When Harry Potter Fans Take Over a Roller Rink

You may not be able to fly in an actual quidditch game, but rolling on skates at full speed can still feel pretty magical and give you that wind-in-the-face feeling like flying. And that's why having a Harry Potter night at a roller rink makes complese and utter sense.

This particular event took place at LA's Moonlight Rollerway, which has theme nights pretty frequently. 

You can see more fun pictures of the event at LAist

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Actors Who Began Their Careers On Miami Vice

Miami Vice launched the career of Don Johnson while simultaneously destroying the career of Philip Michael Thomas, but did you know the hippest of all 80s crime shows also introduced the world to Jimmy Smits, Benicio Del Toro and Ben Stiller?

Jimmy Smits appeared on the first episode of Miami Vice as Crockett's first partner Eddie Rivera, in Jimmy's first on screen appearance.

Miami Vice was also Benicio Del Toro's first stop in a storied career when, at age 20, he appeared on the show as "Pito, an ex-con-turned-thespian with a local theater group, Mi Vida Loca."

For Ben Stiller Miami Vice was only his third appearance on TV, and yet he was already developing the kooky fast talking persona he's known for today when he appeared as Fast Eddie Felcher on episode 2 of season 4.

Miami Vice was also a major starting point for tough guy actor Dennis Farina, who worked as a consultant for exec. producer Michael Mann after 18 years with the Chicago Police Department.

Mann liked Dennis so much he not only cast him as recurring character Albert Lombard on Miami Vice- he cast Dennis as the lead in Crime Story, one of the best historical crime shows ever made.

Lastly we have Liam Neeson, who was already a bit of a veteran when he appeared on the first episode of Miami Vice's third season as a former IRA hitman who woos detective Gina Calabrese (Saundra Santiago).

Liam used his appearance on the show in 1986 to launch his film career in Hollywood, and he would play a similar character a year later in the film A Prayer For The Dying.

See 27 Actors Who Got Their Start On Miami Vice at mental_floss

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The Best 80s Cartoon Theme Songs of All Time

(Video Link)

If you were a kid in the 80s, you almost certainly watched cartoons and some of those cartoons have some seriously amazing theme songs. Collider ranked an impressive 45 cartoon shows from the 80s and there are some unforgetably great songs on the list -particularly the Duck Tales theme song, which I'm sure many would agree should have the #1 rather than the #2 spot. 

Many of the theme songs I expected seemed to be lacking (including Captain Planet and Tailspin), but I realized only afterwards that they were actually all released in the 90s.

So check out the full list over at Collider

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Being A Dog Is Like Being A Video Game Protagonist

Some dogs see the world as a great big canine roleplaying game full of human NPCs to feed them and scoop their poop, multiplayer trips to the junkyard to gain XP by eating gross stuff, and the occasional leashed "escort quest".

Illustrator Anna-Maria Jung created this cute comic strip to show us how dogs play through the game of life, and it has inspired me to buy my dog more Worthless Costume DLC...which he's not going to be very happy about.

-Via Dorkly

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Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Of Ice King And Lemongrab From Adventure Time

The characters on Adventure Time are purposely drawn in a completely unrealistic style to suit the strange and silly tone of the show- and because they would look totally creepy if drawn to look realistic.

In fact, most of the characters on the show would probably look quite horrifying in real life and give kids nightmares, especially Simon the Ice King and that sourpuss the Earl of Lemongrab.

Sculptor Adam Edwards decided to show the world just how creepy Lemongrab and the Ice King would look in real life by creating unnervingly realistic busts of the two baddies.

This transformation has not only caused the characters to lose their cartoony appeal- it has taken them from the Land of Ooo and transported them straight to Westeros!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Trophy Wife Barbie

Barbie has come so far over the last few decades as both a (plastic) woman and a role model that she's ready to stop striving and see what life is like as a trophy wife.

