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The Over Enthusiastic Gamer Does An Unboxing Video

The unboxing videos featured on YouTube are an acquired taste, which is a nice way of saying most of them are pretty much unwatchable unless you have an unboxing fetish or never get any presents.

And yet this annoying trend isn't going away anytime soon, so people like The Over Enthusiastic Gamer have begun making unboxing video parodies for those of us who like a little deadpan humor with their box content reveals.

(YouTube Link)

This video made me think "WTF did I just watch?" just like a real unboxing video!

(BTW he's wearing the Toasty BBQ tee by Winter Artwork Illustration, which is available in the NeatoShop but doesn't ship in a box.)

-Via GameTyrant

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Guy Buries His Shovel-Stealing Neighbor's Car In Snow

Neighbors who always borrow your tools and never bring them back is only funny in sitcoms, because in real life their borrowing forces you to go through an awkward moment to get it back.

Of course, it could be worse- your neighbor could just straight up steal the tool from your yard, and never give it back, which is why people end up installing security cameras. 

David Wells of Chicago had his shovel stolen by a sneaky neighbor who didn't know security cameras had caught her in the act, and when she didn't return the shovel he decided to get even- by burying her car in snow.  

(YouTube Link)

-Via Shareably

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Sleep Vs. Not Sleep

We're surrounded by devices demanding our attention, the glow of their screens keeping us warm and unafraid when the lights go out.

We can hardly keep our bleary eyes open, let alone focus on anything for long, and yet we continue to watch stuff, look at stuff and read stuff when we should be watching the inside of our eyelids.

This Owlturd comic suggests getting plenty of not sleep, but take it from a borderline insomniac and sleep while you can!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Schwiftiest Rick And Morty Fan Art

(Image Via Ghotire)

Rick and Morty is set to return to screens sometime soon, so fans need to prepare their eyeballs for all the muliverse madness, all the Meeseeks mayhem, and all those surprising twists that make us yell "WTF?!" at the TV screen.

(Image Via False Positive)

Because there's never been another TV show, animated or otherwise, like the Rick and Morty TV show, and fans tune in to have their minds blown out of their skulls by all the madcap plots Harmon & Roiland create.

(Image Via sleepy-KC)

So until that cartoon show of your sci-fi lovin' dreams comes back with new episodes you've gotta catch all the episodes from season 1 & 2 and get your mind ready to receive more Rick & Morty!

(Image Via steveyurko)

See The Schwiftiest Rick and Morty Fan Art here

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The Top 11 Board Games Of 2016

There are so many beautiful looking board games that are really fun to play on the market today that my board gaming hobby has turned into a full blown passion.

But money, or rather the lack thereof, has made it impossible for me to own every single cool looking board game that comes out, and I've been burned by a few duds too.

So I went looking for a "best of" video that fit my taste in games and found this awesome Top 11 Board Games of 2016 video by Druid City Games.

James the host doesn't just show you his favorite games of the year- he tells you a bit about how the game is played, and he gives you a really good look at all the components.

(YouTube Link)

Here are the games that made James' list:

Honorable Mentions:
World's Fair 
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Cottage Garden
Arkham Horror LCG

Top 11

11) Clank!
10) Inis
9) Adrenaline 
8) Scythe
7) Vast
6) Terraforming Mars
5) The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire
4) Roll Player
3) Great Western Trail 
2) Star Wars: Rebellion
1) Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

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Some Of The Best Foreign Horror Movies You May Have Missed In 2016

It's really hard to catch every horror movie that comes out in a year, and even harder to hunt down great new films when you have to hack your way through so many crappy horror flicks to find the choice cuts. 

Add the international releases and the search becomes way too bloody tough, so rather than going mad reading movie reviews you should check out this list of 10 Horror Movies You Missed In 2016 and go global.

(YouTube Link)

There you'll find trailers for the scary cool crossover THE RING VS. THE GRUDGE, where vengeful spirits Sadako and Kayako get to "fight in the ultimate battle for supremacy". 

