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Well, if you wish for that to happen to him, aren't you really on the same level as him?
If you say 'No, because I wish for it to happen to him because of what he did.' that would mean you accept that there are excuses through which one would be allowed to do such things to others which opens up new paths for the person in question.

I just really hope he will regret it one day, I don't care what happens to him, I just hope his mind comes around and he confesses to someone how sorry he is, and is honest about it, cause punishment doesn't actually solve the problem, the big problem is only solved if the acting character feels remorseful and teaches someone a lesson about kindness and humanity.
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My dad literally once sat me down when I woke up in the morning and made me write down about 200 numbers in Roman Numerals, man did I cry back then, saying I didn't know how (I wanted to watch TV and play on the PC really) which I discovered when my dad, a man made of steel, didn't let me do what I wanted to do until I was done, and I found out I knew how to decipher the numerals perfectly, after just sitting down and for once turning on that brain.

It was a very educational day for me about Roman numerals AND about myself.
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Never understood the fear of spiders from people, especially those who grew up with spiders around them, I grew up with spiders and really never had any problems with them, I mean I know arachnophobia exists, but nowadays it seems that every 3rd person has it.
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I would definitely not put a human in jail over that, fine them and make em fix what they broke? Sure, jail em or put a criminal record on their head? Hell no, I'll leave that to murderers and thieves thank you.
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I'm sorry, but if I'm reading correctly you're all for jailing people... because they modified ROCK FORMATIONS?!?!?!

Wait, let me say that again, just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly.

You want PEOPLE, to be jailed, over doing something to ROCKS?

Sure, it's a bit childish, but, JAILING? Criminal Activity?

Shit, I better not move any sand while I'm walking in the desert! I might get charged with blood and murder!
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Well, if you work somewhere and want to do something that isn't listed on your job description you should ask if you may do it, I mean, his heart was in the right place, but it wasn't a properly thought through thing to do.
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On all those points: Jedi's were humans too, with their own hopes and dreams and ideals, and they also gambled and eventually won, so that concerns all the points except for this one: "And why the hell did Obi-Wan allow himself to be cut down by Vader in A New Hope, anyway?"

Is that a valid question? Really? Obi-Wan was old, he may have had his tricks but he was old, and he could never do what Luke could do, it was already hard for him to face Darth Vader, it was all tough for him to deal with, plus, in his 'ethereal' form he could always be everywhere, no spaceships needed :D

Obi-Wan just got extremely sick of it all and wanted to become a ghost, sometimes, we all want that.
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I honestly don't know why, Miley did EXACTLY what she wanted, gain publicity through a shock stunt, she fished and she caught, her manager even publically announced to be very happy about the results that followed and the show on itself.

They are artists, they can do whatever they want, and among the people who were shocked are enough intelligent people who just laughed at it, cause it was mostly meant for laughs, but just because of Miley's past everyone keeps seeing her as the good girl, well, she's not, she's a grown woman and just like Gaga can appear in meat costumes, Madonna can flap her arm-wings around, and Katy Perry can sing about "Peacocks" Miley can break character and gain publicity if she so desires, and she so desires, definitely.
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