She's tired of having to work all the time, sick of hiding all her guns, booze and drugs for the sake of the kiddies, and now she's ready to get baked and take a bite out of that trophy wife life.

Trophy Wife Barbie is a raunchy and ridiculous conceptual photo series by South African artist Annelies Hofmeyr, aka WIT MYT, who started shooting the series on the day of her divorce:

Her first photograph featured Barbie clutching Ken’s decapitated head with the caption “Yay! My divorce went through today!” underneath. She posts her pictures on her Instagram page. Hofmeyr uses Barbie to make satirical and politically-charged comment about gender and everyday sexism. As Hofmeyr has said:

She has been judged by her appearance and now that her situation has changed (and she’s no longer a wife) she needs to find her identity outside of her label.

See more from Trophy Wife Barbie at Dangerous Minds (NSFW-ish)

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Nightcrawler Cat

Nightcrawler is one of the X-Men, who has the ability to teleport himself just about anywhere. He's also a cat, who likes teleporting of the fun of it, in this video from Kaipotainment (previously at Neatorama).  

(YouTube link)

The moral of the story is: lets hope cats never acquire the mutant powers of the X-Men. They'll just use them for their own selfish purposes. -Thanks, Kaipo!

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Studio Ghibli's Sound Director Brews Coffee In A Really Strange Way

Studio Ghibli films are great looking, with brilliant stories and amazing characters, but there's one element both newbies and diehard fans enjoy without paying them any mind- the amazing sound effects.

Sound director Koji Kasamatsu is the man behind the sounds in Studio Ghibli films, and believe it or not he creates most of the sound effects with his mouth or body.

Here's sound effect master Koji brewing a pot of coffee with his mouth to promote Japanese coffee brand WONDA:

(YouTube Link)

-Via Grape

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Picasso-Styled Geek Tattoos of Mike Boyd

Like Picasso's Cubism? How about geeky movies and TV shows? Well, if you like those things and tattoos, you're going to really love the amazing tattoo designs of Mike Boyd.

Boyd operates out of The Circle Tattoo Shop in London and his clients go out of their way to seek him out for his unique style.

You can see more of the artist's wonderful portfolio on his Instagram.

Via Fashionably Geek

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These Photoshopped Russian Social Media Profile Pictures Will Blow Your Mind

Our social media profiles say a lot about us to the online world, and they're often the initial point of contact for people we meet in the virtual world well before we ever meet them in person.

If you're drinking or smoking pot in every picture we assume you're a wastoid, if the pics are taken all over the world people assume you're a traveler, and if you have nothing but selfies we assume you're vain.

So what do we assume if your profile pic shows you casting spells with all six of your arms? We assume you're an amateur Photoshopper, and that you have quite an imagination!

People in America rarely Photoshop their profile pics because we're afraid our network will make fun of us, but in Russia a profile pic isn't finished until it has been thoroughly 'shopped.

Because how is anybody supposed to know you're a real catch unless you make it clear with your profile pic?

See These Russian Social Media Profile Photos Will Blow Your Mind With Photoshop Magic here

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10 Amazing Ways Video Games Can Change Your Life

They can save your life, crush your soul, make you a fortune, or even leave you penniless. Here are 10 reasons why video games have more real-world power than you think.

1. They Can Make You a Better Surgeon

The next time you go under the knife, make sure to vet your surgeon's video game skills first. In 2007, researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City reported that people who played video games for at least three hours a week made better surgeons. In a series of hands-on tests that mimicked laparoscopic surgery, gamers made 37 percent fewer errors and were 27 percent faster than non-players. Among the 33 surgeons who participated, skill and experience at video games were better predictors of test performance than years of training or even the number of surgeries they'd previously performed.

The study's results confirmed what Dr. James Rosser, Beth Israel's chief of minimally invasive surgery, had long suspected. A lifelong gamer, Rosser noticed that his non-gaming peers didn't have the same fine motor control with their hands that he did. Now that there's proof to back his theory, Rosser and his colleagues have a good excuse for keeping multiple video game systems close to the operating room and playing them in their downtime. After all, a surgeon's got to stay sharp!

