Assume That All of World History Is a Movie. What Are the Biggest Plot Holes?

(Image: Dinosaur Dead Pool t-shirt now on sale at the Neatoshop)

Redditor TheMediaSays poses this fascinating question. Many redditors offered great suggestions. For example, GreenMoonRising recalls Napoleon Bonaparte's Hundred Days:

A real jump the shark moment was when they let Napoleon come back just for them to beat him again. Really lazy writing there.

AuburnSeer thinks that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a bit contrived:

So you're telling me that Gavrilo Princip just so happens to run into the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who he tried and failed to kill earlier in the day, while he's out ordering a sandwich? GREAT DEUS EX MACHINA, GOD.

Eyelickah disapproves of the retconning of the atom bomb:

So let me get this straight... These American guys acquire this super-weapon that ultimately ended a massive war in a previous season... but this 'super-weapon' is never used again in all the later wars they get into?

Perringoldeye reaches back millions of years into the past:

A meteor killing off the dinosaurs was obviously a cop out because the author didn't know where to take the story

Mspring isn't a fan of Easter:

That Jesus character was killed off in the season finale. New season: he's back!

Finally, timmy12688 sums up the entire experience for all of us:

I wish I was playing a bigger role in this movie. Seems like I'm just an extra.

What plot holes would you add to this list?

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