You'll also see a trailer for a real corker of a film from Australia called Scare Campaign, about a prank video gone horribly wrong. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

If you like nihilistic horror movies and suspenseful storylines then you may enjoy ATAÚD BLANCO: EL JUEGO DIABÓLICO (White Coffin), a dark film from Argentina that will stay with you after viewing.

(YouTube Link)

Lastly we have Train To Busan, which didn't make their list but really should have, because this South Korean zombie apocalypse flick looks deliciously dark.

(YouTube Link)

See Around the World In 10 Horror Movies You Missed In 2016 here

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This Beer Serving Robot Won't Be Replacing Bartenders Anytime Soon

Love them or hate them, at least hipster bartenders know how to make delicious cocktails (even if they are way overpriced) but it's safe to say robots won't be replacing human bartenders anytime soon. 

That's because robots just don't have the finesse and flair to sling drinks, and they make horrible conversationalists because they don't possess an empathy chip.

There are a few robots out there who can effectively pour a pint of beer, but they clearly weren't built by roboteer Simone Giertz- because her beer-pourin' bot can't even set the glass down without shattering it! (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via Popular Mechanics

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Who's That Tapping At My Window?

(Image Link)

If you hear tap-tap-tapping at your window and creaky cracking sounds go turn on your heater and steel your nerves- because you've got an ice ghost outside your window looking to chill you to the bone. 

Ice ghosts are hard to spot until they're fully formed, but the photo above should help you spot that spirited chunk of ice before it breaks in and wraps you in death's cold embrace.

And if you're thinking about doing some barbecuing during the winter months but your barbecue has been sitting outside you'd better call an exorcist first...

(Image Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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These Felted Dragons Are Utterly Fantastic

Dragons are still capturing the imagination of adults and children alike after centuries of breathing fire and battling armored knights, and yet artists often have a hard time coming up with original dragon designs.

This means most of the dragon-shaped stuff that comes out looks like the same olde same olde, but the felted characters created by Russian artist Alena Bobrova are fantastically unique. 

Alena's dragons have lots of scales and spines and such growing out of their backs, and some are even sprouting 'shrooms because they're just that lazy. 

The best thing about Alena's felted dragons is that each one's totally unique, with a very distinct color scheme and personality, so the humans who adopt them know their dragon is theirs and theirs alone!

See more from Felt Dragons By Russian Artist Alena Bobrova here

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Mom And Son Install Neighborhood Pantry Box In Their Front Yard

Neighborhood food pantries are a novel idea that's catching on in big cities around the world, and some small towns have also begun sharing by installing pantry boxes in the town centers.

But Maggie Ballard and her 6-year-old son Paxton of Wichita, Kansas have decided to bring the concept home with them- by installing a "Blessing Box" in their front yard

Now their neighbors in need have access to free food from a food pantry close to home, and those who want to directly help their neighbors can share food knowing it will go to somebody who lives nearby.


But the Ballards aren't the first people to install a pantry box in their neighborhood, as NPR reports:

Similar "yard-based" food pantries have gone up across the country, in states like Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida and Minnesota. Much of it seems to trace back to Jessica McClard, who created what she calls the "little free pantry" in northwest Arkansas.

"The products that are stocked are put directly inside the pantry and turnover is in about 30 to 45 minutes," McClard says. "The frequency of the turnover and the fact that other sites in town are also turning over that frequently, it suggests to me that the need is tremendous."

See Inside Wichita's "Blessing Box", A Micro Food Pantry here

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What Really Happens When You Don't Turn Off Your Cell Phone On A Plane

Passengers get really annoyed every time a flight attendant tells them to turn off their phones and devices while the plane is taking off or landing, but they begrudgingly comply.

Some angry phone addicts will even argue they read an article online that said they don't really need to turn their phones off anymore, because there is a picocell on the plane.

Well, they're right as long as they're on a plane equipped with picocell technology, but chances are they're being told to turn their devices off because the plane does not have a picocell.

