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At my children's elementary school the children with no money, or no money in their lunch accounts, are given lunch, but on a smaller tray. While I commend the no child should go hungry policy, I have never liked the fact that the school stigmatized those children by giving them a noticeably smaller tray. Children should be fed equally. Humiliating a child is no way to deal with a deadbeat parent.
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Poor guy confuses wisdom and knowledge, and which the test is actually testing. Had he worn that cloak before the test, he would've realized the errors of his way and study.
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Wait? What? People actually take turns doing the dishes? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the study. I am still stuck on the taking turns thing.
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Hi Daniel - thank you for letting us know! We've made some changes to the website that should prevent that reloading issue - please let me know if you still see this problem!
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I love these pants!
Alex is,however, safe for the moment. I am a terrible knitter. Of course this does inspire me to try, try again.
I wonder if they can be crocheted? Hmmm...I can crochet.
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Sammy sounds awesome to me. BUT, what I think is really awesome is a Mom who thinks their kid is so awesome. Love the blog - I checked it out this morning!
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@ the monkey... I thank you for your comment.

@ everyone else... I hope your having a good time with this topic. I am having a blast reading your comments. Your kids (or family members) are obviously wonderful.

Keep the fabulous comments coming. Don't forget to include your t-shirt choice! Some of your t-shirt choices are just as funny as the comments. We will be closing out the post over the weekend.
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@ Shannon. Alex suggested I tell you this for #10:

10. Spouses make great editors most of the time. Sometimes, however, you get what you pay for.

My Dad's answer, however, would be more like this:

10. Genetics can suck. You will never be tall like a supermodel. It's also evident that you inherited my bad math and chemistry genes. Sorry, kid. It just looks like you are going to have to study harder.
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