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A 2008 article from the Christian Science Monitor seems to imply that the reason for the windows in the center was for building codes.

Johannesburg building codes apparently require all kitchens & bathrooms to have windows, so the center was left empty for that reason. So there is a corridor around the inside/middle of the tower that leads to your front door with the "back" of the apartment would be the outside walls.

A post from December of 2012 on Story of Bing which shows a finished apartment & hallway.

I saw the same comment about black servants forced to live on the outer ring, but all of them seem to be phrased the exact same way, giving it the feeling of an urban myth. Reputable news sources (CSMonitor, Mail & Guardian, etc) never make that claim, despite the articles mentioning race and how the building was effected by the end of Apartheid and "white flight".

Christian Science Monitor:
Mail & Guardian:
Story Of Bing:
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Occasionally isn't the right word. Shin-chan shows his butt all the time. He also routinely shows his genitals (His Mr Elephant Dance). Costumes of Shin-chan are basically just a plastic butt.

It's likely not Shin-chan's butt though. His face is one of the other molds and even though he's 5 years old, he uses highly inappropriate language and often reacts to older/adult women in an inappropriate fashion. Shin-chan is one of those shows that seems like it could be a kid's show, but totally isn't. So, they wouldn't even attempt to hide the fact that this is a lady's backside that Shin-chan is reacting to.
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Thankfully, the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone is capitative. This means it requires a conductive surface to open the phone. So, a thief can't open your phone with a dead finger or a play-doh replica or even a fingerprint lifted off a smooth glass surface you happen to use all the time.

The Touch ID Sensor actually isn't reading your dermis (the outer layer) but rather the layer behind that. Plus, if your phone hasn't been opened for 48 hours, has been rebooted, or Touch ID has failed too many time, you'll have to use the pin.
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A regular t-shirt (say a Hanes or a Fruit Of The Loom) runs larger than an American Apparel t-shirt that a lot of screen printers use (They're relatively inexpensive in bulk, have a premium appeal to them, come in a ton of colors, etc). So if you're wearing an Large in a Hanes, you may very well be an XL in an American Apparel.

You also have the issues of vanity sizing and different cuts. I like the style of many of Target's Mossimo Supply Co shirts, but I'm an entire size larger in those because they're "Athletic Cut" which apparently means tight. Vanity sizing works the opposite way. Men's size 36 pants at Old Navy are actually 41 inches.

And of course, these are "free" t-shirts at a conference. In those situations, I always get a size bigger because I assume they're going to shrink a size after the first wash.
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They keep killing it and bringing it back.

- Ecto Cooler was viciously murdered and resurrected as
- Shouting Orange Tangegreen which then entered the witness relocation program as
- Crazy Citrus Cooler

They all had the same taste, roughly the same color, and the same UPC.

Orange Lavaburst is close in flavor though.
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The related topics at the top of Google Image search are based on what other people have searched for who also used your search terms.

Simply put, enough people have searched for her and then searched for 'klingon' and 'forehead' or some combination that Google goes ahead & offers up the search to save you time.

Other ways they're connected:
Tracy Spiridakos is described by many critics as acting entirely from her forehead. (scrunching her forehead to look pensive, intense, angry, worried, etc... I haven't seen the show, so I can't say if that's true or not.)
Both Star Trek & Revolution are prime-time 'sci-fi' shows that air/aired on NBC. (CBS now owns the rights to Star Trek, but only thru years of mergers & acquisitions.)
Both the recent Star Trek movies and Revolution are produced by JJ Abrahams & Bad Robot.
The most recent Star Trek movie reintroduced Klingons, including changes to their forehead ridges.
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My favorite is that you should always eat with the fork tines pointing down. As I was always told "It is a spear, not a shovel."

If you need to 'scoop' something, you're apparently supposed to use the spoon, which I guess is shovel-like.
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I think you're right on canon locations. In expanded universe things, they sometimes include Alpha Centauri as a found member of the federation (Even saying that Cochrane was from Alpha Centauri, not Earth.) I've been immersed in Star Trek Online as of late and they put part of Alpha Centauri in the beta quadrant. Not the whole thing, just part.
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Yet again, I feel the need to apologize for my nerdiness, despite the fact that this is one of the few places that could appreciate it.

It's true that San Francisco is important to Starfleet, but it is not the capital of the UFP. That's located in Paris. When the Federation was founded, it was a federation of planets in the Alpha & Beta Quadrants. Earth just happens to be the closest affiliated planet to the Alpha/Beta border and thus in the center.
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