And maybe if passengers understood that cell phone signals bounce off multiple towers, which makes it hard for pilots to clearly communicate with control towers, they would comply without all that grumbling!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Travel + Leisure

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Bunny Plays Jenga Like A Boss

All those cute videos people post online make rabbits look like really fun pets, because they're playful, silly and affectionate, not to mention super cute and fairly easy to care for.

However, I've owned three rabbits at different points in my life and this has not been my experience, because all three bunnies were bitey, skittish and wanted nothing to do with humans. 

I'd given up on being a bunny daddy before I saw this video posted by Foinz showing their bunny Simba playing Jenga like a little champ, and now I need all the bunnies!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Walking Dead Themed Photo Shoot Starring Kids Is Causing Controversy

The Walking Dead has accomplished something few other TV shows ever could- the mainstreaming of extreme horror. 

No horror TV show has a demographic as wide as The Walking Dead, which is great for the people involved with the show but is seen as a problem by censorship groups who are afraid young children will be exposed to the show. 

These groups naturally freaked out when Alana Hubbard of Mother Hubbard Photography posted pics online from a Walking Dead themed photo shoot starring children re-enacting scenes from the show. 

Alana says "all of the parents are 100 percent supporting me and love the pictures", and most of the photos look like kids horsing around, a bit violent perhaps but nothing too crazy...until you get to photos like these:

Maybe knowing what happened on the show is what makes this pic seem so creepy, but it's still a shot of a kid putting a revolver to the back of another kid's head execution-style, so it's easy to see why there'd be controversy!

See Controversial Walking Dead Photo Shoot Gets People Talking here

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I Am Going To Throw My Christmas Tree Into The Ocean

There are no hard and fast rules regarding when it's appropriate to dispose of your Christmas tree and when it's too late, so our trees often end up hanging around our homes well into January. 

Some people figure out a mischievous way to dispose of their tree, others toss it to the curb and hope somebody hauls it away.

But nobody tosses their Christmas tree into the ocean, or rather, nobody should toss their tree into the ocean, because it's a dumb idea.

(YouTube Link)

Brendan O'Hare and Cory Snearowski are Couch Friends, and they made this video so we can LOL. 

-Via Boing Boing

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We Work Hard For The Money

(Comic Via Rhymes With Orange)

Some people spend money like it grows on a tree in their front yard, while others scrimp and save every dime so they can have that nest egg waiting for them when they finally decide to shell out some cash.

(Comic via Sarah Andersen)

But no matter how you are with your money there comes a time when you have to make a difficult monetary decision and weigh your hourly wages against the true value of an item you want to buy.

(Comic via Toothpaste For Dinner)

That's why people have such a love-hate relationship with work and the concept of a paycheck, because we feel like we're spending 40+ hours a week at work and still don't have any money to burn.

(Comic via Books Of Adam)

And once your brain is stuck on saving money for bills, retirement and other unfun things those glory days of frivolous spending are over, that is, until the new (insert product name here) comes out!

(Comic via The Awkward Yeti)

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This Kitchen Tool Turns Radishes Into Mario Power-Up Mushrooms

Mario eats mushrooms that look way too brightly colored to be safe, and the red and white ones are clearly inspired by fly amanita mushrooms, which can be toxic if not ingested properly. 

But Mario has all the extra lives he could ever need, which make it okay for him to ingest potentially toxic substances, so what are humans with one life left supposed to eat instead of toxic mushrooms? 

How about radishes that are sliced to look just like power up mushrooms from the Marioverse?

This fun kitchen gadget created by Israeli industrial designer Avichai Tadmor is called the Ravanello, and it turns ordinary radishes into fun mushroom shapes in just a few simple steps. 

The Ravanello won't actually imbue radishes with the power-up abilities of a Mario mushroom, nor will it make people who can't stand radishes suddenly change their minds, but it does make some adorable food art!