2. They Can Marry You

Men have loved video games for a long time, but we know of only one man who has proven his love with a commitment ceremony.

Continue reading

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Comic Book Heroes As Dragons

Superheroes are pretty darn powerful, but even then, it's pretty hard to imagine anyone taking down a dragon in a one-on-one fight, even if that person was a mutant with superhuman powers. That's why this series by Lynton Levengood is so awesome -it just kind of makes sense in a weird way.

Of course, not all of them work as perfect matchups. Iron Man may be able to fly and shoot electricity out of his hands, but it's unlikely that any dragon would have the scientific skills to build such powers for themselves.

Check out the whole series over at the artist's DeviantArt page.

Via Geek Girls

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Cool 3D Printed Objects That Are Actually Useful

(Space Invader Toilet Paper Holder-Download Here)

Being able to print out eye pleasing hunks of plastic in our own home is cool, but printing out 3D gadgets with mechanical functions that work straight out of the printer- that seems too cool to be true!

(Platform Jack-Download Here)

As this platform jack that comes out of the printer fully assembled and functional proves the future of 3D printing is the perfect blend of form and function- and fun!

This SD Card Mountain is a great example of form, function and fun in one, and once people see this clever little thingie on your desk they'll be begging you to print one out for them.

(SD Card Mountain-Download Here)

And you can finish making your desk look worthy of your co-worker's jealousy by printing out one of these clever Out Of Office desk signs, which is sure to make them all flip out!

(Out Of Office Desk Sign-Download Here)

See 40 Cool Things To 3D Print Which Are Actually Useful here

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"Hi Stranger" May Leave You Feeling Uncomfortable

There's something odd about people who greet others as "strangers", and whenever someone says "hi stranger" to me I immediately assume they're either joking or hiding bodies in their basement.

The creepy little clay guy in "Hi Stranger" by Kirsten Lepore kicks off the short by greeting us in this odd way, then he reveals himself to be either our biggest fan or our future stalker- or probably both.

Plus his clay buns are out, and you won't be able to resist taking a peek...*shivers*

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Superfan Proves Rogue One Blends Perfectly Into A New Hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was one of those rare in-between films that managed to fill in a blank in a massive cinematic universe and hold its own as a great movie.

But after watching the film many fans wondered how the end of Rogue One would flow into the beginning of A New Hope, because that's the continuity level we've come to expect from Star Wars.

So editor Barre Fong spliced the films together and discovered the transition is pretty darn clean considering it brings together two films released nearly forty years apart.

"Rogue One" Spliced with "A New Hope" from Barre Fong on Vimeo.

-Via Uproxx

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Cosplay From the 2017 WonderCon

We try to cover WonderCon and Comic Con as much as possible, but couldn't make it to the convention this year. While we unfortunately couldn't take pictures of cosplay for ourselves, there are still plenty of fun pictures available online.

We particularly like this fun collection of cosplay on Collider. So if you want to see some of the fun cosplay of the Anaheim convention, don't miss this great gallery.

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Vader's Got Jokes

As you might have suspected, the most famous father figure in the galaxy is full of Dad jokes. In this video from Nerdist, Darth Vader delivers all the one-liners he wish he could've done in the original movies.

(YouTube link)

And the bad puns just keep coming, one right after another. Stop groaning, or you'll miss one! -via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Time Johnny Cash Was Nearly Killed By An Ostrich

(Johnny Cash Ostrich Attack by Erika Jane)

Johnny Cash survived quite a few dangerous situations during his stormy life on and off the road, and far too many of these situations arose because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

However, the time in 1981 when Uncle Johnny was almost killed by one of his own pet ostriches wasn't his fault, but be that as it may the attack caused him to become readdicted to pain pills and sent him spiraling again.

