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I think we are safe. They have yet to release other favorite recipes, like their corn dog. That corn dog batter is magical. I think it contains real pixie dust.
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The fictional state of Franklin shows up in probably 1/2 of all the bar review questions I have ever seen. I had no idea it actually had a historical significance. Fascinating!
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First, the term Spokanistan had me laughing so hard. Glad to see you are keeping your sense of humor. It hasn't gotten as bad here in Portland, yet. Sunday I was able to find one bag of Orange Chicken at Trader Joes. They also still had plenty of bread. Many of our local bakeries are also still open, but with limited hours. That will probably change soon. Unlike France, our government doesn't deem local bakeries to be essential. Stay safe and healthy out there.
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At my children's elementary school the children with no money, or no money in their lunch accounts, are given lunch, but on a smaller tray. While I commend the no child should go hungry policy, I have never liked the fact that the school stigmatized those children by giving them a noticeably smaller tray. Children should be fed equally. Humiliating a child is no way to deal with a deadbeat parent.
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Poor guy confuses wisdom and knowledge, and which the test is actually testing. Had he worn that cloak before the test, he would've realized the errors of his way and study.
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Wait? What? People actually take turns doing the dishes? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the study. I am still stuck on the taking turns thing.
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