-Via Laughing Squid

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Company Recalls Boots After Redditor Reveals Soles Leave Swastika Footprints

Nobody in their right mind would want a pair of boots that leave tiny swastika footprints wherever they go, but  the Polar Fox boot company clearly had a very specific customer in mind for their line of military combat boots.

You know, the kind of customer who would proudly describe them as "altright" while shaving their scalps clean before the next rally, basically someone who would get a kick out of leaving swastika footprints everywhere they go.

Redditor FRSHFSHFCKR is not a fan of Nazis, so when he discovered his new work boots left little swastikas behind as he walked he exposed the scandal on Reddit Pics, where Redditors proceeded to go crazy with the Nazi jokes. Seriously, they're really bad, so don't read them unless you have a strong stomach for dark comedy.

Since none of the other boots made by Polar Fox feature a swastika-shaped ridge on each tread it's hard to believe this was a mistake, as the company claimed before they recalled the boots.

There's also the fact that the company shares a name with a WWII German military operation (Unternehmen Polarfuchs, or Operation Arctic Fox). Coincidence? Your guess is as good as mein...

-Via Esquire

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The Architecture Of Fairy Tale Characters

Architecture doesn't really factor into fairy tales much, and even though stories like Hansel & Gretel, the Three Little Pigs and Baba Yaga feature a building as a main part of the tale that's about as architectural as these stories get.

But that didn't stop Barcelona-based architect Federico Babina from imagining what fairy tales would look like as houses, and his imaginative interpretations are bringing a fresh look to the make believe neighborhood.

Federico has turned all kinds of different stuff into real estate properties, from bands to movies to famous artists, but his dreamy series Architale really makes me want to sign the lease!

See Federico Babina tells fairy tales through architecture here

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Free-Spirited Nuns Sledding In Central Park

(Image Link)

Nuns agree to forego many of life's pleasures when they dedicate their lives to the Catholic church, but that seems to make them enjoy simple pleasures even more.

They can't drink, smoke or act promiscuously, so what? Who needs all that sin when you can go sledding in Central Park?

(Image Link)

The nuns featured in these photos taken by @mikefriedman77 and shared by ABC News after the Snowmageddon 2016 look like they're having some "I feel like a kid again" kind of fun.

And couldn't we all use more of that kind of fun in our lives?

(Image Link)

-Via CountryLiving

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Facts You May Not Know About Disney's Adventureland

Disney's Adventureland has been overshadowed by flashier theme park areas like Toon Town or Tomorrowland, but back in the early days of Disneyland it was considered the most exotic and exciting part of the park. 

Adventureland has it all- a boat cruise that takes visitors down the wildest rivers in the world, a Hawaiian-themed show where the birds all sing and the flowers croon, and a thrilling yet bumpy ride starring Indiana Jones.

But Adventureland was really different on paper- the Jungle Cruise didn't have any witty banter, there was supposed to be an Indiana Jones mine cart roller coaster in addition to the Jeep Ride, and the Enchanted Tiki Room was originally supposed to be a restaurant.

(YouTube Link)

The singing plants in the Tiki Room may be fake, but the plants seen on the Jungle Cruise are the real deal- and really beautiful:

Morgan “Bill” Evans, Disneyland’s establishing horticulturist, turned the orange groves of Anaheim into a lush, low-key arboretum that includes a $100,000 palm tree, species of ficus he himself brought into California and even Queen palms native to Brazil that were rescued from the Santa Ana Freeway. The trees have reached up to 70 feet tall, creating a canopy—and plant life that thrives in the shade below—that’s truly reminiscent of its territories.

See 14 Surprising Stories You've Never Heard About Disney's Adventureland here

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People Turn Into Creatures From Another World When A Face Is Drawn On Their Back

Some humans seem like they come from another world, and yet their strangeness is hard to define until you see a photo or video that reveals their true face.

These bizarre individuals live among us, and when they're well hidden from prying eyes they like to change back into their original form and let their truly odd looking face out for some air.