Here's Uncle Johnny's account of the incident from his book Cash: The Autobiography:

One such spell, the most serious and protracted, began when I took painkillers after eye surgery in 1981, then kept taking them after I didn’t need to. It escalated after I was almost killed by an ostrich.

Ostrich attacks are rare in Tennessee, it’s true, but this one really happened, on the grounds of the exotic animal park I’d established behind the House of Cash offices near my house on Old Hickory Lake. It occurred during a particularly bitter winter, when below-zero temperatures had reduced our ostrich population by half; the hen of our pair wouldn’t let herself be captured and taken inside the barn, so she froze to death. That, I guess, is what made her mate cranky. Before then he’d been perfectly pleasant with me, as had all the other birds and animals, when I walked through the compound.

That day, though, he was not happy to see me. I was walking through the woods in the compound when suddenly he jumped out onto the trail in front of me and crouched there with his wings spread out, hissing nastily.

Nothing came of that encounter. I just stood there until he laid his wings back, quit hissing, and moved off. Then I walked on. As I walked I plotted. He’d be waiting for me when I came back by there, ready to give me the same treatment, and I couldn’t have that. I was the boss. It was my land.

The ostrich didn’t care. When I came back I was carrying a good stout six-foot stick, and I was prepared to use it. And sure enough, there he was on the trail in front of me, doing his thing. When he started moving toward me I went on the offensive, taking a good hard swipe at him.

I missed. He wasn’t there. He was in the air, and a split second later he was on his way down again, with that big toe of his, larger than my size-thirteen shoe, extended toward my stomach. He made contact—I’m sure there was never any question he wouldn’t—and frankly, I got off lightly. All he did was break my two lower ribs and rip my stomach open down to my belt, If the belt hadn’t been good and strong, with a solid belt buckle, he’d have spilled my guts exactly the way he meant to. As it was, he knocked me over onto my back and I broke three more ribs on a rock—but I had sense enough to keep swinging the stick, so he didn’t get to finish me. I scored a good hit on one of his legs, and he ran off.

They cleaned my wounds, stitched me up, and sent me home, but I was nowhere near good as new. Those five broken ribs hurt. That’s what painkillers are for, though, so I felt perfectly justified in taking lots of them. Justification ceased to be relevant after that; once the pain subsided completely I knew I was taking them because I liked the way they made me feel. And while that troubled my conscience, it didn’t trouble it enough to keep me from going down that old addictive road again. Soon I was going around to different doctors to keep those pills coming in the kind of quantities I needed, and when they started upsetting my digestive system, I started drinking wine to settle my stomach, which worked reasonably well. The wine also took the sharper, more uncomfortable edges off the amphetamines I’d begun adding to the mix because—well, because I was still looking for that euphoria.

So there I was, up and running, strung out, slowed down, sped up, turned around, hung on the hook, having a ball, living in hell……

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Daria's Co-Creator and Character Designer Imagine the Characters Today

If you were a youngster in the 90s, there's no doubt that you watched Daria at some point (even if you weren't a fan of the show yourself). While there's no planned reunion episode featuring all the voice actors, Co-Creator Susie Lewis and character designer Karen Disher did envision what the characters would look like if they aged like the rest of us.

Unsurprisingly, Daria and Jane still look pretty hip, Trent looks like kind of a Burnout and Quinn is a miserable housewife. Perhaps the least surprising is Kevin Thompson who largely peaked in high school, though his wife still seems to be doing fine:

“The head cheerleader and quarterback of Lawndale High are married and have three girls and two boys. Brittany is the weathergirl at the local news station and moonlights as part-time cheerleading coach at Lawndale High. Kevin is a stay-at-home dad who dabbles in children’s birthday-party entertainment. While he can’t quite squeeze into his belly-baring uniform anymore, you better believe Brittany’s cheerleading uniform fits her like a glove — and she wears it every Halloween.”

