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Bringing a pile of bones to life can be dangerous business, and necromancy is not recommended for young wizards who have never dealt with dark forces.

But if the skeleton is named Lazybones then there probably isn't much to worry about, and if the skeleton you animate is anything like the Lazybones in this animated short they may be of more value to you than any of your real, living friends!

(YouTube Link)

Lazybones is an enchanting animated short created by Casey Alexander and Lizz Hickey for Nickelodeon Animated Shorts 2017, watch it with your favorite undead friend!

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Sexy Textin'

Sexting is a thing horny people do that involves sending each other pictures of their genitalia and talk about what they want to do to each other with their naughty bits, but sexy textin' is something completely different.

"How so?" you ask shrewdly, to which I reply "sending someone a picture of your junk isn't sexy, but send them a pic of your bookshelf, record collection or an action shot taken while cooking dinner and you're bringing sexy back like J. Tim".

For you see sexiness starts in the brain, and your brain keeps things hot when the naughty bits make an appearance IRL, so skip the D-pics and send some B-pics instead. No, not boobs or butts, brains! (Comic by BarteNERDS)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Celebrity Career Highlights And Lowlights

It's safe to say celebrities like being admired by the general public and having fans who adore them, or else they wouldn't hire publicists to keep them in the public eye. It's also safe to say they don't like to dwell on their failures, since bad decisions both on the set and off can cost them a career in Hollywood.

These famous folks are only human after all, and for every Blue Velvet or Easy Rider highlight there's a Super Mario Bros. lowlight just waiting to drag your name through the sewer.

But every celebrity knows the most humiliating lowlights are those caused by agreeing to star in a sequel that in no way lives up to the original film's greatness, aka going against your basic instinct by doing a number 2.

See 19 Celebrity Career Highlights And Lowlights here

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Boo Boo Runs Wild

Boo Boo was always stuck playing second banana to that lovable glutton Yogi Bear even though Boo Boo was often the only one keeping Yogi from becoming a bear skin rug.

And yet poor little Boo Boo never got his day in the sun, nor did he get his fair share of the pickanick baskets he helped Yogi steal, so who can blame him for having a teensy weensy existential crisis?

(YouTube Link)

Boo Boo Runs Wild is an awesome animated short created by John Kricfalusi of Ren & Stimpy fame that shows what it would be like if Boo Boo broke free of the bow tie and embraced his feral side. It's a real humdinger of a cartoon show!

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The Best Board Games Of 2017, According To The Board Game Geek Community

With so many board games coming out every year, many of which have hefty price tags, it's hard to tell which ones are hits and which aren't worth the money- which is where Board Game Geek comes in handy.

The BGG community is made up of gamers with years of experience who are passionate about board games, so they won't pull punches with their reviews when they feel a game didn't live up to the hype.

Take Gloomhaven for example, the community's pick for Board Game of the Year- Gloomhaven has been well hyped since it was in the Kickstarter phase of development, and yet BGG community member Jvandereck believes it doesn't live up to the hype.

Personally, I still want to check out Gloomhaven even after reading Jvandereck's review, but I'll definitely wait until it's going for way less than $200 because that's way too much to play for a game IMO.

Here are the rest of BGG's picks for the Top Board Games of 2017:

Board game of the year

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up - Azul

Runner Up - The 7th Continent

2-player game

Winner – Codenames Duet

Runner Up – Caverna: Cave vs. Cave

Runner Up – The Fox in the Forest

Artwork & Presentation

Winner – Photosynthesis

Runner Up – Azul

Runner Up – Sagrada

Card Game

Winner – Century: Spice Road

Runner Up – Clank! In! Space!

