Questions In Need of Answers - No. 8: What Discontinued Product Do You Miss Most?

First World problem here, I'll admit, but don't you hate when a product you use daily or weekly gets discontinued? Take the Kiehls cream pictured above, for instance. Before L'Oreal bought Kiehls, this cream was relatively inexpensive and made from some pretty obscure ingredients. I used it exclusively through the '90s and am convinced it's the reason I look 5 years younger than my actual age (or so people tell me... heh heh). 

Then one day - bam - all the important, rare ingredients were gone and though the bottle had the same sticker on it, the face cream was as nondiscript and as bland as a frozen Costco hamburger patty. So I went on eBay and bought up all the old ones I could. That got me through another year or so... but ultimately I had to change up my routine and pay a lot more money for quality face cream.

How about you all? What one or two products have you loved that have been discontinued?

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The old Volkswagen Beetle. The one with no air conditioning or radio, that anyone could afford. I really want a car with no electronics at all, so we can fix what goes wrong without a dealer's charge. I despise electric windows because they constantly break if a car is more than ten years old. If there was something wrong with the window crank on cars of my youth, I could fix it myself.

I have a car now that has a miss in the engine. The part we need is so expensive that we will have to wait a month to get it. So I said, no problem, we'll just set the idle up temporarily so it won't stall at red lights. But we can't do that because the idle is set by a computer part. AAGH!
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