Check out the rest of the pictures and character descriptions at Entertainment Weekly

Via Collider

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What Horror Movie Stars Look Like Underneath The Masks And Makeup

(Samara from The Ring, played by Daveigh Chase)

The faces of our favorite slasher stars have been revealed, but what about all those C-list creeps who scared us silly in movies like The Ring, The Conjuring and Insidious?

(Valak from The Conjuring 2, played by Bonnie Aarons)

Their totally normal appearance when not in makeup is mighty surprising, and who could have guessed The Bride In Black from Insidious: Chapter 2 was actually played by a man?

(Bride In Black from Insidious: Chapter 2, played by Tom Fitzpatrick)

Okay, in retrospect it wasn't that surprising to find out there was a man under that veil, but who knew the kid who played Sam in the cult classic Trick 'r Treat was such a cutie!

(Sam from Trick 'r Treat, played by Quinn Lord)

See What Horror Movie Stars Look Like In Real Life here

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How Exaggerated Cartoon Proportions Would Lead To Dire Consequences

Character designers learn how to exaggerate a cartoon character's proportions so they're unbelievable enough to have visual appeal but believable enough that audiences will actually care about them.

This exaggerated anatomy has shaped the iconic look of cartoons to the point where we can't imagine toons without noodly limbs, giant heads, ridiculously large shoulders, preposterously tiny waistlines and great big eyes.

But if these same proportions were applied to living people the results would be horrific, as the simple acts of looking, walking, lifting, standing and giving birth ravage bodies too imbalanced to function properly.

Their brains would struggle in vain to process all the information presented by their big eyes, their noodle arms and legs would make movement and muscular exertion of any kind excruciating, and don't even get me started on giant toon heads and childbirth...

Read 6 Unintended Consequences Of Cartoon Character Design here (NSFW language)

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Band Names We've All Been Mispronouncing

It can be hard to pronounce names that aren't spelled in a standard way, and when you add in cultural or creative factors seemingly simple words get mangled and mispronounced even more often.

During the radio days band names were rarely mispronounced because radio DJs said them aloud, but streaming music services don't come with pronunciation guides and names like Haim and Die Antwoord can be hard to figure out on your own.

(YouTube Link)

This video shared by Grunge should help clear up some of the band name confusion, but actually understanding what Yolandi and Ninja are thinking remains a mystery.

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The Beastie Boys' Secret Country Album

The Beastie Boys are the first successful white rap group, and even though they had punk rock roots the B-Boys had to play up their hip hop image during the 80s order to make it big.

But Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA were also able to maintain one special thing throughout their career- their incredibly campy sense of humor.

You could see it in their videos and hear it in their songs from day one, and in 1999-2000 their silly sense of humor led the Beasties to create a secret country album for a couple hundred of their closest friends.

The album is called "Country Mike's Greatest Hits", and it features thirteen bonafide, if not a bit silly, country tracks, some of which real country music fans might actually enjoy.

(YouTube Link)

Read more about 'Country Mike's Greatest Hits' at Dangerous Minds

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How To Get Newbie Heroes To Do Your Yard Work

Nobody likes doing yard work, and anybody who claims they like pulling weeds, mowing lawns and chopping wood is either full of manure or they're trying to con you into thinking yard work is fun.

But, as this Is It Canon comic shows, if a low level hero shows up on your doorstep looking for a quest it's okay to lie to them, because doing all that thankless work for nothing builds character- and they've gotta earn XP somehow!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Bizarre Hospital-Themed Stock Photos From Japan

Searching through stock photo archives for the perfect image to use in a project can be a boring and monotonous process, and looking through all those images often leaves me feeling less inspired than when I started.

But then someone discovers a treasure trove of amazing stock images online that helps get my creative juices flowing once again, with pics so wild and wacky they leave me hungry for more.

The latest delicious discovery in the world of strange stock photos- Sukima Nurse, a Japanese site full of fun hospital-themed pics, most of which make absolutely no sense at all! Nurses serving sewer pizza, yes please?!