Runner Up – Ethnos

Cooperative Game

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – Pandemic Legacy: Season 2


Winner – Scythe: The Wind Gambit

Runner Up – Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium

Runner Up – Terraforming Mars: Venus Next

Family Game

Winner – Azul

Runner Up – Sagrada

Runner Up – Century: Spice Road


Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – Magic Maze

Party Game

Winner – Werewords

Runner Up – Spyfall 2

Runner Up – Tortuga 1667

Print & Play

Winner — My Little Scythe

Runner Up – A4 Quest

Runner Up – Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game (Second Edition)

Solo Game

Winner — Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – Nemo’s War (Second Edition)

Strategy Game

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – Clans of Caledonia

Runner Up – Azul

Thematic Game

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – This War of Mine: The Board Game


Winner – 878 Vikings – The Invasion of England

Runner Up – Time of Crisis

Runner Up – Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain

-Via Polygon

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The Lion's Blaze

Being trapped inside a video game seems like it would be a gamer's dream come true, especially if they had unlimited lives and were trapped in a game they already knew and loved.

However, the experience wouldn't be quite so magical if they were trapped in a game with a bunch of their fellow gamers, since the annoying banter and maddening bravado would detract from the overall experience. 

But if they could look past the annoying personalities and work together as a team they could become the stuff of legend, which would help distract them from the grim reality of being trapped in a virtual world for the rest of their natural lives...

(YouTube Link)

The Lion's Blaze is a super fun animated short by OlanRogers that turns the "trapped in a virtual world" trope on its head, making the prospect of being trapped in a game world seem like a nerdy nightmare.

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Best Baddies

Most villains become twisted and evil after some terrible event turns their heart black while others are simply born that way, growing up as bad boys or girls and outcasts in a world full of goodie-goodies.

Now those who are born villains have a natural advantage over those who become villains later on in life, and they learn early on that damn near every goodie-two-shoes' can be turned into a baddie-two-boots if you offer them something they really want- like a merit badge.

(YouTube Link)

Best Baddies was created by Max Wittert for Nick Animated Shorts 2018.

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Disney Princesses Are A Little Insane

Disney princesses are always presented as a symbol of goodness, heart and love, but when you think about it they should also be seen as a symbol of madness- because most of them are bats#%t insane.

They chat with animals and inanimate objects, talk to themselves and express every emotion out loud, all of which would make any normal person look like a lunatic but somehow makes Disney princesses more endearing.

That is until they take the advice of a misanthropic forest critter like the little blue bird in this Slack Wyrm comic by Joshua Wright and give in to their psycho princess impulses...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Volvo Owner Customizes Door Chime To Play Toto's Africa Every Time The Door Opens

It would take a lot to take me away from my car if the door played Toto's Africa instead of chiming whenever it was open, and I'd probably go through batteries like crazy because I'd softly rock to my car door chime every night.

(YouTube Link)

I love "Volvo enthusiast for life" Chris Ng for swapping out his Volvo 240's original door chime for an 8-bit version of Toto's Africa, but it must be hard to close the door on that sweet sound when he gets in or out of the car!

Chris told Jalopnik it was surprisingly easy to modify the sound module and change the door chime:

The door chime in the Volvo is controlled by a plug-in sound module under the dash, so all it took to install was a quick swap of the stock version for the modified one. The song goes on for a hilariously long time, too—just in case you want to soak it all in for a moment.

Ng told Jalopnik that it’s fairly easy to swap this little module out if you know how to solder things back together. He plans to start a Kickstarter for a small number of cheap, universal modules for people who want to do this themselves.

To make his Volvo play Toto, Ng says that he recorded the song straight to the new module. You can do so with any smartphone or computer. Then the reprogrammed module was rewired into the door ajar circuit for the car—easy peasy.

-Via Jalopnik

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10 Characters Marvel Wants You To Forget About

The Marvel Universe is home to some of the most iconic characters in comic book history, from Spider-Man to the Incredible Hulk to that eternal patriot Captain America, but for every good character there's five goofballs they'd rather we forgot all about.

These laughable and totally forgettable characters are usually villains, since the comic book rule of thumb is every hero needs dozens of villains to fight, and they often seem like concepts drawn out of a hat.

