Yo Google! What's Tracy Spiridakos Got To Do With Klingon Forehead?

When I was doing a bit of web research for our "8 Bafflingly Strange Plastic Surgeries" post on Neatorama, I googled "Klingon Forehead" on Google Images.

Sure enough, tons of images of Klingons and their ridged foreheads popped up, but I was perplexed at why Tracy Spiridakos showed up on Google Images' search results. There was no such association over at Bing Images.

As far as I know, Spiridakos, the Greek-Canadian actress has never starred in any Star Trek movies, and that there's no real connection between her, her sci-fi TV show Revolution with Klingons (well, until this post gets picked up by Google anyhow).

What gives, Google?

Neatoramanauts, have you noticed any other strange things over at Google?

(Note: After 8 years of writing for Neatorama, I've recently noticed strange things about our Google referrals - that's a topic for another time - but that's what got me interested in learning more about Google's search results)

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An unflattering and hostile blog post with the title "The Klingon Forehead is back" with a picture.

While we don't agree that it's a relevant photo, there's an obvious connection (i.e. that blog post that Google picked up). But there's no such connection between Spiridakos and Klingon forehead.
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Well, but Google Image search of "acting forehead" does not bring up Tracy Spiridakos. Plus, I'm not sure that Google Images serves up related search that other people have done - otherwise, you'd probably get Michael Dorn (the actor that played Worf) there instead of Spiridakos.

I think the relationship between Star Trek and Revolution through NBC, or their shared directors or producers resulting in the linkage between Klingon Forehead and Spiridakos is a bit reaching, but what do I know? Google works in mysterious ways :)
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The related topics at the top of Google Image search are based on what other people have searched for who also used your search terms.

Simply put, enough people have searched for her and then searched for 'klingon' and 'forehead' or some combination that Google goes ahead & offers up the search to save you time.

Other ways they're connected:
Tracy Spiridakos is described by many critics as acting entirely from her forehead. (scrunching her forehead to look pensive, intense, angry, worried, etc... I haven't seen the show, so I can't say if that's true or not.)
Both Star Trek & Revolution are prime-time 'sci-fi' shows that air/aired on NBC. (CBS now owns the rights to Star Trek, but only thru years of mergers & acquisitions.)
Both the recent Star Trek movies and Revolution are produced by JJ Abrahams & Bad Robot.
The most recent Star Trek movie reintroduced Klingons, including changes to their forehead ridges.
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