is highly visible to their adoring public. Take a trip down the aisle of the famously fallen, where ten strange examples of celebrity endorsement await you.

1. Stallone High Protein Pudding-

(Image Link)

Okay, I'll admit this one made the list mostly because of its horrible name, and Stallone admittedly knows a thing or two about working out. But imagine Sly in his own voice, the voice of Rocky and Rambo, saying "I love me some high protein pudding!" *shudder*

2. Dwight Yoakam's frozen food products-

(Image Link)

Apparently chicken is big with country music celebs, and when Dwight Yoakam heard Kenny Rogers was opening his own chicken restaurant he didn't want to get left out of the poultry peddling game, so Dwight Yoakam's frozen food products were born.

There are Chicken Lickin's for those rough ridin' wranglers who like their poultry extra spicy, there are fries that come in regular chicken and pizza flavor, and the gross sounding Macaroni Mouth Poppers.

3. Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt Energy Drink-

(Image Link)

Steven Seagal used to be an active guy, who got toned for every movie he made, but since his career has fizzled he has let himself go. One of the catalysts behind his rapid weight gain might be these Lightning Bolt energy drinks he's peddling, which are most likely chock full of sugar and "energy giving nutrients", which make it twice as hard to lose the weight.

Never mind the reality behind Seagal's energy drinks, read these amazing Amazon reviews of the product and discover how it can help you live the dream!

4. Pro Athletes For Oreos-

(Image Link)

Professional athletes are supposed to represent the pinnacle of physical fitness, and they train year round to keep their bodies in perfect form, so they probably aren't scarfing down bags of Oreos on a daily basis.

So why did Apolo Ohno, Eli Manning, Shaq and Venus Williams agree to endorse the Triple Double Oreo, a double decker cookie that's twice as bad for you? Something tells me Nabisco has many green presidential friends who helped sway them...

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Anthony Hopkins Tried On Many Masks Before He Found The Lecter Look

The iconic bite mask worn by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence Of The Lambs fits him so well it looks like he brought it from home, but that’s ridiculous because he’s a gentleman and not some mask sporting fetishist, right?

There’s a reason the mask fit him and the Hannibal Lecter character so well, and that reason is trial and error, and lots of test footage, revealed it was the best choice.

Before settling on the suitably psychotic bite mask he wore in the film Hopkins was asked to don what looks like part of a street hockey mask:

Then he was asked to make some funny faces behind mesh, which made him look a bit like a fox in the hen house:

After seeing the film so many times it's hard to imagine Lecter wearing anything but his iconically creepy bite mask, and compared to those other frighteningly bad numbers they really picked a winner!

See more of Hopkins trying on Lecter masks, in glorious GIF motion, here   

-Via io9

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Graham Cracker Millennium Falcon

She'll make 0.5 beyond the speed of frosting. And Tony B. Kim added some special modifications himself--most of them made of candy. They all make this graham cracker Millennium Falcon the fastest hunk of sugar in the galaxy.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

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Ten Of The Worst Pieces Of Movie Tie-In Merchandise

Hollywood filmmakers love to release merchandise based on their films, mostly because it means more money in their pocket, but not every film is a good basis for tie-in merchandise. In fact, some films really shouldn’t be marketed in this way at all, and yet the stream of movie tie-in merch flows on, bringing a new batch of bad products to us with every new batch of films.

Here are ten of the worst movie tie-in products ever made:

1. Rambo Black Flak Bubble Gum-

(Image Link)

Rambo does all of his talking with his weapons, and he apparently chews Black Flak gum while blasting the bad guys! Want to be just like Rambo, kiddies? Chew a pack of Black Flak all at once and feel the Sly Stallone energy coursing through your veins! 

2. Watchmen Condom-

(Image Link)

There was once a pretty good movie made about an amazing graphic novel by Alan Moore called The Watchmen, and someone saw unlimited merchandise potential in the franchise. They made licensed costumes, toys, accessories and apparel galore, but then they took film merchandising one step too far and released a Dr. Manhattan blue The Watchmen condom.

The condoms came complete with slogan “We're Society's Only Protection” printed on the paper sleeve, and anyone who has read the graphic novel and/or seen the film will know why this product is wrong in so many ways!

3. Letters To E.T. Book-

(Image Link)

The book Letters To E.T. is an utterly useless tie-in product, containing nothing but fan letters sent to Steven Spielberg after the release of E.T. in theaters. It pretty much has nothing to do with E.T., and something tells me the few people who bought a copy were the ones who wrote the letters contained in the book!

It’s one of the most lowdown examples of fandom exploitation, and probably left a lot of kids feeling sad and confused when they received it as a gift only to find it had virtually nothing to do with their favorite extraterrestrial.

4. Jar-Jar Binks Mega Mouth Candy-

(Image Link)

Jar-Jar Binks is the most beloved character in the Star Wars universe, the universally loved and celebrated character that starred in Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, and kids and grown-ups loved him so much that they totally wanted to make out with him!

Enter the Jar-Jar Binks Mega Mouth candy, featuring a sucker center shaped like J-J’s tongue so you can relive that famous scene in the movie when that human totally makes out with him!

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