Photographer AnaHell figured out how normal humans can infiltrate the ranks of these aliens among us in her series "Secret Friends"- have someone draw a face on your back, bend over as far as you can go, cover your head and put a wig on your waist. 

Now you're ready to rub elbows (shoulders?) with these creatures and see how the secret half live!  

-Via Laughing Squid

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What Every Wand In Harry Potter Looks Like

(Image Link)

J.K. Rowling paid far more attention to minor details while writing the Harry Potter series than most children's authors do while creating their world, because they assume kids won't even notice these missing details.

From the type of clothing worn by each character to the significance of each color and animal used to represent the four main houses at Hogwarts to the shape of and material used to make each wand, there is no small detail left unaccounted for in the Harry Potter series. 

The rich details included in the books gave the propmakers who worked on the Harry Potter films a clear idea of what each character's signature wand should look like, and their creations exceeded expectations.

Lucius's Wand might be the most spectacular looking of the bunch, with its shiny silver snake pommel, but the fun details included in Slughorn's Wand and the simplistic elegance of Luna's Wand give it a run for its money.

But the most famous of all is Dumbledore's Wand (aka the Elder Wand), which was crafted out of elder wood with a Thestral tail-hair core.

It has the fantastic look fantasy fans expect from a magic wand, with the pedigree and firepower to prove it wasn't made to be all style and no substance. 

See What Every Wand in Harry Potter Looks Like here

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Inside The German Museum Full Of Perfectly Preserved Corpses

If you ever consider visiting the Plastinarium in Guben you'd better make sure you have the stomach to handle what you'll see inside, because the Plastinarium is home to over 16,000 perfectly preserved corpses.

Have you ever heard of the traveling exhibition Body Worlds?

That's the Plastinarium's handiwork, and they've perfected the plastination process developed by anatomist Gunther von Hagens in 1977 to the point where the corpses are effectively preserved forever: 

In a vacuum chamber, silicone and other polyurethane polymers are injected in lifeless corpses, preventing the natural process of withering decay. The skinless corpses have been used in medical schools across the globe, enabling future anatomists to understand how diseases affect the body. Each body takes about 1500 hours to plastinate and color to give a life-like appearance to cadavers.

Gunther gave control of the Plastinarium over to his son Rurik after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and despite a few lean years the Plastinarium has had no shortage of visitors...or donated bodies.

People are very interested in seeing the 40 different scientists employed by the Plastinarium dissect, embalm and plastinate the donated bodies piece by piece, the human body deconstructed right before their eyes.

This interest is also inspiring more people than ever before to donate their body to the plastination process because, as Rurik explains:

“They want to do something useful with their bodies, after they’re deceased, instead of being eaten by the worms.”

Read Inside The German Museum Of Perfectly Preserved Corpses here, or for an in-depth look into this unusual museum read The Plastinarium of Dr. von Hagens at Wired

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Start The New Year In Style With A Hilarious New Shirt From The NeatoShop

Did Somebody Say Sassy? by Wolf Krusemark

The best way to leave the dumpster fire of a year 2016 behind is with a new you- new hobbies, new habits, new lifestyle, new improvements and a new attitude.

Or you can just skip all that and grab some new shirts from the NeatoShop, where you'll find the geeky new wardrobe of your dreams!

Have you been thinking about getting a new pet?

PUGussaurus Rex. by JCMaziu

Or trying out a new look?

Boring by Vó Maria

Whatever you need to do to feel good again DO IT! Or don't, what do I care...

Nope resolution by ormadraws

Continue reading

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Awful Sounding Sandwiches From TV Shows Built And Tested

TV shows are always coming up with crazy food inventions no person would ever eat in real life, or at least wouldn't have eaten before the internet turned making and eating food monstrosities into a great blog post.

The Tang-wich and Toothpaste Sandwich from Married With Children, the Take Me Out To The Burger burger from Bob's Burgers, and the classic Super Shaggy Sandwich from Scooby Doo all seem too ridiculous to make and eat in real life.