See more Bizarre Hospital Images at Dangerous Minds

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Top 10 Reasons Jenny Nicholson Won't Do ASMR

Many YouTube stars start out making videos for their own pleasure but wind up making all kinds of vids just to increase viewership and make more money, but Jenny Nicholson is no sellout.

And Jenny's viewers have come to expect certain things from her that have no place in unboxing, haul and ASMR videos, namely her nerdy snark, deadpan sass and elaborate explanations.

Speaking of ASMR- here's Jenny's one-time-only ASMR video explaining the top 10 reasons she won't do ASMR.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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Every Ride in Disney's Magic Kingdom Ranked

Disney World is so huge it's impossible to ride all the rides in just one day (and that's only one of Disney's many parks in Orlando). If you want to plot out your best possible day at the park and don't already know which rides you like, you're in luck. Travel and Leisure ranked all the rides in Disney World for your convenience. Of course, like all ranked lists, I'm sure many people will disagree with their decisions. For example, while I've only been on the California equivalent of the rides, I just can't get behind the idea that Toy Story Mania! is anywhere near as good as Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion while they have it ranked as #5 compared to those two, which are #12 and #8, respectively.

So check out the full list of all 53 rides here.

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The History Of Those Strange Mentos Commercials From The 90s

Ever since those goofy commercials began airing in the 90s we've been living with that earworm of a song telling us "fresh goes better in life" at the mere mention of the name Mentos.

Since then people have wondered- where did this candy company come from? And what's with the campy commercials?

(YouTube Link)

Many Americans didn't become aware of Mentos until they saw those cheesy commercials in the 90s, but the Van Melle company had been exporting Mentos to America since 1972.

That's the problem that led to those campy Mentos commercials- low sales drove the company to take drastic measures, so they cut their flavor selection from 50 to 2 and hired German ad agency Pahnke & Partners to make those iconic ads.

And those ads actually worked for a while, about 7 years to be exact:

By the mid-1990s, both news media and the burgeoning world of the internet had become preoccupied with the unreality of Mentos.

For Van Melle, the curiosity led to brand awareness that couldn’t have been obtained purely through ad buys. By 1996, Mentos had reached $135 million in sales and was being mentioned or parodied in a number of high-profile spots. The Foo Fighters released a video, “Big Me,” which mocked the cheesiness of the ads; the candy was name-dropped in 1995’s Clueless; the brand got sustained exposure during an entire season of Baywatch. The novelty began to wear off around 1999, when Mentos's sales had leveled despite major growth in what Ad Age dubbed the “strong mint category” of treats.

Read Candy Crush: The Bizarre History Of Those '90s Mentos Commercials at mental_floss

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Geekified Versions Of Classic Paintings

(The Birth Of Super Saiyan Goku by Kakit)

Pop culture franchises are the new classics for people who live on the geeky side of life, but that doesn't mean geeks are less sophisticated- because every geek I've ever met loves fine art just as much as the geeky stuff.

("Marge With A Pearl Earring" by limpfish)

Artistically inclined fans like to create their own geeky renditions of classical masterpieces, but these nerdy interpretations are hard to do right and typically turn out looking less than heroic.

(Zelda's Accolade by Missy Pena)

So we must show appreciation for those geekified renditions that actually look like they're worthy of being called a "classic", because they're as rare as a really good sirloin steak.

(Kirby Inhales Waddle Dee by Sakkan)

See 14 Geekified Versions Of Classic Paintings here

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A Breakdown Of The Visual Effects Industrial Light & Magic Created For Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island is the kind of movie that wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable to watch ten years ago- because the unrealistic look of the CGI monster stars would have bugged audiences to bits.

But nowadays CGI characters, environments and visual effects look so good audiences want to believe, and when it comes to creating believable CGI characters and awesome FX few studios do it better than Industrial Light & Magic.

Here's a breakdown reel of the incredible VFX they created for Kong: Skull Island.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Wired

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