There's Big Wheel, the guy who drives a big wheel, Asbestos Lady, the character created to be the antithesis of the Human Torch, and Kangaroo, the villain with the power to jump (you guessed it!) like a kangaroo.

(YouTube Link)

This WatchMojo countdown video reveals ten of the sorriest excuses for a villain or hero that Marvel Comics ever created, and it's safe to say none of these characters will be making an appearance in the MCU anytime soon!

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Tim Burton-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

The characters in Tim Burton's animated features aren't meant to look like real people because their proportions are based on comic characters not humans.

If they were real people then their necks would snap under the weight of their big heads and their brains would explode from all the information being delivered by those giant eyes.

(YouTube Link)

Which is why it's hard to make real people look like characters from a Tim Burton movie, but as these makeup tutorials by YouTubers goldiestarling and NsomniaksDream show it's not impossible to achieve that dark and toony look- and the end results are horrifyingly good!

(YouTube Link)

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Darth Vader on Beach Day

Darth Vader is about as pale as they come, and as much as he enjoyed sunning himself when he went by Anakin Skywalker, he gave up on being tan, tone and sexy when he was forced to wear a breathing thingy to stay alive.

Still, you'd think they'd have figured out some sort of force power that allowed him to get some sun without getting burned.

But as this Is It Canon comic shows, the problem may have more to do with cleanliness than UV rays. Who knew Darth was such a clean freak?

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Drag Queen Elsa Helped Save A Police Wagon During A Blizzard In Boston

When Elsa stopped being a cold-hearted villain and changed her wicked ways she promised her sister Anna that she would become a chilly force for good, dropping the brooding bad girl act to become a hero.

And it appears Elsa has kept her promise to Anna and is continuing to help us mere mortals whenever she can, making an appearance in Boston during a blizzard.

A post shared by Jason Paul (@jptriplett1) on Mar 13, 2018 at 5:28pm PDT

Okay, that's obviously not the real Elsa from Frozen, it's actually 37-year-old attorney Jason Triplett out enjoying the snowfall in his Elsa costume.

Jason thought it would be entertaining to head out into the snow dressed as Elsa and film the fun, but Jason soon found himself proving he's a cosplay hero when a police wagon became stuck in a snowdrift.

Elsa, I mean Jason, helped push the police vehicle free of the snow, and thankfully the whole thing was caught on video by bystander Christopher Haynes:

-Via WokeSloth

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Simply Hilarious The Last Jedi Comics By Rachel J. Pierce

The Last Jedi wasn't a particularly funny movie, but it did have plenty of moments that would have made audiences laugh had they seen it through a silly filter like that applied by cartoonist Rachel J. Pierce.

Now the serious Star Wars fans would have found all the silly humor disturbing, but something tells me nobody would have objected to the jokes aimed at that Emo Sith Kylo Ren!

See more at Geeks Are Sexy

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Celebrating Nearly 40 Years Of Heavy Metal's Most Iconic Mascot, Iron Maiden's Eddie

When Iron Maiden first started out they used a papier-mâché prop that would spew fake blood from its mouth on stage to give their performances some theatrical flair, a prop that would become the mighty metal icon Eddie.

(Image Link)

Well, that's not exactly true since the original prop was just a ghostly mask that looked nothing like Eddie. But the prop was a solid concept that would become an integral part of Iron Maiden's stage show after a chance meeting with the man who would give life to Eddie, artist Derek Riggs.

Riggs created the character Eddie and served as the band's sole cover artist from their first self-titled album in 1980 until the 1992 release Fear Of The Dark, and as the character grew so did his presence on stage.

(Image Link)

Now fans can't imagine an Iron Maiden stage show without Eddie sharing the stage with the band, and in the last 38 years Eddie has gone from a novel idea to the grim face of heavy metal.

See Iron Maiden's Eddie: Nearly 40 Years Of Metal's Best Mascot here

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