But Cracked's Loryn Stone proved she has an appetite for ridiculousness when she made these sandwiches, along with the Twinkie Wiener Sandwich from UHF and the El Burdigato Supreme from Teen Titans GO!, then taste tested every one of them.

The results were surprising with some (Loryn loved the Take Me Out To The Burger burger with Cracker Jack and peanuts) and not surprising at all with others (The Super Shaggy has sardines, marshmallows and fudge in it, so Loryn naturally found it to be inedible).

And in the end Loryn sacrificed her stomach to show us why these sandwiches don't belong in the real world.

See 6 Awful Sounding Sandwiches From TV (Built and Tested) here (NSFW language)

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A Child's Imagination Can Really Sting

Parents should always encourage kids to use their imaginations, and they can help foster a child's imagination by providing them with props and costumes so the kid can really get into the role.

But as this comic from Jim Benton shows parents should also protect their vital bits when a kid's imagination is in full swing, because poster tube lightsabers really sting!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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An Interesting Strategy For Efficiently Visiting Museums

Efficiency isn't a priority for most museum visitors, but sometimes you're on a really tight schedule yet still want to see all the museum has to offer, so it becomes important to view the exhibits efficiently.

Luckily, Nick Gray of Museum Hacks has come up with a clever and ultra-efficient way to visit a museum, keep walking and still take in all the exhibits- and it all starts when you grab a map.

(YouTube Link)

Nick's method in a nutshell- grab a map, then keep walking through the entire museum without stopping to read text on first lap.

Take a break and plan your strategy for re-entry, go back in and explore the exhibits at your own pace, spending time on the exhibits you care to learn more about, and you've now seen it all- twice!

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Iconic Seinfeld Theme Song Was Totally Improvised

The Seinfeld theme song is like no other TV theme song, with a funky synth bass sound that set it apart from the rest of the poppy-singy 90s theme songs.

It also succeeds in getting stuck in your head for days, if not weeks, at a time, which either makes you want to watch more or never watch the show again, depending on how you feel about the theme.

(Image Link)

But love it or hate it the Seinfeld theme song is an iconic part of TV history and a major highlight in composer Jonathan Wolff's career- which was completely improvised.

(YouTube Link)

This video by Great Big Story discusses the origin of the Seinfeld theme song and the man behind Seinfeld's iconic sound, Jonathan Wolff. He's even got the jacket to prove it!

-Via Mashable

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The 5 Types Of Romantic Comedy Posters

Romantic comedies are (arguably) the most formulaic of all movies, and studios use that rom-com formula to make a bunch of money with very little effort.

Many fans enjoy the predictable nature of rom-coms, and will actually get upset if a film strays too far from the norm, so it's no wonder filmmakers don't even try to do anything different with the genre.

In fact, romantic comedies are kept predictable right down to their poster layouts, of which there are exactly around five types.

There's the Back to Back, the Two Guys One Girl, the Pick-Me-Up, the Men Are Inept and the Well, Here's Everyone!!, five poster types used to advertise the less than five types of romantic comedy plots.

The list is missing one overused type of rom-com poster- the Close-Up of Guy and Girl Making "Funny" Faces, a true classic!

-Via CollegeHumor

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Nifty Household Uses For Chalkboard Paint

Drawing on stuff around the house can be fun, but as most kids discover when they get in trouble for drawing on the walls ink is extremely hard to wipe off, unlike chalk off a chalkboard.

That's why people who want to write on stuff like dressers, pitchers, serving trays, crockpots or staircases need to grab a can of chalkboard paint and turn those surfaces into something to chalk about.

And if you're really dedicated to adding chalkable surfaces to your home you can turn an entire wall into a can't miss chalkboard calendar.

Too big of a space commitment? Why not turn the side of your file cabinet into a chalkboard instead?

Now you've got a place to write all those important notes in the place where you need it most.

See Creative Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint Around The House here

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