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The ad campaign to convince kids to eat these in the UK 'the American way' has failed miserably. Result: no milk (kids here don't drink cow juice!), no twist-and-lick. Bite. Eat. Done. Besides, give me a chocolate Hob Nob any day!
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The word for the type of bread onto which you could put a burger varies from place to place: bread cake, barm, cob, bun, muffin, batch, roll, teacake... and probably more.

Even more fun can be had when you start exploring British regional dialects, including my own (Yorkshire):
Ee sez ee ant addit burra berry az = He say's he hasn't had it but I bet he has
Itin tin tin = it isn't in the tin (can)

Always remember this: if tha's got nowt an' tha wants owt, wuk 'ard an' tha'll allus end up wi summat if tha not deead fust! :)
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Not forgetting the UK, which is a country and also a country OF countries (4 of them). The UK also contains Great Britain (which is a group of 3 of the 4 countries). At the Olympics we are Team GB (England, Scotland and Wales compete together) but when we're the UK we include Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland isn't part of Great Britain (UK = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), but if you come from Northern Ireland you are still regarded as British, possibly because there is no way to describe someone as being of UK origin (UKish or UKian or even Unikin (I think I just made that one up), are not words). I hope that's cleared a few things up :)
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I didn't catch the part of the Simpsons clip which singled out the humanities as more likely to produce under-employed PhDs. And as grad students they are ALL poor while studying, that's how it works.

What you say would apply to any type of degree, not just the humanities. Pick the wrong branch of mathematics or physics, or any other STEM subject (which are currently touted as 'the most valuable') and you may have specialised yourself out of a career. The bottom line is that you can't really choose what you're good at. Trying to shoe-horn a lover of the classics into a law degree isn't guaranteed to produce a good 'return on investment'.
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A doctorate in the humanities is not a 'bad life decision' if that's where your interests and talents lie. If you have the intelligence and willpower to get to the PhD level in ANY subject, you're a success. If humanities were 'bad' subjects presumably school should drop the teaching of history, literature, music, etc. Doing that would be a 'bad decision'.
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I have 6 things on that list, and 4 of those are many years beyond being 'ready to be replaced'. Apparently I have no self-respect... or perhaps such things are of little consequence to me. On the positive side, the extensive toolkit was used to build an enormous shed where I now keep my vast collection of books :)
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