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Well, if you wish for that to happen to him, aren't you really on the same level as him?
If you say 'No, because I wish for it to happen to him because of what he did.' that would mean you accept that there are excuses through which one would be allowed to do such things to others which opens up new paths for the person in question.

I just really hope he will regret it one day, I don't care what happens to him, I just hope his mind comes around and he confesses to someone how sorry he is, and is honest about it, cause punishment doesn't actually solve the problem, the big problem is only solved if the acting character feels remorseful and teaches someone a lesson about kindness and humanity.
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Denied, normal's people lives, eviction, not being to afford stuff, etc, are basic things that many of us have actually faced in some way at some point in our lives, or a variation of it, I don't want to read about that, rather read about interesting lives.

I mean you could write a book about the most normal boring life ever, but then you'd have to be Chekhov to make it interesting.
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My dad literally once sat me down when I woke up in the morning and made me write down about 200 numbers in Roman Numerals, man did I cry back then, saying I didn't know how (I wanted to watch TV and play on the PC really) which I discovered when my dad, a man made of steel, didn't let me do what I wanted to do until I was done, and I found out I knew how to decipher the numerals perfectly, after just sitting down and for once turning on that brain.

It was a very educational day for me about Roman numerals AND about myself.
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Never understood the fear of spiders from people, especially those who grew up with spiders around them, I grew up with spiders and really never had any problems with them, I mean I know arachnophobia exists, but nowadays it seems that every 3rd person has it.
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