Married For 20 Years By Accident

You might recognize the woman in the photo as Janeane Garofalo (photo: Andrew H Walker/Getty Images). She has been in great films such as Dogma and Half Baked.

Janeane Garefalo was recently surprised to learn she is married- for 20 years in fact. In the early 90's her and Rob Cohen, producer of The Big Bang Theory, were drunk together in Las Vegas. So inebriated were the two that they went through a drive-through chapel, pronounced man and wife, only to forget about for... well, 20 years.

It was only discovered when Cohen's lawyer was going through legal records preceding his second marriage. Wouldn't that be one interesting phone call? I wonder how the lawyer broke it to him.

"Well sir, unless you plan on converting to Mormonism... you are going to have to get a divorce before you can get married."

Update: Apparently they were listed on Wikipedia as married all this time. Both Garofalo and Cohen thought it was a practical joke on them and not in any way true.

-Via The Week

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Well, the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is once again, shown to be marketing malarkey.

Steven, it's my understanding, at least explained to me by various friends who belong to the Church of the Latter Day Saints over the years, that the non-mainline folks who call themselves Mormon -- are Mormon. They are not however members of the LDS church. My friends, though belonging to the LDS church, have family and social ties to various non-LDS groups -- I understand that they are biased.

So, at least according to my friends, non-mainline Mormon = non-LDS church member.

Steve - if you're an LDS Mormon, I'm not trolling you. I personally am a Secular Orthodox Jew, and despite long conversations between my friends who are LDS and me, I have still just as much confusion their people that they have about mine.
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All these years and "educated people" still think mormons have multiple wives?! SERIOUSLY? Yeh Yeh, you're trying to be funny. I get it. But in turn you sound utterly stupid.

Peresphone: Not mainline LDS Church = Not mormon. Pretty easy math huh?
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